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LEGO Ferraris and McLarens Coming to your Living Room


Two months ago, leaked images surfaced on the web uncovering a new line of LEGO sets with a serious bend on speed. The revealed Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren sets – part of an alleged LEGO ‘Speed Champions’ line – left a few more questions than answers though. Continue Reading »

Watch the Koenigsegg One:1 Race a Volvo Truck

koenigsegg volvo truck race photo

Volvo vs. megacar. That’s not exactly the preface to your average race, especially when said Volvo is a long-haul truck. But Volvo has been working on its all-new I-Shift dual clutch gearbox, based on sports car technology, and it believes the truck transmission to be quite sporty. Continue Reading »

LaFerrari XX Will Have A Ridiculous Amount of Power

Ferrari XX Pics

Throughout the last decade, Ferrari has created a few special track only editions of some of the its fastest cars. Beginning with the Enzo FXX and ending with the 599XX, these cars defy most laws of physic and many wallets. Additionally, when Ferrari starts to talk about building more race cars, it’s best everyone pays attention.

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Chinese-Built Pagani Huayra Looks Good, From Afar

pagani huayra replica photo

Ever since the Pagani Huayra broke cover in 2011, it has been captivating the minds of fans worldwide: both those with the funds to afford one, and the rest of the world, which simply cannot. As such, the more industrious of that latter group have taken to building replicas…in China…out of what looks like cheap plastic. You see where this is going.

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Hear this Tuner Turn Audi R8s into an Orchestra


Located in Dortmund, Germany, Jean Pierre Kraemer’s JP Performance shop provides tuning setups that span the automotive gamut. From Volkswagen Golfs to Lamborghini, Ferrari, and everything in between— they do it all.

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6 Boldest Rides of the Miami Auto Show

Miami Pagani Huayra

Miami, South Beach, the 305— whatever you want to call it, South Florida is a huge market for the auto industry. That’s why the Miami International Auto Show is one of the largest in the country, and is home to a host of new reveals alongside million dollar exotics.

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A Nissan GT-R Police Car is on the Loose

Nissan GT-R Police photo

Swedish drivers be on the lookout. You might find this Nissan GT-R police car in your rearview mirror. But it’s OK because it won’t be pulling you over for speeding.

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Watch a Twin-Turbo Ford GT Put Down 1,894HP on the Dyno


The Ford GT40 was conceived for one purpose – take the fight to Ferrari at Le Mans…and win. As a proof of concept, it did just that, and in some ways the 2005 Ford GT remake has gone on to do the same against its Ferrari road car contemporaries. Continue Reading »

The UK Gets a Dazzling Koenigsegg One:1 Megacar


Ask most guys what their dream job would be and a good smattering would say, “Drive fast cars.” Three guys from the UK are living that dream and now they’ve just bought a personal ride truly reflective of their supercar lifestyle – a new Koenigsegg One:1. Continue Reading »

Watch a Lamborghini Rev Until it Catches Fire


It’s amazing the effect a few extra cylinders have. A Lamborghini driver in London was recently flexing the vocal pipes of his $400,000 Aventador LP700 when its V12 engine coughed up more than just a spit of flames.

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