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Jayden Smith Spotted With a Tesla Model X Before (Almost) Everyone Else


Being the offspring of a Hollywood great has to be difficult. We don’t mean difficult in terms of going to the best schools or having all the latest swag. We mean such a parental dynamic means the kid doesn’t always end up as the most well-developed member of society. But it certainly has its perks. Continue Reading »

Unplugging the Cadillac ELR: 5 Reasons Caddy’s Green Car Didn’t Spark Sales


This week, General Motors announced that it will be pulling the plug on the Cadillac ELR. I was extremely excited about this car when it was first announced, and really enjoyed my limited time behind the wheel. But the extended-range plug-in hybrid luxury coupe never out-shined the Chevrolet Volt with its time on the market, and it never felt like a fully baked idea. Is that why the ELR failed? Continue Reading »

Despite Low Fuel Prices, EVs Doing Just Fine


Oil prices are down, and unless you are a small-time oil driller, that’s good news. The last time that there was a historical downturn in fuel prices, hybrids and electric vehicles saw huge drop-offs in sales. Continue Reading »

Tesla Will Actually Build Two Affordable Electric Vehicles


The news of Tesla’s more affordable Model 3 has been out for some time now. Unfortunately, all that talk hasn’t translated into a vehicle you can actually buy (yet). But Tesla wants us to be patient, because the Californian electric automaker isn’t just working on one affordable electric vehicle—it’s actually working on two. Continue Reading »

Google’s Self-Driving Proving Ground Has Seriously Awesome Street Names


As the last year worth of news in autonomous car development has taught us, you can’t always test the self-driving vehicles on the open road. The amount of accidents and run-ins between autonomous vehicles and piloted cars shows us that a lot of the teething may have to happen on closed courses. Continue Reading »

CEO Promises Working Hyperloop by End of 2016


Why are people so interested in what is basically a new way of moving goods and people around? When it comes to Hyperloop, the reason people are so interested is because it is so different. The infrastructure project is still in development, but it looks like nothing else out there. And once operational, the way goods and people move around will look completely different too. Continue Reading »

California Says “No” to Volkswagen’s Diesel Fix

VW Logo

Volkswagen is working to fix their diesel emissions woes, but California says they’re not doing a good enough job. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) rejected VW’s proposed fix to bring the cars back in line with emissions regulations.

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UFC Champ Connor McGregor in a BMW i8 Brandishing a Gun?

McGregor BMW i8

Conor McGregor had a fantastic 2015. He knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds to claim the featherweight title at UFC 194 and netted a ton of cash. Much of that he used to buy cars, including a BMW i8. This picture, posted on Instagram, looks to show the UFC champ in an i8 brandishing an impressive gun.

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Chevrolet Bolt: 6 Reasons Chevy’s New EV Should Excite You

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

There were plenty of fast, radical cars at CES 2016. But amongst the somewhat ridiculous, Chevrolet quietly displayed what many believe to be the true future of the automobile. An affordable, efficient, and spacious crossover dubbed the Bolt EV. Continue Reading »

CES 2016: A Sneak Peek of The Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt

One of the big debuts slated for CES this week is the Chevrolet Bolt, but video of the car surfaced earlier. CNET posted things a bit early and although the video has since been removed, screenshots are out there now for your viewing pleasure.

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