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Rolls-Royce Phantom I: A Priceless Gem from the Age of Elegance

LEAD-Rolls Royce

The name “Rolls-Royce” has been synonymous with classic luxury since 1906. But, from 1925 to 1929, the company managed to exceed even its lofty standards with the Phantom, later renamed the Phantom I. The car was so well-built it carried a three-year warranty– practically unheard of at the time.

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Your Ride: DJ RobSleezy’s Jaw-Dropping Chrysler and Chevy Collection

Rob Car Collection 4

Everyone dreams of one day owning a garage filled to the brim with six-figure supercars and all-American classics. But one of our readers, DJ RobSleezy (aka Rob N.), lives out his dream everyday, with a garage that would make any hardcore enthusiast blush. His collection doesn’t just span one, or two, or even three cars — Rob’s four car garage is the thing of American beauty.

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625-HP Corvette Z06 Convertible Drops Its Top Before NY Auto Show

Chevrolet Z06 Convertible

If there’s one set of alphanumerics we’ve grown to love more than others in the Corvette lineup, it’s “Z06.” The hard-top Corvette Z06 Coupe made its debut this past January at the Detroit auto show. Now, Chevrolet is proud to present an unlikely convertible version of the Z06, with the same 625 horsepower under the hood in advance of the New York Auto Show next week.

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Bugatti Caught Testing a New Veyron, But What Is It? [Video]

Veyron Test Mule

Earlier today, we showed you the fifth special edition Veyron from Bugatti’s final edition lineup. Later this year, we’re going to show you the sixth and final edition , which is likely all buttoned up and ready for show. So it begs the question– just what is Bugatti testing here on the Nurburgring?

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Bugatti Introduces Special Edition Veyron Black Bess, Aimed at Chinese Market


Tacky and expensive is something that the Chinese auto market knows all too well. And Bugatti knows this too, with its new Veyron Black Bess being the perfect candidate when it goes on display at the Beijing Auto Show later this month– go figure.

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Pro Skier Jon Olssen Takes Track-Ready Rebellion Supercar to Ski Slopes! [video]


Professional skier Jon Olssen has it pretty good. Representing his native Sweden in the Winter X Games, Olssen has snagged 6 bronze medals, two silver and one gold. But the real joy probably comes from his commute to work, at the helm of his seemingly endless slew of customized supercars, complete with ski rack, of course.

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Adam Levine Spotted in his Immaculate Porsche 356A


Success in Hollywood tends to bring loads of money with it, which usually gets spent on matte-gray Audi R8 coupes or zebra-wrapped Range Rovers. So it’s always nice to find a celebrity with exquisite taste in classic cars.

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Nissan GT-R Turns a Street Race Into a Cop Chase [video]


The local police can handle about 99 percent of average cop chases, no sweat. But when in hot pursuit of a tuned Nissan GT-R, the local authorities are going to need a motorpool as extravagant as Dubai’s in order to keep up. Just ask the Oakland Police.

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California Company Taking Tesla Model S Topless

00-Model S Convertible

We here at BoldRide find that any car– even a crappy one– can be improved by the addition of a convertible top. Example: Chrysler LeBaron versus LeBaron Convertible. See what we did there? So would this theory apply to the all-electric Tesla Model S? You decide.

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Lamborghini Huracan Goes Topless in New Rendering

LamboCARS photography

With the Gallardo now extinct, the Lamborghini Huracan hopes to take the reigns as the best-selling Lamborghini around. So far it has the looks, and the power — but how would it fare if someone chopped its top off?

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