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U.S. Navy Converting Guided Missle Destroyers into Hybrids


Hybrid powertrains are most commonly associated with fuel efficient passenger cars. It was once a novelty, but you can get hybrid versions of many cars out there, from family sedans to luxury cars, and even sports cars. You can now add U.S. Navy destroyers to that list of hybrid-equipped vehicles.

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Freeing the Masses from Gasses and How Tesla Isn’t There Yet


This week, Tesla served the first Model X hors d’oeuvre, pulling the industry just a tiny bit closer to electric religion. While the electric Model X may seem to be automotive salvation and yet more Tesla revolution to some, a few facts bear singling out in the truthful, airy light of day amidst the NOx and particulates of recent news. Continue Reading »

Panoz Unveils DeltaWing GT Concept, One Step Closer to Road Car


Progress in the automotive world is typically marked by a few major breakthroughs, and a whole lot of evolution. By and large change in the car world happens in increments, but then there are some really out there ideas that take things in a whole new direction. That might be what we are looking at with this Panoz DeltaWing GT concept.

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What Can We Expect from the Apple Car?

Apple-Car-Self Driving

Apple has been at the forefront of some of the biggest tech products of our time. From smartphones to tablets to smart watches the folks at Cupertino are almost always on the leading edge. Now that the auto industry is poised for big changes, Apple is hard at work on a product. What exactly they are working on is another question entirely.

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EPA Says Tesla Model X SUV Has a 257-Mile Range


Earlier today, we brought you five things you need to know about the upcoming Tesla Model X. It looks like you can add one more. The California-based electric vehicle maker is set to officially unveil the production model tonight, along with a host of other specs, but for now, we know how far you’ll be able to go on one charge.

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5 Facts About the Upcoming Tesla Model X


The Tesla Model X is finally coming to fruition. Plagued by what seemed to be never-ending delays, the Model X will roll off the assembly line September 29th. The third model in the Tesla lineup, the company is aiming to get more people on the electric bandwagon. Continue Reading »

One of the World’s Oldest Electric Vehicles Sold For $95,000 at Auction


The electric car isn’t a new idea, believe it or not. Back in the early 1900s, companies like Chicago-based Woods Electric were producing modern and efficient vehicles (at the time) for around the city—and did so for over 15 years. Now one of their most amazing creations has sold at auction. Continue Reading »

2.1 Million Audi Cars Found With Defeat Devices; Lawsuits Commence


While the Volkswagen Group dieselgate scandal grows, so does the number of vehicles affected. Today, Audi admitted to having 2.1 million TDI vehicles with defeat devices present. Most of those vehicles having been sold in Western Europe and Germany. Continue Reading »

7 Useful Car Apps for Your Smartphone


The days of grabbing your coffee and flipping on the radio during the morning commute are long gone. Before heading out, you have to make sure your Bluetooth is paired, and you’re off, listening to your favorite music via apps like Spotify and Pandora. Even before you leave the house, you might have plotted out your route on Waze. And those are just the household names when it comes to automotive apps.

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Volkswagen Will Name Porsche Head as New CEO, U.S. Boss Steps Down


Earlier this week, we speculated that amidst the #Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen’s upper ranks would experience an unprecedented shakeup. The first expected move occurred yesterday, when Mark Winterkorn stepped down as CEO of Volkswagen Group. Now, VW will soon announce a new CEO, while other executives have tendered resignations.

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