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Borgward’s Back: Defunct German Automaker Returns With New SUV

Borgward SUV 2

Like TVR, another European automaker is rising from the dead and bringing to market an all-new vehicle. Unlike TVR, though, formerly defunct German automaker Borgward isn’t hitting the market with a high-horsepower sportscar. Rather, they’ve got something more practical planned—as is the German way. Continue Reading »

The Duality of a Full-Size Front-Wheel Drive SUV


SUVs are known to be big, powerful, hulking masses of steel that carry children, dogs, sports equipment, and can conquer mountains. Or at least, that is how most auto manufacturers make them out to be. In reality, most SUVs spend their lives traversing supermarket parking lots, and occasionally getting a bit dirty because of a stagnant puddle of muddy water on your street has been sitting in the same spot for two days, but today you forgot where it was.

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The Lamborghini Urus SUV Could Get a Hotter SV Version

00-Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini hasn’t even started building its new Urus SUV—not to mention the fact that they just announced it a few weeks ago. And already, there are some rumors floating around the interweb suggesting that a hotter Super Veloce (SV) version is in the works. Continue Reading »

Justin Bieber Shows Off His New Custom Cadillac Escalade


As an artist and human being, I’ll keep my opinions on Justin Bieber to myself. I prefer to merely look at the Canadian’s car-collecting prowess on its own. (This same compartmentalization is applied to coverage of Chris Brown’s cars) So when Bieber brought his Cadillac Escalade to West Coast Customs, we had to see what the former “Pimp My Ride”-featured tuning shop would do with the ‘Caddy.

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Take a Road Trip to Our Three Newest National Monuments


There’s kind of a sickening feeling when you’re deep into the summer, and all of a sudden, every weekend until October is spoken for. Cookouts, weddings, graduation parties—they all get in the way of the fact that all you really want to do is go away camping for the weekend.

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Chevrolet Expected to Add Another Crossover SUV in 2017


If you’ve driven anywhere lately, one trend will have been instantly obvious–today’s carbuyers love crossover SUVs. The vehicles continue to sell in record numbers and new models sprout up faster than in any other segment. According to new reports, the latest entry may come from Chevrolet.  Continue Reading »

California Startup is Taking on Tesla With New Electric Vehicle

Faraday Future Concept

Welcome to the future—Faraday Future, that is. While Tesla has had a longstanding reputation of being the sole purely electric car manufacturer in the U.S., one California company hopes to change all that. And they’re bringing the big guns. Continue Reading »

Lotus Building Drop-Top Evora For The US


After Lotus failed to meet US safety standards at the end of last year, the company was forced to pull out of the US market. Many were concerned that Lotus would never return, due to the company’s checkered financial past. However, within a few weeks of the first announcement, Lotus reaffirmed that the brand would be back in the US the following year, bringing with it, the new Lotus Evora 400. But that won’t be the only car Lotus returns with in 2016.

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Range Rover Has Created a Remote Controlled SUV


The idea of creating a full-size, V8-powered, remote control SUV may seem like a childhood fantasy to some. But for Jaguar/Land Rover, it’s just the latest high-tech project in development.  Continue Reading »

This Skoda Yeti Rug is the Ultimate Man-Cave Accessory

Skoda Yeti Rug image

The legend of the Yeti is one that’s been around for decades. A towering creature that lives in the caves of the Himalayas, stalking innocent travelers that wander near to its domain. Or if we’re thinking in the automotive sense — a Czech-built SUV by the same name. Continue Reading »