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Sinister Ferrari LaFerrari Hits the Auction Block With Just 211 Miles


Whereas all Ferrari road cars breathe hallowed air, poised at the top of the world’s sports and supercar hierarchy…some are a bit more special than the rest. The unthinkably-fast Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar, included.  Continue Reading »

Going the Distance With a 1989 Ferrari Mondial T


Car collector and enthusiast, Mike Kovac, approached the idea of owning a Ferrari Mondial T with the kind of skepticism usually reserved for blind dates. Continue Reading »

Motorsport.com Announces Acquisition of World’s Largest Online Ferrari Community, FerrariChat.com


The world’s most-read motorsports digital media company, Motorsport.com, today announced the acquisition of digital assets to the largest online Ferrari community in the world, FerrariChat.com.

FerrariChat.com will expand into Motorsport.com’s multinational and multimedia presence, including 21 editions and 14 native languages while offering the largest global Ferrari online community in the world.

A privately held company, FerrariChat.com was established in 2000 by its founder and current CEO, Rob Lay. Mr. Lay will retain the same position within the new company while leading all day-to-day operations.

“After several worldwide inquiries to purchase FerrariChat.com, it was clear the best partner for our community was Motorsport.com and the Motorsport Network,” said Lay. “Our mission has always been to provide owners and enthusiasts of the prancing horse a better way to connect, engage and collaborate about everything Ferrari.”

FerrariChat.com is the most active online Ferrari community in the world with more than 95% of the owner and enthusiast forum market share, 175,000 registered users, 10 million posts, and four million monthly page views.

“Pairing Motorsport.com with FerrariChat.com will enable our readership to have seamless points of engagement when discussing everything Ferrari,” said Zak Brown, non-executive chairman, Motorsport.com.

“Since our inception, Motorsport.com has grown opportunistically through acquisition that has leveraged our deep expertise in motorsports and automotive-related sectors. Now with the help of our incredible technology team, we look forward in extending FerrariChat.com into our international network.”

The acquisition further builds upon Motorsport.com’s long-standing relationship with Ferrari via its network of multi-national and multi-language platforms including, Motorstore.com and Amalgam Collection.

9 Car Museums You Can Virtually Visit on Google Maps


Want to visit your favorite car museum but don’t want to put on any pants? Don’t worry, Google Maps has got you covered. Because now you can take virtual tours of some of the world’s most amazing car museums from the comfort of your own home. Ferrari, Lamborghini, even the Corvette museum, all at your fingertips. Check ‘em out here. Continue Reading »

The 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Convertible is Here — And Already Sold Out


Ever since the original Ferrari LaFerrari went into limited production in 2013, rumors have swirled that Ferrari would release a convertible version to complement its hypercar coupe.  Continue Reading »

The World’s Only Bare Carbon Ferrari Enzo is Up for Sale


The hallowed Ferrari Enzo is indeed one very special machine. A scant 400 of these Prancing Horse supercars were built between 2002 and 2004, each clad in super lightweight carbon fiber body panels and each wielding a triumphant Ferrari V12 engine, capable of 660 horsepower.  Continue Reading »

The Ford GT Completes its Fairytale 2016 Le Mans Win


Back in 1966, Ford set the international sports car racing scene alight with a titanic win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans—running an incredible 1-2-3 finish with its iconic Ford GT40 race car, and in the process beating arch-rival Ferrari.  Continue Reading »

Seagulls Cost Sebastian Vettel a Ferrari F1 Win in Canada


It’s no secret that racing drivers don’t like to lose, whether it be last place or even second. As cultural luminary Ricky Bobby once said, “if you ain’t first, you’re last.”

Famously, racing drivers always tend to have an excuse for their performance, and in the wake of this weekend’s 2016 Canadian Grand Prix, which saw Ferrari F1 ace Sebastian Vettel take second place to Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, the joking German driver came up with one of the best excuses yet.

A pair of brave seagulls. Yes, you heard that right.

In a post-race interview with the UK’s Sky Sports, Vettel jokes with Hamilton that he lost precious time evading a pair of seagulls in the middle of the track, eventually giving the Mercedes driver the edge to win. To be clear, he’s obviously joking, but the segment makes for good TV nonetheless. Take a look (seagulls appear at 4:25).

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Formula One is often portrayed as a serious, no-nonsense sport, so it’s nice to see a bit of comedy from time to time. To Vettel’s amazement, the pair of gulls—standing in the middle of turn one—don’t seem phased at all by the 750 horsepower Ferrari F1 car that’s screaming by them at breakneck speed.

“He’s not braking for animals, you should give him a hard time for that,” Vettel teases Hamilton during the interview. “Two seagulls! You see? I had my eyes so deep into the apex, I locked up. Mind the animals!”

Ferrari brought a revised turbocharger package to the Canadian event, which helped give Vettel’s 2016 SF16-H car impressive pace against the once untouchable Mercedes, however Vettel would finish five seconds adrift of Hamilton at the race’s end. Darn seagulls…

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Meet the Ferrari 488’s Sinister, 772-HP Sibling


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5 Stunning Cars Headed to The Quail in Monterey

Each August the automotive community turns its attention to the sleepy seaside town of Monterey, California, for the international phenomenon known as Monterey Car Week. Events will run from August 16th through the 21st, but it’s Friday the 19th that will surely be circled on every calendar, considering that’s when “The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering” takes place. Continue Reading »