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16 Cars Being Discontinued for 2016


With the arrival of the new year, it also means the departure of vehicles we used to know. Automakers are shedding their old skin, slipping into something more appropriate, and hoping to take the sales crown. These 16 cars just didn’t make the cut. Continue Reading »

Tesla, Mini, and Jaguar Land Rover All Skipping 2016 Detroit Auto Show


The North American International Auto Show is one of the biggest and most important stops on the international auto show circuit. Held every January in Detroit’s Cobo hall, it has been the largest of the three major American auto shows. So then why are some of the biggest players in the auto industry snubbing Detroit this year?

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This Vintage Off-Roader is Actually a Mini at Heart


When it arrived in 1959, British Motor’s zippy Mini was nothing short of a sensation. It was simply designed, small and nimble, reasonably priced, and reflective of its huge popularity, it lived on for over four decades in production—a stunning feat. But interestingly it had a brother…a rough-and-tumble, never-ending-party type of brother, and this is it.  Continue Reading »

This Dainty British Sedan Hides a Honda VTEC Secret


They say it’s hard to top a debut smash-hit. In the case of the iconic Mini, well, they’re right.  Continue Reading »

Mini Planning an SUV Countryman Replacement

Mini Countryman Replacement

Mini unveiled the new Clubman earlier this year, but that’s not the end of the new models the company has planned. There is a new Cabriolet, codenamed F57, planned for later this year as well as an all-new replacement for the Countryman.

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Bad News For Entry-Level BMW Roadster Fans


Here’s an attractive formula. BMW looks, BMW engines, BMW sports car performance – priced to compete at a notch above the popular Mazda MX-5. Would you buy such a car? We’d imagine so, but according to a new report, that eagerly awaited Bimmer may not reach dealerships at all.  Continue Reading »

Would Anyone Buy This Paceman Pickup if Mini Built It?


Pickup trucks are handy; sporty little cars are fun. Combine the two and you’d seemingly have a best-of-both-worlds situation. Just look at Australia’s popular utes.  Continue Reading »

This Mini Cooper is the World’s Slowest Plane


In terms of having the coolest company car in town, this must surely rank near the top of the pile, somewhere behind the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile and in front of the Red Bull can car. It’s quite obviously a Mini Cooper hardtop with wings, which makes it either the world’s slowest plane or most airworthy hatchback.  Continue Reading »

6 Concept Cars That Could Soon Become Reality

Nissan idx concept

Concept cars have a double-edged effect. These pieces of rolling artwork display the stunning technologies and designs that could be possible in tomorrow’s production cars, yet also leave the public wanting if they never come to fruition. More often that not for the spiciest of concepts, the latter is the case.  Continue Reading »

Gorgeous Mini Roadster is One Reason to Look Forward to 2018


Last year, Mini showed up to Italy’s Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance with a winner on its hands. That concept was the Superleggera Vision; designed by legendary coachbuilder Touring and intended to envision a Mini roadster of the future. Continue Reading »