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This Might be the Fastest Volkswagen Beetle You’ve Ever Seen


Over the years, the Volkswagen Beetle has been consistently mocked for its performance credentials. The car is more  at home in the world of Barbie and Ken than it is in the world of Ashley and John Force. However, the guys over at RJ Volks are taking those stereotypes and flipping them on their heads with this ridiculous Cabrio Beetle drag car. Continue Reading »

Can’t Wait for the VW Golf R400? Meet Its 510HP Tuned Cousin

oettinger volkswagen golf 500r side photo

Whether it’s a longing for the Group B rally glory days or a desire to whomp supercars in an evolved economy car – there’s something truly special about a high-horsepower hatchback. For US fans, the nuttiest of that bunch is Volkswagen’s rumored and sort-of-confirmed Golf R400Continue Reading »

The Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Is a Carbon Plug-In Rocket Kart


Grab your plaid vests and knickerbockers, ladies and gentlemen— it’s officially golfing season. To celebrate 40 years of the Golf, Volkswagen released two new vehicles at Lake Wörthersee, a beastly GTI Clubsport and this alien species, the GTE Sport Concept. It’s a plug-in, it has a boat hatch load of carbon, and has doors that stretch out like a Game of Thrones dragon. Continue Reading »

This 1962 Volkswagen Bus Hides a 523HP Porsche Engine

VW Bus

This 1962 Volkswagen Bus was once a rusted hunk of metal. Until Swiss coachbuilder Fred Bernhard got his hands on the thing and spent six years turning it into a whole new vehicle. Instead of the engine it was born with, this Volkswagen has an engine straight out of a Porsche 993. Continue Reading »

Rare Volkswagen Golf Country 4×4 Makes Lamborghini Look Common: For Sale


When automakers swing for the fences, design a car beyond the norm, and build it to the nth degree – the results can be fairly spectacular. Speed record supercars, 900 horsepower hybrids, and the like. This is however neither of those things, but still an absolute jaw-dropper on its own.  Continue Reading »

Who Knew? The Volkswagen Beetle Can Get More Adorable

chopped volkswagen beetle desert image

There are a few quibbles that Beetle owners might air regarding their vintage rides: not comfortable enough, not fast enough up a hill, brakes don’t chomp hard enough. One you probably won’t hear too often is, “I wish my Beetle were smaller and less practical.”  Continue Reading »

The Force is Strong With This Star Wars R2-D2 Volkswagen Bus

Star Wars Volkswagen Bus photo

This is what happens when a Star Wars fan has an old Volkswagen bus sitting around in need of a makeover. Instead of just giving it a new coat of paint, the owner decided to give it a wrap that would turn it into R2-D2. Continue Reading »

Which Beetle is Better: Stanced or Baja?


The Volkswagen Beetle is a car with few equals. It was never the fastest car in the world, the most comfortable, or the most luxurious, but it was a car of the people, and it offered something a bit special to each of its owners.  Continue Reading »

Apparently Volkswagen Vans Make Great Trailers Too

dinky dub volkswagen trailer photo

Cool factor and price tend to have a wildly inverse relationship. For example, a mattress in the bed of your pickup is cheap, but in terms of RV-ing, it’s not what you’d call cool. Thankfully, Oregon firm Dub Box realizes this, and they’ve come up with an answer.  Continue Reading »

Should Volkswagen Bring Back the Corrado Sports Coupe?

volkswagen corrado render photo

Fast, fun, and desperately good looking – the Volkswagen Corrado hasn’t been a member of the automaker’s new car lineup for two decades. While it probably hasn’t hurt VW’s bottom line, it’s dearly missed by its legion of cult followers.  Continue Reading »