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Gordon Ramsay Added a LaFerrari to His Ferrari Collection


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s Ferrari collection isn’t just for show, he actually drives his cars around town. He was recently spotted in his newest purchase, a stunning LaFerrari, in Grigio Silverstone with a matte black roof. Continue Reading »

Lewis Hamilton Wins in a Mercedes, Buys a LaFerrari


Defending F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton is not brand loyal. And unless Hamilton has a massive Ferrari collection that nobody knows about, it seems Ferrari isn’t 100% tight about the rules it sets either. Continue Reading »

LaFerrari Gets ‘Upgrade’ So it Doesn’t Burst into Flames

LaFerrari Driving photo

For years, the running joke about Ferrari is that they tend to go up in flames if you look at them funny. Or have a gentle breeze waft over their engine bays while stationary in somebody’s climate controlled garage. Largely, this has been quite a bit of hyperbole. However, with recent news, there definitely appears to be a grain of truth. Continue Reading »

7 Green Supercars for St. Patty’s Day

Aventador Green

Hey everyone, did you know it’s Saint Patty’s Day? Here in America we drink green beer, Guinness, and other different types of beer. Have you all started drinking? Because I have. Here are seven supercars that go fast and are green like beer. Continue Reading »

Ferrari Driver Somehow Survives This Nasty Semi-Truck Crash


Talk about lucky. Two people in Doral, Fla. came out of that completely destroyed Ferrari 458 with only minor injuries after the allegedly intoxicated driver lost control while speeding and running into a semi-truck. The result was a scene that looked like the Fast and Furious Honda Civic robbery gone wrong, and a total loss of the supercar. Fortunately, though, neither life was lost. Continue Reading »

Inside Classic Car Club Manhattan: Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Drive

manhattan classic car club logo photo

When you were just a young kid dreaming of what the future might bring, if you loved cars, you might have imagined having access to all the insane rides you could ever want. From supercars to off-road trucks— they would fill your garages to the brim and you’d never have to give them up. Continue Reading »

Watch a Tesla Model S Fight a Ferrari F12

Tesla Model S v Ferrari 12 photo

Two very different and very powerful cars have at it on the track to see which is the fastest in a flat out drag race. The Tesla Model S P85D has 691 horsepower, while the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has a much higher 730 horsepower. The Tesla is also a heavier car, which stacks the deck against it even further, but the Tesla isn’t completely out of the race.

Continue Reading »

The Awesome Car Collection of AC/DC Lead Singer Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson ACDC Ferrari photo

Brian Johnson from AC/DC is known first and foremost as a rock legend, but he hasn’t wasted (all) his money on drugs and women. He’s been investing in some sweet sheet metal, as a peek into his car collection shows. Continue Reading »

This Stunning Ferrari is an 85-Year-Old Birthday Present


If you’re a fan of Ferrari design, you’ve got an eye for Pininfarina. The revered Italian coachbuilder and design firm has been the basis of Prancing Horse design, more or less, for the past six decades.  Continue Reading »

The LEGO Speed Champion Sets Have Finally Arrived!


The greatest feature of the ubiquitous LEGO set is simple: if you can’t find the pirate ship, medieval castle, or space station that you desire… you can just build your own. Detail-minded car fans have been turning random LEGO sets into real-world race cars for decades.  Continue Reading »