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Meet Vintage Electric’s New 36MPH CRUZ e-Bike


Today we live in a throw-away society. Styling and aesthetics are valued, but when something goes wrong and needs replacing, it’s promptly tossed in the bin. That notion of planned obsolescence can be found across the manufacturing gamut, but you won’t find it at California’s Vintage ElectricContinue Reading »

NASA Inspired Cricket Trailer is Out of this World Cool


There’s something very freeing about setting off into the brush, and setting up camp. What isn’t quite freeing is having to lug around a massive trailer or sell the wife and kids to acquire an RV. No, for decades America has loved the little pop-up camper and this newer eye catching towable is certainly one of the most unique.  Continue Reading »

Changan Auto is About to Give Tesla Competition in China

Changan Auto

Tesla has been working hard to gain a solid foothold in China with sales coming in far less than expected. Elon Musk was reportedly ready to start firing people if the situation didn’t change because the launch had been handled so poorly. Now he faces competition from China’s Changan Auto which is about to launch their own electric sedan. Continue Reading »

Tesla 70D Becomes New 329HP Base Model S


If you were hoping to buy a brand new Tesla Model S 60, we’re sorry, you can’t have one. But you can have something much better. Tesla Motors has cut its base level Model S 60 in favor of the 70D, its new base model. With the name change comes Tesla’s dual motor all-wheel-drive, increased range, and a boost in performance.  Continue Reading »

The Trefecta DRT is a Supercar Among e-Bikes


Some companies are out to change the game. Trefecta Mobility isn’t. Rather, the Swiss, Dutch and German engineering alliance behind the company has a self-proclaimed mission of creating a new game… and the playing field is in personal mobility.  Continue Reading »

This BMW i8 is Gray and Yellow Because Abu Dhabi


Leave it to the people of the United Arab Emirates to try to jazz up one of the jazziest cars on the market. After photos of a lime green BMW i8 surfaced earlier this year, photos of this dark gray version with bright yellow accents recently popped up from the same Abu Dhabi Motors dealership. Continue Reading »

The Facebook Drone That Could Change the Internet

Facebook internet drone

Mark Zuckerburg is ready to spread the time suck that is Facebook to the 10 percent of the world without Internet access. But in a really cool way that makes one want to play Candy Crush just to support the endeavor. Continue Reading »

Be Like Marty McFly with this Onewheel Electric Board

onewheel electric skateboard image

You wouldn’t call it a skateboard and with the big go-kart wheel mounted midship, you certainly couldn’t call it a hoverboard. But if you ever wanted to experience Marty McFly’s space age transport from Back to the Future Part II in the real world, this is one of the closest things to it.  Continue Reading »

Elon Musk Predicts Driving May Be Outlawed


Fact: Humans ruin everything. Well, everything good, at least. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk thinks driving is next. In a recent conference, Automotive News, Musk expressed his thoughts that human-driven cars are simply too much of a risk. With autonomous cars creeping up over the horizon, he believes it’s not out of the question that legislation will one day ban people from driving.

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Elon Musk Promises to End Range Anxiety With New Update

Elon Musk tesla model s p85d photo

Range anxiety— if you own an electric car you know the phrase all too well. It’s the lingering fear that you won’t be able to make it to your destination on a single charge. But fear no more, Elon Musk says he’s going to change all that this Thursday. If you own a Tesla.

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