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Porsche 918, McLaren P1 and LaFerrari become LEGO Sets


Everything is awesome! Why? Because come 2015, LEGO will offer up a handful of new hypercar sets, including a mini-scale McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, and Ferrari LaFerrari. Did we just make your day? Good, cuz we just made our own day. Continue Reading »

Australian Police Got a New Porsche 911


Law officers of the world, prepare to be jealous. Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) Police Department is just like any other local constabulary. They protect and serve, catch criminals, and oh yeah – they just got a 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera. Continue Reading »

Porsche 918 Hypercar Goes up in Flames: Video

Porsche 918 Hypercar

Say it ain’t so momma, say it ain’t so! This is the first reported fire of Porsche’s new 918 hypercar. And it is quite tragic, but, not completely unexpected. It’s almost like a rite of passage for supercars to go up in flames these days.

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Porsche and BlackBerry Unveil New Phone, No One Lines Up

Porsche Phone

Get this, BlackBerry still makes cell phones. No, seriously, you can actually buy one with real money. And in light of the new iPhone 6 reveal, BlackBerry has teamed up with Porsche to create something that surely won’t sell at all. Continue Reading »

Porsche 917 Racer Could Be Yours for a Cool $20 Million

It’s not every day you can buy a race car. But if you have really, really, really deep pockets, this original Porsche 917 can be yours. One of only 12 John Wyer-built Gulf 917s ever made, this 5.0-liter flat-12-powered, 630 horsepower race car was (and presumably still is) capable of 220 mph, thanks to a 1,764-lb curb weight.

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6 Luxury Hybrids That Are More Mean than Green


You may have heard of the Porsche 918, the Ferrari LaFerrari, or perhaps the McLaren P1. The triumvirate of gas-hybrid hypercars can claim otherworldly press acclaim and legions of fans, but there’s a good chance (a very good chance at that) that neither you nor I own one. Continue Reading »

Top Gear Hits Patagonia in Three Gorgeous Classics

Top Gear Argentina 3

Looks like the Top Gear boys are at it again. And while they’re usually taking to the streets in a trio of six-figure supercars, these might be even better.

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Even the Porsche 918 Supercar Gets Recalled


This has been a big year for recalls, with most coming from the giants like General Motors and Toyota. Apparently, though, our favorite hypercars aren’t without their own potentially dangerous flaws.

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Browns Receiver Josh Gordon Gets Shortened Suspension, But Still Loves Selling Cars


After failing a career fourth drug test earlier this year, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was more apt to be fitted for a suit jacket than a team jersey in 2014. But according to new NFL rulings, the 23-year-old could see significant playing time this season.

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Catch a Glimpse of 5 Rare Porsche Prototypes

00 Porsche

Every auto show seems to bring with it not just an amazing display of production cars, but a selection of prototypes for cars that we may see in the future. Some of those prototypes eventually make it to production with slight changes. Others look completely different and others still never go beyond that initial prototype. You can now see some of Porsche’s most amazing prototypes at a new exhibit at the Porsche Museum.

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