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Dodge Viper Could Get a More Powerful Final Edition

It’s going to be at least 7 months until the Dodge Viper races off into the sunset, but something tells me production isn’t going to end at 12:00 am on January 1st, 2017. Given the smashing success of the Viper ACR, which currently has a backlog of orders according to Road & Track, it would be foolish for Dodge to wrap things up without building as many Vipers as possible before production shuts down for good. Continue Reading »

Gibbs is Selling Off 20 of Its Aquada Amphibious Sports Cars


Like the flying car or the autonomous vehicle, the dream of owning a car that works practically both on land and on sea has been around for decades. The Amphicar kicked off the hype train in the early ‘60s, but Gibbs kept the dream alive in 2003 with the introduction of the Aquada. Continue Reading »

Porsche Dishes Out New 718 Cayman, Starts at $53,900


A fresh face and a new name is more than enough to get the presses moving if your name is Porsche. The 2017 718 Cayman follows in the footsteps of its 718 Boxster sibling, adopting the new moniker, and adding a more powerful engine and some minor design tweaks. Continue Reading »

The 7 Strangest Audi Concept Cars Ever Built

Audi urban concept Spyder/Standaufnahme

Simplistic; modern; beautiful. These three words are often used to describe Audi’s sense of style. Dull could be another one, in this writer’s opinion. But it wasn’t always that way… Continue Reading »

Need a Track Toy with Corvette Power? Meet the Deronda G400


We’re living in a golden age of featherweight sports cars. If you’re looking to go fast at half the heft, the likes of the Porsche Cayman and Alfa Romeo 4C can more than accommodate. Add in all the boutique sports car automakers and you have a veritable full house of options—everything from the Ariel Atom to the 700-horsepower Rezvani Beast X.  Continue Reading »

Audi Still Considering Sports Car Between TT and R8


There’s plenty to love about the Audi TT. Even more to love about its high-horsepower sibling the R8. But what if Audi could somehow combine the charm of the TT, with the road-presence of the R8? If new reports are any indication, that’s exactly the plan. Continue Reading »

This ’92 Acura NSX Tacks on a Turbo and Gets a Mean Makeover


Whereas many performance cars beg to inherit modifications—sportier springs, bigger brakes, a splash of weight saving—the first-generation of the famed Acura NSX well… doesn’t.  Continue Reading »

Enjoy The Overwhelming Beauty Of Luftgekühlt 3 and Its Many Porsches


On any given weekend, there’s no shortage of events for automotive enthusiasts to attend in Southern California, informal or otherwise. Luftgekühlt began as the former, and now in its third year, is definitely becoming the latter. Between the diversity of the crowd, and diversity of the cars, it’s hard to pin down what exactly the gathering is, which is fitting as its held here in Los Angeles, a city beyond definition.

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This Toyota Celica USGP is a ‘Time Capsule’ of the ‘80s


The ‘80s called, they want their parachute pants, tracksuits, and hairstyles back. But we’ve made one condition… we get to keep the cars.  Continue Reading »

This Might be the ‘Cheapest’ Lexus LFA On the Market

It’s not often that you find a Lexus LFA owner looking to part with his vehicle. As of writing this, there are eight listings on AutoTrader, four on Cars.com and one on eBay. Oh, and most of those listings overlap, including this one on Craigslist, so really there are only eight or nine up for sale. Bottom line, this this was a rare car to begin with, so it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on one, even if you’ve got the money.
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