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Ex-’Top Gear’ Trio Kicking Off New Show With a Hypercar Battle


Who needs Top Gear when you have the upcoming (rumored) show Gear Knobs? Clarkson, Hammond, and May have all gotten together to begin filming on their new motoring show for Amazon Prime. Boy does it look like it’s going to be fun. Continue Reading »

Porsche Opts for Apple CarPlay Instead of Android Auto Over Data Issues


Pretty soon nearly every new car will have smartphone support for Apple CarPlay and/or Google’s Android Auto—it is just the way the market is going. Right now you even buy aftermarket interfaces to bring that infotainment connectivity to your older car. One place where you will not see one of these products for the time being is any new Porsche.

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Projekt Mjolner Cranks the Porsche 911 Turbo to the Nth Degree


Over the years, the Porsche 930 has earned a reputation for being a mad man’s car…and admittedly, it’s a wholly deserved title. These legendary 911 Turbos viciously leapt on boost, oversteered, and when pressed hard they could catch even the most seasoned racers off-guard.  Continue Reading »

Watch as a Modest Volkswagen Beetle Spanks a Porsche 911

Beetle 1

You’ve heard us extol the virtues of building a sleeper in the past. Building a car that flies under the radar both figuratively and literally is not only awesome, but also practical. A car doesn’t have to look like much when it goes like stink. That reasoning definitely had a hand in the latest Mighty Car Mods video.

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Daughter of Paul Walker Suing Porsche Over His Death


Paul Walker’s daughter is suing Porsche with the claim poor safety design caused her father’s death. The Fast and Furious star was a passenger in his Porsche Carrera GT when it crashed into trees and burst into flames. He and the driver were both killed. Continue Reading »

Watch a Crazy Crash End With One Porsche Atop Another

Porsche Crash

Anytime cars race there is the potential for things to go wrong. It could be a mechanical failure or it could be driver error, but whatever the failure, it often results in a crash. Cars smack into each other and go spinning off the track in clouds of dirt and debris all the time. What they don’t often do is end up neatly stacked on each other’s roofs like these two Porsches.

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How Dauer Gave the Porsche 962 New Life at Le Mans

1987 Porsche 962

In 1992, changes to the World Sportscar Championship rules saw Porsche 962 numbers falling off. This was also true at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Porsche was in search of a way to remain competitive in the race as its cars were outdone by other entrants. Their chance came through a loophole when Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) required no specific number of road-going examples in its homologation requirements.

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This Porsche 911 GT3 Cup is Just Too Unruly for the Street


Across its legendary history, the Porsche 911 has never had a problem going fast on a track. Whether it be the vaunted RSRs of the 1970s, the “Moby Dick” 935/78, or the 911 GT2 of the ‘90s—these cars could hustle, and then some.  Continue Reading »

Volkswagen Will Name Porsche Head as New CEO, U.S. Boss Steps Down


Earlier this week, we speculated that amidst the #Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen’s upper ranks would experience an unprecedented shakeup. The first expected move occurred yesterday, when Mark Winterkorn stepped down as CEO of Volkswagen Group. Now, VW will soon announce a new CEO, while other executives have tendered resignations.

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The 1989 Porsche Speedster is a Beauty, 30 Years in the Making


Over the years, Porsche has been responsible for a truly vast swathe of iconic cars, but if one were to stand above the rest, it’d have to be the 356 SpeedsterContinue Reading »