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2016 Chevrolet Volt is Your Green Car of the Year

2016 Chevrolet Volt Profile

The 2016 Chevrolet Volt was named the 2016 Green Car of the Year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, pulling off a feat no other car has managed. This is the first time a vehicle has ever won this award in two successive model generations.

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LA Auto Show: 4 Green Cars to Watch, and One Absentee


The 2015 Los Angeles International Auto Show is right around the corner, kicking off the domestic major auto show season. It is a chance for folks in the LA area to see the latest debuts from automakers. There will be vehicles that have debuted abroad making their American premiere, and there will be outright international unveilings. It is an exciting time for car fans.

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Tesla-Fighter Faraday Futures Eyes Entry Into EV Market With $1B Factory

Faraday Future Concept

Tesla may get the notoriety as the leader of the electric vehicle revolution, but there are some other serious players about to come into the fray. Faraday Futures is the brain-child of Jia Yueting, a Chinese billionaire looking to make a $1 billion investment in an american factory that will produce its first electric car.

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Spaceship-Like ETV Electric Car Can Be Yours For $75K

VSP Electric Doors Open

It looks like some modded version of Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder, but this car is not from a galaxy far, far away. This futuristic electric car is real, and sadly it does have wheels that are hidden beneath the body so it rolls along the pavement just like a normal car. That’s about the only normal thing about this car.

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Meet NASA’s Greener, Leaner Rocket Fuel


When we talk about green fuel vehicles, we are typically referring to hybrids, EVs, or hydrogen fuel cell cars, and maybe even solar vehicles. But Road cars are not the only vehicles that would benefit from advancements in drivetrain technology. For one of the newest green tech engines, we are looking to the stars.

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What Ever Happened to MIT’s Amazing Folding CityCar?


Bringing an entirely new car to market is hard. Bringing one that would completely change the game seems like an almost insurmountable task. One such car that people excited, then it fell into obscurity.

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New Allegations of Cheating Could Cut New VW CEO’s Tenure Short


It seems the trouble is not over for Volkswagen in its attempts to skirt regulators for its diesel engines. New allegations have emerged that other diesel engines in the Volkswagen family were equipped with similar defeat devices that have been at the heart of #Dieselgate. The new allegations could bring VW’s newly minted CEO under fire.

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Bob Lutz Is Wrong, Tesla Isn’t Doomed


Bob Lutz was once a titan among the automotive industry. Throughout his expansive career, Lutz helped countless American automakers steer away from financial ruin. However, in a column published in Road & Track, the former CEO is grasping at straws and in some cases, getting facts patently wrong about electric car maker, Tesla.

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Harmony Of The Tailpipes: Aligning Auto Emissions Limits Globally


In the post-diesel scandal world, what have we learned from the experience? One of my big takeaways is one of variance. The idea that industry must engineer, and regulators must now stipulate a far more uniform code of emissions standards to take away variance by region. To borrow from the computer tech world, there’s just one Internet and everyone who designs stuff for it understands this simple factor well. More uniform emissions limits will foster greater innovation, more competitiveness in the aim of cleaner engines and simplifying the equation toward the overall goal of improving air quality.

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Uber Offering Rides in Eco-Friendly Supercars Through Friday

2014 McLaren P1

It seems like ride sharing apps are trying harder than ever to vie for your business. Last week Lyft was giving out rides in DeLoreans to celebrate “Back to the Future” Day, and now Uber is giving some lucky riders a chance to get carted around in some of the fastest and most impressive production cars around.

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