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Ferrari’s Tablet App Lets Prospective Buyers Play Mechanic and Customizer

ferrari F12berlinetta image

Ferrari is changing the way rich people shop for and buy cars. The Italian auto manufacturer just launched an Augmented Reality Showroom app that allows people to use a tablet to virtually change options like wheels, color, or brakes on the car that’s right in front of them. Continue Reading »

Meet the Ferrari-Rivaling, 640HP ATS Supercar

ats 2500 gt supercar photo

The ATS marque – Automobili Turismo Sport – might not be a household name among the supercar greats, but give it time. In 1961, a group of Ferrari staff were forced out during an internal crisis. A few of them got together and decided to build a car – the 2500 GT. Continue Reading »

Watch and Listen as the Ferrari FXX K Tears Up The Track

Ferrari FXX K

This video catches the Ferrari FXX K taking a few laps at Ferrari’s private track, the Fiorano Circuit near the town of Maranello, Italy. The FXX K was out on the track during a private test day reserved only for Ferrari customers, so unless you are among that select club, you’re not going to be experiencing this firsthand any time soon. Continue Reading »

Check Out the $3.9M Ferrari Sergio in All Its Glory

Ferrari Sergio Overview

The updated, 2015 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio is a very unique car. Aesthetically, it’s more refined than its original, windshield-less concept that debuted at the Geneva Auto Show in 2013, but it is still much more raw than the 458 Spider off of which it’s based. Continue Reading »

Barn Find Ferrari and Pantera Among Huge Car Collection up for Auction


Imagine your childhood home… then imagine your house, garage, and yard full of classic cars. Such is the life of the diehard car collector, and it was a reality for one Indiana man last year. Upon learning that his father had passed away, Dave Koepke returned to his childhood home with a heavy heart and got the surprise of his life.  Continue Reading »

Jason Statham Shows Off His Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Jason Statham Ferrari

Actor Jason Statham is no stranger to amazing cars. He stars as bad guy Deckard Shaw in Furious 7 where he gets to drive around chasing people in a silver Jaguar F-Type, and he’s owned some pretty slick cars himself, including an Audi R8. His latest purchase kicks things up a level or two as he poses with his brand new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Continue Reading »

Ferrari Building Smaller V6 Sports Car to Rival Porsche 911

ferrari california-t 2016 front fascia photo

Outside of staggering performance, today’s six-digit sports car market is fiercely competitive, highly diversified, and ever-expanding. In fact, its most recent entry – the hot 2016 McLaren 570S – just arrived last week. According to the recent tweetings of Motor Trend‘s Jonny Lieberman, that segment is about to grow even more.  Continue Reading »

Why the Porsche 993 GT2 Might be the Next Ferrari 250 GTO

1995 porsche 911 993 gt2 photo

Few cars can compare to the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO. It was an icon of design, a champion of the track, and a blueprint for sports car engineering. In many ways, it’s a car that has no equal.  Continue Reading »

Forget Ferrari, Deadmau5 Drives a McLaren P1 Now


As some of you might know, Deadmau5 is a former Ferrari owner. His 458 Purrari is equal parts famous for the incredible Nyan Cat wrap and Ferrari’s displeasure with said Nyan Cat wrap. Probably because Ferrari doesn’t know what real-life fun outside of a track looks like. Continue Reading »

Justin Bieber Adds a Ferrari LaFerrari to His Collection

Justin Bieber LaFerrari

Justin Bieber has a ways to go before he sheds that whole teen heartthrob image, but he’s really trying to be all grown-up. He’s changed that foppish hair into something spiky and presumably manly and he’s covered himself in tattoos because he’s a serious pop star. Now he’s also upgraded to a serious car with the purchase of a LaFerrari. Continue Reading »