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6 Cars That Need to be Revived [w/Poll]

Mazda RX-7 2

The rumors are constantly flooding into our inboxes of cars X, Y and Z being revived with hybrid powertrains, all-wheel drive and a bunch of other claims that no one can really back up. But can you blame them? Of course I’d like to see a new Supra with 500 horsepower, or an RX-7 with twin-rotaries and a six-speed. For the most part though, we take these rumors with a grain of salt.

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Artist Turns Iconic 1980s Film and TV Cars into Transformers


The 1980s was a great era for epic movie cars. We associate certain cars with films almost more than the actors in those same flicks. Thinking about the ECTO-1 or a flying, time-traveling DeLorean just makes us nostalgic about Ghostbusters or Back to the Future. So imagine when an artist combined those icons with another staple from the 1980s– Transformers.

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Macklemore and his Cavalcade of Classic Cadillacs [w/ video]

Macklemore Cadillac 4

Macklemore is a strange character. He shops at the thrift stores, Instagram’s his apologetic text messages, and sometimes hangs out with old women (which you can see below). But that doesn’t mean we don’t like the guy. In fact, far from it.

When he and Ryan Lewis hit the scene back in 2012 with the album ‘The Heist,’ the label-less duo took the rap game by storm. Quirky lines and catchy beats made him an overnight sensation.

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10 Extinct Car Brands that We Still Miss

DeLorean 2

Darwin taught us that animals unable to adapt to changing environments are doomed to extinction. History shows that this principle applies as much to carmakers as it does to dinosaurs and the Dodo. Here’s a look at 10 auto companies that have gone the way of the Tyrannosaurus.

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Baby Gets all Marty McFly for Halloween

Halloween is this Wednesday, though if you’re like most people, it started last night with the first of the serious Halloween parties. For a stone cold one year old boy (Cooper), and his equally cool mom (Cory), the Halloween festivities began by becoming a duo of  internet superstars. And that was all thanks to mama’s imagination, love of cars and bit of handy craftsmanship.

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eBay Car of the Week: 1981 DeLorean DMC-12

This 1981 DeLorean DMC12 5-Speed is on eBay through June 18th (the current bid is US $22,000)

About this car
The DeLorean DMC-12 was originally manufactured for the American market from 1981–1982. It is most commonly known as the DeLorean. The DMC-12 features gull-wing doors with non-structural brushed stainless steel panels. The car is most famously known for its iconic appearance in the movie Back to the Future. The modified car was a time machine in the 1985 film. DMC-12s stopped rolling off the production line in late 1982. It’s believed that only 6,500 DeLorean DMC-12s still exist today.

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