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Ferrari Gives Every One of its Employees an Impressive Bonus


What would you consider to be a good job perk? A nice break room? Hour lunch? Free snacks? Well if you worked at Ferrari– like the cars they build– everything is bigger and better. Even the perks. Don’t believe us? According to a release from Ferrari the Italian automaker just doled out some hefty bonuses.

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Ferrari F430 Gets the Art Car Treatment by John “Crash” Matos

Ferrari F430 Art Car 3

Art Cars have become the pinnacle of automotive expression, with the likes of Jeff Koons and even Andy Warhol using the medium. But it’s not always extravagant, high-class artists that deserve all the praise — one NYC graffiti artist is working his magic on a Ferrari F430.

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“Disintegrating Cars” is Stunning Destruction, Suspended in Time

Ferrari 330 P4

Any car enthusiast worth their salt has a few favorite car cutaways. For me, it’s the Ferrari 250 GTO. It’s hard not to love the sketch of the V12 nestled between front wheels in driver, in perfect “front-mid” configuration. The cutaway’s lesser-known, but equally cool cousin is the “explosion,” in which a car or engine is disassembled and spread out in an arrangement that provides some logic to the assembly process.

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Classified of the Week: Maserati MC12 with a Hefty Pricetag


Say you’re in the market for an ultra-rare Italian exotic. A logical step might be to look at the Ferrari Enzo– but there are too many of them you say? We’ll time for something a bit less passé. How about a car with all the performance of an Enzo, but with the added style and panache of a Maserati? One is available, but you better open up your wallet– or hedge fund.

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Ferrari Land Coming to Spain in 2016

Ferrari Land Hotel

With the unveiling of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi back in 2010, it was only a matter of time before Ferrari expanded its newly founded theme park franchise. So, in 2016, Spain is set to receive the automaker’s second theme park — Ferrari Land.

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Vintage Sebring Footage Gets Us Pumped for Saturday’s TUDOR Race [video]


This week, we’re at Sebring International Raceway for the second installment of the inaugural season of the TUDOR Sportscar Championship. And we’re pumped. Sebring was opened in 1950, and though that’s a little later than some of the more historic tracks, the circuit has nonetheless experienced some of the more iconic eras in motorsport.

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Novitec’s Ferrari 12 N-Largo is a Demon Car [w/ video]

novitec-rosso-ferrari-f12-n-largo (5)

If you think your standard Ferrari F12berlinetta is too tame, call up the good folks at Novitec. The tuning house’s newest Ferrari F12 N-Largo project is a stunner of a supercar. Where the standard F12 lacks in dramatic photoshoots and carbon fiber accents, the F12 N-Largo compensates in a big way.

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Ugur Sahin Design Project F is a Ferrari 458-Based Work of Art

LEAD-Project F

There’s no question that a Ferrari is a very special vehicle, but not all Prancing Horses are created equal. When the Ferrari 458 was first unveiled, the motoring world loved it — but then LaFerrari debuted, and we kinda forgot about the 458. But Ugur Sahin Design’s latest custom Ferrari may have us drooling over the 458 yet again.

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Geneva Motor Show: 15 Rides to Expect

Lexus RC F GT3 Geneva

We’re more than ready for this year’s Geneva Motor Show. And that’s good news, because it seems like every automaker has pulled something out from under a sheet and prepared to show it off.

From the speed demons to the city dwellers, and from the supercars to the not-so-super-cars, here’s what you can expect at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show:

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The Ford GT40: America Takes on the World


Traditionally, US carmakers have a different approach to performance vehicles than our friends across the pond. The Europeans favor what may be called the “supermodel” philosophy: keep the package small and shed as much weight as possible. We Yanks, on the other hand, don’t mind a few pounds as much, so long as a good chunk of that mass is taken up by a bad-ass engine. Sometimes our school of thought has borne greater fruit; other times theirs has. But, during a glorious four-year period in the 1960s, there was no doubt that the New World had it all over the Old.

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