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Ferrari FXX K Spider Won’t Happen, But Looks Wild

ferrari fxx k spider drawing

In terms of not happening, a drop-top Ferrari FXX K hypercar ranks somewhere between winning the lottery every day for a year and finding true love on Chatroulette. It isn’t likely to happen. Alas, the Internet is full of many rendered things that probably won’t happen in real life, so why not add another? Continue Reading »

’71 Ferrari Daytona is World’s First ‘Condo Find’

1971 ferrari daytona condo find photo

Everyone has heard legends of the guy in town who hoards classic automobiles in some tucked away shed on a lonesome piece of property. Most of the time, they are legends. But sometimes after years and years of slumber, a coveted auto is pulled out and the Internet is set ablaze with ‘barn find’ fervor. Continue Reading »

10 Car of the Year Awards from Around the Internet


Car of the Year awards are like opinions (and an orifice we can’t mention) — every organization has one. It’s really surprising how much they can vary. Continue Reading »

The Sights and Sounds of an Epic LA Supercar Meet

Lamborghini Aventador Meet

Every month, there’s an event held in Los Angeles called “Morning Octane”. But what makes this event different from most — other than the huge amount of supercars and exotics — is the venue in which it is held.

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Watch the 1035HP Ferrari FXX K Scream on Track

ferrari fxxk yas marina on track photo

Last week, Ferrari dropped a bombshell on the motoring world – a tightened, tuned, and muscled-up version of its already mind-blowing LaFerrari: the FXX K. The track-only hypercar joins the ranks of Ferrari’s other double-X rated speed machines, but pictures of a very, very fast car only do so much. Continue Reading »

This Might be the Worst Coachbuilt Ferrari Ever

Ferrari Sergio Production photo

If we’re being honest, most of the coachbuilt cars Ferrari creates are pretty heinous. But for some reason, they all just seem to work in their insanity. This, though — the Ferrari Sergio — might be the worst coachbuilt Ferrari I have ever seen.

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Lil’ Wayne’s Daughter Got a Ferrari, BMW For Sweet 16

Lil' Wayne BMW daughter gift photo

It’s the American dream to get a car for your 16th birthday. This doesn’t happen for most teenagers and, if it does, the car might not even be new. If you happen to be Lil’ Wayne’s daughter, though, then it’s a brand new Ferrari with a shiny red bow along with a BMW thrown in – just for kicks.

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Ferrari FXX K or McLaren P1 GTR: Which Is More Extreme?

ferrari laferrari fxx k gullwings photo

Ferrari or McLaren? McLaren or Ferrari? It seems like that question has never been more relevant than it is right now. Both produce two of the world’s most extreme exotics in the P1 and LaFerrari, and both recently unveiled their hardcore, track-only versions of those two cars: the P1 GTR and Ferrari FXX K.

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Give these Ferrari F1 Trailers a New Home

F1 Ferrari trailers photo

The paddock. On a Grand Prix weekend, there’s likely no place a diehard Formula One fan would rather be. It’s the go-to spot for F1 royalty and the hive mind of the world’s greatest racing teams. But gaining access to such hallowed ground and its expanse of team trailers isn’t easy, so why not bring the paddock to your own backyard with these? Continue Reading »

The 1,035HP, Track-Only LaFerrari FXX K Has Arrived


In 2005, Ferrari rung up some of its most loyal customers and asked if they’d like to buy what was effectively an Enzo treated to steroids and a mainline of espresso, the FXX. A lucky 30 folks did, and for their millions of dollars they earned the right to track it on some of the world’s most prestigious circuits. Continue Reading »