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Watch as We Take on the 2014 Targa Trophy Holiday Cruise

Targa Trophy Ferrari

Back in August, we made our way out to So Cal to take part in a pretty special event. This was the 3rd annual Targa Trophy Holiday Cruise & Food Drive special event, in support of the Southern California Salvation Army. Since Targa Trophy is a native Southern California brand, the rally chose two of its biggest markets – Orange County and Los Angeles (Newport Beach to Malibu) as the host destinations for the holiday road rally.

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Watch This 600HP Scion FR-S Shred a Mountain

600 horsepower Scion FR-S photo

It’s been quite some time since I had driven my personal Scion FR-S, almost a full two months actually. I just never seem to be able to find the time to actually just go out and enjoy the car. But after I watched this video of Ryan Tuerck shredding a mountain pass in Vermont, I hopped into my car and didn’t come back for three hours. There’s just something about a 600 horsepower, tire-slaying monster that gets your blood pumping.

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A Top Gear Fan Built this Incredible McLaren F1 Replica

mclaren f1 replica photo

Meet Jacek Mazur. Like many automotive enthusiasts around the world, Mazur has a soft spot for the ‘90s McLaren F1 supercar. But with only a scant 107 having been built, and prices soaring well into the millions of dollars, buying said McLaren isn’t all that easy.   Continue Reading »

GoBabyGo Brings Affordable Mobility to Disabled Children


It doesn’t matter if you’re 3 or 103, the ability to be independently mobile is something we all inherently need. It’s that feeling when you just get your license and need to have a car of your own for the first time. That same feeling is also intrinsic to a child’s development when they are first learning to play and interact with one another. However, that independence isn’t always possible for some children who have disabilities, especially for those under certain ages.

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Watch Two Nissan Z Cars Drift to a Guinness Record

nissan guinness record drift photo

Nissan may manufacture the highly vaunted and 545-horsepower toting GT-R, but you don’t need an R35-sized pile of money to go sideways in a Datsun. As we’ve learned firsthand, Nissan’s other sports car – the 370Z – does a bang-up job in the drifting department.  Continue Reading »

Watch the Epic Infiniti Supercar Concept Debut In ‘Gran Turismo 6′

Infiniti Concept GranTurismo 6 photo

Automakers generally debut new cars at the big auto shows, but Infiniti is debuting its latest design, the Infiniti Concept, in a video game. Gran Turismo 6 for Playstation 3 now features this supercar for download.

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Watch Audi Teach Old Luxury a Lesson in This Throwback Clip

Audi R8 Ad

I’m about to make you an offer you can’t refuse— let’s throwback to 2007 when Audi debuted the wonderful R8 supercar. Taking a page from The Godfather, the German automaker “put old luxury on notice” with their very first Super Bowl commercial.

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Watch Jay Leno Drive the Best Lotus Ever

ronin rs211 teaser photo

Hot rodding is something inherent to California car culture. It’s all around the state, and takes on many different forms depending on who you talk to or where you are. There are late ‘40’s belly tankers, slammed rat rods, and many modified E30 BMW’s. What you normally don’t see is a hot rod Lotus.

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This Navy Surveillance Robot Looks Exactly Like a Shark

Silent Nemo testing

Don’t worry, citizens of Amity, this isn’t what it looks like. This five-foot, 100-pound “fish” won’t be eating anyone anytime soon. But it might be videotaping you while you swim.

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Watch a Valet in a Corvette Do 50MPH in a Parking Garage

Corvette PDR Valet

It really was just a matter of time before some valet got caught messing around behind the wheel of a new Corvette. It was also just a matter of time before that valet got totally busted thanks to the Performance Data Recorder (PDR).

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