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Manufacturers Like Sector 111 and Superformance Get A Break Through New Laws

Shelby Daytona 1

Low volume automakers have had a real problem in the U.S. Namely, many states considered them illegal, and thus many enthusiasts weren’t allowed to buy them or drive them within their respective states. To make matters worse, the laws that did regulate this industry were over 50 years old, and designed for automakers that built millions of cars, rather than just a small handful.

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EU Orders Volkswagen To Recall 8.5M Diesel Cars, CARB Demands A Fix


According to US News, German authorities have ordered Volkswagen to recall all of the company’s cars that have the emissions cheating software, a move that will effect cars not only in Germany, but those within the entirety of the European Union (EU), an amount that totals some 8.5 million cars.

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Increased Accidents and Fatalities Are Partially Due to a Better Economy

One person died in this three-car crash. (KATU News photo)

In the last year, road accidents and fatalities have increased drastically by 14%. This uptick has led journalists and pundits alike to discuss what they believe the cause is for this current rise. There are those of the older generation that would have you believe this is mainly down to young drivers texting. Although, more reasoned approaches seem to show a direct correlation in the economy bouncing back, which has more people back driving to and from work.

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Saudi King Salman Balls Harder Than Any Baller Out There

German Foreign Minister Visits Saudi Arabia

When you have “King” in your title, and a net worth of around $20 billion, you can roll around like a baller whenever, and wherever you like. It also doesn’t hurt to control vast oil fields that supply much of the rest of the world with the life-blood that sustains their economies.

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Not Again: Viper Production Halted for Two Weeks


Ever since the original Dodge Viper went into production in 1992, it has been slithering down America’s back roads and plastering big grins on drivers’ faces. But as of late, sales for the SRT/Dodge Viper (or whatever parent company Fiat wants to call it now) have been stagnant, resulting in a freeze on Viper production at Chrysler’s Conner Avenue plant that took effect in April. Continue Reading »

European Carbuying Laws Shift Power from Automakers


A new batch of legislation in Europe, freshly pressed into law as of June 13, is shifting the power curve between dealerships and carbuyers, and it’s got a lot of people talking. Continue Reading »

Japan Wants to Axe the Kei Cars


Pronounced like the letter “K”, Japan’s small and efficient kei cars have been the lifeblood of the working-class for years – serving as economical city-cars, delivery vans, work trucks, and even food vendors. But the Japanese government sees the pint-sized vehicles as a stumbling block for the country in mid-recovery, and is putting the pressure on automakers to start phasing them out. Continue Reading »

Has America Lost its Passion for Driving?


Going back to the very inception of automobiles, America has had an infatuation with the car, arguably more so than any other country. But after decades of this on-ramp adoration, Americans seem to be ditching their wheels for alternative modes of transport. Continue Reading »

Saab Production Grinds to a Halt Once Again


Excuse the pun, but Saab’s recent track record has become quite the sob story. The automaker’s parent company, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), has halted production of the 9-3 and cut back its workforce in the wake of financial uncertainty. Continue Reading »

UK Car Dealers Fall Silent On Used Rental Car History


Buying a used car is an event that most people will experience at least once in their adult life, but the experience has left many drivers in the UK with a bad taste after dealers have neglected to pass on critical car history reports relating to rental fleet ownership. Continue Reading »