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Watch a Veteran Happily Reunited with His Stolen Classic Cars

Veteran Stolen Car

While most of us were busy honoring those who serve on Veteran’s Day, a couple of punks were busy stealing two classic cars from one Veteran in California. Don Klein served in the United States Air Force and had two of his classic cars stolen the night before Veteran’s Day.

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Video of a Car Getting Hit By a Lightning Bolt Will Make Your Jaw Drop

LIghtning SUV

Lightning is nothing to mess around with, which is why parks and pools close up shop the second there’s even a hint of bad weather. Your odds of being struck are incredibly small at one in 280,000, but if you’re that one, it could easily kill you. It’s safest to be inside or in a car, but that doesn’t mean the place where you’re taking shelter can’t be hit. Continue Reading »

America’s 50 Worst Traffic Bottlenecks to Slow Your Holiday Travel

Traffic Jam

The holidays mean days off and parties and presents and traveling over hill and dale to visit family. Even if the trip isn’t a long one, once you put everyone else on the road at the exact same time, it can be a bumper-to-bumper nightmare. Here’s how your area stacks up compared to the rest of the US for worst traffic bottlenecks in America.

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The Best Way to Clear Snow is a Flame-Throwing Nissan GT-R


It’s winter, and winter means snow (duh). For commuters, having to scrape their windshields every morning, warm up their car, and make sure they have the right tires is an absolute pain in the tookus. But fear not, there is a solution—an expensive solution. Continue Reading »

Jeff Gordon’s Career Wraps Up, But His Impact on NASCAR Carries On


Last night, Jeff Gordon completed NASCAR’s season finale at Homestead-Miami with a sixth-place finish. In doing so he wrote his final chapter as a full-time NASCAR driver. It’s the end of an incredible career, and what cannot be overstated is Gordon’s impact on the world of stock car racing.

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Watch The World’s First Private Supersonic Jet

Supersonic Jet

It’s tough being rich, but it just got easier with the world’s first fleet of supersonic private jets going into production. It’s called the Aerion AS2 and it can hit speeds of Mach 1.5 saving a lot of time for road-weary travelers as they hop around the globe.

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Jay Leno Teaser Reveals One Awesome Feature of the Ford GT

Ford GT Jay Leno

Jay Leno alternately makes us all happy and incredibly jealous with the cars he gets to drive on his show, Jay Leno’s Garage. The web series recently released a little teaser of an upcoming episode featuring the Ford GT that everyone is dying to get their hands on.

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Watch a Bugatti Veyron Do a Smoky Four-Wheel Burnout



The Bugatti Veyron is an impressive car, and it’s one most of us would love to call our own. Unfortunately, it costs more than what many of us spend on a house leaving us all with the awkward choice of driving an unbelievable car or having a bed to sleep in at night. That’s why getting the chance to see one in the wild is such a thrill, especially if it shows off. Continue Reading »

Watch a Car Wash Worker Attacked by a Giant Spinning Brush

Car Wash 2

Car washes are pretty cool when you’re a kid. That, or they scare the daylights out of you and give you nightmares for years. Once you’re all grown up, the scare is gone, unless you’re this poor guy who was attacked by a giant car wash brush.

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Yamaha and Roland Sands Team up to Build the Faster Wasp


Retro-themed motorcycles are the pure embodiment of cool, and bike-makers are keen to take advantage of this by commissioning extremely limited run retro motorcycles with help from the best in the game. To that end, Yamaha has teamed up with racer and bike-builder Roland Sands to create this incredible bike, called the Faster Wasp.

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