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MINI Coupe and Roadster Reach End of the Line

mini cooper roadster photo

A number of years ago, MINI began diversifying its portfolio with the larger Clubman, Countryman, Paceman, as well as the sporty Coupe and Roadster. Now it appears that aggressive expansion will be curtailed, as the latter duo cease to exist in the immediate future.  Continue Reading »

The 1966 Dodge Charger: Chrysler Shows Its Muscle

One of the key turning points in automotive history came when cars went from a one-size-fits-all product to a variety of designs aimed at appealing to different ages, tastes, and budgets.  By the 1960s, buyers had their pick of basic, sport, and luxury vehicles. However, the folks at Chrysler were latecomers to the specialized car world.  To catch up to their rivals, they chose Dodge to introduce their entry into the fast-growing muscle car market of the 1960s.  From their efforts came the Charger; one of the great vehicles to come out of that turbulent decade.

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1968 Mustang Fastback Gets a Villainous Revival

Classic Recreations Ford Mustang Fastback Villain photo

Sometimes naming a car can be difficult. Good or bad, the name is the one thing people are always going to remember. So when you name your car “Villain,” it’s a car that definitely has to live up to its reputation. Thankfully, this one does.

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Dodge Viper Gets $15K Price Cut, Starts at $84,995

2015 Dodge Viper SRT GTS

First, Chrysler said they were putting a hold on Viper production. Then, they said they would be pulling the Viper back under the Dodge nameplate. Now, the Viper is getting a $15,000 price cut because pretty much everyone is buying the less expensive Corvette.

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Want a Corvette C7 in China? That’ll be $282,000, Please

Corvette Stingray

The C7 Corvette has debuted to worldwide acclaim. Its styling, its performance and its driving characteristics are all big hits. So it’s only natural that there be high demand anywhere where there are roads and disposable income. Continue Reading »

Shelby 289 Competition Cobra: Utter Perfection Headed to Auction

Shelby Cobra 289 4

People like to throw around the word “perfect” a lot. I’m throwing it around right now — this 1964 Shelby 289 Competition Cobra is soooo perfect. Even better, it’s hitting the auction block later this month. Continue Reading »

6 Perfect Labor Day Convertibles [w/Poll]

Labor Day Corvette Stingray

We hope you’ve all been having a pretty happy, long weekend. And today, you might be hitting the beach or the BBQ. Whatever adventures might be waiting, we suggest you take a look at this 6 convertibles that would be perfect for any holiday outing (click on the links to learn more):

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Matt Farah Gets Sideways in the Dodge Challenger Hellcat [Video]


Hey guys, did you know that Dodge builds a 707-horsepower Challenger? Crazy, right!? Well, that crazy vehicle was recently driven on a crazy wet race track by a crazy cool reviewer — Matt Farah. And if anyone knows a thing or two about power, it’s him. Continue Reading »

A Trio of Cars No One Should Be Forced to Drive Every Day

Groundhog Day is this Saturday, and while the event conjures up the Bill Murray film, truth is, most of our days are that. It’s the same soup, different pot. Every day, wake-up, shower, eat, work, gym, eat, sleep, repeat. Sometimes there are moments that make the day worth it, but things are quite repetitive. Thankfully, making the commute in a decent car can improve any day.

PHOTOS: Gallery of the hideous Pontiac Aztek

Unfortunately, some car designers either don’t understand this fact or have highly stressful jobs that drive them to substance abuse.  Those are the only possible explanations for the three rolling embarrassments that follow.   Who in their right mind would want to drive these things for a day, much less every day for a lifetime?

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Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Badge Revealed


News that there would be a high-performance version of the hot new 2015 Ford Mustang called the GT350 came out months ago, and wasn’t much of a surprise. It would have been a shock if there weren’t plans to make this car. A good look at the badging that will be on this Mustang, however, is something that we haven’t had the chance to see until now. Continue Reading »