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Freeing the Masses from Gasses and How Tesla Isn’t There Yet


This week, Tesla served the first Model X hors d’oeuvre, pulling the industry just a tiny bit closer to electric religion. While the electric Model X may seem to be automotive salvation and yet more Tesla revolution to some, a few facts bear singling out in the truthful, airy light of day amidst the NOx and particulates of recent news. Continue Reading »

Tesla Owners Claim the P85D Doesn’t Make All 691 Horsepower


What isn’t there to love about the jaw-dropping Tesla Model S P85D? When it debuted a year ago, the announcement had news outlets salivating over its 691 horsepower performance, putting it in league with some of the world’s most exotic supercars.  Continue Reading »

EPA Says Tesla Model X SUV Has a 257-Mile Range


Earlier today, we brought you five things you need to know about the upcoming Tesla Model X. It looks like you can add one more. The California-based electric vehicle maker is set to officially unveil the production model tonight, along with a host of other specs, but for now, we know how far you’ll be able to go on one charge.

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5 Facts About the Upcoming Tesla Model X


The Tesla Model X is finally coming to fruition. Plagued by what seemed to be never-ending delays, the Model X will roll off the assembly line September 29th. The third model in the Tesla lineup, the company is aiming to get more people on the electric bandwagon. Continue Reading »

Tesla Model X to Officially Debut on September 29th

Tesla Model X Event

It’s been a long time coming, but Tesla is finally taking the wraps completely off of its eagerly awaited (and much delayed) Model X SUV. The vehicle will get an official launch next Tuesday, September 29th in Fremont, California. Continue Reading »

Imagine A World Where Tesla Drones Rule the Skies


Drones—so hot right now. Drones. If you don’t have a drone, it almost feels like you’re missing out on the future of remote-controlled flying machines. But that’s besides the point. Not all drones are built the same, and this Tesla drone concept could be a creative addition to segment. Continue Reading »

How Much Does a Tesla Actually Cost?

what will a tesla cost image Here’s a question: how much does the all-electric Tesla actually cost? As the EV brand continues to grow, that question becomes more difficult to answer. Continue Reading »

The LAPD Adds a BMW i3, Tesla P85D to its Police Car Fleet


They’re silent, they’re quick, and these two electric cars—a BMW i3 and Tesla Model S P85D—are the latest additions to the Los Angeles Police Department fleet.  Continue Reading »

8 NFL Stars With Automotive Counterparts

NFL Players as Cars

It’s the first Sunday of the 2015 NFL season, boys and girls. While the New England Patriots are coming off a Super Bowl victory, everyone is looking to dethrone the reigning champs and make their way to the big game. Continue Reading »

Tesla Model X SUV Costs More Than $100,000, Will Be Seriously Quick


It’s not entirely official, but it comes on good authority—we now know the price of the much-anticipated Tesla Model X, in addition to a host of other information about the next-great-thing from the California-based electric-vehicle-maker. The short-take? Like its Model S predecessor, this Tesla is going to be pricey, and fast.

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