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The Hot Wheels Tesla Model S is the Cheapest Way To Pay Elon Musk


Remember when every surface of a room was a racetrack? You’d have two cars, one in each hand, chasing each other over the back of the couch up onto the wall, then somehow launching off into space only to land on the coffee table and get stuck in the tar pit of sticky glass left from your Kool-Aid Jammer. Back then, no kids were thinking about what those toys ran on, they were simply fueled by imagination. Today, though, those Hot Wheels are getting an increase in voltage. Continue Reading »

Can A Tesla Outgun A Ferrari 458 Speciale?

Ferrari v Tesla

The Ferrari 458 Speciale and the Tesla Models S P85D are two very different cars— but both pack a lot of horsepower. The Tesla comes out on top when you look at the numbers with 700 horsepower versus the Ferrari’s lesser 630 horsepower. But that’s not the end of the story when it comes to performance. Continue Reading »

Samsung Galaxy S6 Takes On a Tesla — And the Results Are Impressive


Whether a manufacturer of cell phones or automobiles, companies spend countless hours and big budgets on torture testing their products. For some reason, this exact test probably wasn’t part of the torture regimen.  Continue Reading »

Whoops! Watch This Tesla Model S P85D Break a Dyno


“An electric car with 691 horsepower? Dream on,” said no one, at least recently. Like a sledgehammer of high voltage current, the Tesla Model S P85D has made its performance mark in the real world by out-gunning some of the biggest and baddest sports cars on sale today. Its styling may say ‘herbivore’ but its actions scream ‘carnivore’.  Continue Reading »

5 Brands That Need a Supercar

Infiniti Vision GT2 image

Supercars: you hang them up on your wall as a kid; you stare at them in the streets as an adult. But these cars are more than just a bunch of pretty faces— they signify success, both for the person driving it and the company that built it. Continue Reading »

Watch the Tesla P85D and Charger Hellcat Hit the Quarter Mile, Officially


By now you’ve probably seen the infamous Dodge Hellcat vs. Tesla P85D video. The muscled-up pair hit the strip for a drag race… and it didn’t end well for the Hellcat. The guys over at Motor Trend certainly saw and they wanted to give the duo an official quarter-mile exercise. This is it.  Continue Reading »

Watch Tesla’s Model X Prototype Swerve Around on the Highway


It may have made its debut appearance in 2012, but the days, weeks, and months are slowly ticking down on Elon Musk’s all-new Tesla Model X. The electric crossover is expected to ship out to customers in early 2016, and with that imposing deadline likely comes a great deal of testing.  Continue Reading »

Yes, The Tesla Model S Can Drift

model s

The future is coming people, and in that future, more and more electric and hybrid cars are to be expected. However, it’s not necessarily something that should alarm you. Electric cars still can be pretty fun. Continue Reading »

Elon Musk Almost Sold Tesla to Google


Tesla may be a hot stock right now, but there was a time when things didn’t look so rosy for Elon Musk’s company. Back in 2013, just weeks before the company posted its first-ever quarterly profit, it was nearly bankrupt. Things were so bad the Musk thought the best choice might be to sell it to none other than Google. Continue Reading »

Tesla Model S Gets a Sharp Makeover Thanks to Larte Design

Larte Tesla Model S photo

The Tesla Model S has gotten yet another makeover thanks to an aftermarket company that thinks the car wasn’t quite good enough the way it rolled off the line. That company would be Larte, which has facilities in both California and Germany and has set its eyes on giving the Model S a bit of an overhaul. Continue Reading »