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2016 Lotus Evora 400 Will Set You Back $89,900

2016 Lotus Evora MSRP photo

Only the British could get away with saying they’re “delighted” when announcing an MSRP of $89,900, and that it’s a right proper bargain. At least that’s what Lotus is claiming with the Evora 400. Continue Reading »

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Revealed Early On CNBC


Thanks to one of the stranger ‘leaks’ in recent memory, this is the first and best look at the 2016 sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro. The un-camoed view comes courtesy of CNBC’s Squawk Box after somebody at GM Insider News took photos of the show discussing the remodeled car.

Continue Reading »

Mercedes-AMG GT Looks Bold Wearing Bronze ADV.1 Wheels

Mercedes AMG GT ADV1

The Mercedes-AMG GT is a pretty car, there’s no denying that. It’s got all the right proportions of a proper sports car— a low front end, an aggressive profile, and an aerodynamic rear. But what this GT needs now is a new pair of shoes. Continue Reading »

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe is Baller Beyond Belief: Review

Mercedes S Class Review 2

Typically, when I get a car to review, I have a general sense of direction. Am I going to illegally drag race it? How many dogs can I fit in the back seat? Where’s the worst place to park it? Continue Reading »

2016 Chevy Camaro Shows Off Its Butt

2016 Chevrolet Camaro

It has wheels, it has an engine— and now we know for sure that the 2016 Camaro will have a rear end. A sharp one, at that. Coming off a few vague teasers, Chevy is giving us our best look yet at the new Camaro. Continue Reading »

5 Great Sports Cars for Under $15,000


Having a second car dedicated for trips to the local race track and blasts through the hills is the dream of many an auto aficionado. Luckily, picking up such a vehicle doesn’t have to break the bank as well. While highly specialized track terrors like the new Camaro Z/28 retail for over $70,000, you can get behind the wheel of something significantly fun… for significantly less.  Continue Reading »

This Honda Civic Type R Coupe Concept is Crazy Sexy

Honda Civic Type R Coupe

It’s coming; the Honda Civic Type R America has been waiting for. With the reveal of the handsome new Civic concept in New York only a few weeks ago, the anticipation is already building surrounding Honda’s hotted-up Type R spec. So much so, in fact, that someone already went and mocked one up. Continue Reading »

Check Out the $3.9M Ferrari Sergio in All Its Glory

Ferrari Sergio Overview

The updated, 2015 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio is a very unique car. Aesthetically, it’s more refined than its original, windshield-less concept that debuted at the Geneva Auto Show in 2013, but it is still much more raw than the 458 Spider off of which it’s based. Continue Reading »

This Datsun 280Z Has the 1,000HP Heart of a Supra


[Wastes an hour staring these photos, wastes another two hours looking up 240Zs and Supras on Craigslist, wastes a fourth writing the equivalent of worthless literary drooling]. This is ADV.1 Wheels President Jordan Swerdloff’s Datsun 280Z. Dubbed the 2ADZ.1, it’s quite a special vehicle for a variety of reasons. Continue Reading »

The Mazda Miata ‘Club’ Edition is Good News for Two Reasons


If you were in the market for a third generation Mazda Miata… this summer might be the perfect time to gobble one up. Why? Because the fourth-gen MX-5 is bearing down on us and this newly revealed MX-5 Club edition sits at the top of that trim hierarchy. It’s quite a stunner, and if we’re right, it ought to spur more than a few lightly used MX-5 trade-ins soon.  Continue Reading »