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Watch Ken Box on his Crazy Cart Spoof Gymkhana

Ken Box Gymkhana

Everyone knows Ken Block for his famed Gymkhana videos that have him drifting through impossibly narrow gaps and doing donuts around everything in sight. But are you familiar with Ken Box? This guy knows how to drive a Crazy Kart as he proves in this video shot in the style of all those amazing Block videos.

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See How Ford Put a Mustang On the World’s Tallest Building

Mustang on Tall Dubai building photo

Ford is really making a thing of putting the Mustang at the top of tall buildings. Most recently, they managed to put a Mustang on top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Now they’ve released video to show just how they made it all happen.

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Watch this Guy Wakeboard Behind a Ferrari F50

taxtherich wakeboarding ferrari f50 photo

Meet Jorge Gill. He’s your average 19-year-old British teenager who also just so happens to be the reigning wakeboarding British National Champion. Continue Reading »

Get a POV Look at this Ferrari F430 Scuderia on the Track

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Track photo

Every year, the Cavallino Classic takes place in Palm Beach, Florida. The exotic car only event draws some of the most elite cars from around the world, but specifically many classic Ferraris. The event hosts a full Concours d’Elegance style event featuring judges, as well as a track day that draws not only modern day track weapons like FXXs, but also signature models like F40s.

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Watch This Show-Off Driver Nearly Wreck His Corvette

02 Corvette

It’s so tempting to be a showoff when you’re driving around in a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, especially if you find yourself sitting at a stoplight next to a BMW M3. The temptation proved too great for the driver of one ‘Vette and he’s lucky he didn’t end up crashing his car.

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Watch a Tractor Trailer Jump a Lotus F1 Car

lotus f1 tractor trailer jump photo

2014 hadn’t been the season for Lotus. The team netted only 10 points, encountered numerous drivetrain gremlins, and ended the year in eighth place (a far cry from last year’s inspiring fourth). But that didn’t stop the Enstone, UK-based Formula 1 team from having a little bit of fun to close off the season. Continue Reading »

‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Features Chris Pratt on a Triumph Motorcycle

Chris Pratt Motorcycle

That’s right folks, the official trailer for Jurassic World dropped today. And while we’re all giddy to see what dinosaurs will be eating people, there is one more detail that us auto nuts can also be fans of.

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This ’77 Buick LeSabre Might be the Ultimate Sleeper

700 horsepower 1977 buick lesabre photo

No matter what car you’ve got, you can almost always find someone of comparable speed to race against at your local drag strip – even if that car is as slow and lethargic as a 1970s land yacht. Continue Reading »

This Solar-Powered Plane Could Reach the Edge of Space

solarstratos solar powered plane photo

Normally to get to the far reaches of our atmosphere, you need to expel an incredible amount of energy. But one man plans to go the distance a bit more sustainably than the rest. Continue Reading »

Watch Sebastian Vettel Top Out a Ferrari F12

ferrari f12berlinetta photo

While the Formula 1 team has suffered over the past year, Ferrari’s road cars haven’t. This video will show you exactly why.

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