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The Classic Volkswagen Microbus Could Return as an EV…Maybe

VW T1 Bus

If rednecks and hippies share anything, it’s the fact that both groups have almost nothing in common. If you doubt this fact, then try asking members of each tribe to voice their opinions on war, gay marriage, or, if you really want to stir the pot, the current occupant of the White House. Continue Reading »

6 Concept Cars That Could Soon Become Reality

Nissan idx concept

Concept cars have a double-edged effect. These pieces of rolling artwork display the stunning technologies and designs that could be possible in tomorrow’s production cars, yet also leave the public wanting if they never come to fruition. More often that not for the spiciest of concepts, the latter is the case.  Continue Reading »

2016 Volkswagen Van Gets Bold Looks, But Not for US…Yet


American van fans are fairly lucky. The last few years have brought the Ford Transit Connect to these continental shores, as well as the Nissan NV200, and the RAM Promaster City. But one workhorse has gone and has yet to return – the legendary Volkswagen Transporter.  Continue Reading »

Herbie The Love Bug is Going Up For Auction


Herbie the Love Bug is the most well-known Volkswagen Beetle on the planet, and now it’s he’s going up for auction. The 1963 Beetle made his debut in The Love Bug back in 1968 and appeared in three more movies in the series, making his final appearance in 1980′s Herbie Goes Bananas. Continue Reading »

Meet Volkswagen’s New 503HP Golf GTI Supercar


The digital world is a strange place, full of strange things that don’t exist in the real world and may never break the coded bond of 0′s and 1′s. The latest design from Volkswagen is one such thing, but with 503 horsepower on tap and stunning supercar looks, we can think of a few reasons why it should.  Continue Reading »

Meet the Volkswagen Thing That Packs a Turbocharged RX-7 Heart


The Mazda RX-7 is unquestionably a pedigreed sports car. It puts its power to the rear wheels, it limits its doors to one per side, and wails like a banshee. No track is untamable, no set of tires safe. This however, as you’ve surely realized, is not a Mazda RX-7.  Continue Reading »

6 Classic Cars That Are Surprisingly Good Off-Road


If you’re looking to go off-road, there’s a near-limitless number of options that abound – Jeep Wranglers, Toyota Tacomas, Ford Raptors – the list goes on and on. But bounding through the brush doesn’t necessitate big off-road tires, shouty looks, or even a new set of keys. Pick wisely and you can hit the trails from behind the wheel of a classic car.  Continue Reading »

10.5 Top Cars at the New York Auto Show

McLaren 570S Live

The 2015 New York International Auto Show is in full force through April 12. Some are already calling it the best show of the auto show season in terms of major introductions. Our Top 10.5 new cars at the New York Auto Show will show you how true that is. Continue Reading »

The US Just Got a New All-Wheel-Drive VW Golf Wagon


Despite today’s slew of shoppers clawing to grab every small or midsize SUV on the dealer lot, the appeal of the station wagon has not disappeared. If you’re looking for proof, Volkswagen announced its newest entry for the US market. It’s called the 2017 Golf SportWagen Alltrack, and it tacks on all-wheel drive along with some light off-roady looks. Perhaps you’d like one?  Continue Reading »

Dunk on Anybody Anywhere With the BasketBeetle


What if you could get a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle with only 809 miles? Sounds great, right? There’s just one tiny, little, itty bitty catch: It looks like a basketball, has a ’70s hoop attached to the trailer hitch and has therefore been humiliatingly posterized more than Shawn Bradley, and the sideview mirror is kind of crooked. Worth $5,000? Continue Reading »