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This Stunning Ferrari is an 85-Year-Old Birthday Present


If you’re a fan of Ferrari design, you’ve got an eye for Pininfarina. The revered Italian coachbuilder and design firm has been the basis of Prancing Horse design, more or less, for the past six decades.  Continue Reading »

The LEGO Speed Champion Sets Have Finally Arrived!


The greatest feature of the ubiquitous LEGO set is simple: if you can’t find the pirate ship, medieval castle, or space station that you desire… you can just build your own. Detail-minded car fans have been turning random LEGO sets into real-world race cars for decades.  Continue Reading »

Ferrari F12 Gets Reborn as Touring Berlinetta Lusso

touring berlinetta lusso photo

The Ferrari F12berlinetta is already quite an exclusive car in its own right. But to the finest automotive palates, even the company of a few thousand is too mainstream. That’s where Carrozzeria Touring comes in.  Continue Reading »

Watch a Guy Drive a McLaren P1 to Buy a LaFerrari and a 918 Spyder

owner mclaren p1 laferrari porsche 918 photo What’s the most you’ve ever done in 24 hours? Don’t answer that. Although it’s surely an impressive feat, a particular 24-hour span in the life of this man tops quite a lot of lists. His name is Paul Bailey. Remember him? He’s the first UK resident to collect all three of the vaunted hybrid hypercars – the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, and McLaren P1. Continue Reading »

Uh Oh, Are You a Ferrari Bro?

ferrari bro car video satire

To say that Ferrari is the measuring stick of the sports car world would be a massive understatement. Enzo Ferrari effectively wrote the book on go-fast performance and looks. But being top-of-the-pile has a few drawbacks… mainly, you get a fair share of, shall we say, overzealous new owners.

We’ll call them the ‘Ferrari Bros’ – the guys who treat a brand new Ferrari 458 like a rental car, make their way across town in a serious of street races, and think you’re talking about a Pontiac when you mention the word ‘GTO‘. Not sure what we’re on about? This hilarious video from Car Bros does a pretty comprehensive job of driving the point home. Take a look.

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The video highlights the life and times of Ferrari bro Damien Stonebrook in stellar parody, from his mention of “gran prixes” to the totally untrue story about Enzo Ferrari going to the Lamborghini brothers to buy a car, and even filling up the car with standard 87 octane gas. One YouTube commenter phrases it well, “Satirical gold.”

No, we’re not saying all Ferrari owners are like this but it’s this image of the ‘bro’ that is much more popularized than the guy who meticulously waxes his ’70s berlinetta boxer every week in anticipation for a Ferrari club meet. We can presume this ‘bro’ won’t be getting that invite.

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Ferrari Images Preview the Future of Formula 1

Ferrari F1 Concept photo

Formula 1 cars are already some of the most advanced vehicles around. They look every bit the high-tech monsters they need to be to successfully compete. Ferrari has some great cars in its F1 history and now it is sharing what it thinks the Ferrari F1 cars will look like in the future.

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Clutch Cars: A Look at Some of Michael Jordan’s Coolest Rides


For sports fans — basketball fans in particular — this is a day to celebrate. Today, February 17, Michael Jeffrey Jordan turns 52. It’s been 12 years since MJ was on the court, and yet, not a day goes by when his name doesn’t come up in basketball conversations. He is the greatest ever, plain and simple. But his excellence extends off the court.

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Porsche 930 Turbo or Ferrari Testarossa: Which Would You Buy?


There are a number of things that the 1980s weren’t known for…long-lasting fashion being one of them. But in terms of sports car styling, I think you’ll agree that a few ’80s car designers knew what they were doing, especially some of the ones working at Porsche and Ferrari.  Continue Reading »

This Wrecked Ferrari 458 Spider Might Ruin Your Tuesday

wrecked Ferrari photo

The parking lot at RDB LA Collision center is always full of goodies and surprises. Sometimes there will be a gold chrome Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, sometimes a gorgeous two-tone satin Rolls-Royce Wraith, and other times a Ferrari 458 Spider that looks like its nose was Hulk smashed.

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Watch Sebastian Vettel Unleash the Ferrari FXX K on Track


Ferrari’s fortunes in Formula One, as of late, have not exactly been up to the Scuderia’s standards, but that could all change for 2015. They’ve got a cracking good driver in the form of Sebastian Vettel, perhaps you’ve heard of him, who we suspect is eager to showcase his four-time-consecutive-world-championship skills in a new car.  Continue Reading »