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TBT: The 1976 Bertone Rainbow Was a Wild Rebodied Ferrari


Some tales of old cars are best left under old covers collecting dust like an old shop desk. They’re forgotten and eventually fall out of the automotive timeline that has countless memorable stops along the way. Cars designed by Bertone don’t usually meet that disheartening fate, especially one based on a Ferrari that changed the course of Italian automobiles.

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Adam Carolla’s Beautiful 1966 Ferrari Heads to Auction


How do you follow up a smash hit? In music terms, it’s a case of the dreaded “second album.” But that’s a circumstance which engineers at Ferrari undoubtedly faced in 1963 as they sent the rockstar 250 series into the sunset and followed it up with the 330.  Continue Reading »

Ferrari Should Quit Teasing and Make a Production Run of the F12 TRS


Oh, you have a Ferrari 458? That’s cute. Too bad you’re just like hundreds of other rich people around the world. If you really wanted to stand out, you’d have one of these bad boys: the F12 TRS, a limited edition version of the F12berlinetta released about a year ago.

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Floyd Mayweather Traded in His $3.8 Million Ferrari For a $4.8 Million Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg CCXR

Say what you will about outspoken boxer Floyd Mayweather, but you can’t really fault him for his love of all things fast. His supercar collection consists of a few Bugattis, some Ferraris, and now, something a bit more Swedish. Continue Reading »

This LEGO Ferrari F40 is Probably the Only One You Can Afford

Lego Ferrari F40

LEGOs—  we all love them. They were our first foray into building something. And for many of us, it’s what helped develop our passion for building cars, and in general, loving the idea of something engineered out of nothing. While over the years we may have put aside our Lego focuses to build larger, more complex things, that doesn’t mean we don’t still appreciate the memories we made with these toys. Continue Reading »

Watch This Ferrari F12 Prove Why It’s a Drag Race Top Dog


When it comes to the latest generation of cars, newer usually means faster. It’s a notion that spans the new vehicle gamut, though you’ll never see that performance difference play out quite as visually as you will in a high-end sports car. In this case, that would be Ferrari.  Continue Reading »

US Ferrari LaFerrari Hypercars Recalled Over Headrest and Tire Sensors


It goes over 217 mph, summons 950 horsepower, and claims the fastest lap of any street-legal car ever to attempt the Ferrari test track. By all accounts, the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar has earned legendary status in quite a short amount of time.  Continue Reading »

These Audis Are Carrying on Deadmau5′s Vibrant Nyan Cat Legacy


Deadmau5′s Purrari might be dead and gone, but its influence could live on forever. While taking a typical casual stressful-as-hell weekend drive in Los Angeles, I rolled right up next to this custom Nyan Cat Audi S5 Cabriolet. The (assumedly) wrapped convertible sports the Pop-Tart space cat complete with the rainbow trail and a slightly different snowflake pattern.

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Stunning Ferrari 458 Evolves Into Street-Legal Race Car


The Ferrari 458 Italia has begun its long, slow march into the history books. Its successor has been named – the 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB – and it will soon find a home in garages all over the world. But just because the 458 is on the way out… doesn’t mean it’s leaving quietly.  Continue Reading »

One-of-a-Kind Ferrari Testa d’Oro is For Sale

Ferrari Testa d'Oro  Profile

This Ferrari is truly unlike any other. It was a one-off called the Testa d’Oro designed by German industrial designer Luigi Colani in 1989. Its odd looks weren’t just to be different. The car was built to break a world speed record set in 1989. The holder of the record was the 753 horsepower Mercedes Streamliner. Continue Reading »