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This Skoda Yeti Rug is the Ultimate Man-Cave Accessory

Skoda Yeti Rug image

The legend of the Yeti is one that’s been around for decades. A towering creature that lives in the caves of the Himalayas, stalking innocent travelers that wander near to its domain. Or if we’re thinking in the automotive sense — a Czech-built SUV by the same name. Continue Reading »

This Hennessey Escalade is a 675HP, Seven Seat Rocket Ship


They may have big V8s under the hood, but most family-hauling, full-size, urban cruising SUVs aren’t all that fast. In fact, the potent V8 is rather a matter of necessity. But not all sport utilities are created equal… this being one of them.  Continue Reading »

It’s Alive! Hennessey Transforms Ford F-250 into VelociRaptor SUV


The folks at Hennessey Performance are from Texas. They aren’t afraid of taking on big, Texas-sized projects – a point proven after they tore into a handful of Ford Raptor pickups, and turned them into 600 horsepower, family-hauling VelociRaptor SUVsContinue Reading »

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Governator Jeep Hits the Used Car Market


Arnold Schwarzenegger has played many roles in his lifetime, from professional bodybuilder and purveyor of “the pump”, to bricklaying businessman and big-screen Hollywood action hero.  Continue Reading »

Mercedes Thinks Another Convertible SUV is a Good Idea

G-Class Convertible

“You just went and made a convertible SUV? Probably not a good idea.” Thinking back to convertible SUVs like the Nissan Murano or Range Rover Evoque, it’s hard to justify a new one coming to market. But Mercedes-Benz thinks they can emerge as a serious player in the drop-top SUV game. Continue Reading »

Weird Car of the Week: This Pontiac SUV Concept Was the Better Aztek


More often than not, the Pontiac Aztek is looked upon with a vitriol reserved for only the worst things in life. We won’t go as far however— it was edgy, it simply just wasn’t a great car.  Continue Reading »

Here’s a Look at the Ferrari SUV That Almost Was


The FF is one of the only Ferrari’s ever to come out of the storied Modena factory that was met with controversy. And by controversy, I mean, fans were quick to hate on the all-wheel drive wagon. Continue Reading »

The 2016 Volvo XC90 is Simply a Great Place to Be: First Drive


When the original XC90 made its debut for 2003, it was a big deal. American SUV shoppers went wild and made it Volvo’s most popular model for seven years in a row. Now, that aging model will depart dealer lots in favor of its newfangled Swedish successor. So is this one worth getting just as excited about?  Continue Reading »

Could Lotus Follow Lamborghini With Its Own SUV?

Lotus SUV 2

Yesterday Lamborghini announced it was finally putting its Urus SUV into production— which is good news. For years, execs have been teasing the idea with concepts and unconfirmed reports. But another sports car manufacturer may also be getting in the SUV game in the near future. Continue Reading »

Lamborghini’s New Urus SUV Coming in 2018

Dialoge ? das Audi-Technologiemagazin 2/2012

When Porsche debuted the Cayenne, the entire enthusiast community flipped out. The general thinking that was with an SUV in the lineup, the purity of its sports cars would suffer as well. But that wasn’t the case— in fact, the Cayenne became one of Porsche’s best selling models, and gave way to insane cars like the 918. Continue Reading »