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TVR is Completely Sold Out of Its V8 Sports Car—And It’s Not Even Built


Haven’t you heard? The good folks at TVR are bringing new vehicles to market. This time, the company its taking its sports cars very seriously. That’s why when 2017 rolls around, you’ll see a new TVR sports car on the road. Too bad you can’t buy it. Continue Reading »

1969 Changed the Ford Mustang Forever

1969-ford-mustang-mach1 copy

Ever notice how things once considered rebellious eventually become respectable? It’s amazing how often this transformation occurs in our society. Take for example rock ‘n roll. In the 50s, it was considered the devil’s music. Pundits blamed it for everything from teen smoking to human sacrifice. Fast-forward a few decades, however, and those same songs are now the music of choice at county fairs, ice cream shops, and family-friendly places in general. Continue Reading »

Looking to Buy a Rare McLaren? This Manta Montage is the Next Best Thing


Let’s face it, we can’t all drive our icons—cars like the Ferrari 250 GTOs and Shelby Daytonas. Few exist and the ones that do command otherworldly values. This dispirit notion is made even more apparent if your automotive idol is the legendary McLaren M6GT.  Continue Reading »

The Chrysler Conquest TSi is a Forgotten 1980s Gem


Automotive history is a bit like a glossy coffee table art book. The greats are given full-page spreads and dazzling historical accounts, while everything else gets a footnote mention, or perhaps none at all. And frankly that’s too bad.  Continue Reading »

Pierce Brosnan Reveals He Lost his Aston Martin in a House Fire


Over the course of five decades and two dozen films, the James Bond franchise has paired a number of leading men with iconic cars, none were more iconic than the link between Bond and his Aston Martins.  Continue Reading »

Honda’s New Project 2&4 Concept Will Be Part Car, Part Motorcycle

honda-project-24 copy

There’s something brewing over at Honda. With the introduction of a sportier-looking Civic, and the announcement of a U.S.-bound Type-R, Honda might have gotten its mojo back. But we’ll wait to see what Project 2&4 is before we say anything for sure. Continue Reading »

Sorry One Percenters, Bugatti Won’t Build You An SUV

Bugatti 16C Galibier Concept

Bugatti is working hard on bringing the world a faster, prettier, and generally more insane vehicle in form of the upcoming Chiron; and that’s great. But one thing Bugatti won’t be doing is following Bentley and Lamborghini into the high-end SUV space. Sorry, spoiled soccer moms. Continue Reading »

The Acura NSX Will be a Perfect Halo Car, And Here’s Why


I was born in the 1990s, which means I’m probably younger than some of you. That also means that the Acura NSX was one of my ultimate hero cars as a kid, alongside cars like the Supra and RX-7. It was a car that did something in my young psyche that no car had ever done before. It just…worked. Continue Reading »

Did Jeremy Clarkson Just Splurge on a $350,000 McLaren?


It was a sad day for Top Gear fans everywhere when Jeremy Clarkson was axed from the program. It was a sad day for Clarkson, too, as his salary went poof with his contract. But Clarkson seems to have turned things right around with his new Amazon deal, and possibly a new $350,000 McLaren 675 Longtail. Continue Reading »

Watch the New Ford GT Cruise Around Detroit Without a Care in the World


I’m sure you wouldn’t expect to see this on your morning commute. Amongst a sea of sedans and SUVs, someone managed to catch the new Ford GT mule in Detroit just cruising along the highway, having a nice little drive to (or from) Dearborn. No big deal. Continue Reading »