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2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Returns 31MPG, V6 Worsens


Monroney stickers for the 2015 Ford Mustang V6 and four-cylinder EcoBoost models have leaked. With the new 4-cylinder EcoBoost returning more than expected, the V6 dropped from where it was this time last year. The question is — will buyers really care?

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Hyundai Has a Prius Fighter In The Works

00 Blue Will

Ask anyone to name a hybrid car and their likely answer is the Toyota Prius. But Hyundai has plans to change all that with the introduction of a new car designed as a direct competitor to the Prius. Reports in AutoGuide suggest that recently spotted test mules will see production as an all-new Hyundai hybrid.
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Next Volkswagen Golf Could Get an XL1 Makeover


There are some designs that we just don’t get tired of looking at, and the ultra-eco Volkswagen XL1 happens to be one. Although VW will only build a scarce 200 examples, us normal people might see more and more of the car’s striking lines in the near future. Continue Reading »

Saleen Overhauls Tesla Model S into FourSixteen: Pebble Beach


The Tesla Model S P85 is effectively page one, chapter one of “How to Make a Proper Electric Car Go Fast.” Going off that theme, think of Saleen’s new creation as the first major plot twist, expected but nevertheless exciting. This is the FourSixteen. Continue Reading »

1,200HP Ferrari F80 Supercar Could Hit 310MPH…If It Were Real

Ferrari F80 Concept 2

I’m sure most of you are still in awe at the amazing engineering feat that is the Ferrari LaFerrari. But c’mon, we all can’t help but wonder what the successor to that amazing car is going to be. One designer shared our sentiment.

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Chevy Challenges Students to Build Electric and Hybrid Camaros [w/Video]


Some graduates dream of going back to college for the nightlife, or the girls, or the cheap pizza. Others for the crazy stories. If it was us, we’d go back for this (and maybe pizza). Sponsored by the US Department of Energy, this is the EcoCar 3 competition, a design series that pits the country’s top colleges against each other to redesign the Chevrolet Camaro into – gasp – a hybrid-electric car.

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Tesla Offers Infinite Warranty, But With a Hitch

Teslas parked

Big news if you’re a fan of all things Tesla. Founder and CEO Elon Musk wrote on the company’s blog that the electric car maker is offering an infinite mile warranty. To some that may sound like a warranty without conditions, except there is one: infinity only lasts for eight years.

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BMW i8 Auctions for an Insane $825K: Pebble Beach

BMW i8 Concours 2

If you were out and about at any of the Pebble Beach auctions this weekend, we hope you brought some cash. And a lot of it. Alongside the world’s most expensive Ferrari, a brand new BMW i8 with special Concours d’Elegance enhancements went for a mind-boggling $825,000. That’s nearly six-times MSRP.

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Renovo Coupe Blends EV Technology, Retro Looks: Pebble Beach

Renovo Coupe 4

You’ve probably never heard of Renovo Motors. You’ve probably never heard of the Renovo Coupe. And you’ve definitely never heard of anyone shoving a 500 horsepower electric powertrain into the body of a Shelby CSX 9000. But alas, some crazy Californans did exactly that.

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Building a Tesla Supercharger at Warp Speed [Video]


If you owned an electric vehicle four or five years ago, the idea of driving said EV across the US was an impossibly tedious proposition. However, thanks to the expansive roll out of the Tesla Supercharger network, your trip can now be measured in hours and days, rather than eons and epochs.

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