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Tesla Recalls Literally Every Model S


Tesla stock took a hit last week over news that the company was issuing a recall covering all of its Model S cars. That’s a total of 90,000 vehicles that will need to come in for a service check to be sure that the seat belts in every single Model S out there are properly connected.

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Tesla-Fighter Faraday Futures Eyes Entry Into EV Market With $1B Factory

Faraday Future Concept

Tesla may get the notoriety as the leader of the electric vehicle revolution, but there are some other serious players about to come into the fray. Faraday Futures is the brain-child of Jia Yueting, a Chinese billionaire looking to make a $1 billion investment in an american factory that will produce its first electric car.

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Watch the Tesla Model S P85D Finally Lose a Drag Race

Mustang Tesla 2

Over the last few months, we’ve seen the Tesla Model S P85D decimate purpose-built supercars in drag races across the country. It’s raced the Ferrari 458, McLaren 650S, and everything in between. And throughout those videos, the electric Tesla has (mostly) prevailed. This next video, though, will see the Tesla finally lose to the internal combustion engine.

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Bob Lutz Is Wrong, Tesla Isn’t Doomed


Bob Lutz was once a titan among the automotive industry. Throughout his expansive career, Lutz helped countless American automakers steer away from financial ruin. However, in a column published in Road & Track, the former CEO is grasping at straws and in some cases, getting facts patently wrong about electric car maker, Tesla.

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What Really Happened During the Tesla Gigafactory Incident?


Several journalists from the Reno Gazette-Journal got a little too close to Tesla‘s gigafactory battery site earlier this month. The incident happened on Oct. 9 and resulted in the RGP photographer driving his Jeep at two security guards and ramming into their ATV in an effort to escape. Or did he?

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Tesla Autopilot System Tackles Daily Commute, Shows Minor Flaws


We’ve seen a few short videos of the new Tesla autopilot system in action. But thanks to our friends at DragTimes, now we really get to witness how this system works in the real world, doing its best to navigate a daily commute from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami. Continue Reading »

Tesla Model S Becomes Almost-Autonomous, Records Driver Data [w/Video]

Tesla Model S image

Yesterday, Tesla announced that its cars will be converted into autonomous cars. Well, nearly autonomous. The California-based electric automaker is sending over-the-air (OTA) updates to those Model S vehicles that are already on the road, and this nearly-autonomous upgrade is one of the biggest updates ever.

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Photographer Arrested for Trespassing, Assault at Tesla Gigafactory


The Tesla Gigafactory in the Nevada desert is certainly garnering its fair share of attention, but a pair of journalists took things too far, according to a release from the electric automaker. The company claims that two local journos trespassed on the site of the new factory.

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A Tesla Model Y is Coming, But a Model S Redesign is Not


There’s been no shortage of Tesla Motors in the news lately. The anxiously-awaited Model X SUV has finally hit the market and fans still can’t get enough of “Ludicrous” mode acceleration. But the next big headline for Tesla isn’t spelled with “S” or “X”…instead it’s “Y.”  Continue Reading »

Freeing the Masses from Gasses and How Tesla Isn’t There Yet


This week, Tesla served the first Model X hors d’oeuvre, pulling the industry just a tiny bit closer to electric religion. While the electric Model X may seem to be automotive salvation and yet more Tesla revolution to some, a few facts bear singling out in the truthful, airy light of day amidst the NOx and particulates of recent news. Continue Reading »