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This is the World’s Only Original Ferrari 330 P4 Racer [Video]

Ferrari Racer

Believe it or not, Ferrari has been selling and racing cars in the U.S. for 60 years already. And it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop anytime soon. In celebration of this milestone, our friends at Petrolicious have whipped out their camera equipment and have taken to the track with some of the world’s most iconic Prancing Ponies.

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Nissan Will Build IDx Coupe, But With Styling Changes

nissan-idx-nismo-concept (1)

If you were hoping for a production version of the Nissan IDx concept — we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is Nissan is actually putting the IDx into production (contradicting previous rumors); the bad news is that it’s going to lose a few of its charming retro cues along the way. Continue Reading »

Is Jaguar Planning an XE SVR with a Supercharged V8?


Jaguar’s drip-feed on the all-new XE has painted a striking picture of the marque’s BMW-fighting sports sedan. Powered by the firm’s compact yet potent Ingenium four-cylinders, it’ll probably be a worthy contender too — but you didn’t think Jag would stop there, did you? Continue Reading »

The 1967 Plymouth GTX: Raw Power In a Refined Package

Plymouth GTX 2

The fact that the cell phones are the product everyone seeks to one-up these days says something about the times we live in. In the mid-60s it wasn’t phone or a computer, but muscle cars that spurred intense competition between manufacturers. In those long-gone days of 30-cent gasoline, the king of the mountain was the Pontiac GTO Tempest. It was confronted by a number of challengers seeking to knock the crown off its head. Among them was the legendary 1967 Plymouth GTX, which gained fame thanks to its exceptional styling, which was matched with one of the quickest 0-60 times in automotive history.

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Toyota’s ‘Baby 86′ Sportscar Could be Here by 2018


These are exciting times for sportscar enthusiasts. With the all-new Mazda Miata reveal only weeks away, and both the Honda S2000 and Toyota Supra hopefully due in the near future – we’re comatose from two-door overload. But hold your horsepowers, because Toyota could be rolling out the best yet, at least for the Average Joe.

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Toyota FT-1 Concept is Perfection in Graphite: Pebble Beach

toyota-ft-1-concept (2)

There’s no denying that pretty much every expensive supercar on the planet is at Pebble Beach right now. And while you try and take in all the amazing automotive scenery that Monterey has to offer, there is one car that you should keep your eye out for while you’re there. And it’s a Toyota.

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Mazda Teases 2016 MX-5 Miata Ahead of September 3rd Reveal


Out with it already! In a recent Facebook post, Mazda teases its highly anticipated 2016 MX-5 Miata, which has collectively given the motoring world a pair of blue you-know-whats to complement the Miata’s slinky blue veil. Continue Reading »

Next-Gen Nissan Z Could Have a Hybrid Engine, Targa Top

Nissan 370Z

Nissan’s Z car lineup is one of the most historic monikers in the industry. Spanning two brands and a number of sporty coupes, lately, Z seems to have lost its footing in the market. But fear not, Nissan knows a new Z is inevitable, and it’s (allegedly) in the process of building one.

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1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 is Mint Perfection: Your Ride


Growing up playing with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, Matt van Wyk always loved the Porsche 911 replicas, a green one in particular. Today, van Wyk’s Porsche is less a pipe-dream toy and instead a reality: a green, somewhat-rare European model, which added to the feeling that he had found something special.

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7 More Cars That Need to Be Revived [w/Poll]

List Plymouth 'Cuda

You may remember our first 6 Cars that Need to be Revived post from a few weeks back. A lot of people had their opinions on that, both good and bad. But there were some other cool cars that, for one reason or another, that just didn’t make the cut.

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