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Tesla Stock Shudders Amid Cheap Gas Prices

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The seemingly meteoric rise of Tesla has been a shining example of building the right product at the perfect time. But, as in any business, companies endure the good times and the bad. Tesla Motors’ recent performance in the stock market falls toward the bad.  Continue Reading »

Dubuc Tomahawk EV Looks to Fight Tesla

tomahawk dubuc motors front photo

With Tesla Motors, CEO Elon Musk has achieved what few others probably could do or would have done: conceive a world-rivaling EV in just a handful of years. Continue Reading »

Tesla vs Mercedes: Who Wins in a Drag Race?

Tesla Model S drag race photo

A Tesla Model S P85 recently took on a Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 in a 1/4 mile drag race pitting a powerful V8 against an electric to show that it’s not all about horsepower. Both of these cars are undeniably fast, but does the more powerful Mercedes leave the Tesla in its dust or does the electric hold its own?

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World’s Most Expensive Tesla Model S Expected in LA

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Peruse the Internet and you’ll find the Tesla Model S is a fine and well-respected car. It’s svelte looks, impressive efficiency, and sporty driving dynamics earn it high marks from some big names in the biz. But one company wants to make the Model S even finer and a lot more expensive. Continue Reading »

Range Rover EV Could Compete with Tesla

range rover hybrid photos

Since its inception, Range Rover has been known for two things: tough off-road capability and uncompromising on-road luxury. It’s not a simple feat to make a large 4×4 ride like an executive saloon, though Jaguar Land Rover has done it. Continue Reading »

Tesla May Sell Its 50,000th Model S By The End Of The Month

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Tesla could hit a milestone at the end of the month, selling its 50,000th Model S. This is an impressive number, even more so because back in January they sold their 25,000th Model S meaning they’ve double the lifetime sales of the model in just 9 months.

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GM Backs Michigan Governor in Anti-Tesla Bill Signing

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Since Tesla began selling cars in the U.S., it’s been fighting an uphill battle with big(ger) business and greedy lawmakers. The company’s latest battle comes from Michigan, where Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill, with backing from General Motors, that “strengthens” the ban on the electric car company’s direct sales.

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691HP Tesla Model S P85D Gets to 60 Quicker than Some Supercars


Last night in front of a packed house, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, showed everyone his D. But before you start calling your congressman — seriously get your mind out of the gutter — it turned out to be a car that may just become one of the most sickest electric cars of all time. Continue Reading »

Tesla is Showing Everyone the “D” on October 9th

Tesla D

Let the jokes commence. Elon Musk has sent out a pretty cryptic teaser on Twitter to something called “the D.” Alongside “the D,” Musk also promised that there would be something else to go with it. I have no idea what either are going to be.

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Tesla Doesn’t Want You To Buy a Model X

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Ever since the Tesla Model X crossover was announced, customers have been lining up to own one. They’ve walked into stores, $5,000 cash deposit in hand, and happily plunked down that cash money for a car that has no release date, no price, no anything. Continue Reading »