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New Budget Brand Coming From Volkswagen

2012 Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen group has a lot of brands under its belt. From the high-priced, uber-luxury Bugatti to the more affordable (but still pricey at times) Volkswagen. Soon it will have a new budget brand to add to the mix. VW Group Chairman Martin Winterkorn confirmed the news during a recent interview with German newspaper, Bild.

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Hitching A Ride in Tanner Foust’s 900HP Volkswagen Drift Passat


Sometimes, having the right car, at the right moment, can get you into places that you wouldn’t normally get into. It’s like being at the right place at the right time. When I moved out to California, I unloaded my FR-S in favor of something new; a Volkswagen Golf R. After testing the Golf R in San Diego and scaring my editor for life, I knew I had to own one. And from there, it was my key to unlocking a host of Volkswagen owner events. Continue Reading »

A Rare Look at Prototypes from the Volkswagen Museum

VW Pickup prototype

Heading to Wolfsburg, Germany any time soon? Make a detour to the Volkswagen Museum where you can see prototypes never displayed before to the public. Continue Reading »

This VW Type 2 Sidecar is the Most Vantastic Way To Ride Shotgun


Back in 2007, a quirky three-wheeled concoction was featured in Scootering magazine, and the sidecar game hasn’t been the same since. Paired and color-matched with a Lambretta, this minature Volkswagen Type 2 Bus creation is the perfect transportation for a kid, a dog, or maybe a tasty pizza pie.

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Both Drivers Somehow Safe After This Huge Rally Car Crash

rally crash portugal photo

In motor racing, the smallest of mistakes can spell disaster. Throw into the mix the complexities of dirt, gravel, massive jumps, plus blind corners, and the sport of rallying necessitates pinpoint precision to the nth degree.  Continue Reading »

330HP Volkswagen Drag Van Looks Classy, Goes Like Stink


A wise person once said, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” I’d like to append that saying with the addition of ‘Volkswagen Van’, because although this 1967 VW looks like a garage queen dressed to the nines… it’s actually a serious straight-line competitor.  Continue Reading »

This Might be the Fastest Volkswagen Beetle You’ve Ever Seen


Over the years, the Volkswagen Beetle has been consistently mocked for its performance credentials. The car is more  at home in the world of Barbie and Ken than it is in the world of Ashley and John Force. However, the guys over at RJ Volks are taking those stereotypes and flipping them on their heads with this ridiculous Cabrio Beetle drag car. Continue Reading »

Can’t Wait for the VW Golf R400? Meet Its 510HP Tuned Cousin

oettinger volkswagen golf 500r side photo

Whether it’s a longing for the Group B rally glory days or a desire to whomp supercars in an evolved economy car – there’s something truly special about a high-horsepower hatchback. For US fans, the nuttiest of that bunch is Volkswagen’s rumored and sort-of-confirmed Golf R400Continue Reading »

The Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Is a Carbon Plug-In Rocket Kart


Grab your plaid vests and knickerbockers, ladies and gentlemen— it’s officially golfing season. To celebrate 40 years of the Golf, Volkswagen released two new vehicles at Lake Wörthersee, a beastly GTI Clubsport and this alien species, the GTE Sport Concept. It’s a plug-in, it has a boat hatch load of carbon, and has doors that stretch out like a Game of Thrones dragon. Continue Reading »

This 1962 Volkswagen Bus Hides a 523HP Porsche Engine

VW Bus

This 1962 Volkswagen Bus was once a rusted hunk of metal. Until Swiss coachbuilder Fred Bernhard got his hands on the thing and spent six years turning it into a whole new vehicle. Instead of the engine it was born with, this Volkswagen has an engine straight out of a Porsche 993. Continue Reading »