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Nissan May Have Created First-Ever Self-Cleaning Car

Nissan Note

Unless you own a truck (and do REAL work with it) or are a member of the off-roading community, you probably dislike the sight of dirt on your vehicle. If that’s the case, you can either hose your car down yourself, or go to one of the many car washes out there. But could a new coating for cars put the car wash industry out of business?

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Watch An Open-Wheel Racing Pit Stop Then And Now [Video]


There’s no denying how far open-wheel racing has come in the last 60 years, but it’s still pretty amazing to watch video evidence of its advancements. Take this video for instance, which shows the comparison between a pit stop from the 1950 Indy 500 and a more recent pit stop during the 2013 Formula One Australian Grand Prix.

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Lykan Hypersport Revs Its Twin-Turbo Flat-Six For the Crowd [Video]

Lykan Hypersport

For $3.4 million, you could buy a whole heluva lot of things. But would you buy a hypercar that you’ve never even heard of? Maybe this video will entice you to write a check that you obviously can’t cash.

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BMW i8 Still Working Out The Kinks At The Nürburgring [video]


Just because the 2014 BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid doesn’t mean BMW has any plans of limiting its performance, which is evident in the fact that the car was still being tested and fine-tuned at the Nürburgring earlier this month. Based on this video, though, there could still be a few kinks to work out before sales of the car commence sometime this spring.

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Morgan Three-Wheeler Is a Love of Driving, Distilled [video]


With the amount of supercars that we pore over every day, it is pretty hard to impress us with a particular car these days. It is even harder to impress us when a car only has something like 100 horsepower– but when that car is the retro-fantastic Morgan three-wheeler, we take pause.

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The Volkswagen Rabbit: Everyone’s Favorite Hatchback Bunny

The 2014 Volkswagen Golf was just named World Car of the Year last week, and the award goes to a rather deserving little hatchback. In fact, the Golf is to compact hatches what the Jeep Wrangler is to 4x4s. Throughout its history, the Golf also went by a different name; the lovable Volkswagen Rabbit. In the US and Canada, the first-generation and fifth generation Golf went by this name, and with this Easter Sunday, we figured we would celebrate this cute, fluffy little Rabbit!

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Lada Driver Learns Why Drifting Is Dangerous [video]


There’s a fine line between drifting and crashing. It’s called car control, and these guys clearly haven’t found it. Filmed in Dagestan, this clip shows a group of drivers giving their best imitation of the infamous Saudi Arabian all-day any-day drifters.

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Lincoln MKX Concept Teased In Video, Could Debut In Beijing [Video]


On the same day that Lincoln announced its plans to have five new models on sale in China by 2016, it also released a teaser video showing the Lincoln MKX Concept. Putting two and two together, we can only assume that this means the new concept vehicle will be making its big debut this weekend at the Beijing Motor Show as a thinly veiled version of the next-gen Lincoln MKX crossover.

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Porsche 911 Lemon Owner Promised Refund/Replacement [w/video] [UPDATE]

Porshce 911 Problems

We told you yesterday how a Mr. Nick Murray was in the vice grip of Porsche North America surrounding a lemon of a 911. Or as the internet cleverly nicknamed it — the ‘Nine-A-Lemon.’ After months of issues, a few (now viral) videos, and some friendly fans of Nick, he’s finally getting the refund/replacement he deserves.

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Porsche, Give This Guy His Money Back [Video]

Porshce 911 Problems

The joy of owning a new car is unlike any other feeling in the world. Even more so when said vehicle costs at least over $50K, and has been catching your eye since you were but a wee boy. So you could imagine the frustration of one Porsche 911 owner after his dream car has become nothing but a nightmare.

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