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Watch a Hennessey Venom Spit Flames on the Dyno [Video]


Ah, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – with the Pacific coastline as a backdrop and a veritable sea of immaculate classics carpeting the green. Car shows don’t really get more picturesque than this. So how do you think the folks at our favorite Texas tuning shop, Hennessey, got ready for the event? Well, pretty much like this…

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Russian Biker Survives Crash With Insane Acrobatics [Video]


If you haven’t been perusing Facebook or YouTube today, don’t bother. You won’t find anything more interesting than this. This insane dashcam footage was published yesterday, and if for some reason you only watch one video today – make sure this is it.

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This is the World’s Smallest Remote Control Aircraft [Video]

Smallest Plane

Carbon fiber, aluminum, throttle control — you might be thinking that I’m describing some new, million dollar hypercar. But actually, I’m talking about the world’s tiniest remote control airplane.

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Building a Tesla Supercharger at Warp Speed [Video]


If you owned an electric vehicle four or five years ago, the idea of driving said EV across the US was an impossibly tedious proposition. However, thanks to the expansive roll out of the Tesla Supercharger network, your trip can now be measured in hours and days, rather than eons and epochs.

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Joe Rogan’s Sharkwerks Porsche GT3 RS is a 500HP Great White [Video]


When you think of Hollywood celebrities with a serious automotive bug, Joe Rogan dwindles further back in the pack behind the usual cast and crew – Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Ralph Lauren, etc. But hold on, because the guy has quite a storied sports car past. Continue Reading »

Pagani Zonda Owner: ‘Can I get a Push?’ [Video]


Owning a supercar says many things about oneself. It displays confidence, power, perhaps some insecurities, but most importantly it says, “Bro, I got this.” That is, unless you’re this guy.

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Crazy Norwegian Jumps Over an Audi R8 Going 95 MPH [Video]

Jumping AudiR8

This is a race that’s not going to end well. A man recently jumped over an Audi R8 going 95 mph simply because someone had jumped a Lamborghini Gallardo doing 81 mph. Continue Reading »

Subaru BRZ Driver Nearly Destroys Deer on Mountain Road [Video]

Subaru BRZ Deer

It’s only natural for anyone who owns a Subaru BRZ (or Scion FR-S) to want to carve up some gnarly mountain roads. But be forewarned, there lies danger in the woods, especially at night. And the driver of this BRZ found out firsthand just how dangerous it could be.

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Jay Leno Test Drives Electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire [Video]


To the hardened Harley-Davidson devotee, an electric motorcycle will never match up to Harley’s more conventional V-twin cruisers. But that hasn’t stopped America’s signature bike builder from dabbling in electric-drive. Continue Reading »

Forza 5 ‘Rolls’ out Wraith and Q50 Eau Rouge Downloads [w/Video]


What did we ever do without monthly downloadable content? Worry yourself not with those past, dark times, because Forza Motorsport 5 has released its latest DLC car pack — and it’s a screamer. Continue Reading »