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Watch This Tesla Autopilot System Juke Its Driver To Safety

Tesla calls its autonomous driving system ‘Autopilot.’ I think they should use the acronym A.A.S. (Asshat Avoidance System) instead, because that’s generally what the system will be doing, avoiding asshats like the one in this truck. Continue Reading »

Tesla Model S Gets a Facelift, Model X Adds More Range


With the recent unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 in prototype form, followed by a mad dash of over 325,000 interested buyers hoping to reserve one, Tesla Motors nets the unofficial award for busiest automaker of 2016, thus far.  Continue Reading »

Watch the Tesla Model 3 Make Its First Appearance on Public Roads

Tesla Model 3 Video

The Tesla Model 3 has only just made its official debut a few days ago, but already we have a video of the car out on the streets. It was spotted cruising the roads of Marina Del Rey in southern California, soaking in the sunshine and showing off a bit for the camera. Continue Reading »

The Tesla Model S is Getting an Update, Say Reports


Last October, a Tesla spokesperson revealed that the lauded Tesla Model S sedan would not receive any immediate redesigns, which followed a tweet from Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk that confirmed a “Model Y” was on the horizon.  Continue Reading »

Watch a Tesla Model S Race a Boeing 737

Boeing Tesla Race

The Tesla Model S can’t take to the air (yet), but it can fly down the track at impressive speeds given torque and all. In celebration of a new partnership between Qantas and Tesla, they decided to pit a Boeing 737 against a Model S on the runway to see which was faster.

Continue Reading »

The Tesla Model X is a New Chapter—But It Hasn’t Rewritten the Book Just Yet


Your first impression of the Tesla Model X shouldn’t be one of glamorous luxury. It’s not the typical form you’d expect when it comes to a high-end SUV. It’s not huge and hulking like a Cadillac Escalade. But it doesn’t need to be. You see, the Tesla Model X is the direction the market should be going, and eventually will be going based on the current look of things. Continue Reading »

Elon Musk Reveals Even More Tesla Model 3 Info


When the all-new Tesla Model 3 sedan was revealed to the public for the first time last week, the presentation left a number of questions yet unanswered. Less than one week later, and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has begun to fill in the blanks, on Twitter.  Continue Reading »

The 2017 Tesla Model 3 Sedan: What to Know


From its inception, Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk has maintained his company’s goal of driving the world toward more sustainable forms of transportation. Last night, on March 31st, the California automaker took its largest step yet in achieving that goal with the official unveiling of its mass market Model 3 sedan, at least, in prototype form.  Continue Reading »

Tesla Introduces $35,000 Model 3 With 215-Mile Range


It’s been a long time coming for Tesla’s ‘affordable’ new Model 3, but finally we have our first look at the latest EV in the California automaker’s lineup. And as far as we can tell, it didn’t disappoint. Continue Reading »

Tesla Model 3 Hits 60 MPH in Under 4 Seconds, Will Have Impressive Range


We’re less than a full day away from the reveal of the all-new Tesla Model 3. With that, more specs and details are starting to leak surrounding Tesla’s “affordable” new EV. The latest comes in the realm of performance—and it sounds extremely promising. Continue Reading »