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Next Volkswagen Golf Could Get an XL1 Makeover


There are some designs that we just don’t get tired of looking at, and the ultra-eco Volkswagen XL1 happens to be one. Although VW will only build a scarce 200 examples, us normal people might see more and more of the car’s striking lines in the near future. Continue Reading »

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Star Chris Pratt Got His Break While Living in a Van

VW Bus Chris Pratt

You might know him as the lovable Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation. Or, if you were anywhere near a movie theater this weekend, you might know him as Star-Lord from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. However you know him, Chris Pratt is quickly becoming one of the silver screen’s favorite leading men.

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America’s 8 Most Unique Food Trucks


The recipe for the food truck is simple. Take a step van, or a school bus, or Winnebago, add some zesty graphics, cookware, and voila – you’re ready to serve. However, the boxy delivery truck tends to be a bit overdone. Take a look at eight of the US’ most unique food trucks that you aren’t apt to overlook. Continue Reading »

Cars Departing for 2015: Some We’ll Miss, Some We Won’t


With every new model year comes a new an arsenal of vehicles that we swoon over. Even cars that will eventually be regarded as boring garner a lot of attention, just because they are new on the scene. But what is forgotten are the cars that have to make way for these new models. Who will remember the outgoing models? We will.

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Stunning 650HP Viper-Powered Karmann Ghia Custom: Your Ride


We love classic cars. But what we love even more is when custom shops take these classics, and preserve them as a unique interpretation of themselves, without taking away too much from the original, of course. Readers Dean and Keith co-own Deanz Rodz and Race Carz in Graymont, Illinois. And what they do — like any other custom shop — is create custom rides all their own.

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The Airstream vs. The VW Campervan: The Ultimate Camper?


The Airstream and the VW Campervan — the two are icons of American motoring, but for their own unique reasons. The VW Campervan was the preferred method of transit during the height of “Free Love” – if you couldn’t fit your few into a Beetle. Meanwhile, the Airstream camper trailer fit more with the hyper-sterile image of the 1950s image motoring culture. Together, they helped the masses explore our great nation. Continue Reading »

Volkswagen Considering Acquisition of Part of Fiat-Chrysler?

VW Logo

They are some of the largest car companies in the world, with many brands that have storied histories and some that compete directly with one another, but one massive auto conglomerate would like to eat another conglomerate whole. Continue Reading »

Volkswagen Beetle Dune Will Actually Enter Production


Flashback to earlier this year; Volkswagen had resurrected a spiritual successor to the Baja Bug with the funky new Beetle Dune Concept. Of course, being the cynics that we are, none of us ever thought this amazing thing was going to be built. Boy were we wrong.

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You Won’t Believe the Price of the Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid


The Volkswagen XL1 is a game-changing vehicle. It is something of a supercar for the eco-minded, as it makes a visual statement backed by the latest green tech. The XL1 has been making the rounds for a while now, but it appears that this supremely green machine finally has a price– and it ain’t cheap! Continue Reading »

Customer Crashes $1.4 Million Ferrari LaFerrari In Monaco

Ferrari LaFerrari Crash 2

Imagine crashing your car — it would not be a pleasant experience, right? Now imagine crashing your car, except this time your car is a $1.4 million Ferrari LaFerrari, and your repair bill is probably more than the cost of the Golf you crashed into. Yeah, that really sucks.

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