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Watch NASCAR Driver Joey Logano Turn Rubber Into Art

Joey Logano Donuts

So maybe Joey Logano isn’t in the same conversation with artists like Picasso or Monet, but believe it or not, he and his number 22 Pennzoil Ford Fusion can create art just about as good as anyone using more traditional artistic mediums. And that’s what you’re about to see here. Continue Reading »

Watch This Insane Homemade Baja Tractor in Action

Baja Tractor 2

Hear the word “Baja” and the vehicles that come to mind our big, beefy, lifted buggies and trucks that are ready to tackle any terrain. What you probably don’t think of is an old Sears tractor, unless you’re the guy who created this thing.

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Watch What Happens When a Car Blocks a Bicycle Path


car move

This is why friends don’t let friends skip leg day. What we see here is a video explanation of what happens when some brilliant individual parks his or her car directly on an active bike path.

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Try Not to Cringe as This Porsche 918 Spyder Crashes


The cool, confident days of the ’50s and ’60s have given way to the Instagram era of celebrities showing off their stacks of cash, gold watches, and absurdly fast hypercars. It’s usually fairly harmless, but this time, it was that showing off that led to the destruction of an innocent. A Porsche 918 Spyder.

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Watch Stuntman Set a World Record Semi-Truck Jump

truck jump

Do not adjust your monitor. That most certainly is a screen grab of a truck in midair. It was in the process of setting a world record for longest jump by a semi truck. The man behind the wheel, one hand brazenly honking the horn, the other hand steering it towards glory, is named Gregg Godfrey, and this jump results in one heck of a recovery.

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Watch a Tesla P85D Go Up Against a McLaren 650S

Tesla vs Mclaren Video

Alright, we get it; you’re all tired of seeing the Tesla P85D going up against supercars. But before you close out the tab, you might want to take a look at the P85’s latest run against this McLaren 650S Spider. Continue Reading »

5 McLaren 675LT Gifs That Should Get Your Blood Pumping

McLaren_675_LT_Premier_essai_vid_o (2)

Seeing all these videos on the new McLaren 675LT, we’re starting to grow quite smitten with Britain’s latest and greatest sportscar. It’s slightly better than the 650S in overall design and performance, but naturally, it’s not as advanced as the P1 hypercar. McLaren somehow managed to find that sweet spot right between being too technical and not technical enough. Continue Reading »

Take a Look and a Listen Inside Jay Leno’s Car Collection


Within the world of collector cars, there are impressive collections…and then there’s Jay Leno’s car collection. The late night talk show legend has amassed a huge quantity of historic wheeled wonders, which span every era and nearly every car-building community the world over.  Continue Reading »

How Does the Tartan Prancer From “Vacation” Compare to a Real Minivan?


This summer, you may be taking the family on a road trip to some vacation destination, National Park, or campground. For such a journey, a minivan or crossover may do the job. But while you may think a minivan like the Honda Odyssey is ideal, don’t count out the Albanians.

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Hennessey Decided the Challenger Hellcat Needs More Noise and Power


The Charger and Challenger Hellcats are among the most insane production cars on the planet, and have some of the most gifted drivers running scared. But there will always be those individuals that think enough is never enough. That’s why companies like Hennessey exist.

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