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Student-Built Electric Racecar Smashes 0-62MPH World Record

Fastest Electric Car

When you think of ultimate 0-60 mile per hour records, you might readily quote some racecar stats. Or you may even quote some of the modern day hybrid hypercar stats. But those sub-three second times that these cars enjoy just can’t claim the top spot. At least not anymore.

Back off, McLaren, a group of students from the University of Stuttgart are now the reigning champs. The current record now stands at a frankly preposterous 1.7 seconds, and it was set by using an all-electric, all-wheel drive, Formula Student competition car.

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Fastest Electric Car 3

The GreenTeam, as they’re called, built the little racecar around a 100kW battery pack. For this application it is immensely powerful and has ten more kW’s than Tesla’s new P90D. Combine that 100kW battery with four separate motors—one for each wheel—and the car’s total weight of just 354lbs (without the driver), and it becomes very easy to see how the team got this little car to achieve this record. Essentially these kids built a Group B Electric Rallycar.

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Fastest Electric Car 2

For now, it’s just a one-seat, non-production racecar, but with that sort of technology and innovation available, there’s no telling just how far the project could go. We’re sure the engineers at Koenigsegg and McLaren would be interested in learning a bit more about the technology behind this speedy run.

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Check out China’s Tesla Model S Copycat

Youxia Front

It’s electric and it looks like a Tesla Model S, but it’s called the Ranger X and it’s made by Chinese automaker Youxia. The car is powered by an electric motor producing 356 horsepower with 325 lb-ft of torque and it has a battery pack mounted beneath the floor. The Youxia Ranger X will do 0-62 mph in 5.6 seconds and has a range of 286 miles per charge.

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Watch a Tesla P85D Go Up Against a McLaren 650S

Tesla vs Mclaren Video

Alright, we get it; you’re all tired of seeing the Tesla P85D going up against supercars. But before you close out the tab, you might want to take a look at the P85’s latest run against this McLaren 650S Spider. Continue Reading »

California Startup is Taking on Tesla With New Electric Vehicle

Faraday Future Concept

Welcome to the future—Faraday Future, that is. While Tesla has had a longstanding reputation of being the sole purely electric car manufacturer in the U.S., one California company hopes to change all that. And they’re bringing the big guns. Continue Reading »

Tesla Just Made Its Model S Even Faster With New ‘Ludicrous’ Package

Tesla P85 2

You would think that with a 0-60 mph time of about 3.2 seconds and 691 total horsepower, the Tesla Model S sedan would be fast enough for a family sedan. Nope. Elon Musk is a crazy person, remember? And his latest update is downright “ludicrous.” Continue Reading »

Take a Look at This Fantastic Tesla Model M Motorcycle Concept

Tesla Model M Side

This Tesla Model M motorcycle concept comes from the creative mind of Jans Slapins. He’s also the guy behind the Lamborghini Rat Rod. His specialty is coming up with concepts that look like they could happen, but are just this side of what is possible and practical.

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Is a Tesla Model S Heavier When Fully Charged?


It is a really odd question. Does driving an electric vehicle and using its power supply make the car any lighter? You plug a car into a charging station and electricity is transferred into the car from the grid. But how much does electricity weigh? This is a pretty heady concept, and luckily, someone else did the math.

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The Hot Wheels Tesla Model S is the Cheapest Way To Pay Elon Musk


Remember when every surface of a room was a racetrack? You’d have two cars, one in each hand, chasing each other over the back of the couch up onto the wall, then somehow launching off into space only to land on the coffee table and get stuck in the tar pit of sticky glass left from your Kool-Aid Jammer. Back then, no kids were thinking about what those toys ran on, they were simply fueled by imagination. Today, though, those Hot Wheels are getting an increase in voltage. Continue Reading »

Can A Tesla Outgun A Ferrari 458 Speciale?

Ferrari v Tesla

The Ferrari 458 Speciale and the Tesla Models S P85D are two very different cars— but both pack a lot of horsepower. The Tesla comes out on top when you look at the numbers with 700 horsepower versus the Ferrari’s lesser 630 horsepower. But that’s not the end of the story when it comes to performance. Continue Reading »

Samsung Galaxy S6 Takes On a Tesla — And the Results Are Impressive


Whether a manufacturer of cell phones or automobiles, companies spend countless hours and big budgets on torture testing their products. For some reason, this exact test probably wasn’t part of the torture regimen.  Continue Reading »