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Only Women Can Drive and Ride in this Taxi


A new taxi service is launching in Greater New York with a very specific audience: women. Only women can drive the taxis and only women can hail them, too. Continue Reading »

This Tiny Adorable Monkey Owns a Collection of Supercars

Hat the Monkey Rolls Royce

This is Hat. Hat is a monkey. More specifically, Hat is a pygymy marmoset, which are normally native to the jungles of South America. But Hat decided upon a more lavish lifestyle. A lifestyle filled with beautiful women, beaches, and one epic supercar collection.

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This Grille Turns the Corvette Stingray into a Rolling Shark [w/Video]

Corvette Stingray sharktooth grille

There are lots of questionable aftermarket accessories out there. Perhaps one of the most questionable is the sharktooth grille that American Car Craft is advertising for the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Continue Reading »

Infiniti ESQ Looks Even Worse in a Chrome Wrap


For those that don’t know, the Infiniti ESQ is essentially a Chinese version of the Nissan Juke Nismo that Infiniti tried to hide from the world. Well, it’s here people, and it’s hitting the Chinese market in October. But before it does, Infiniti decided it needed to show off the little crossover in a different way.

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Glow In The Dark Tesla Looks Like ‘Tron’ Light Cycle [Video]

0 Tesla

The light cycles in Tron have a cool, eerie glow that many a real world bike has sported thanks to aftermarket modifications. This time, though, it’s a Tesla Model S sporting the same glowing effect and also, it happens to be a zebra-stripe pattern. Continue Reading »

Behold The Wonder of The Volvo Boat [w/Video]

00 Volvo

There are things you generally need when you hop in your car, like your keys and driver’s license. If you’re planning on driving this car, you should also double check that you have an approved flotation device because this Volvo seconds as a boat. Continue Reading »

Surprise! This is the New Batmobile

Batmobile 3

Batman v. Superman, Ben Affleck v. some other guy. Whatever you want to call it, DC’s newest superhero thriller is coming soon, and Batman’s got an all new ride to go with it. If these blurry Instagram photos are any indication, it’s a doozy.

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Corvette Museum Will Fill the Sinkhole After All

Corvette Sinkhole 2

The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, suffered a terrible loss last February when a sinkhole opened up beneath it and swallowed eight Corvettes. It generated a huge amount of public interest that drew visitors from all corners.The museum considered keeping a section of the hole open as a display but they’ve changed their mind and now the hole will be sealed up for good.

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Suspended Browns WR Josh Gordon Spending His Offseason Selling Cars

Josh Gordon Cars

If you’ve been keeping up with this year’s many NFL suspensions, Josh Gordon has to be one of the most talked about stars sitting out the 2014 season. But just because he isn’t playing football doesn’t mean he can’t find an interesting way to spend his time.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is Selling His Unimog

00 Unimog

You can’t drive just any old thing when you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger. You’ve got to have something big, burly, and manly, like this bespoke Unimog that the actor has decided he’s done with and put up for sale. Continue Reading »