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Volkswagen XL Sport Trades MPG for Ducati Power


Volkswagen’s econo-miser XL1 hybrid has always been a polarizing vehicle. This though, this might be a bit more universally lauded. Revealed yesterday at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, say ‘hello’ to the XL Sport – what a 313mpg eco-car would look like if you stripped away its green heart, and replaced it with something a bit brasher.

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Our 8 Favorite Fan Uploads

Upload El Camino

Since we launched our new fan uploads section of the site, you guys have been sharing with us some….uh…interesting rides. If you haven’t hit our new uploader yet, you should probably do it right here. You can even do it on the go.

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The Phaeton Returns: Volkswagen Will Price it at $70K

Photo courtesy of hdwalls.info

Rejoice! The Volkswagen Phaeton is back. At least on American shores. While VW still manages to sell the Phaeton in markets like China and Europe, its initial attempt to sell a luxury flagship in the U.S. fell flat in 2006. But now it’s really back.

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How Volkswagen Plans to Win Back Millennials


It might be a losing battle, but car manufacturers like Volkswagen are working like fiends to keep millennials interested in driving. The biggest problem? They can’t keep up with technology. Continue Reading »

If NFL Players Were Cars

NFL Ferrari 458 Lead

Football season is back boys and girls. And while week one of the NFL was definitely a doozy for all involved, week two promises to be even more exciting.

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Voomeran Volkswagen Golf is Where Street Meets Track

Usually, lowering a car results in a lot of trade-offs, mainly in terms of a rougher ride and scraping the front fascia on every driveway. Well, with this Voomeran Volkswagen Golf Mk2, Osaka, Japan-based Euro Magic is hoping to have a ride that doesn’t sacrifice comfort, even with an incredibly low stance.

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1965 Volkswagen T1 Bus Splitscreen is German Perfection: Your Ride

The Volkswagen T1 bus is one of the most iconic shapes to come from the now massive German automaker. A staple of the mid-60′s hippie movement, the bus gained a reputation of peace and love. But there’s much more to the love-Bus. It paved the way for the minvan bombardment of the late 70s and continues to be hailed as a collectors item.

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German Police Going Green with Volkswagen e-Golf


While police in Dubai have opted for high-flying supercars as of late, ze Germans are taking a much different approach to their newest pursuit vehicles – electric Volkswagen Golfs. Continue Reading »

Watch this VW Golf Slay a Gallardo and More [Video]


It’s almost like the tale of David vs. Goliath. A Volkswagen Golf is proving to be a drag strip world beater against the likes of a BMW M6, Lamborghini Gallardo and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.  Continue Reading »

We Drove (Almost) Every Volkswagen Currently on Sale: Review


Usually sometime during the summer, automakers like to wrangle up journalists like a herd of cattle, and let them loose on nearly every car in their current lineup. That happened last week when Volkswagen told me they’d be keeping me in some amazing hotel, feeding me, and letting me get behind the wheel of almost every car they sell in the U.S.

Some we liked more than others, but overall, it was an interesting look at what the VW brand is currently offering in the States.

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