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Ducati-Powered Track Car is Everything You Hoped It Would Be


Ducati builds amazing bikes. Ariel builds an amazing track car in the Atom. So why has no one had the sense enough to combine the two into one amazing vehicle? Designer Tamas Jakus then, is a visionary—deciding that Ducati and Ariel need to be one. Continue Reading »

Ford Will Only Produce 200 GT Supercars Per Year; 100 For the U.S.

Ford GT Supercar 2

When Ford introduced the new GT earlier in the year, we knew it was going to be produced in extremely limited numbers. Even Ford told us that production was going to be in the “hundreds, not thousands”—a significant difference from the 2005 model year. We just didn’t have any idea how limited it was…until now. Continue Reading »

Mercedes-Benz Building a V12 Hypercar to Take on Ferrari?

Mercedes-AMG Hypercar

In a world where engines are becoming smaller, and supercars are becoming more efficient, Mercedes-Benz is planning to make a big statement with a big engine. Specifically, a V12 in a halo supercar slotted above the current AMG GT. At least, that’s what new reports are telling us. Continue Reading »

This 800-HP Camaro Remembers a ‘60s Performance Icon


In the performance car world, there are certain names that tend to perk up ears—names like Shelby, Yenko, and Nickey—the ones responsible for taking everyday cars and making them truly extraordinary. But there’s another name deserving of that short list, actually two…Baldwin-Motion.  Continue Reading »

Deadmau5 Takes Darude out for Coffee in a McLaren Supercar


Deadmau5 is, and has been, one of the hottest names in Electronic Dance Music for some time. But guys like he, Calvin Harris, Alesso, and others can trace the popularity of EDM to Darude. So when these two bookends to an unprecedented time of growth for the genre get in a rare McLaren together, it might be worth watching.

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The Rezvani Beast Speedster Has An Addictive Personality: First Drive

Rezvani Beast 7

Flick the toggle switch that engages the starter, depress the big black button on the dash, and the addicting sound of a supercharger whines in your ear. But that supercharger isn’t accompanied by the growl of some big V8 motor, rather, it’s paired to a smaller 4-cylinder engine, almost making you feel like you’re in a Formula-style racecar. Continue Reading »

Here’s Why The McLaren F1 is the Automotive Icon It Is


The McLaren F1 will always be the poster car of many of our youths. Between the breathtaking performance that, even to this day, is still quite brisk, and the amount of engineering and technology that went into the car, it will stay an automotive icon forever.

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Are McLaren and BMW Working On A Joint Supercar? Don’t Hold Your Breath

BMW i8 Green 5

McLaren and BMW have a history—a rather grand history at that. In 1992 at the Monaco Gran Prix, McLaren introduced the world to the now iconic F1 supercar with a mid-mounted BMW V12. But that was 17 years ago, and since then, we haven’t seen the two marques working together on much. That could change according to a new rumor. Continue Reading »

BMW Celebrates Oktoberfest 2015 with a Historic M3


The days may be getting shorter, but the celebration is only heating up in Munich, Germany, for the annual Oktoberfest, which begins Saturday September 19. Not one to be left out of the party, BMW is celebrating the event with the debut of this one-off M3, painted by artist Walter Maurer.  Continue Reading »

Uber and GrabTaxi are Giving Out Free Supercar Rides in Singapore


This weekend, the 2015 Formula 1 World Championship makes a stop in Southeast Asia for the Singapore Grand Prix, bringing fast cars and a party atmosphere to the small island city-state. But the high-performance cars won’t be restricted to just the F1 street circuit.  Continue Reading »