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Jerry Seinfeld to Sell 18 Rare Porsches and VWs at Auction: Full List


Last month, comedian and well-known Porsche fanatic Jerry Seinfeld gave the classic car world a shock when Gooding & Company announced it would auction off a few rare cars from Seinfeld’s extensive Porsche collection. Now however, the number has swelled considerably—from three to 18 cars in total—and they’re not your average vintage Porsches. Continue Reading »

Stunning Volkswagen Sports Car Concept Wants Us to Look Towards the Future


The world isn’t completely happy with Volkswagen at the moment. Dieselgate has left a sour taste on the tongues of consumers, and distrust in the mind of media—but that doesn’t mean Volkswagen won’t be trying to win them back. Maybe this sports car is a good starting point. Continue Reading »

Is There A Way to Get Your Dirty Diesel Volkswagen Declared a Lemon?


When it comes to Volkswagen’s diesel cheating scandal–what has come to be known as #Dieselgate–there has been plenty of coverage of corporate moves and responses, but little is actually known about what the consumer can do. That is because few real solutions have been offered. Those affected, listen up– because one court case in Florida could have a big impact on the options you have as a consumer. Continue Reading »

Don’t Be An American Idiot, Buy Billie Joe Armstrong’s Rockin’ Retro Beetle


Please excuse the cheesy title, but we couldn’t help ourselves when we found out this beautiful Beetle you see in front of you was owned by Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong. We say ‘was’ because his pristine bug is getting ready to cross the auction block at the end of the month. Continue Reading »

California Says “No” to Volkswagen’s Diesel Fix

VW Logo

Volkswagen is working to fix their diesel emissions woes, but California says they’re not doing a good enough job. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) rejected VW’s proposed fix to bring the cars back in line with emissions regulations.

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Driving a Classic Baja Bug is a Scary, Heavenly Experience Everyone Needs to Try Once


It was about 44 degrees, and nearly freezing rain and unnecessary amounts of wind were pelting me from every angle. I was exposed to the elements, and the only thing between me and the pavement was a dented up 1969 Beetle so high off the ground I could nearly see the Vegas strip from the middle of the desert. Continue Reading »

Volkswagen Diesel Fix Could be New Catalytic Converter


Several months have passed since news of Volkswagen‘s diesel emissions cheat first broke. They’ve apologized and promised to make things right, but until now have not presented a solution for fixing the vehicles currently on the road.

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Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept: 5 Things to Know


Fans of few compromises, Volkswagen has a new crossover SUV for you. Meet the 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept—a sporty, hybrid SUV with genuine rough-and-tumble looks and true rock-hopping capability.  Continue Reading »

A Herbie Stunt Car is Going up for Auction

Herbie Stunt Car

Herbie is one of the most beloved movie cars around, stealing the hearts of fans when he debuted in 1968′s The Love Bug. The little Volkswagen Beetle with loads of attitude returned for three more films, finishing with Herbie Goes Bananas in 1980. This film featued a fifth-wheel version of Herbie and that is the one that is going up for auction.

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2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune Deserves At Least a Little Respect: First Drive


Having an iconic car in your lineup is no easy task. And if you don’t think the Volkswagen Beetle is an automotive icon, think again. It’s been around since 1934, and though it may have a—ehem—questionable history, there’s no denying that enthusiasts love the bug probably more than some family members. Continue Reading »