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Own This Rare LaForza SUV and Be LaCoolest Person on the Block


Many cars and trucks have timeless characteristics – iconic shapes and lines that looked as great in their heyday as they do now. This utility vehicle shape is arguably not one of them.  Continue Reading »

3 Bold Features of the 2016 Honda Pilot: First Drive

2016 Honda Pilot Front

I know, I know, the Honda Pilot isn’t the most exciting vehicle on the planet. But hey, knowing the ins and outs of almost every vehicle we can is part of the job. If you’re not interested, here’s a Lamborghini Veneno. Continue Reading »

Here’s Our Best Look Yet at the Bentley SUV’s Interior

bentley SUV interior photo

Push to start? That’s old news. Bentley’s new Bentayga will have a touch-to-start ignition, among a suite of other high-tech features. The Brits released a new teaser video of the upcoming SUV, and it shows off various parts of the cabin. Continue Reading »

2016 Honda HR-V Isn’t Too Hot, Or Too Cold— It’s Just Right: First Drive

Honda HR-V Review

If I were the host of that show Mad Money, I would tell you now is the time to buy, buy, buy in the small SUV segment. Somewhere between a hatchback and an SUV, the CUV sits precariously in the middle of the market, aimed for a younger, hipper buyer base; i.e.: myself. Continue Reading »

It’s Official: Lotus Is Building an SUV

lotus exige 2015 track photo

Since its inception, Lotus Cars has done one thing: build nimble, lightweight sports cars that beg to be driven. To that effect, it’s understandable why SUVs have never factored into those plans. They can be heavy, tippy, and cumbersome… not exactly the spitting image of a Lotus Elise. That’s all about to change.

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Volvo Understands True Luxury, Eliminates XC90 Front Seat for Passenger Comfort

volvo XC90 lounge no front seat photo

Mercedes-Benz doesn’t get it, BMW doesn’t get, Audi doesn’t get it, Infiniti doesn’t get it, Range Rover doesn’t get it, and Cadillac doesn’t get it. Not even Maserati gets it. But Volvo? Volvo gets it: “it” being complete and total luxury. And no, the Swedish company isn’t offering whale penis leather. That’s not luxury, that’s just … weird.

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The 2016 Fiat 500X is Surprisingly Fun to Drive: Review

2016 Fiat 500X Trekking Plus

Here’s a dirty little secret about the 2016 Fiat 500X; in the top-of-the-line Trekking Plus trim level, it’s actually fun to drive. It’s no Abarth, but this could just be the most enjoyable mainstream compact crossover on the market. It’s that good. Continue Reading »

Here’s Why This Rolls-Royce Phantom Has a Giant Wing


Rolls-Royce is well known for its top-shelf bespoke abilities. The English auto manufacturer gives its customers anything and everything they ask for in their cars. Director of Global Communications Richard Carter once told us that there are no limits to what the company will build for its buyers, simply because it is not up to them to determine taste. And yet, never has the world seen a factory R-R with a wing that looks like it was ripped out of 2 Fast 2 Furious. Continue Reading »

2016 GMC Terrain Comes in 50 Shades of Grey

2016 GMC Terrain Denali debut photo

GMC found an interesting theme amongst buyers of its Terrain compact SUV. Of the customers polled, the automaker learned that the Terrain’s exterior styling was the biggest factor in final buying decisions. So when it came to shifting a refreshed Terrain for 2016, GMC stuck to its guns and kept its designs crisp and clean, albeit quite grey.  Continue Reading »

Move Over, The Aristocratic 2015 Range Rover is Here: Review

LR Range Rover on Location photo

Seeing as Chicago was in the dead of winter, and snow and ice fell upon us as if it were one of the plagues of Egypt, my last few press vehicles had all been rugged 4×4’s. Obviously, the constant barrage of ice, and snow didn’t exactly make for the greatest conditions for any Hellcats or McLarens. Add to that the constant salting of the road, and you can see why the few Jeeps, the Chevy Colorado, and the luxurious Ford F-150 King Ranch were around. Continue Reading »