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Watch The Slowest Massive Boat Crash Ever [video]

No, this boat’s captain wasn’t late for a soccer match. The 633-foot-long ship, the Hansa Constitution, lost power on April 6th due to a mechanical malfunction, causing it to run into the seawall of a sports complex at the University of Hong Kong.

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Lamborghini and McLaren Go Head-to-Head in Flamethrowing Battle [video]

McLaren Vs Lambo

Flames are cool and supercars are cool — so flames coming from two supercars can’t not be cool, can it? This McLaren MP4-12C and this Lamborghini Aventador fill this week’s void of flameless supercars in ridiculous fashion.

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IndyCar Continues to Bleed Fans and Viewers


On the last day of March, IndyCar kicked off their 2014 season. Held on the streets of St. Petersburg, it was an abysmal showing in terms of viewer numbers. According to Sports Media Watch, IndyCar’s opener earned a 0.6 rating on ABC, down 46% from 2012, (1.0). Granted, the race went against the NCAA Elite 8 games and NASCAR’s Sprint Cup race, but even Internet searches for IndyCar are down. If it keeps headed the way it’s going, the race series could be in serious trouble.

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Bugatti Caught Testing a New Veyron, But What Is It? [Video]

Veyron Test Mule

Earlier today, we showed you the fifth special edition Veyron from Bugatti’s final edition lineup. Later this year, we’re going to show you the sixth and final edition , which is likely all buttoned up and ready for show. So it begs the question– just what is Bugatti testing here on the Nurburgring?

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‘Top Gear’ Host, Lightning Rod Jeremy Clarkson Turns 54


Some say he’s a curmudgeonly un-PC writer who should hang up his hosting duties…And that he’s the star out of a trio of hosts on the most popular motoring show on TV…All we know is that it’s Jeremy Clarkson’s 54th birthday.

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Pro Skier Jon Olssen Takes Track-Ready Rebellion Supercar to Ski Slopes! [video]


Professional skier Jon Olssen has it pretty good. Representing his native Sweden in the Winter X Games, Olssen has snagged 6 bronze medals, two silver and one gold. But the real joy probably comes from his commute to work, at the helm of his seemingly endless slew of customized supercars, complete with ski rack, of course.

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Nissan GT-R Turns a Street Race Into a Cop Chase [video]


The local police can handle about 99 percent of average cop chases, no sweat. But when in hot pursuit of a tuned Nissan GT-R, the local authorities are going to need a motorpool as extravagant as Dubai’s in order to keep up. Just ask the Oakland Police.

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1989 ‘Top Gear’ Segment Reminds Us Why We Love the Mazda Miata [video]


The 2014 New York Auto Show is less than a week away, and the teasers and previews are already coming in as fast as we can cover them. One rumored debut for next week is supposedly the next generation of the beloved Mazda Miata, a car that makes you respect handling over horsepower time and time again.

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Land Rover Concept Makes Front of Car Invisible [w/video]


Next week, Land Rover will reveal a new concept SUV, dubbed the “Discovery Vision.” Considering the LR4 (aka Discovery in other parts of the word) has grown long in the tooth, one may presume this concept will herald its replacement. With the advent of the Evoque and the new Range Rover line, the LR4 has grown quite boring, but one aptly named tech feature on this forthcoming concept has us very interested.

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First Ever Carbon Fiber Luxury Camper Trailer Costs Nearly $1M [w/video]


When you think of a luxury camper trailer, you might think of the Airstream. It’s a stainless steel, art deco throwback to a simpler time, but with prices that can well exceed $100,000. The Airstream though has nothing on this carbon fiber luxury trailer, fetching nearly $1,000,000!

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