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Watch This 2,000-HP Gallardo Become the World’s Fastest Lamborghini…Again


North Carolina shop Underground Racing is famous infamous for building some of the world’s fastest vehicles. From Lamborghinis to GT-Rs, and anything in between. For them, the formula is simple: twin turbocharge all the things. Their latest creation is actually an old friend. Continue Reading »

Watch Usain Bolt Get Hit by a Cameraman on a Segway

Usain 2

Usain Bolt recently competed in the 15th Track and Field World Championships in Beijing, China and put on quite a show. He won his 4th 200m World Championship title at 19.55. 2005 champion Justin Gatlin has been the fastest racer this year, but Bolt had no problem besting him in this race. Bolt’s luck ran out moments later when a cameraman on a Segway hit him on the track.

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Watch a Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Race a Tuned Nissan GT-R


As we witnessed firsthand not too long ago when we tested a Bugatti Veyron, that car is frighteningly fast to say the least. While the Veyron was an undisputed heavyweight when it first hit the streets a decade ago, many others have caught up, and even a car that may not have out-gunned it in stock form has a fighting change when backed by the right tuners.

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Watch as a Truck Slams into a Low Train Bridge in MA


Anytime we can watch some automotive carnage where no one gets hurt is what we’d consider a win. And in the case of the meeting of a too-tall truck and a too-low bridge, you can watch it over and over, laughing at the expense of one really embarrassed delivery driver. Luckily for CDL-licensed drivers in Eastern, Massachusetts, this truck-eating bridge may finally be raised.

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Watch A Ford Raptor Mule Tear Up A Michigan Forest


With the new Ford F-150 Raptor still a couple years into the distant future, we figured that we would have some time in between now and then to get to know the rest of Ford’s new performance car lineup. We thought we’d spend more time diving into the likes of the Focus RS, the GT350 Mustang, and the new GT.

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Watch Jay Leno Drive the Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca


It’s safe to say Jay Leno is a performance Mustang guy. The late night comedian and car collector extraordinaire has driven everything from the ’65 Shelby GT350 to the latest-and-greatest 2015 Ford Mustang GT.  Continue Reading »

Watch the New Ford GT Cruise Around Detroit Without a Care in the World


I’m sure you wouldn’t expect to see this on your morning commute. Amongst a sea of sedans and SUVs, someone managed to catch the new Ford GT mule in Detroit just cruising along the highway, having a nice little drive to (or from) Dearborn. No big deal. Continue Reading »

“How to Get Hit by a Car” Is the Best Pedestrian Safety PSA Ever


Creating a PSA that people will actually pay attention to is a nearly futile endeavor. But they don’t all have to be a bore, as this video on crossing the street with style breaks from the norm with a fantastically retro theme.

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Watch this Diesel Truck Ignite on a Dyno

diesel 2

Most dyno pulls are uneventful. The car is strapped down, the person inside the car starts the pull, and after they’re done, they get to see how much power they’ve made. It’s a rather boring affair to watch, unless the car is something special. However, sometimes, dyno pulls can go bad, really fast, as the owner of this nitrous-fed diesel truck found out.

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See This 6-Wheeled 1977 Panther 6 Rolling Like a Boss

Panther 6

The average car has four wheels. There are two in the front and two in the back. Exceptions are rare, and if there is a different number of wheels then it’s usually not a car. If there are more, then it’s usually a truck and if less is usually a motorcycle, but not always. Take the 1977 Panther 6 which is a car that rolls around on six wheels, because more wheels are better…apparently.

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