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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Dream Becoming Reality


Can Elon Musk do no wrong? Can he ever fail? Is he human? Or is he a Bond villain, just biding his time, while he strokes a white cat from a swivel chair? Seriously, whatever that man comes up with, or touches instantly turns the world on its head.

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Chinese Startup Le Supercar Plans to Take on Tesla With New EV


The name Le Supercar may sound like some bad car joke, but it’s a very serious business venture by Chinese electronics mogul Jia Yueting. If you happen to be familiar with Chinese businessmen, that name should sound familiar. Yueting created LeTV, essentially a Chinese equivalent to Netflix. Continue Reading »

Startup Developing Batteries to Charge Electric Cars in Minutes


When it comes to the future of hybrid and electric vehicles, battery technology is the single largest hurdle to progress. Chassis parts may be getting lighter, and engines more fuel efficient, but getting a battery to charge quickly, last a long time, and fit in a package-able size is proving difficult. But there may be hope.

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Aston Martin Guns for Tesla with 800-HP Rapide EV


There’s a new force brewing in the “super-sporty electric sedan” market, and for the first time, it won’t be wearing a Model S badge. According to new reports, Aston Martin will field an electric version of its four-door Rapide—set to arrive in two years—and it won’t be low on performance.  Continue Reading »

UK To Test Under The Road Wireless Charging

Tesla Hacked 2

The biggest fear of consumers in terms of fully-electric cars is obviously range anxiety, which is the fear of running out of electricity and being stranded on the side of the road. While electric cars have come close to becoming mainstream in terms of awareness, there still isn’t that large of a charging infrastructure to keep consumers’ fears abated. It’s why more people haven’t bought into the technology and something that will continue to hamper the growth of the industry until something to relieve that anxiety is worked out.

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Tesla Loses $4,000 on Every Vehicle It Sells

Tesla Store Red

The old adage goes: you have to spend money to make money. While I’ll probably never be liquid enough to put to the test, Tesla has been apparently taking it to heart. It burned through $359 million in cash in the previous quarter. According to a Reuters report, that figures out to more than $4,000 lost on every vehicle it sells.

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Tesla’s Automatic Charger Prototype is Kind of Creepy, Mostly Amazing

Tesla Charger

The robots—they’re learning. Don’t worry, though, you won’t have to call Will Smith to stop Tesla’s new automatic charger prototype. Continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Tesla has created a robotic snake charger that should put your jaws firmly on the floor. Continue Reading »

Tesla Announces Model X Date, And a Self-Driving Uber Rival?


Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked an interesting question during a call to discuss the company’s second quarter earnings. It had nothing to do with their financial outlook for the rest of the year, but was instead about the possibility of Tesla introducing a self-driving car service similar to Uber. Musk’s response spoke volumes.

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The Tesla Model S Has Been Hacked—But Tesla’s Already Fighting Back

Tesla Hacked 2

First FCA, then Chevrolet, and now Tesla. No automaker is safe at the hand of world-class hackers researchers. The advanced systems in today’s modern cars are making them easy targets, and not even Tesla—arguably one of the most technologically advanced automakers out there—can avoid being the latest victim. Continue Reading »

New Electric Sports Car Wields Huge Power, But You Can’t Buy One


The sight of a red, two-door electric sports car immediately brings to mind the Tesla Roadster, which is expected to return anew in the coming years. However, this isn’t one of those Roadsters, in fact, it’s not a Tesla at all.  Continue Reading »