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Nissan Leaf Pickup Truck Both Demented and Awesome [w/Video]

Photo courtesy of Carscoops.

Few would decide to fuse a Nissan Leaf with a Nissan Frontier to concoct a Nissan Leaf pickup truck. But that’s what two Nissan employees did when they decided they needed a “shop truck” for Nissan’s Stanfield, Arizona, technical center.

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Lamborghini’s New Concept Might be Its Most Important Car Yet

Lamborghini Badge

According to Greek mythology, the name Asterion means half man, half bull. But according to Autoblog.nl, Asterion might also refer to the new Lamborghini that’s debuting in Paris. And if produced, it’s going to have a big impact in the lineup. Continue Reading »

6 Luxury Hybrids That Are More Mean than Green


You may have heard of the Porsche 918, the Ferrari LaFerrari, or perhaps the McLaren P1. The triumvirate of gas-hybrid hypercars can claim otherworldly press acclaim and legions of fans, but there’s a good chance (a very good chance at that) that neither you nor I own one. Continue Reading »

707HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat Nets Surprising 22 MPG


Because being the world’s most powerful production muscle car wasn’t enough. Yesterday, Dodge announced that the high-powered and highly vaunted Dodge Challenger Hellcat is back to make another big impact— this time at the pump. Continue Reading »

Renault Eolab Hatchback Gets 235 MPG, And Looks Good Doing It

Renault Eolab

No, that isn’t a typo. Renault has recently unveiled a three-door hatchback that they claim will do 235 mpg on American roads. It’s called the Eolab, and it’s hitting the show stage at this year’s Paris Motor Show.

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Tesla Doesn’t Want You To Buy a Model X

002 Tesla

Ever since the Tesla Model X crossover was announced, customers have been lining up to own one. They’ve walked into stores, $5,000 cash deposit in hand, and happily plunked down that cash money for a car that has no release date, no price, no anything. Continue Reading »

Formula E Electric Championship Now Has Motor Shows

00 Formula E

The Formula E Championship kicked off its inaugural season today (Sept. 13) in Beijing with the first of 10 races that conclude on June 27 in London. It showcases the latest in fully-electric racing technology, and now spectators will be able to get a better look at advanced, electric race cars at newly announced motor shows that will be a part of the season. Continue Reading »

Tesla Chooses Nevada for New Gigafactory


Tesla’s been looking for a place to build its huge battery factory, aka the “gigafactory,” putting five states against each other in competition. Today, the winner appears to be Nevada.

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German Police Going Green with Volkswagen e-Golf


While police in Dubai have opted for high-flying supercars as of late, ze Germans are taking a much different approach to their newest pursuit vehicles – electric Volkswagen Golfs. Continue Reading »

Georgia Latest State To Take Aim at Tesla Showrooms

Teslas in factory

It looks like the latest state to take issue with Tesla’s showrooms is Georgia. According to a report in Automotive News, the Georgia Automotive Dealers Association filed a petition on Friday to contest a showroom in the Atlanta area. Continue Reading »