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Make Your Move on this Carbon Fiber Ferrari Chess Set


When is a box worth over two grand? When it’s covered in lightweight carbon fiber and wears a Ferrari logo, that’s when. For the supercar enthusiast still working their way up to 458 ownership, might we suggest this finely crafted Ferrari carbon fiber chess set, on sale now in the Ferrari store.

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Rust in Piece? Yup, That’s a Mercedes-Benz Gravestone


It’s inevitable — we all pass away at some point. Some just do it with a bit more style and luxury than others. Case in point – this massive granite Mercedes-Benz 240 Diesel tombstone. And yes, it’s life-size.

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Jet Concept Substitutes Windows for Panoramic Views [w/Video]


No longer will you have to crane your neck or bash your face against the wall to see out of the windows of a plane; that is, as long as this aviation concept gets off the ground. Technicon Design, a Paris-based design studio, has introduced their IXION Windowless Jet Concept, which transmits a 360-degree view of a plane’s surroundings into the cabin by using cameras mounted to the outside of the plane.

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Cars Being Abandoned Left and Right in Qatar


It’s hard to imagine abandoning your car. Sure, it might just be a rust bucket — but it’s your rust bucket. Regardless, apparently some people in Qatar are simply leaving their cars to rot in the desert. And they’re not all just rust buckets. Continue Reading »

Two Guys in China Built Convincing Lamborghini Diablo Replicas


Meet Wang Yu and Li Lintao, a pair of gearheads living and working in Beijing, China. Like many 30-year-olds, they’re big fans of the supercars from their youth. However, unlike most 30-year-old gearheads, they went out and built a pair of supercars, and they couldn’t have picked a better starting point – the Lamborghini Diablo.



The project began after Wang and Li returned home from studying mechanical engineering abroad in the UK and Germany. Bitten by the kit-car bug, the pair set to work on building and designing a Diablo replica, aptly nicknamed ‘The Dream.’

The duo painstakingly began sourcing and purchasing parts on Taobao Marketplace, the Chinese equivalent of eBay. After more than a year and $159,000 invested, ‘The Dream’ finally came to fruition and the friends displayed their Lamborghini at the 2012 Beijing International Auto Show.

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Powered by a Toyota V8, the Diablo replica reportedly scooted from zero to 60mph in around 4.8 seconds and went on to a top speed of 192mph. That was apparently enough for one visitor at the auto show; Wang and Li sold ‘The Dream’ on the spot for an undisclosed amount.

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But the dream never died. Based out of a workshop on the outskirts of Beijing, the pair have returned and they’ve built two new Diablo replicas. Dressed in black and adorned with bright ‘SV’ lettering, the new Lamborghinis reportedly peg the same 192mph top speed as their predecessor.

According to Emirates 24/7, Wang and Li have spent a total of 5 million yuan (around $812,000) on the replica Lamborghinis so far, which frankly is a lot of money for something that didn’t officially roll off Lamborghini’s production line in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.


But considering China’s immense import tariffs, which can double or triple a car’s value, a trio of Lamborghinis for $800k starts to look like a bargain. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see these two on the floor of the 2015 Beijing Auto Show.

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Dan Bilzerian Drives Over a BMW in a Tank, Because He Can [w/Video]


You’ve got yourself a tank and you’ve got yourself a BMW 7-Series. Logically, you’re going to completely flatten that BMW with your big, manly tank. At least, that’s what Dan Bilzerian thought when he had the two vehicles in his possession.

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Russian Bus Goes Airborne During a Traffic Jam [Video]


Busses and planes aren’t so different, are they? Both ferry loads of folks from place to place; planes just do it at a higher altitude…for the most part.

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Mini Backs Design of Stained Glass Driverless Car [w/Video]

stain glass car

Sure, it sounds like something Pope Francis might drive, but Mini is backing the design of a stained glass car. And, this being the 21st century, of course it’s also driverless. Continue Reading »

Keep Summer Rolling with the Amphibious WaterCar Panther [w/video]


Do you love boats, but hate getting out of your car? Is off-road ability a top priority when choosing your next watercraft? Well, have we found the vehicle for you! Built by WaterCar, it’s called the Panther, and – as far as the promotional video goes – there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of things to do with it.

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Famous Bond Helicopter Flies Into Goodwood Revival

Bond copter

If your taste in James Bond is from the Sean Connery era, you might want to hoof it to the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation exhibition at the Goodwood Revival on September 12th. The Bond helicopter flown by Pussy Galore is going to be front and center. Continue Reading »