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Polaris Slingshot: America’s Three-Wheeled Track Toy [w/Video]


Other track toys better watch their backs, Polaris is here to play, and they’re packing some heat. The all-new Slingshot is the latest in track toy greatness, brining the joy of three wheels and a manual gearbox to the road, and track.

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BMW M3 Takes On Alpina D3 Diesel — But Which is Better? [Video]

BMW M3 vs Alpina D3

For a long time, Alpina has been the tuner alternative to the likes of BMW’s M performance line. They might not always be as powerful or precise, says some, but they put up enough of a fight to get customers thinking otherwise.

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Rebooted “Mad Max” Trailer is Here, and It Looks Epic [video]

01-Mad Max

He has gone my man names. Max. Mad Max. The Road Warrior. In addition to being the catalyst in Mel Gibson’s career, Mad Max was a defining movie for the independent film genre, and the robust Australian motoring culture. We’re pleased to say, Max is back. Continue Reading »

A Car Plowed into Comic Con Zombie Walk, Causing Serious Injuries [Video]


Police in San Diego have their investigative and PR work cut out for them this morning after a car plowed through a busy intersection outside of Comic Con San Diego, leaving one woman seriously injured. Continue Reading »

Duo Seeks World Record for Fastest Hot Tub [Video]


It sounds like a lark, but it isn’t. Two Southern California engineers are preparing to set the land speed record for the fastest hot tub in the world on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The amazing thing is how much engineering has actually gone into the endeavor. Continue Reading »

Which is Better: A Pretty GT86 or a Supercharged GT86? [video]


The Toyota GT86 – Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ for us in the states – is hands-down one of the best handling rear-drive sports cars available to normal people like you and I. But ask any owner what they’d like to change about it and you can almost always guarantee their answer – more horsepower. Continue Reading »

See the Mythical 5,000HP Devel Sixteen in Action [Video]

Deval Sixteen

The Devel Sixteen is a supercar, from Dubai, that supposedly develops an eye popping 5,000 horsepower, and hits a top speed of 350 mph. This Iron Man inspired sports car has only been seen in limited action.

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Acura NSX Catches Fire During Nurburgring Testing [w/Video]

Acura NSX Fire 2

Not good. Not good at all. The very same Honda/Acura NSX that we showed you running the Nurburging yesterday, has caught fire and ended its life at the side of the race track.

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Embrace the Dark Side with this Full-Size Darth Vader Car [Video]


Sith or Jedi, which is cooler? Hopefully you’ve been aligned with the Sith crowd, because Mattel just rolled out the Empire’s hottest ride yet for Comic-Con 2014. Continue Reading »

Bruce Willis is the New Face of Daihatsu…Wait, What? [Video]

Bruce Willis Daihatsu

Action movie star and all-around cool guy, Bruce Willis, is the new face of Japanese automaker Daihatsu. Why? Because money— and because it makes for Japanese ad gold, even if we have no idea what they’re saying.

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