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Rauh-Welt’s Newest Porsche Creation is Beyond Beautiful

rwb Super Musashi photo

While much of the Midwest and East Coast are still blanketed in heavy snow, other parts of North America are enjoying their first tastes of spring and warm weather. And as we roll into nicer, warmer temperatures, more people are taking off their car covers, dusting off their hoods, and shodding their rims with fresh rubber to greet the Spring air. Continue Reading »

Watch the Porsche Cayman GT4 and 911 GT3 RS Go Head to Head

porsche gt3 racing photo

For what seems like the longest time, enthusiasts have always wanted Porsche to make the Cayman a little bit better. People wanted them to create something that could take on the company’s poster child, the 911. However, that never happened, and with good reason. Porsche sells its image on the back of the 911 range. Without it, what would the brand be? Continue Reading »

Porsche Bullies Aston Martin Into Changing GT3 Name

Porsche vs Aston

Naming cars today is a bloody hard conundrum to crack. Gone are the days of Falcons, Interceptors, Novas, and Barracudas, and in their place names like the CT6, or 991, and S660. It’s essentially easier to find the Holy Grail than name a car. Something Aston Martin just found out. Continue Reading »

Magnus Walker Talks About the History of the Porsche 911 Turbo


The first Porsche 911 Turbo was launched forty years ago, in 1975. And although Porsche is often criticized for not doing enough to change the exterior of its cars through its history, much has changed within the realm that the 911 Turbo inhabits. Through that time, the 911 Turbo has gone through countless updates and evolutions that have drastically changed the character of the car as a whole. Continue Reading »

Porsche 911 GT3 RS vs. Nissan GT-R: Which Would You Buy?

2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RS front photo

In terms of performance cars, the Porsche 911 GT3 and the Nissan GT-R are about as polarizing as they come. Sure, both coupes pack hard-hitting six-cylinder engines and both can get you ’round a track in a hurry, but the ethos in which they deliver couldn’t be more different. Rear-engine vs. front-engine, rear-drive vs. all-wheel-drive, manual gearbox (before 991 GT3) vs. automatic gearbox, lightweight vs. heavyweight.  Continue Reading »

1974 Porsche RSR Sells for a Sizzling $1.2 Million

1974-porsche-911-carrera-rsr photo

Unwavering design, racing prowess, and sheer exclusivity are three factors that sell top dollar vintage Porsches. In the case of this gorgeous 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RSR… provenance played a big part as well.  Continue Reading »

Watch a Porsche 918 Humiliate a Lexus LFA


The Lexus LFA— it’s one of the most astounding supercars to ever be designed. It took years and years to build, and once it was finally done, the engineers scrapped the entire aluminum body, and reclad the whole car in carbon fiber. The sheer cost of building one of these high priced works of art and noise was so high, that Lexus sold each and every one of them at a loss. Continue Reading »

Lotus Elise vs. Porsche Boxster: Which Would You Buy?

2005 lotus elise photo

A sports car does not fit everyone’s lifestyle – you may have kids, large dogs, or 200 pounds worth of tools you need to lug around. But for many, there comes a moment in life where the savings add up, the kids move out, and a dazzling sports car makes perfect sense.  Continue Reading »

This Concept Previews the Electric Porsche of the Future

Electric Porsche Concept photo

Hybrids and pure electric cars are leading the way into the future, and Porsche has been working much of that technology into its lineup. They’ve yet to release a pure hybrid Porsche, though, so that leaves questions about what that car will be when it is inevitably introduced.

Continue Reading »

Watch These Supercars Take Off on the Targa Trophy Grid

McLaren Targa Trophy photo

What you’re seeing here is the 3rd annual Targa Trophy Holiday Cruise & Food Drive Special Event, in support of the Southern California Salvation Army. Since Targa Trophy is a native Southern California brand, the rally chose two of its biggest markets – Orange County and Los Angeles (Newport Beach to Malibu) as the host destinations for the holiday road rally. Continue Reading »