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Forget the Fastback, This 1967 Mustang GT ‘Notchback’ is For the Working Man


The original fastback Ford Mustangs of the late 1960s are iconic. But personally, I’ve always been partial to the two-door hardtop “Notchback” ‘Stangs. While the design may not be nearly as ‘special,’ that’s part of the allure; the notchback feels more like a working man’s Mustang. Continue Reading »

Alpine Celebration 36 Concept Honors Racing Heritage, Past and Present


The storied Renault Alpine is back, at least in concept form. The iconic sports car that dominated rally and road racing for a number of years, was nostalgically revived in 2012 (as a concept), in 2015 (as a concept again), and closer to production in 2016, much to the excitement of the enthusiast community. Continue Reading »

2020 Ford Mustang: A Pony Car for the People, And the Track


Love it or hate it, the Ford Mustang is one of the most beloved sports cars/muscle cars of all time. Over 122,000 were sold in the U.S. in 2015, and the company is on par to move a similar amount of vehicles this year. Not to mention the pony car’s newfound success across the pond. Continue Reading »

There’s a Beautiful ’66 Ford Mustang Under All This Dust


Some automobiles look good with a little bit of dirt on them—namely rat rods, lifted trucks, and rally cars. But even pony cars can look delightful under a coating of the silty stuff, and that’s exactly how this aged ’66 Ford Mustang presents.  Continue Reading »

BMW i8 ‘Futurism Edition’ Should Be on Display at The Louvre


The BMW i8 is hardly a car that struggles to attract attention. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them end up being white or grey. And while the German vision of the future is undoubtedly sleek, I’d like to see a touch of color added to their monochromatic world. Continue Reading »

The Bugatti Chiron is a Masterpiece, Plain and Simple


The Bugatti Chiron is a car that needs no introduction. It’s like walking into a room and seeing George Clooney standing there in a well-tailored suit and some artfully-crafted leather loafers. Continue Reading »

Ohio Ford Dealership Selling 727-HP Mustang for Less Than a Hellcat


If you want to pick up a Dodge Charger or Challenger Hellcat, you’re staring down the barrel of minimum $65,000. That doesn’t include ridiculous dealer markups. But why settle for a markup when one Ford dealership is making the decision much easier for muscle car enthusiasts. Continue Reading »

McLaren Planning 15 New Models in Just Six Years


McLaren has managed a feat not every upstart automaker can put on their resume: actually turning a consistent profit. This has been an issue for many UK luxury brands. But McLaren intends to keep its profitable streak alive by introducing 15 new models over the coming six years. Continue Reading »

Vorsteiner BMW i8 Dolled Up in New Shoes, Subtle Aerodynamics


As if the BMW i8 wasn’t dramatic enough, Vorsteiner went and created an i8 that is sure to catch the eye, for better or worse. In preparation of this year’s GoldRush Rally, the tuning shop finished up its i8 project with an aero kit, new shoes, and a brand-heavy blue and white wrap. Continue Reading »

Only 17 of These Rare Porsches Were Ever Made


What defines rare in vehicle production? 500? 100, maybe? What about 17? That’s how many of these indescribably hard to find Porsche 924 Carrera GTRs were built. Lucky for you, one was recently uncovered, and is heading to auction. Continue Reading »