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McLaren is Preparing to Build a New Hypercar


If you were hoping to buy one of the rarified McLaren P1 hypercars – bad news. All 375 sold out long ago, and you’d need one of those in order to nab its even rarer P1 GTR brethren. Pity. However there is good news, McLaren is giving the hypercar market another shot.  Continue Reading »

Aston Martin Just Built Its Fastest DB9 Ever


Even though Aston Martin will start to phase out its older architecture — cars like the Vantage and the DB9 — that hasn’t stopped the British supercar marquee in taking the wraps off its newest DB9 GT. Or as it’s more affectionately known: the most powerful DB9 ever built. Continue Reading »

Lotus Unveils 3-Eleven; Its Fastest Model Ever


As if it’s even possible, Lotus has come out with an even lighter vehicle. Called the Lotus 3-Eleven, it’s also the quickest production Lotus road car ever. Continue Reading »

Rolls-Royce Rolls Debuts Wraith Porto Cervo Edition

Rolls-Royce Porto Certo Wraith photo

There’s exclusive, and then there’s exclusive exclusive. Rolls-Royce — hardly a big numbers brand to start with, with annual sales just north of 4,000 — is introducing a limited edition Wraith that will see just 3 versions built. That’s right, three. Continue Reading »

This LEGO Ferrari F40 is Probably the Only One You Can Afford

Lego Ferrari F40

LEGOs—  we all love them. They were our first foray into building something. And for many of us, it’s what helped develop our passion for building cars, and in general, loving the idea of something engineered out of nothing. While over the years we may have put aside our Lego focuses to build larger, more complex things, that doesn’t mean we don’t still appreciate the memories we made with these toys. Continue Reading »

700HP Blade is the World’s First 3D-Printed Supercar


Plenty of auto manufacturers are making various attempts to make their cars greener and better for the environment. Hybrids, electric vehicles, and biofuel are just a few current advancements that are making ripples in ending dependence on fossil fuels. Now, showcased by the phenomenally light and quick 3D-printed Blade supercar, Divergent Microfactories, wants to not only make a splash, it wants to create a game-changing tidal wave. Continue Reading »

Used Le Mans Edition McLaren 650S is More Expensive than New


Back in 1995, when McLaren was still building the now iconic F1, the British marque made its debut at the world famous 24 Hours of Le Mans. The McLaren F1 GTRs swept the race in 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 13th overall. The impressive performance solidified McLaren’s road-race program in the hearts and minds of all auto enthusiasts. Twenty years later, McLaren is still building amazing racing machines. Continue Reading »

Watch a Corvette Z06 Release a Net That Catches a Human Cannonball


This has to be one of the most creative ways to show off a car feature, and it’s not exactly what you might think. Yes, sure, a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 ensures the safety of this wild and adventurous human cannonball. And the video shows how fast and how well the car handles on the track. But the Z06 isn’t catching the person, and performance isn’t what the commercial shows off.

Continue Reading »

Watch This Ferrari F12 Prove Why It’s a Drag Race Top Dog


When it comes to the latest generation of cars, newer usually means faster. It’s a notion that spans the new vehicle gamut, though you’ll never see that performance difference play out quite as visually as you will in a high-end sports car. In this case, that would be Ferrari.  Continue Reading »

US Ferrari LaFerrari Hypercars Recalled Over Headrest and Tire Sensors


It goes over 217 mph, summons 950 horsepower, and claims the fastest lap of any street-legal car ever to attempt the Ferrari test track. By all accounts, the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar has earned legendary status in quite a short amount of time.  Continue Reading »