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Video: Hot Wheels Attempting Biggest Double Loop Ever

Ever wanted to see real life Hot Wheels doing the same thing you used to make them do when you were kids? Well, now you can. Hot Wheels has just released their teaser video for the “Double Loop Dare” stunt to be performed at June 30th’s X-Games, and it looks pretty damn awesome.

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Toyota Camatte Concept is Fun For the Whole Family

In recent years, Toyota has had the unfortunate reputation in the auto market of selling cars aimed at your grandparents. Thankfully, they are looking to change all that. Starting off with this. It’s the Toyota Camatte concept and it was unveiled not at the Tokyo Motor Show, but at the Tokyo TOY Show, which sounds like one of the coolest places in the world.

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Next: Auto Club Revolution Online Racing

“Authentic driving pleasure is not just for the real world,” BMW announced in Munich. To prove this, BMW is putting its money where its Bavarian mouth is by offering people the chance to sample the extraordinary 1M Coupe via the “BMW Experience.” The opportunity to drive what Autoblog recently described as “a pure driver’s machine through-and-through” is now available to everyone with a computer and internet access.

Enter: Auto Club Revolution.

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Brilliant Mind Behind: Simraceway

Ignite Game Technologies CEO, Jonathan Haswell*, thinks Simraceway.com is more than just a game. “We prefer to describe it as a ‘racing platform’ or a ‘racing world,’” he says. With three main modes – practice, quick race and against-the-clock events – site visitors can satiate any racing needs within minutes. Completely for free. And there are even prizes, like trips to real raceways, associated with some of the events. Haswell breaks down the site for BoldRide…

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