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Tesla Model S: Win Your Electric Dream Car

Tesla Model S eBay 3

There’s not much we can say about the Tesla Model S that you haven’t already heard. It’s spacious, it’s luxurious, it looks good — oh, and did we mention that it’s 100% electric? It’s virtually everything you would every want in a luxury sedan– especially on Earth Day!

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The 5 Green Cars That You Actually Want To Drive


When people talk about eco-friendly cars they tend not to include the words “fun” or “excitement” in their lingo. Why is that? Should being frugal with the go-juice turn each road into a beige wasteland? We don’t think so. There’s no point to having a green car if you can’t get even a little excited about driving it. So in the spirit of Earth Day (which is today), here are five ec0-friendly cars that you’ll absolutely want to drive.

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Saleen Shows Off First Sketches of Custom Tesla, Promises Summer Arrival

Saleen Tesla Model S 2

Saleen is known for its work on cars like the Mustang, or the Camaro, or the Challenger — and a few in-between. But now the American tuner shop is headed in a new direction with a project that’s a little more electrifying (excuse the obvious pun). It’s a custom Tesla Model S, and apparently it’s coming out this summer.

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Tesla Model S Breaks Norway’s All-Time Monthly Sales Record


If you live in the states, you’d know that Tesla has been finding its share of success (and setbacks) with its Model S sedan. Abroad though, the automaker hasn’t garnered a huge amount of success. But that all changed last month, when the Model S became the best-selling car, in a month, in Norway’s history.

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California Company Taking Tesla Model S Topless

00-Model S Convertible

We here at BoldRide find that any car– even a crappy one– can be improved by the addition of a convertible top. Example: Chrysler LeBaron versus LeBaron Convertible. See what we did there? So would this theory apply to the all-electric Tesla Model S? You decide.

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Tesla is Planning to Ditch Mirrors and Spend Money


A day without Tesla in the news is few and far between; today is no different. Tesla joined the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers in filing a petition to ask permission from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to use sideview cameras instead of mirrors. The NHTSA currently mandates that all road-going vehicles come equipped with sideview mirrors, even though the technology exists to use cameras instead.

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NY Dealers Reach Pact with Tesla, Direct-to-Customer Stores to Stay Open

LEAD-Tesla Store

Tesla might still be fighting an uphill battle in Texas when it comes to selling cars directly to customers, but things are looking up in the Empire State. The electric automaker recently came to an agreement with New York auto dealers that will allow its five factory stores to stay open.

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Movable Steering Wheel Has a Future in Autonomous Cars


As we showed you earlier this year, The Rinspeed XchangE is a fascinating vision of a potential future for the autonomous car as the mobile office. We were very intrigued by the idea of how the vehicle could adapt to accommodate work meetings while the vehicle is driving itself, but there was more to it.

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Tesla Motorcycle Concept is a Two-Wheeled Green Dream

Tesla Motorcycle 4

Tesla has been on the rise lately (for the most part). And with the announcement of a second, and possibly third car/SUV in its lineup within the next few years, it’s natural for many to start dreaming of newer, more enticing electric vehicles. Say, a motorcycle, for example.

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Homegrown Tesla Ad Shows Big Automakers How It’s Done [video]

Tesla Ad

Tesla might be having a rough time with the whole dealer situation in New Jersey and Texas, but a recent ad spot might lighten up CEO Elon Musk’s week. The video below is an ad for Tesla that was not made by Tesla. Rather, it was the creation of Everdream Pictures, who put together this impressive piece of cinematography.

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