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GM Backs Michigan Governor in Anti-Tesla Bill Signing

Tesla Photos

Since Tesla began selling cars in the U.S., it’s been fighting an uphill battle with big(ger) business and greedy lawmakers. The company’s latest battle comes from Michigan, where Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill, with backing from General Motors, that “strengthens” the ban on the electric car company’s direct sales.

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You Can Buy A Real-Life Hoverboard, Sort Of


Where does sci-fi end and reality begin? If you ask the team at Arx Pax, that line is getting grayer by the day. The Northern California startup is asking you to help fund its new Hendo Hoverboard on Kickstarter— and it actually works. Sometimes. Continue Reading »

Is This The Electric Supercar of the Future?

Tecnica Lavinia 5

It’s not just the average commuter car that’s going hybrid or full-electric these days. Even supercars are making the switch. A time when it’s no longer a novelty to hear of electric supercars being developed isn’t too far in the future. The latest contender with an all-electric supercar comes from a small Italian carmaker by the name of Tecnica. Continue Reading »

Zap! All-Electric Audi R8 e-tron Coming in 2015


The idea of an all-electric Audi R8 supercar is nothing new. What began as a concept, revealed at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, quickly became the on-again off-again pet project of Audi’s head of technical development, Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg. Continue Reading »

Ferrari Denies SUV, Four-door, and Motorcycle Rumors


Last week’s hot-button topic, aside from the unorthodoxy of a hybrid Lamborghini, was the prospect of Ferrari venturing into the arena of motorcycle production. The impetus? A patent application for a V-twin engine. Continue Reading »

Next-Gen Porsche 911 Could Go Hybrid

Porsche seems determined to have hybrid power in just about every model, and CEO Matthias Muller seems to be fully in support of the idea. He told Australian outlet Car Advice that it could come to fruition for the 2018 911, which is expected to be fully redesigned.

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691HP Tesla Model S P85D Gets to 60 Quicker than Some Supercars


Last night in front of a packed house, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, showed everyone his D. But before you start calling your congressman — seriously get your mind out of the gutter — it turned out to be a car that may just become one of the most sickest electric cars of all time. Continue Reading »

The Lamborghini Asterion Hybrid Won’t Actually Be Built

Asterion 2

After teasing us incessantly for the past few weeks, Lamborghini finally pulled the curtain back on the Asterion, and immediately, it struck everyone’s attention. After all, it’s the first hybrid ever built by the famed Italian automaker. Even with CEO Stephan Winkelmann’s strong opposition to hybrid power, it somehow managed to make it to the show floor. But that’s about as far as it’s going to get. Continue Reading »

How Autonomous Cars Could Save Billions


Let’s face it. No company is going to build autonomous cars unless it can eventually earn them buckets of money. They’re going to do that by showing consumers how these cars will save them big bucks at the fuel pump or some other way (and then charging obscene markups because there will probably be tax credits). Continue Reading »

Tesla is Showing Everyone the “D” on October 9th

Tesla D

Let the jokes commence. Elon Musk has sent out a pretty cryptic teaser on Twitter to something called “the D.” Alongside “the D,” Musk also promised that there would be something else to go with it. I have no idea what either are going to be.

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