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BMW M4 is Part Jekyll, Part Hyde: First Drive

bmw m4 coupe images

The BMW M4 is one of the most highly sought after cars of the year. Gone is the M3 coupe and in its place is a lovely new coupe that distributes the lineup a bit more evenly (get it? Because 4). That being said this car has some pretty big shoes to fill. Continue Reading »

BMW i8 Gets the Custom Treatment


Tuning firms and body-mod companies tend to be a dime a dozen, offering a unique albeit sometimes rough-around-the-edges treatment to the world’s luxury four-wheeled vehicles. Continue Reading »

Will the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ Survive?


With a new joint Toyota-BMW sportscar all but confirmed to be in the works, Toyota has truly begun to spin its image from the humbling late ‘00s Prius back to the ’80s and ‘90s Celica and Supra. A good thing indeed. Continue Reading »

Siata 208S: V8 Sports Car That Looks Like a Mini Cobra


Founded in 1926, Societá Italiana Auto Trasformazioni Accessori (SIATA) made a wide range of speed parts for Fiats to the unfortunate-looking Siata Spring in the late 1960s. What Siata is best remembered for, though, is the diminutive but beautifully proportioned sports cars of the 1950s. Continue Reading »

5 Reasons You Should Buy the New Subaru WRX, Not the STI: Review


If you’re in the market for a sporty Subaru, you have three really great options: the BRZ, the WRX and the STI. All three bring something a little different to the table and all three are really really fun to drive. Continue Reading »

The Revorix Corvette Looks Mean, Headed for SEMA

Revorix 6

The new Corvette Stingray looks mean. But strap on some aero bits and edgier wheels, and you have an even meaner Corvette than you started with. That’s exactly what Revorix is doing for this year’s SEMA show. Continue Reading »

Own this Rare TVR that Time Forgot


Sticking out from the crowd of heritage sports car manufacturers housed in the British Isles is no easy task. With marques like Caterham, Noble, Morgan, and of course Jaguar, Lotus, and Aston Martin (the list goes on) – making a splash is surely easier said than done. Continue Reading »

Custom Porsche 911 is a Perfect Tribute to Paul Walker

Porsche Paul Walker 4

Last year was memorable one for Fast and Furious fans and gearheads alike — but not in a good way. Longtime actor and Porsche aficionado Paul Walker died in a car crash just outside of LA. Charles Carlino — owner and senior designer at Cars As ART located in Delray Beach, Florida – felt the pain of fans all too well. So much so, in fact, that Carlino wanted to pay tribute to one of the industry’s most beloved actors with a custom vehicle.

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Mercedes-AMG GT Black Already in the Works

0 Mercedes

The Mercedes-AMG GT was officially launched at the Paris Motor Show like last week, yet they wasted no time confirming this won’t be the only version we’ll see. There are definite plans for an even more performance oriented version that will officially be part of the Black Series.

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Chevy Camaro Z/28 is so Analog it’s Almost Perfect: First Drive

Camaro Z28 Review 2

When a man hands you the keys to a street legal race car, the first thing you shouldn’t do is make them nervous. I might have made them a bit nervous by asking, “Really?” and then practically running to the car before they figured out the mistake they just made.

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