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Ferrari 458 Speciale Spider Limited to 458 Units

00 Ferrari 458 Speciale

If you’re looking to get behind the wheel of the new Ferrari 458 Speciale Spider, then you better act fast as it looks like there will only be 458 produced. Just enough to match its badge, of course. The report comes from 4WheelNews, which also says that the Speciale Spider name is likely to be dropped when the car finally sees production.
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Classic Ferraris vs Other Collectibles: Infographic

Ferrari 250

This past week we saw one of the most expensive cars ever to cross the auction block at an astounding $38 million. That car was a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, and it was just one of many multi-million dollar Ferraris that have sold in the past few years. But how much are classics really costing these days? And what else can you buy for nearly the same amount of money?

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Sports, Muscle Cars Thrive at Pebble Beach Auction

1972 Ferrari

Sports and muscle cars thrived on the Russo & Steele’s Auction block at Pebble Beach this past weekend. Some classic European and American cars wracked up some serious coin from bidders. Continue Reading »

1,200HP Ferrari F80 Supercar Could Hit 310MPH…If It Were Real

Ferrari F80 Concept 2

I’m sure most of you are still in awe at the amazing engineering feat that is the Ferrari LaFerrari. But c’mon, we all can’t help but wonder what the successor to that amazing car is going to be. One designer shared our sentiment.

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1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Sells for a Record-Setting $38 Million


Just like that, somebody is leaving this week’s Bonhams’ Quail Lodge Auction significantly poorer — but with a vaunted 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO in tow. Continue Reading »

Artist Creates Amazing Post-Apocalyptic Supercar Concepts [Photo Gallery]

Evade 6

Imagine a world devoid of gas. That’s right, gas, the object that largely fuels all the very vehicles we know and love. If you ask Elon Musk, that world may not be too far off, but for some of us — like graphic artist Khyzyl Saleem — a world without gasoline sounds more like a post-apocalyptic film genre.

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Holy Horsepower: 860hp Ferrari FXX Evoluzione for Sale


There is a specific type of person to whom a 660-horsepower supercar, like the no-nonsense Ferrari Enzo, just doesn’t cut it. Thankfully, Ferrari was more than happy to cater to that power-crazed crowd as well when it rolled out the ballistic FXX in 2005, permitting you had enough extra dough. Continue Reading »

STOLEN! Help Find This Missing Ferrari 250 GTE


Say it ain’t so Johnny, say it ain’t so! One rich guy had his prized Ferrari 250 GTE stolen from right under his nose. But you can help him get it back, if you feel so inclined. Continue Reading »

2015 Ferrari 458 Getting the Twin-Turbo Treatment, New Name


Since its introduction, the Ferrari 458 has securely fashioned itself as the performance benchmark for sports cars of the world, and quite a lofty one at that. Tally up nearly five years of production and Ferrari isn’t about to let the competition creep back. Continue Reading »

1966 Ferrari 365 For Sale: Three Seats Up Front, V12 in Back


Question: What’s the flashiest way for you and two friends to pop around town on four wheels? Answer: The 1966 Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale. Continue Reading »