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Watch Sebastian Vettel Top Out a Ferrari F12

ferrari f12berlinetta photo

While the Formula 1 team has suffered over the past year, Ferrari’s road cars haven’t. This video will show you exactly why.

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Porsche Scraps Ferrari 458 Rival, For Now

porsche 918 spyder 988 photo

A Porsche competitor to the vaunted Ferrari 458 has been on the docket for years. However, according to new reports, the planning stage might be as far as this sports car ever gets…at least for now. Continue Reading »

A Fiat Badge and Ferrari Power: The Fiat Dino Coupe


Fiat took a controlling interest of Ferrari in 1969, but relations between the two companies go back a few more years. As with pretty much everything to do with Ferrari back then, it had a little something to do with racing.  Continue Reading »

LEGO Ferraris and McLarens Coming to your Living Room


Two months ago, leaked images surfaced on the web uncovering a new line of LEGO sets with a serious bend on speed. The revealed Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren sets – part of an alleged LEGO ‘Speed Champions’ line – left a few more questions than answers though. Continue Reading »

LaFerrari XX Will Have A Ridiculous Amount of Power

Ferrari XX Pics

Throughout the last decade, Ferrari has created a few special track only editions of some of the its fastest cars. Beginning with the Enzo FXX and ending with the 599XX, these cars defy most laws of physic and many wallets. Additionally, when Ferrari starts to talk about building more race cars, it’s best everyone pays attention.

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Watch This Rocket-Powered Bike Hit 200MPH

Bike vs Ferrari

That’s right, a regular ol’ bicycle hit 200 mph. But to be fair— it does have a rocket strapped to the back of it. It’s the brainchild of Francois Gissy, designed by his friend Arnold Neracher, and built by Exotic Thermo Engineering. All in the pursuit of speed.

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Watch This Jeep Smash into a Custom Ferrari at SEMA

Ferrari 458 Crash

Last week, all the world’s custom car aficionado flocked to SEMA to gawk over some of the most insane cars on the planet. The Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 was one, a lifted, modded-out Jeep was another.

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How to Make a Ferrari California T More Stunning


How do you make a Ferrari California T even more beautiful? Think wind tunnel and paint – lots of stunning paint. That’s what artist Fabian Oefner did at the request of Ferrari. The results are simply an awe-inspiring work of art that elevates the allure of the California T by tenfold.

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Ferrari LaFerrari Spyder Coming, But In Very Limited Numbers

Ferrari LaFerrai Spyder Rendering

Rumors of a Ferrari LaFerrari Spyder have been circulating for months. But now those rumors might be proving true with news that the car is going into production for a very limited run. The news comes from The Supercar Kids, which says the received confirmation of the car’s production from sources within Ferrari.

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Watch a Supermodel Take a Sledgehammer to a Ferrari 458

Ferrari Supermodel

Gentlemen, here’s why you do not cheat on your supermodel girlfriend with another supermodel. Scratch that. Here’s why you simply do not cheat on the lady in your life, especially if you’ve got a car like the Ferrari 458 and a sledgehammer in your garage.

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