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Chris Pratt’s Volkswagen Beetle Hot Rod is Just More Reason to Love Him


If you’re putting stock down on celebrity net worth, you might want to cash in all you’ve got on Chris Pratt. The former Parks and Rec goofball has turned himself into a worldwide superstar seemingly overnight. Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, LEGO Movie—almost anything and everything you could imagine has been somehow graced by the acting prowess that is Chris Pratt. Continue Reading »

LA Auto Show: 4 Green Cars to Watch, and One Absentee


The 2015 Los Angeles International Auto Show is right around the corner, kicking off the domestic major auto show season. It is a chance for folks in the LA area to see the latest debuts from automakers. There will be vehicles that have debuted abroad making their American premiere, and there will be outright international unveilings. It is an exciting time for car fans.

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Volkswagen Goes Baja with 2016 Beetle Dune


Back in early 2014, Volkswagen pulled the veil off its Beetle Dune—a concept car tribute to the legendary Baja Bug and its rather odd lineage as an off-road superstar. The concept was eye-catching, quirky, and yet surprisingly Volkswagen claimed it would soon be on sale.  Continue Reading »

The Unluckiest Used Volkswagen Passat W8

Passat W8 1

Haunted? Cursed by a gypsy? Once owned by Pastor Maldonado? I’m not sure what the back story was on my 2004 Volkswagen W8 Passat, but it definitely wasn’t one that included sunshine, daisies, and all the 5W-40 it could drink. On this Friday the 13th consider this vehicle, and though it wasn’t readily apparent when I bought it, it was about to make my life even harder, at least for the next eight months.

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Star Wars Fans, Your Volkswagen Has Arrived


Back in 2011, you may remember Volkswagen’s famous Star Wars Super Bowl ad, featuring a teeny Darth Vader, a 2012 Passat, and an understanding father. It was hands down the most talked about ad post-game, but it wasn’t Volkswagen’s only tie in with Star Wars that year.  Continue Reading »

Mk 7 Volkswagen Golf Gets “Rocket Bunny” Tuner Treatment


If you attended SEMA this year, wide-body kits absolutely dominated the convention’s floor space and appear to have become the new norm among tuner cars. The trend may have had its origins in international racing throughout the years, but it found a home in road cars in Japan, and has quickly taken over the North American tuner scene.

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VW Admits 800,000 Diesel and Gas Vehicles Miss CO2 Standards


In September, Volkswagen revealed that over 11 million diesel vehicles globally contained “defeat devices,” which trick emissions testing software into providing lower-than-normal nitrous oxide readings.  Continue Reading »

New Allegations of Cheating Could Cut New VW CEO’s Tenure Short


It seems the trouble is not over for Volkswagen in its attempts to skirt regulators for its diesel engines. New allegations have emerged that other diesel engines in the Volkswagen family were equipped with similar defeat devices that have been at the heart of #Dieselgate. The new allegations could bring VW’s newly minted CEO under fire.

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Harmony Of The Tailpipes: Aligning Auto Emissions Limits Globally


In the post-diesel scandal world, what have we learned from the experience? One of my big takeaways is one of variance. The idea that industry must engineer, and regulators must now stipulate a far more uniform code of emissions standards to take away variance by region. To borrow from the computer tech world, there’s just one Internet and everyone who designs stuff for it understands this simple factor well. More uniform emissions limits will foster greater innovation, more competitiveness in the aim of cleaner engines and simplifying the equation toward the overall goal of improving air quality.

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2016 Volkswagen Passat Big on Technology, Lacks Charisma: First Drive


A mid-size sedan isn’t a car that enthusiasts actively go out searching for (though, Tesla would beg to differ). The key to finding the right sedan for you and your family is looking at the numbers—mpg, price, etc—and making an educated decision. For most buyers, that decision comes in the form of the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. Two of the most well-respected sedans around. Continue Reading »