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Watch a Guy Drive a McLaren P1 to Buy a LaFerrari and a 918 Spyder

owner mclaren p1 laferrari porsche 918 photo What’s the most you’ve ever done in 24 hours? Don’t answer that. Although it’s surely an impressive feat, a particular 24-hour span in the life of this man tops quite a lot of lists. His name is Paul Bailey. Remember him? He’s the first UK resident to collect all three of the vaunted hybrid hypercars – the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, and McLaren P1. Continue Reading »

Memorialize Your Favorite American and German Cars with these Beautiful Prints

general motor poster print photo

There is no such thing as too much awesomely creative car art. Your home office, garage, or kid’s room is always in need of sprucing up. Today’s home inspiration comes from Jerome Daksiewicz’s “Auto Icon” Kickstarter. Despite a Kickstarter’s natural suggestion that Daksiewicz is just getting started, he’s actually already been doing prints for a minute. Continue Reading »

Watch a Lion Cub Crawl All Over a Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Lion Cub photo

There is a class of people out there with so much money they don’t know what to do with it all. They have garages bigger than our houses and keep exotic pets like lions. They’re also the kinds of people who have no problem letting said lion crawl around on a Porsche Carrera GT for kicks.

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Porsche 930 Turbo or Ferrari Testarossa: Which Would You Buy?


There are a number of things that the 1980s weren’t known for…long-lasting fashion being one of them. But in terms of sports car styling, I think you’ll agree that a few ’80s car designers knew what they were doing, especially some of the ones working at Porsche and Ferrari.  Continue Reading »

Porsche Might Build an Even Faster 918


Porsche has been quite busy as of late. The firm is cranking out cars to meet soaring sales and recently debuted a new model in the form of the Cayman GT4. But it appears that may just be the tip of a new product iceberg floating in from Stuttgart.

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Mouth-Watering 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Touring Up For Auction


Back in the early ’70s, Porsche brought back the Carrera nameplate for an ambitious 911-based racing program, with engineer Norbert Singer heading the project. After the successful but expensive 917 program had run its course, the aim was to get the 911 ready for FIA’s Group 4, and this meant both significant modification and a production run of at least 500 units.
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This HRE Porsche Carrera GT Will Leave You Full of Dirty Thoughts


The Porsche Carrera GT was already one of the most ferocious supercars to ever grab asphalt. But one German-based tuner still wasn’t satisfied. Gemballa took the 610 horsepower that was going to the rear wheels, kicked it up to 670, and changed out the clutch, creating the Mirage GT. Only 25 of these special beauties were ever created, and still, California-based company HRE Wheels felt the need to bolt on an American twist.

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These Concept Cars Still Look Futuristic After Two Decades

vw concept sketch

The concept car is a tough design to master. Throw in all the bells and whistles and in 10 years it’ll look about as futuristic as a Star Trek control panel. Dial it back and you risk people mistaking your concept for a current car. Not good.  Continue Reading »

Watch the Porsche Cayman GT4 Eat Up the Nurburgring

porsche cayman gt4 nurburgring image

Porsche fanatics have been going back and forth for years over which of its products makes the best sports car: 911 or Cayman. Despite years of frankly necessary performance bracketing between the two, Porsche has unleashed a new high-performance Cayman – the GT4 – and it’s a belter.  Continue Reading »

Three Fastest Guys at NFL Combine Get Ugly Porsches

Adidas Porsche 911 photo

There are all sorts of incentives that can make people achieve more. Kids get gold stars on a chart for brushing their teeth and doing their homework. Adults get raises and bonuses for doing well at work. Potential NFL players get fancy Porsches for being faster than everyone else.

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