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Mustang GT Takes on Camaro SS 1LE — See Who Wins

Ford Mustang Pictures

The pony car battles will never end. Once again, a buff book has pitted the Mustang GT vs. the Camaro SS.

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Watch This Tough Truck Drive into the Ocean Intentionally

International MXT photos

Usually when you think of videos of a truck going off of a boat ramp, it’s probably someone with a less-than-stellar IQ that has made an oopsy. In this case, though, the International MXT is meant to go for a swim. Continue Reading »

Ken Block Conquers Snow, Burns Rubber in his RaptorTRAX

RaptorTRAX Ken Block images

Ken Block is once again doing what Ken Block does best. He’s behind the wheel of his beastly Ford RaptorTRAX this time and completely destroying a set of rubber treads all in the name of keeping us entertained. Also, because it’s awesome and you would do it, too, given the chance. Continue Reading »

Watch This Mini Match Pagani Zonda’s Nürburgring Time


You expect to hear about super cars setting mind-blowing times at Nürburgring. What you don’t expect to hear is that a Mini managed to tie the time of one of them and set its own record in the process.

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Watch a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Go Up In Flames

01 Rolls

Tyler Shields is an American photographer and filmmaker who has sent a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow off to its final resting place in grand, fiery fashion. He didn’t do it Mythbusters-style, with just a whole bunch of explosives to obliterate the car, but with a guy in tux and a woman in a gown. This is, after all, a Rolls-Royce.

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Watch This Souped-Up Supra Hit 240MPH, Break World Record


A Supra has set the world import speed record for the quarter-mile with an impressive run below 7 seconds. The car, driven by American Gary White, broke the 240 mph barrier.

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Hennessey Gives Ferrari F430 a 700HP Smack in the Pants


There are a lot of reasons to like what goes on at Hennessey Performance. The Texas tuning shop rolls out big performance upgrades for all the latest offerings on four wheels, big and small. Continue Reading »

Shell Ferrari F1 Ad Gives Us V8 Nostalgia: Throwback Thursday


The current 2014 Formula 1 season has been nothing short of captivating. The battles both on-track and off have kept fans engaged from Melbourne all the way through Sochi, and that vigor doesn’t appear to be waning. Continue Reading »

Watch a ’68 Barracuda Wheelie for an 11s Quarter Mile


Within the scope of bad ass things to do with your car, wheeling ranks about three slots above drifting and burnouts, and perhaps a few notches below doing a mid-air flip. Needless to say, it’s very cool. Continue Reading »

You Can Get an Official Bentley Phone, For a Price


If you’re not content simply to own a Bentley and be the envy of all your less well-heeled friends, now you can add an official Vertu for Bentley smartphone to the package. Much like the Bentley, this phone don’t come cheap and will set you back $17,100. Continue Reading »