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Mini Superleggera Motorcycle Concept Tantalizes Us From Afar

Mini Superleggera Motorcycle 3

Rumor has it Mini might actually build a real life Superleggera roadster. And that would be totally OK by us. But what if the roadster had a little friend to go along with it— say, an equally stunning motorcycle? One designer thinks this is a great idea.

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BMW Has Already Sold 1 Million Cars in 2014


2013 was a banner year for BMW. The German automaker delivered a total of 1,963,798 vehicles last year – a record for the company – and vowed to break the vaunted two million mark for 2014. Obviously that has yet to be seen, but it’s safe to say BMW is well on its way to surpass the lofty figure. Continue Reading »

Future Mini JCW Models will Sport New 230-HP Engines


Let’s face it. If you want a small-yet-speedy front-driver to take the fight to the muscle car crowd, you’ve got a few top choices: Ford Fiesta ST, Volkswagen GTI, and the John Cooper Works Mini. However, that later option is about to get a major tune-up. Continue Reading »

BMW, MINI Adding GoPro Connectivity to Cabin Tech


GoPro cameras are perfect tools to record your driving excursions, but they can be a challenge to set up as you try to get the perfect view of the road. To help make GoPro use much easier, BMW has announced that it will be adding a new feature to the infotainment system of certain BMW and MINI vehicles that allows for easy integration of GoPro cameras. Better yet, when this cool feature is introduced next month, it will be functional on BMW and MINI vehicles dating back to the 2012 model year. Continue Reading »

Mini Might Actually Build the Superleggera Concept

mini-superleggera-vision (2)

What happens when you mix British roadster genius with a bit of Italian flare? You get one of the coolest concept cars of recent history — the Mini Superleggera concept, which debuted this past week in Italy.

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Mini Superleggera Vision is the Ideal British Roadster


Despite being owned by German BMW, it can be argued that Mini still carries the torch as the quintessential British motoring brand. Aston Martin and Jaguar are aspirational, but Mini carries the cornerstone as the brand with vehicles delivering throwback looks that are actually attainable. And this latest concept takes the Mini practicality and gives it an air of Italian flair. Continue Reading »

8 Good Car Designs Gone Bad


The world is filled with gorgeous cars — the likes of which can be seen from here to Tokyo. But what about the other side of the spectrum? What about all the cars that somehow got worse looking as they got older?

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Why Buy Anything Other Than A CUV?


The auto industry is a lot like high school. Each year, you’ve got a new graduating class and a fresh-faced group of youngsters to fill in the ranks. This year, the incoming class is full of small compact utility vehicles and they’re making quite the splash.

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Intern-Built Mini Paceman Pickup Isn’t For Sale, But Should Be

Mini Paceman Pickup 3

When you think about the Mini Paceman, and the true lack of capability that it really has, one would wonder how to make such a useless vehicle, less useless. Well, a few Mini/BMW interns had an idea — they would chop half the roof off, and give it a truck bed.

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Mini Trolls Futbol Fans with Paceman GoalCooper Joke…We Think?


If there’s one thing we all know about Mini, it’s that they tend to create some really creative April Fool’s Day pranks. But at the same time, they also create some really questionable concepts that we wish were jokes. So, in honor of another April Fool’s Day, Mini mocked-up the Paceman GoalCooper — which is a joke, we think.

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