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Your Health Plan Will NOT Cover this 107-MPH Mobility Scooter


Mobility scooters are a crucial way for the elderly and injured to get around. Considering their small wheels and electric motor, speeds are kept purposefully down. But two insane individuals have tuned up a mobility scooter that put out a record-setting top speed. Continue Reading »

Watch Why You Shouldn’t Park on a Frozen Lake

Sinking Cars 1

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin held its annual Winterfest this weekend and conditions were warmer than usual. This meant there were more people at this year’s celebration, making it even tougher to find a parking space. Some folks decided the frozen lake was a good place to park their cars. That turned out to be a bad idea.

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Our Favorite Car Ads From Super Bowl 50


Last night, walking-talking Papa John’s ad Peyton Manning and the rest of the Denver Broncos beat Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. The coverage teetered on the edge of “lifetime achievement award night” for Manning, who may or may not have announced his retirement by endorsing Budweiser several times in postgame interviews. Continue Reading »

Kylie Jenner is a Dolt for Snapchatting While Driving

Kylie Jenner Ferrari image

Distracted driving is a serious issue with people getting injured and even killed because they’re not paying attention behind the wheel. Texting, checking email, and recording videos when you’re supposted to be driving isn’t safe, but Kylie Jenner doesn’t seem to care. She’s Snapchatting up a storm while she’s in the car.

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Watch This Garbage Truck Explode


When you think of New Jersey, garbage trucks, and stuff blowing up, you might think I’m doing a poor job summarizing “The Sopranos,” but in this case, all of those things refer to an actual scenario. That said, it does look like a scene from a movie. Continue Reading »

Watch the Audi R8 Channel Its Inner Rocket Ship In Latest Super Bowl Spot


The great David Bowie once said, “I’m an instant star. Just add water and stir.” For Audi, the possibility of having an “instant star” in the new R8 supercar is something execs are betting on. So much so, in fact, that Audi spent more than a few millions of dollars for this one ad spot. Continue Reading »

Hyundai, Mini go for Big Names in Super Bowl 50 Ads

Hyundai Super  Bowl Ad

Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game, but a lot of people tune in for the ads. Commercials are ridiculously expensive to air during the Super Bowl, so companies spare no expense to make them something people will hopefully be talking about the next day. Hyundai and Mini are both betting that big name stars will make their ads a hit.

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Honda Ridgeline Super Bowl Ad Centers on Singing Sheep and Sensibility


We shouldn’t be surprised that Honda went the quirky route in marketing its new Ridgeline pickup. It is, after all, being thrown head-first into a segment filled with likable pickups in the Tacoma and Colorado. Nevertheless, the Ridgeline will be front and center this Sunday with some…special guests. Continue Reading »

Open-Wheel Racer Uses Entire Track (And Then Some) To Make Incredible Pass


It might sound like all fun and games, but racing school is very demanding. Some schools teach you how to master one particular car or one particular class, but a really good school gives you the skills to get yourself out of any jam on the track. Continue Reading »

Texas Luxury Car Crime Ring Straight Out of the Movies

Car Damage

Someone’s been watching a lot of movies and they’ve taken what they’ve learned about stealing cars and applied it to the real world. A crime ring in Texas is driving off with luxury cars all while sending police on a wild goose chase.

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