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Forget the Miata, The CX-3 is the Best Mazda on Sale Right Now: Review


Driving matters to Mazda. So much so, in fact, that the long-loved Miata has been one of the best selling—if not the best selling roadster on the market for over 15 years. But we’re not here to talk about the Miata, we’re here to talk about something even more important. Continue Reading »

Want a Toyota FJ Cruiser? You’ll Have to Pay Up


It seems like human nature to want what we can’t have, and when it comes to off-road SUVs, a brand new Toyota FJ Cruiser is one such vehicle.  Continue Reading »

2017 Cadillac XT5: 5 Things You Need to Know


This week at the Los Angeles Auto Show, folks stateside finally got a look at Cadillac’s newest crossover, the XT5. It is a bold new look for Cadillac’s grocery-getter, mid-size SUV and will need to hit all the right marks to continue being the American luxury brand’s best-selling vehicles. Here’s what you need to know. Continue Reading »

Evoque Convertible Paves the Brave New World of Land Rover


This is the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible, and while that certainly is a mouthful to say, you can’t say this isn’t a sharp looking SUV. The big question is, will people go for a convertible SUV?

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Bentley to Follow Bentayga with CUV and Electric Sports Car


Not long ago, the idea of a Bentley SUV was about as foreign as, well…a Bentley SUV. The popular body style marks a significant departure for the British luxury brand, which welcomes its new Bentayga model into showrooms next spring. But as new reports point out, it’s a trend likely to continue.  Continue Reading »

Yes, You Can Buy David Beckham’s Range Rover Sport


Whether you call it soccer or football, there’s one player’s name that just about any fan in the world will recognize—David Beckham. On and off the field, Beckham is unquestionably a superstar (you don’t win six Premier League titles by loafing around). Expectedly, he drives like a superstar too.  Continue Reading »

Jeep Wagoneer Limousine: For the Outdoorsman with Lavish Tastes


Among Jeep and 4×4 fans, the Grand Wagoneer is one of those terrific snapshots in time for the world of SUVs. The big proportions, the wood paneling, the cameo in “Harry and the Hendersons.” It perfectly represents a certain era in camping and outdoor life. But the Jeep Wagoneer you see here might be just a bit more than that.

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Buick Envision: Will America Accept a Chinese-Built SUV from GM?


A Chinese Buick? The American car brand is reportedly planning to sell Buick SUVs manufactured in China to the United States. This is something that is sure to turn Donald Trump from his typical orangish hue to a more pinkish-red, as he decried the fall of American might. Also, Trump loves saying “China.”

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You Can Buy the 2,000,000th Land Rover Ever Built


Land Rover has been stamping out rugged, utilitarian 4x4s for a long time now. How long? Believe it or not, the first design was sketched on an English beach in 1947. Production followed in 1948, and across multiple series…it hasn’t stopped since.  Continue Reading »

New Allegations of Cheating Could Cut New VW CEO’s Tenure Short


It seems the trouble is not over for Volkswagen in its attempts to skirt regulators for its diesel engines. New allegations have emerged that other diesel engines in the Volkswagen family were equipped with similar defeat devices that have been at the heart of #Dieselgate. The new allegations could bring VW’s newly minted CEO under fire.

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