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You Can Buy Ferdinand ‘Butzi’ Porsche’s VW Pickup Truck


Hang around enough automotive circles and at some point you’ll pick up the term “unicorn.” To the layperson, it’s a mythical one-horned horse. To the car enthusiast, it’s an automobile so rare it probably shouldn’t even exist. And, well… this is one such unicorn.  Continue Reading »

2007 Corvette Z06 Supervette is a Nightmare for 911 Owners


“Anything you can do, I can do better.” That’s a pretty accurate description of the frosty relationship between two world famous sports car institutions: the Chevrolet Corvette and the Porsche 911.  Continue Reading »

10 Cars You Forgot Had A Manual Transmission


The manual transmission; you know it, you love it, and if you believe the hype, it’s not long for this world. A decade from now will there be any vehicles that are sold new with a manual transmission? If Aston Martin is still in business, the answer will be yes. Continue Reading »

The Rear-Engined Studebaker With the Heart of a Porsche


Usually when a car exhibit is trying to feature a trunk, you should prepare for a Jimmy Hoffa joke. But in the case of the Studebaker National Museum, it’s what’s in back of an ordinary-looking 1959 Lark that surprises everyone. It’s Porsche powered. Continue Reading »

Only 17 of These Rare Porsches Were Ever Made


What defines rare in vehicle production? 500? 100, maybe? What about 17? That’s how many of these indescribably hard to find Porsche 924 Carrera GTRs were built. Lucky for you, one was recently uncovered, and is heading to auction. Continue Reading »

Porsche Dishes Out New 718 Cayman, Starts at $53,900


A fresh face and a new name is more than enough to get the presses moving if your name is Porsche. The 2017 718 Cayman follows in the footsteps of its 718 Boxster sibling, adopting the new moniker, and adding a more powerful engine and some minor design tweaks. Continue Reading »

Enjoy The Overwhelming Beauty Of Luftgekühlt 3 and Its Many Porsches


On any given weekend, there’s no shortage of events for automotive enthusiasts to attend in Southern California, informal or otherwise. Luftgekühlt began as the former, and now in its third year, is definitely becoming the latter. Between the diversity of the crowd, and diversity of the cars, it’s hard to pin down what exactly the gathering is, which is fitting as its held here in Los Angeles, a city beyond definition.

Continue Reading »

This $275,000 Porsche 911 Rally Car is the Stuff of Dreams


The Porsche 911 is a bit of a car world conundrum. Over its 53 year existence, it has proven to be a tantalizing road car, a nigh unbeatable track star, as well as a proven off-road rally machine. It’s like a Swiss army knife made with full-size tools—why buy anything else?  Continue Reading »

This ’66 Porsche Barn Find Looks Delightful in Dust


Say the word “Porsche” and the letters “911” are almost sure to follow. Since its introduction in 1964, the venerable Porsche 911 has built an incredible sporting legacy, and has become the quintessential measuring stick for all rival sports cars—in terms of both performance and looks. Continue Reading »

Don’t Worry, This Worn-Out Looking Porsche is Actually Brand New


There’s something funny about somebody that buys a new car, only to give it a patina look something straight off the track at Le Mans. Most of the time they come out looking overly tacky. But this Porsche 911 GT3 RS is far from it—the patina Martini livery should have you reliving the glory days of racing past. Continue Reading »