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Who Wins In Nissan GT-R vs Tesla Model S Drag Race? [Video]

Nissan GTR vs Tesla Model S

You have to be pretty confident in your ride to take on the almighty Nissan GT-R. The owner of this Tesla Model S apparently has confidence and then some, because that’s exactly what he did at the Bandimere Speedway out in Morrison, Colorado. The Tesla pitted its all-electric mettle against the turbo-charged Nissan GT-R monster, a car known for making supercars look like complete chumps. Continue Reading »

Saleen Overhauls Tesla Model S into FourSixteen: Pebble Beach


The Tesla Model S P85 is effectively page one, chapter one of “How to Make a Proper Electric Car Go Fast.” Going off that theme, think of Saleen’s new creation as the first major plot twist, expected but nevertheless exciting. This is the FourSixteen. Continue Reading »

Tesla Offers Infinite Warranty, But With a Hitch

Teslas parked

Big news if you’re a fan of all things Tesla. Founder and CEO Elon Musk wrote on the company’s blog that the electric car maker is offering an infinite mile warranty. To some that may sound like a warranty without conditions, except there is one: infinity only lasts for eight years.

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Building a Tesla Supercharger at Warp Speed [Video]


If you owned an electric vehicle four or five years ago, the idea of driving said EV across the US was an impossibly tedious proposition. However, thanks to the expansive roll out of the Tesla Supercharger network, your trip can now be measured in hours and days, rather than eons and epochs.

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Consumer Reports’ Tesla Model S Has Some Issues


For nearly 16,000 miles, Consumer Reports has been putting one of its long-term test vehicles, a 2013 Model S, through its paces. Driven by car testers as well as regular staffers – all agree, it’s a great car to drive, but over that span a few problems have surfaced. Continue Reading »

Tesla CEO Elon Musk to Cameo on an Episode of The Simpsons


“You know you’re famous when you get featured on the Simpsons.” That’s what the Tesla Motors blog read after CEO Elon Musk was referenced on an episode of The Simpsons, earlier this year. Continue Reading »

Fan Made Clip Proves the Tesla Model S is From Space [Video]

Tesla Origins

Aliens— are they real? One would think so after seeing this Tesla Model S virtually fall from the sky and land on Earth. At least that’s what director David Holm leads us to believe in his somewhat homemade commercial.

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Model III: Tesla’s 3-Series Fighter will Arrive in 2017


With cars like the Mazda3 and the Audi A3, the auto industry surely isn’t short on nameplates that include the third digit. Tesla can claim to be the latest entry with its new Model III electric sports sedan, which takes aim at perhaps the most renowned ‘3’ of all time – the BMW 3 Series. Continue Reading »

Hackers Being Offered $10,000 to Hack a Tesla Model S

01-Model S

With the advent of in-car computing and connectivity, one big concern being voiced is the possibility of hackers accessing your car. Many automakers have their own standards for encryption compliance, but a security company is stepping things up by rewarding hackers for attempting to hack the Model S. Continue Reading »

Tesla Model S Splits in Two Following High-Speed Crash

00-Tesla Crash

It’s a pretty bad situation when your car it stolen. The best case scenario is that you get it back, but between that and never seeing your car again, there are plenty of possible outcomes. One nightmare scenario is when a car is stolen and the thief crashes said car– like what happened in LA last week. Continue Reading »