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Watch the Infamous Tesla P85D Out-Sprint Three Supercars


When Tesla announced its hallowed dual-motor Model S P85D, its sporting intentions were fairly plain to see: 691 horsepower, road-gripping all-wheel-drive, and a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds. App developer and supercar aficionado Allen Wong knew he needed to try one, so he signed up for a test drive, and in the process stole the Internet spotlight.  Continue Reading »

Tesla Model S P85 vs BMW M5: Which Would You Buy?

tesla model s p85 photo

The choice used to be simple. Need a car that can mix it up on the track and zip you to work in absolute comfort the next morning? The BMW M5 was the go-to sports saloon. Then Tesla came out with the performance-minded Model S P85 and it converted many a motorhead into a volthead.  Continue Reading »

Elon Musk Says the Hyperloop Will Be Built


People love to hate Elon Musk. Or hate to love him. Usually the hater crowd are his accountants, or his competition, as we saw after his address at this years North American Auto Show. Our view though, is that Musk a national treasure, just based by the sheer lunacy of his ambition. Everything he comes up with we want to try out. Sort of like the Hyperloop.

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2015 Detroit Auto Show: Video Recap

Ford GT Detroit

Earlier in the week, we stopped by the 2015 North American International Auto Show and found some of the coolest cars Detroit had to offer. From the Ford GT to the Acura NSX — and everything in between. While on the floor, I managed to catch up with a few of these cars and even snagged a quick interview with Cadillac CTS-V and ATS-V chief engineer Tony Roma.

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Tesla Model X Gets All-Wheel-Drive Only

tesla model x AWD photo

While we were all ogling at the all-new Ford GT and the finally concrete Acura NSX, Tesla Motors was tweaking the recipe for one of its long-awaited four-wheeled entrants – the Model X. The EV firm’s website now reveals a few key details about the upcoming electric crossover, and a setback for those of you that have plopped down a $5,000 deposit on the car.  Continue Reading »

World’s First Convertible Tesla Model S is For Sale

tesla model s convertible photo

In 2011, Tesla Motors stopped taking orders for its debut model, the beloved Roadster, leaving few options for those seeking electric power and drop-top style. But that didn’t stop one company from turning the firm’s other car, the four-door Tesla Model S, into a convertible.  Continue Reading »

Do All Autonomous Cars Have to be Ugly?

Mercedes-Benz F015 - Luxury in Motion photo

Here’s a question to all you auto manufacturers out there: How can you make a car that drives itself, but can’t be bothered looking halfway decent? I mean seriously.

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Watch this Tesla P85D Out-Accelerate a Ferrari 458


Seemingly forever, the Nissan GT-R has been the ultimate everyday supercar for its ability to trounce competitors in a straight line; bear in mind, those exotic competitors can cost over two to three times as much. But app developer and supercar aficionado Allen Wong is quickly proving that the GT-R is so old news – it’s all about the all-electric 691 horsepower Tesla Model S P85D.  Continue Reading »

Porsche EV Rival to Tesla Model S Looks Unlikely

porsche panamera hybrid EV photo

A change is in the air, and at Porsche that means a reshaped, sexier Panamera, expected to debut for the 2016 model year. Recent spy photos confirm an evolutionary restyle, while various reports suggest a variety of new body configurations coming to market. But the most polarizing claim regards an all-electric version, a direct shot at the wildly acclaimed Tesla Model S. Continue Reading »

New Tesla Roadster Will Go 400 Miles on a Single Charge


In terms of cars that foreshadowed impressive things to come, it doesn’t get much more indicative than the Tesla Roadster. When it debuted, the techy EV sports car wowed critics and consumers alike, though it wasn’t without its faults. Tesla made right on those shortcomings with the world-beating Model S, and now it’s showing that it hasn’t forgotten those early customers with a sweeping set of updates for the Roadster.  Continue Reading »