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Pablo Escobar: Ruthless Criminal, Drug Lord…Car Aficionado?


Netflix’s new show “Narcos has already been receiving critical praise-after only just debuting, and it had us wondering what one does with all that money. Cars would be likely be among the purchases, following a fortified villa and a private army. So, with the positive reception this show has already drawn, we thought we’d look into one of the shows real-life characters. Pablo “El Patron” Escobar.

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5 Sports Cars Expected to Surge in Value


In life, it pays to be ahead of the curve, and in the classic car world…sometimes it pays very handsomely. If you bought a low mileage Shelby Cobra or a Ferrari 250 three decades ago, well, you could be sitting on a goldmine today.  Continue Reading »

Try Not to Cringe as This Porsche 918 Spyder Crashes


The cool, confident days of the ’50s and ’60s have given way to the Instagram era of celebrities showing off their stacks of cash, gold watches, and absurdly fast hypercars. It’s usually fairly harmless, but this time, it was that showing off that led to the destruction of an innocent. A Porsche 918 Spyder.

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The Classic Car Market is Expanding…and Evolving


Spend a weekend watching coverage of a Barrett-Jackson or Mecum auction, and you’ll be astounded at how much seemingly pedestrian classic cars are selling for. You’d think buying a classic car would clear out your life’s savings, but it’s not all bad news for prospective buyers.

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Driving a Porsche 959 in the US? Thank Bill Gates

Porsche 959

It is still very rare to see a Porsche 959 in the United States today, but there was a time when it was impossible to drive one on American roads. It was all Porsche’s fault because they refused to give the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) the four models required for crash testing certification. This posed a problem for Bill Gates when he bought one and couldn’t get it through customs, so he helped pass a law that would let the car into the country.

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Would You Pay $106,000 for a Porsche Model Car? Someone Did


This is the Porsche 919 Hybrid. It’s the vehicle that brought Porsche back to the top level of endurance racing in 2014 and the chariot which delivered Porsche a stunning overall win at the recent 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans.  Continue Reading »

5 Fantastically Patriotic Paint Racing Schemes

Greenwood 50

Happy 4th of July from BoldRide! We hope your day is filled with pool parties, BBQ, and fireworks. To help get in the spirit of Independence Day, we thought it best to bring you a handful of the most patriotic racing paint schemes we could find.

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Minnesota Man is Building Amazing Porsches in his Barn


Everybody has something that makes them tick. For Minnesota native Christopher Runge, that something is vintage Porsches.  Continue Reading »

Nuggets Draft Pick Emmanuel Mudiay Already Stuntin’ with a Porsche

emmanuel mudiay porsche image

A new set of upcoming NBA stars means a new set of sweet cars to ogle over. Last night, with the seventh overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the Denver Nuggets selected 6’9′ point guard Emmanuel Mudiay. Continue Reading »

This Porsche 956 Group C Prototype Hits the Auction Block at Pebble Beach

Porsche 956 Group C Prototype

This year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will be your chance to own this incredible Porsche 956 Group C Prototype. The vehicle will be going up for auction at the swank event providing someone with very deep pockets the chance to add an exclusive car to their collection. Continue Reading »