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5 Diesel Alternatives to the Affected Volkswagen Vehicles


If you were in the market for a new diesel vehicle in the U.S., your options—at least temporarily—have gotten a lot smaller.  Continue Reading »

What Volkswagen Can Learn From Other Automakers’ Past Scandals

VW Logo

The Volkswagen #Dieselgate scandal might be ruling the automotive news now, but it is far from the first time an automaker has been at the heart of a fiasco. Audi, Ford, and Toyota have all been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the past. How they handled their crisis in the past can teach VW a lot about what they should do today.

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Watch as a Modest Volkswagen Beetle Spanks a Porsche 911

Beetle 1

You’ve heard us extol the virtues of building a sleeper in the past. Building a car that flies under the radar both figuratively and literally is not only awesome, but also practical. A car doesn’t have to look like much when it goes like stink. That reasoning definitely had a hand in the latest Mighty Car Mods video.

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Watch Conan O’Brien Spoof Other Illegal Volkswagen Features

Volkswagen Dieselgate Conan

The Volkswagen #Dieselgate scandal is serious business. Consumers are angry. The government is angry. Everyone is angry and VW will be paying the price in lost consumer confidence and fines. This leaves them wide open to mockery and Conan O’Brien created this fantastic spoof ad to take the focus off of #Dieselgate and instead look at the many other illegal features in your VW.

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Watch John Oliver Hilariously Cover the Volkswagen Dieselgate Scandal

John Oliver VW

The news over the last week has been filled with details about the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal. It’s such a big deal that it even has its own label, Diselgate, because once you label a thing as something-gate it is officially a big deal. John Oliver had his say on Dieselgate, and it was fantastic.

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2.1 Million Audi Cars Found With Defeat Devices; Lawsuits Commence


While the Volkswagen Group dieselgate scandal grows, so does the number of vehicles affected. Today, Audi admitted to having 2.1 million TDI vehicles with defeat devices present. Most of those vehicles having been sold in Western Europe and Germany. Continue Reading »

The 2003 Volkswagen Tarek That Took on Dakar

2003 Volkswagen Tarek Front

The Volkswagen Tarek debuted at the 2002 Essen Motor Show. Its next big debut came a short time later at the 2003 Paris-Dakar Rally where it put its rally-specific design to the test.

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The Record-Setting 2001 Volkswagen W12 Concept

2001 Volkswagen W12

The 2001 Volkswagen W12 Concept debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show as the most powerful W12 sports car developed up to that point. Also known as the W12 Nardò in reference to the Nardò Ring test track in Italy, it had a 599-horsepower engine with 458 lb-ft of torque that set multiple records.

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Is Diesel a Dirty Word? Volkswagen Touareg TDI v. Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel

Volkswagen Touareg 1

Two weeks ago, this decision would have been easy. The two SUVs, while similar in the amount of storage, architecture, and engines, are miles apart. I felt that my opinion was the right one. Then VW imploded. VW diesels weren’t the uber-environmental machines the company promised. This revelation meant I had to reevaluate my original decision. And even now, that reevaluation isn’t as cut and dry as some would assume. Continue Reading »

What to Know About the Class Action Lawsuit Against Volkswagen for Diesel Emissions

Volkswagen class action lawsuit photo

The ongoing issue of Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal has resulted in massive devaluation of the company’s value, the resignation of its chairman as well as other members of company leadership, and class action lawsuits. The latter is just the latest step in the saga that is bound to continue for years to come. Continue Reading »