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Cadillac Contemplating Hybrid All-Wheel Drive

Cadillac CTS-V photo

In the coming decades, hybrid drivetrains will become increasingly common, and most likely, widely accepted by the general buying public. Those first few tries with the Prius has led to much further strides into the hybridization of automobiles. Even the latest crop of hypercars use some form of hybridization.

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2015 Audi A3 TDI is Like a Diesel Go-Kart: Review

Audi A3 TDI review photo

When Audi’s launch plans for the new A3 leaked, we all had a few laughs at the company’s expense. Audi wanted the events to cater towards the hipster/millennial/handlebar mustache generation. AKA, a group that only vaguely exists in real life. Sure you can count on a few bearded weirdos in Portland and San Francisco to fit into that demographic, but for the rest of us, it didn’t really hit home.

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Jeep CEO Speaks to the Future of the Brand — And Hybrids

Mike Manley Jeep CEO photo

Since Mike Manley took over as President and CEO — Jeep Brand in 2009 — the lineup has absolutely exploded from 330,000 in sales to more than a million in 2014. As he admitted during the launch of the Jeep Renegade in San Jose, California, this week, “Most would have thought it unlikely. It’s been quite a ride.”

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BMW i8 Production Will Soar to Meet Demand

BMW i8 photo

If you’re looking to get into a brand new BMW i8 – you’re going to have to take a number and wait. Quite possibly a very long time. BMW has realized the substantial backlog, and the automaker is ramping up production of their halo sports car into the foreseeable future to compensate, according to a new report from Automotive News. Continue Reading »

Elon Musk Says the Hyperloop Will Be Built


People love to hate Elon Musk. Or hate to love him. Usually the hater crowd are his accountants, or his competition, as we saw after his address at this years North American Auto Show. Our view though, is that Musk a national treasure, just based by the sheer lunacy of his ambition. Everything he comes up with we want to try out. Sort of like the Hyperloop.

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Tesla Model X Gets All-Wheel-Drive Only

tesla model x AWD photo

While we were all ogling at the all-new Ford GT and the finally concrete Acura NSX, Tesla Motors was tweaking the recipe for one of its long-awaited four-wheeled entrants – the Model X. The EV firm’s website now reveals a few key details about the upcoming electric crossover, and a setback for those of you that have plopped down a $5,000 deposit on the car.  Continue Reading »

Will the Next-Gen Jeep Wrangler go Hybrid?


A million Jeep fans across the globe just screamed and emphatic “No!”, the next Wrangler should adhere to its tried and true underpinnings. However in today’s world of stringent emissions control and MPG weariness, hybridization and electrification have become ever more popular. On a rough-and-tumble Wrangler though? The lines begin to blur and community response remains a top concern.

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Volkswagen Reveals Aggressive Cross Coupe GTE

volkswagen cross coupe gte photo

Come 2016, Volkswagen will debut an all-new seven-seat SUV, hailing from its Chattanooga plant in Tennessee. This is not it, rather it is a five-seat crossover that Volkswagen says directly previews that future ute, an evolution of the firm’s 2013 CrossBlue concept. Volkswagen calls it the Cross Coupe GTE and it makes its debut in Detroit.  Continue Reading »

Chevy Bolt Concept is the EV for Everyone

chevrolet chevy bolt photo

There’s many a reason to lust for a Tesla Model S, though the hurdle for most, presumably, is the cost – simply not everyone can afford a $70,000 EV. The folks at Chevy believe you want a more affordable electric vehicle, and they’ve built one. The firm calls its creation the Bolt EV, and it might just be the biggest little car of 2015. Continue Reading »

World’s First Convertible Tesla Model S is For Sale

tesla model s convertible photo

In 2011, Tesla Motors stopped taking orders for its debut model, the beloved Roadster, leaving few options for those seeking electric power and drop-top style. But that didn’t stop one company from turning the firm’s other car, the four-door Tesla Model S, into a convertible.  Continue Reading »