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BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Concept Looks Wonderfully Weird

BMW 3.0 CSL Concept

Literally the second this car hit the web, fanboys and Internet websites alike were bashing it for the way it looked. Yes, it’s definitely a radical design, and yes it’s kind of weird— but I don’t think it’s a bad looking car. I think it’s a perfect homage to the original, actually. Continue Reading »

I Shouldn’t Love the Alfa Romeo 4C, But I Do: Review

Alfa 4C Review 5

Italians are known for making some of the best sports cars on the planet. And according to my research— the best spaghetti too. Ask anyone what their favorite sports car (or spaghetti) is, and they’re likely to give you a name that ends in the letter “I”. Continue Reading »

Cadillac ATS-V is the World-Fighting Sports Car We’ve Been Waiting For: Review

Cadillac ATS-V Review

Long has it been since Cadillac was known for tail fins, rocket shaped lights, and a ride that could challenge a battleship in terms of cornering. Over the last few years, the company has redirected its efforts, redefined the brand, and gathered as many free thinkers as it could to put the company on this renewed global luxury car trajectory. Continue Reading »

6 Cars That Prove Gold Wheels Are Underrated

Gold Mitsubishi Evo 2

In a world where black and silver wheels reign supreme, gold (or bronze) wheels are typically cast off like an ugly stepchild. But why? Plenty of cars wear gold wheels and wear them well. Whether it’s factory or tuner specials, I think gold wheels are underrated. Continue Reading »

British Speedback GT Slated to Make American Debut

David Brown Speedback GT photo

After finding success in Europe, the Speedback GT from David Brown Automotive is coming across the pond. It debuts this August at the Quail Motorsports Gathering. Continue Reading »

2016 Lotus Evora 400 Will Set You Back $89,900

2016 Lotus Evora MSRP photo

Only the British could get away with saying they’re “delighted” when announcing an MSRP of $89,900, and that it’s a right proper bargain. At least that’s what Lotus is claiming with the Evora 400. Continue Reading »

5 Key New Features on the 2016 Chevy Camaro


The rivalry is officially back on. After the sixth-generation Ford Mustang had firm control of 2014, Chevrolet revealed the sixth-generation Camaro in Detroit this weekend to a similar tune: smaller, lighter, more capable, more premium. Continue Reading »

Why the Rumored $20k Toyota Sports Car Probably Won’t Happen


Here’s a tasty recipe. Start with a retro-styled coupe, shave it down to only 2,160 pounds, plant a peppy 1.5-liter engine in the front, and shuttle power to the rear wheels. Sound good? It should. And it should sound even better at a claimed price of $20,000 or less.  Continue Reading »

The Coolest Sports Car You’ve Never Heard Of Is For Sale

gillet vertigo sports car photo

Think “sports car” and a few big names come to mind. Many times, a few big German names – Porsche, Mercedes, BMW. Deutschland can sure build a perfect sports car, but the Germans aren’t the only Western Europeans to have mastered the trade.  Continue Reading »

Chevrolet Won’t Build a New Small Sports Car, Yet


Today’s new car marketplace is brimming with zippy performers, many of which retail for highly affordable prices. But amidst the peppy Ford Fiestas, Honda Civics, and Subaru BRZs, there’s one leading automaker you’ll find markedly absent – Chevrolet.  Continue Reading »