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Honda’s “Baby NSX” Could Be Upcoming S2000


The patents were out, the rumors were swirling, and the idea of a reborn Honda S2000 seemed like more of a reality a few months ago than it ever was. But with the rumors and the patent sketches came the doubt; after all, it did just look like a shrunken version of the new NSX. Continue Reading »

The 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Already Got a Facelift

Miata Crash 2

In the short time it’s been on sale, the all-new Mazda Miata has already found itself being named one of the most fun cars of the year. You’d be surprised then to hear that it’s already going through a minor facelift—or, at least one of them is. Continue Reading »

Could This Be the Look of the New Nissan Z Car?

Nissan Z Rendering

Since the 60s, the Nissan (formerly Datsun) Z has been a calling card for enthusiasts; what with its light weight and sporty handling. And since 2002, the revived 350 and 370Z have carried on the iconic name quite well. But it’s time for an overhaul, don’t you think? Continue Reading »

5 McLaren 675LT Gifs That Should Get Your Blood Pumping

McLaren_675_LT_Premier_essai_vid_o (2)

Seeing all these videos on the new McLaren 675LT, we’re starting to grow quite smitten with Britain’s latest and greatest sportscar. It’s slightly better than the 650S in overall design and performance, but naturally, it’s not as advanced as the P1 hypercar. McLaren somehow managed to find that sweet spot right between being too technical and not technical enough. Continue Reading »

These Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati Car Values are Soaring


There’s an old saying in the financial world, “buy low, sell high.” If you can make it work, you’ll prosper, but putting that maxim to good use is not so easily done.  Continue Reading »

Is This the Wildest Volkswagen Karmann Ghia in the World?


Sometimes a car comes along that stops you dead in your tracks. For hardcore Volkswagen and Baja fans alike…this may be that very car. It was, and still is, a 1964 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia coupe, just not your typical garden variety Ghia.  Continue Reading »

15-Year-Old Designs Supercar for a New Thai Automaker


When you think of supercars, Thailand is admittedly not the first place the mind wanders. But never say never. A new mid-engine sports car is in development, pictured here, and it will call the Southeast Asian country home.  Continue Reading »

This Allard K3 is Pretty, Proper, And Up For Auction

Allard K3 Auction

Allard might not be the foremost name when it comes to classic British sports cars. But don’t sleep on the quirky classic. In 1952, the brand developed the K3 and sent it to America as a hypothetical “Corvette Slayer” of sorts. Continue Reading »

New Fiat 124 Abarth Spider Could Be Pretty Quick

Fiat 124 Concept

Your move, Germany. While Fiat continues to put its Mazda Miata-based 124 roadster through the ringer, new reports suggest that this hot little Italian could be about as quick as a Porsche Boxster. Mamma mia! Continue Reading »

Jeremy Clarkson Lapped the “Top Gear” Track One Last Time—But in What Car?

Clarkson Last Lap

Take your pick: Mercedes, Ferrari, or…other Ferrari. Jeremy Clarkson tweeted out recently that he will be taking one of these three cars around the Top Gear test track for the last time. You know, because of the whole him being fired thing. Continue Reading »