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Watch David Letterman Make People Uncomfortable Working the Taco Bell Drive-Through


Guys, we just discovered this new comedian, and he’s hilarious. His name is — get this — David Letterman. Sounds like he should be working in the post office or something, am I right?

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New ‘Need for Speed’ Game Teaser Looks Like Street Racing on Steroids


Last year, the world of Electronic Arts gave Need for Speed fans a brand new story to dive into. It wasn’t a video game, though, it was a movie with Aaron Paul and Kid Cudi…and the results weren’t the greatest. Now, nearly two years since the latest release (Rivals), a new NFS game is on the horizon. Continue Reading »

Listen as this 600HP Lancia Rally Car Unleashes its Ponies


It’s hard not to like a rally car. They’re loud, they’re obscenely quick, and they can do things some exotic supercars can only dream of. This one in particular is especially likable, as you’re soon to find out.  Continue Reading »

A Drone Rescued Four People During a Texas Flood


There’s an ongoing argument regarding drones and their usage in civilian life. Both sides support valid points, however it’s hard to imagine any drone detractor would find fault with this intrepid quadcopter, hailing from Fort Worth, Texas.  Continue Reading »

This Might be the Fastest Volkswagen Beetle You’ve Ever Seen


Over the years, the Volkswagen Beetle has been consistently mocked for its performance credentials. The car is more  at home in the world of Barbie and Ken than it is in the world of Ashley and John Force. However, the guys over at RJ Volks are taking those stereotypes and flipping them on their heads with this ridiculous Cabrio Beetle drag car. Continue Reading »

Whoops! Watch This Tesla Model S P85D Break a Dyno


“An electric car with 691 horsepower? Dream on,” said no one, at least recently. Like a sledgehammer of high voltage current, the Tesla Model S P85D has made its performance mark in the real world by out-gunning some of the biggest and baddest sports cars on sale today. Its styling may say ‘herbivore’ but its actions scream ‘carnivore’.  Continue Reading »

Liberty Walk Challenger Hellcat is the Meanest Kitty on the Block

lb hellcat 2

The Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcat duo were the darlings of the automotive media all of last year. And for understandable reasons. The 707 horsepower supercharged V8 is blisteringly quick, makes loud noises, and causes grown men to clap with joy. Continue Reading »

Watch ‘Entourage’s Ari Gold Chase a Cadillac Ciel on a Bicycle


Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and definitely hide yo assistants. Ari Gold is back, and he’s driving the sexy-as-hell Cadillac Ciel concept car. As the days tick down until the launch of the new Entourage movie, the final closing cap to eight seasons of pretty entertaining television, there are a few more teasers and promotions to get out of the way. This video is a short “film” of sorts in collaboration with Cadillac that is intended to comedically connect the movie and the way the series ended. Continue Reading »

Google Self-Driving Cars Hit the Road This Summer


The self-driving car has come a long way in just a short few years, and like many maturing youngsters itching for their license, Google’s self-driving car will undergo its road test during summer 2015.  Continue Reading »

Check Out the New Mercedes Vehicles From ‘Jurassic World’

Jurassic World Mercedes G

The Jurassic Park franchise and Mercedes-Benz SUVs have a pretty lengthy history. Using the Mercedes M-Class as a navigation vehicle in the first movie, Mercedes and producers wanted to ramp up even more German engineering for the fourth film. Continue Reading »