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Looking to Swap Your Lease? Go Gray

gray 2015 chevrolet camaro lease photo

If you’re driving a brand new car, there’s a good chance you leased it. In fact, there’s about a one in four chance (new car leasing accounts for around 25 percent of the market). Couple that with longer lease terms and inherently that means more folks looking to get out of their leases early, which raises an interesting question.  Continue Reading »

The Volkswagen Golf R Might Not Be the Most Powerful Golf

golf-r-400 photo

Both Jeff and I are sitting here, bags packed, sunscreen on, ready to head out west next week to try out Volkswagen’s latest Golf R. VW is billing it as the most powerful Golf the company has ever built. (For a mass market: So we’re not including that W12 monstrosity). But wouldn’t you know it, VW is already undercutting the new R by stating that the Golf R400 concept could see production, and soon.

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Buy a VW Bus Limo for $220K; Get the Company for Free

Volkswagen Bus Limo photo

It seems there’s no vehicle that can’t be somehow turned into a limo, with this Volkswagen Type 2 being the latest to get a little stretch. The finished vehicle is just beautiful, but it’s commanding a very high price at $220,000. That seems a bit outrageous, but turns out when you buy this VW limo, you’re also getting the company that currently owns it.

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2015 Volkswagen Polo R WRC Looks Like a Winner Already

vw polo r wrc photo

VW knows a thing or two about winning the World Rally Championship … and so do guys named Sebastien. The partnership of Sebastien Ogier and Volkswagen has resulted in the WRC title for the past two seasons, and obviously a very competitive car.  Continue Reading »

Volkswagen Reveals Aggressive Cross Coupe GTE

volkswagen cross coupe gte photo

Come 2016, Volkswagen will debut an all-new seven-seat SUV, hailing from its Chattanooga plant in Tennessee. This is not it, rather it is a five-seat crossover that Volkswagen says directly previews that future ute, an evolution of the firm’s 2013 CrossBlue concept. Volkswagen calls it the Cross Coupe GTE and it makes its debut in Detroit.  Continue Reading »

How CES is Becoming More Relevant in the Auto Industry

BMW M4 CES photo

You might know the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as an industry must for anything and everything relating to technology. But did you know that in the past few years, some of the largest automakers have been using CES to display all-new automotive technologies?

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Volkswagen Golf R Touch is the Car For Obnoxious Millennials

Volkswagen Golf R Touch 2

If one automaker has been doing all they can to appeal to the the hip young kids out there, it’s Volkswagen. They built a Beetle named after an iPhone, created some not-so-hilarious new ads, and now they’ve built a Golf R aimed directly at car-hating millennials. Full disclosure: I’m a millennial.

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Top 10 Cars Women Crave for Their Midlife Crisis

Camaro Z28 Review 2

Men are infamous for having a midlife crisis and buying an unnecessary sportscar. Turns out women aren’t all that different. Once they hit their mid-40s, they have their eyes set on certain cars. Not necessarily the same as men, but still mostly impressive. Continue Reading »

Subaru Swapped Karmann Ghia is one ‘Cool’ Daily Driver

karmann ghia subaru swap photo

When the snow starts to fly, many folks garage their daily driver and bring out their old winter beater … especially those with a high-horsepower and rear-drive disposition.  Continue Reading »

10 Car of the Year Awards from Around the Internet


Car of the Year awards are like opinions (and an orifice we can’t mention) — every organization has one. It’s really surprising how much they can vary. Continue Reading »