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Mini Trolls Futbol Fans with Paceman GoalCooper Joke…We Think?


If there’s one thing we all know about Mini, it’s that they tend to create some really creative April Fool’s Day pranks. But at the same time, they also create some really questionable concepts that we wish were jokes. So, in honor of another April Fool’s Day, Mini mocked-up the Paceman GoalCooper — which is a joke, we think.

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Dude Proposes to his Girlfriend with a 1975 Austin Mini [Video]

MINI Engagement

Having a girl in your life is one thing, but having a girl who’s as into cars as you are is another. This young lady got a key for her birthday a week before. She had no idea what it was for, but it turns out it was for a storage unit. Inside was a very cool surprise:

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Amelia Island Auto Auctions Shatter Price Records


The final totals are in for the two auto auctions held at Amelia Island this past weekend, and the numbers are staggering. Between Friday’s Gooding & Company auction, and Saturday’s RM Auctions’ event, a total of $66,847,500 in cars were bought and sent off to new homes. Fifteen records were set at the Gooding & Co. event, while several more record highs were set on Saturday at RM Auctions sale. Nine out of the ten top sellers for Gooding & Co. were over a million dollars, while the top five for RM Auctions were also above the million plus range.

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Ten Most-Searched Car Models of 2013


Google just released its list of the top searches of 2013 and revealed some interesting results. The list has some of the top selling brands of this year, but the top three are brands that sell in fall lower volume. The high-volume brands are no brainers, but we’ll try to shed some light on why you were searching for cars that you were least likely to buy. We’ll also look at the most-searched single car models, as determined by digging into each brand’s search data a little more. Here’s what we came up with:

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2013 LA Auto Show Recap: Best and Brightest

Porsche 918 LA

If you haven’t already noticed, we made our way west to check out this year’s LA Auto Show– and there was a lot to see! We’ve already taken note of the Jaguar F-Type, Chevy Colorado and Subaru WRX, just to name a few, but there were plenty of other new reveals worth noting.

Here’s our recap of this year’s LA Auto Show:

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2015 MINI Cooper: How Does it Size up to Other Small Cars?

Mini Lineup

Right before the Los Angeles International Auto Show, the latest version of the MINI Cooper was unveiled on the Internet. We’ll have live photos of it, with the LA Show almost upon us. The new MINI Cooper is slightly larger than the current model, but I think people are making too big a deal of how it’s grown.

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EVO Magazine Names 2013 Track Car of the Year [video]


Like us, EVO prides itself on spending less attention to boring cars. And like us, they prefer to spend their brief time on this earth covering cars that get your heart racing. Rather than pick a ‘Car of the Year’ that is everything to everyone (read: boring as all hell), the blokes at EVO name an annual Track Car of the Year. This is one competition worth watching.

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Mini Could Kill Off Coupe, Roadster for New Sportscar


If you take a look at the current Mini lineup, you’ll realize that the brand might have moved too far, too fast with some of its new products. The Paceman, the Countryman, the Coupe (pictured), the Roadster: all niches within a niche, and none of them truly on the mark, unlike the standard Cooper hardtop which has stood the test of time.

So, we’d say it’s about to that point where Mini starts considering killing off some of the less-desireables, in place of something a little (or a lot) better, like a new sportscar. That’s a good start.

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Mini Unloads a Trio of Pint-Sized Campers

mini-countryman-all4-camp (1)

Alas, summer has almost come to an end, believe it or not. In only a few weeks the kids will be scrambling back to school, parents to work, and previously filled cruise ships back to port. But fret not, ye summer traveler, you might be able to sneak in one more Mini-vacation before all is said and done courtesy of, well, Mini.

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The 5 Reasons the 2012 Olympics are Blowing Our Car Guy Minds


Athleticism: 1 Jesus: 0

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London are pretty awesome if you’re into sports or nations playing out their quests for world domination amicably through competitive sports.  We were initially too busy browsing craigslist and eBay for our next dream car purchase to really care about the amazing feats of human athleticism taking place in London. Seriously, we thought a classic Porsche 911 or an Alfa Romeo restoration project is a lot cooler than sweaty muscles and human fish. Then we heard the Olympics had some cars in it too, and that’s all it took to get us interested.  As it turns out there’s a pretty amazing connection between the Olympics and the world of cars. Here are our five favorite pairings thus far.

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