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Watch How Bugatti Builds the 8.0L W16 Veyron Engine

bugatti veyron engine build video

With its final iteration recently gracing the halls of the Geneva Motor Show, it’s official: the Bugatti Veyron is now dead. 450 Veyron supercars have rolled out of Bugatti’s Molsheim production facility in France since 2005, and close to that number are still prowling the world’s motorways.  Continue Reading »

LaFerrari Gets ‘Upgrade’ So it Doesn’t Burst into Flames

LaFerrari Driving photo

For years, the running joke about Ferrari is that they tend to go up in flames if you look at them funny. Or have a gentle breeze waft over their engine bays while stationary in somebody’s climate controlled garage. Largely, this has been quite a bit of hyperbole. However, with recent news, there definitely appears to be a grain of truth. Continue Reading »

The World’s Fastest Car Moves Closer to 1,000MPH

Bloodhound SSC 1000 mph car photo

When you’re building the world’s fastest car, you know what the most important part is? Making sure the wheels can turn fast enough to keep up and, just as important, don’t shred like cheese through a grater. The engineers behind Bloodhound seemed to have accomplished at least one of those goals. Continue Reading »

7 Green Supercars for St. Patty’s Day

Aventador Green

Hey everyone, did you know it’s Saint Patty’s Day? Here in America we drink green beer, Guinness, and other different types of beer. Have you all started drinking? Because I have. Here are seven supercars that go fast and are green like beer. Continue Reading »

Henrik Fisker Somehow Made the Aston Martin Vanquish Even Prettier


Somewhere in the world, there’s someone who thinks the Aston Martin Vanquish just isn’t up to snuff. If said person has enough funds on hand, they could go to Aston’s Q division and ask them to do something about it, or they can phone up renowned car designer Henrik Fisker and let him have his way with it. Continue Reading »

IED Syrma Concept: A Student-Designed 900HP Hybrid Supercar Gem


Wax on, wax off. The students at the Transportation Design School at Istituto Europeo di Design are becoming the masters. Debuting at the Geneva Motor Show this year, the IED Syrma hybrid supercar is a concept focused on safety and created  at the request of Italian motoring publication Quattroruote.

Continue Reading »

The Scissor Doors on this C7 Corvette Z06 Actually Serve a Purpose

2015 Corvette Z06 C7 Lamborghini Vertical Doors photo

Wait, wait, wait. Hold on just a second. Before you throw your hands up in disgust yelping about how stupid scissor (aka Lambo) doors are and how they’re a huge waste of money, at least hear out why they’re useful for the man who made the decision to install them.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Adds a Rolls-Royce Ghost to His Collection

cristiano ronaldo ghost photo

Cristiano Ronaldo lives a beautiful life. He’s surrounded by beautiful people, he wears beautiful clothing, his shots on goal are things of beauty, and his garage is full of beautiful rides. His most recent addition to his collection is a two-tone Rolls-Royce Ghost. Continue Reading »

Jaguar, It’s Time to Build the C-X75 Supercar

Jaguar C-X75 Lead

In 2010, for Jaguar’s 75th Anniversary, the company stunned the audience at the Paris Motor Show with the awesomely ridiculous C-X75 Concept. And besides the drop-dead gorgeous supercar looks, this car was also at the top of the technological heap. It was the first hybrid hypercar, long before McLaren, Porsche, or Ferrari even entered the game. And many thought this Jag was destined for glory. Continue Reading »

Watch How a Lamborghini Aventador is Born

lamborghini aventador SV photo

The Lamborghini Aventador, the pinnacle of Lambo’s big V12 bruisers, just got a new sibling: the Aventador SV. It has 750 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and enough downforce to stick to the road like a fly on honey. It’s their most ridiculous production car to date, and it has enough menace to strike fear in even the hardest of hearts. Continue Reading »