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Marshawn Lynch Protects his Lamborghini with Velvet Ropes


Marshawn Lynch didn’t want to go to the White House. He also doesn’t want to talk to reporters. So, it really isn’t a stretch to imagine that he doesn’t want anyone near his car. As simple as that. Continue Reading »

Embrace the Dark Side with this Full-Size Darth Vader Car [Video]


Sith or Jedi, which is cooler? Hopefully you’ve been aligned with the Sith crowd, because Mattel just rolled out the Empire’s hottest ride yet for Comic-Con 2014. Continue Reading »

Charles Lindbergh’s Strangely Wonderful 1939 Travel Trailer is Headed to Auction


Do you find the Winnebago a bit too plebeian? Is the iconic Airstream a bit too passé for your tastes? Well, you’re in luck, because Charles Lindbergh’s personal travel trailer is up for auction, and it is in fact neither of those things.

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Bruce Willis is the New Face of Daihatsu…Wait, What? [Video]

Bruce Willis Daihatsu

Action movie star and all-around cool guy, Bruce Willis, is the new face of Japanese automaker Daihatsu. Why? Because money— and because it makes for Japanese ad gold, even if we have no idea what they’re saying.

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For Sale: Audi A6 Posing as a Wannabe Bugatti

A6 Bugatti

It’s not unheard of for folks to slap “M” badges on their BMWs in a lame attempt to fool people into thinking their rides are something they are not. But converting an Audi into a Bugatti? That creates the ultimate automotive transformer ride. Continue Reading »

Terrible Gold Chrome Jaguar F-Type Meets Terrible Gold Chrome Land Rover

Gold Chrome Jaguar 2

The Jaguar F-Type Coupe is the quickest, funnest, most amazing car to come out of the UK in a long while. And it’s stunningly beautiful, I mean, almost pornagraphic. So why, for the love of god, would someone cover it in a hideous gold wrap? WHY?

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Smart Reveals its ‘Big’ Plans for the Fortwo [w/Videos]


It’s safe to say Smart has big plans for its traditionally pint-sized city car. The firm’s newest generation of the Fortwo debuts on July 16, sporting a new architecture developed jointly with the Renault Twingo, which is expected to bring big improvements over the old model. Continue Reading »

Top Gear Under Fire After Filming Near a Fatal Accident


Everyone’s favorite British motoring program has found itself in hot water…again. But surprisingly, it isn’t Jeremy Clarkson’s mouth that’s to blame for this one. The boys from the UK’s Top Gear raised red flags recently after the show filmed a car-crash scene close to the location of a fatal head-on collision. Continue Reading »

To The Stars, One Bomb at a Time: The Story of Project Orion

Project Orion 3

When it comes to space travel, we humans are brave souls indeed – in the movies, that is. In the real world, however, the last time a person walked on an alien world was way back in 1972, when Apollo 17 touched down on the moon. This was long before many people living today were born. For those who grew up on shows like Star Trek, this is sort of an embarrassing fact about our species. We spend trillions of dollars figuring out new ways to kill each other but precious little on blazing a trail into the heavens.

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A D.C. Uber Driver Took Three Passengers on a Wild Ride


We’ve all seen that episode of Cops where a driver runs from police for seemingly no reason at all…more or less any episode of the show for that matter, but had you ever considered that you might ride shotgun in one of those police chases? Continue Reading »