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Watch This Nissan 240SX Snow Drift Into Live TV Viewers’ Hearts


Once the #Blizzardof2015 was dubbed Juno, it should have been evident that the so-called “epic” snowstorm was going to be messy, but small. At least, that’s essentially all it was in NYC, where everybody was running around grabbing as much bread (even the kind with gluten, gasp!) as possible and preparing to be snowed in until Easter.

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Watch the Car Ads of the 2015 Super Bowl

super bowl car ads 2015 photo

That most holy of holy days in the world of sports is almost upon us: Super Bowl XLIX. But while you’ve been stocking up on the tortilla chips and cheese dip, you might not have caught up on all the latest car ads expected to air during the big game.  Continue Reading »

Watch This New Ford F-150 Get a Sledgehammer Beatdown


Normally, when an automotive outlet receives a long-term test vehicle, it gets put through a regimen of everyday road testing. Questions regarding real-world fuel economy and interior comfortability are comprehensively answered. But the new aluminum-bodied F-150 begged a much more important question, durability.  Continue Reading »

This Is What It’s Like Driving a Ford GT40 in the City

Ford GT40 Startup photo

The Ford GT40 was built for the race track. It was also built for high speeds and sharp corners. So you wouldn’t expect it to fare well on some city roads just outside of Manhattan. But you’d be surprised.

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Watch a Guy Jump Over Two Motorcycles Going 70 MPH

al the jumper ducati motorcycle photo

You may think you have some serious ‘ups’… and you might, but compared to this guy, we all look pretty earth-bound. Meet Al the Jumper. He’s a Swedish daredevil and stuntman with a particularly unique skill – jumping over anything and everything at considerable speed. Kids, don’t even think about it.  Continue Reading »

Watch a 2,000HP Lamborghini Gallardo Drag Race Into a Pond

Gallardo Crash

The Lamborghini Gallardo is by no means a slow car, but that hasn’t stopped tuners from bolting on huge turbochargers and giving it more get-up-and-go. This twin-turbo Gallardo is one such car, and at this weekend’s WannaGOFAST runway shootout in Ocala, Florida – it did just that.  Continue Reading »

11 Years to the Day, NASA Mars Rover is Still Driving


On Earth, the iconic Land Rover Defender marks a significant chapter in its history for 2015, but in space a different type of rover is making history. NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover, which landed on the red planet exactly 11 years ago to the day, has driven a total of 25.9 miles. That’s farther than any off-Earth vehicle has ever achieved – quite the feat.  Continue Reading »

Massive Toy Truck Pulls Real Cars, Rocks Neighborhoods

RC Peterbilt truck

As a kid, I admit, I loved radio controlled cars more than anything. Yes, even LEGOs. But back then, they were simple, expensive, and broke all the time.  Recently I came across this PeterBilt R/C truck with millions and millions of views on YouTube and just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

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Watching This Plane Land Could Make You Lose Your Lunch

Plane Landing sideways photo

Most people who have taken a flight in an airplane have at least one horror story. It usually involves either a screaming child or a particularly rough flight, but you won’t find many with a story as scary as the one the passengers on this plane experienced.

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This Multi-Armed Octopus Tractor is Agricultural Erotica

octopus tracto -mower photo

It’s the question that’s puzzling a nation. How does one mow an entire ditch bank in one fell swoop. Well, we’re here to quell the confusion – it’s with this – the quad-armed Claas Xerion 3300 VC “Octopus” tractor.  Continue Reading »