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Peugeot is Building a Nifty Little Electric Scooter

Peugeot Electric Scooter 2

Peugeot is teaming up with a Swiss company called Mirco Mobility to build an electric scooter. It’s called e-Kick and it was developed for those who live in the city and need something small and motorized to get around where a car might not be the easiest solution.

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A Pininfarina Electric Sports Car Might Happen

Pininfarina Electric

Italian design house Pininfarina was saved from extinction when it was purchased by Mahindra for roughly $185 million last year. The newly revived company showed off a hydrogen sports car concept in Geneva, and now their sights are set on an electric sports car in the next few years. Continue Reading »

Nikola Motor is Building a 520-HP Electric UTV

Nikola Motor Electric UTV

Nikola Motor is building the Nikola Zero electric to handle any terrain you can think to conquer. The UTV is a joint project with Pratt & Miller Engineering and features four 155-horsepower motors, one at each wheel.

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Next-Gen Nissan GT-R Will Probably be a Hybrid


A refreshed 2017 Nissan GT-R just made its debut and is already on its way to dealerships—thank the sports car gods. But work on the next version of the car is already underway. A full redesign is due, according to Nissan, and that could include a hybrid drivetrain. Continue Reading »

This Compact Jet Kayak Can Hit 21 MPH on Water


The best fishing spots always seem to be the hardest to reach. There’s perhaps a long haul across the bay, a tight section of rapids to traverse, followed by a shallow meandering creek, all spanning multiple miles. In a conventional kayak, the task would seem heroic. In one of these however, it’s just another day on the water. Meet the Mokai ES-Kape. Continue Reading »

RadMini Electric Bike is Foldable, Affordable, And Just Plain Cool

RadMini Profile

Not everyone thinks Electric bikes are the coolest modes of transportation—but this one challenges that idea. The RadMini electric bike not only looks cool, but it’s versatile, and folds down to make it easier to transport. Continue Reading »

Vorsteiner BMW i8 Dolled Up in New Shoes, Subtle Aerodynamics


As if the BMW i8 wasn’t dramatic enough, Vorsteiner went and created an i8 that is sure to catch the eye, for better or worse. In preparation of this year’s GoldRush Rally, the tuning shop finished up its i8 project with an aero kit, new shoes, and a brand-heavy blue and white wrap. Continue Reading »

Chevrolet ‘Jolt’ Makes the Case For An Affordable Electric Coupe

TRU 140S, one of Chevrolet's concept vehicles from the 2012 North American International Auto Show is a front-wheel-drive, “affordable exotic” four-seat sporty coupe. The sleek, sculptural, three door hatchback TRU 140S was designed to be an attractive yet affordable sports car. Shown with matte white with Chevy performance chrome wheels with crossflag emblems, the TRU 140S looks confident, expensive and fast.

Yesterday someone with too much time on their hands launched a website dedicated to the new Chevrolet Jolt EV (ChevyJoltEV.com). One problem: the Chevrolet Jolt EV doesn’t exist, it’s a clever idea thought up by a marketing guy—that doesn’t work for Chevy, mind you—in hopes that execs would see his plea and immediately order the project. Continue Reading »

GM is Directly Preventing Tesla From Selling Vehicles

Tesla Store Red

Tesla is having a hard time rolling out its “direct-to-consumer” sales strategy across the country. The biggest issue being competition—or rather, GM’s fear of competition. In a recent report by Elektrek, GM is outright blocking Tesla from selling vehicles in Connecticut, and possibly elsewhere. Continue Reading »

Solar-Powered Plane Finishes Pacific Leg of Around-the-World Trip

Solar Impulse 2 Flying

The Solar Impulse 2 managed to complete its flight across the Pacific Ocean on Saturday morning when it landed in California. This risky leg of the plane’s around-the-world trip took three days to complete. Oh, and did we mention it was all using solar power? Continue Reading »