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Spyker Confirms New C8 Aileron, SUV


As Spyker’s global rebuilding and rebranding strategy continues, the automaker is introducing its new B6 Venator only next year. But not without a few other surprises along the way. How does an updated C8 Aileron and SUV tickle your fancy?

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1964 GM Runabout: The Dream of a Three-Wheeled Car Remains Elusive

GM Runabout Concept

“The three-wheeled runabout will appeal especially to women because it was designed especially for shopping and other daily errands. Men will also find the Runabout a handy vehicle – well-suited for commuting, but also containing adequate load space for golf clubs and other recreational equipment.” – GM press release from 1964

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Jeep Cherokee Custom Trio Readies for Moab Safari

jeep-grand-cherokee-ecodiesel-trail-warrior-concept (1)

Every year, the Moab Easter Safari is a point of attraction to our calendars. And every year, Jeep delivers some sweet modified 4x4s to keep us salivating. 2014 is no different, as we’ve all been treated to some handsome Cherokee (and Grand Cherokee) special editions.

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Mad Men Season 7: What Automotive History Holds for This Season


If you’re a Mad Men viewer, you know that cars and automotive history have a lot to do with the show’s plotline. In the last six seasons, the ad agencies run by Roger Sterling, Don Draper and the rest of the ensemble cast have won accounts at two major auto manufacturers: Jaguar and Chevrolet. When we left off in Season 6, Pete Campbell takes the Chevy account over from Ken Cosgrove, who was accidentally shot in the face by a Chevy executive on a hunting trip, Dick Cheney-style. What’s coming in Season 7? Here’s BoldRide‘s guess, because details on the upcoming season are predictably under lock and key:

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Martini Racing Boat is the Very Definition of Gorgeous

Martini Boat 2

Anytime Martini Racing livery is applied to anything, people go nuts. It’s essentially the prettiest paint job to ever grace god’s green Earth. So while it looks fine enough on F1 cars, and leaves us drooling on the Porsche 918 — it is literally the prettiest thing ever when applied to a racing boat.

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Lamborghini Huracan Goes Topless in New Rendering

LamboCARS photography

With the Gallardo now extinct, the Lamborghini Huracan hopes to take the reigns as the best-selling Lamborghini around. So far it has the looks, and the power — but how would it fare if someone chopped its top off?

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The Cadillac Le Mans: A Concept Car Shrouded in Mystery

Cadillac Le Mans 3

Even among the great concept vehicles in automotive history, the Cadillac Le Mans holds a special place. This is due to more than its beauty and craftsmanship, as superb as both those are. It stands out because, of the four built, one disappeared into thin air back in 1953. Should you stumble across it one day, you can kiss any money problems you have goodbye.

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McLaren: Changing the Game One Supercar at a Time

mclaren-650s-coupe (2)

Two of the biggest reveals of this year didn’t come from Italy, or Germany, or even the U.S. But rather, the two cars came from Britain — Surrey, to be precise. What began as a one-and-done project in 1992, complementing a historical and iconic racing team, has turned into one of the biggest forces in road car engineering in recent history. We’re talking, of course, about McLaren.

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BMW’s Best Supercars? Italdesign BMW Nazca Concepts


When you think of a “BMW supercar” you might think of the iconic M1 or the newer i8 hybrid sportscar. But there was another vehicle with a mid-engined layout, stunning performance and wore BMW’s twin-kidney grille. The 1991 Italdesign BMW Nazca M12 is a breathtaking blend of road and track attributes that looked to the future.

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Jeep Teases Wrangler and Cherokee Customs for Moab

The Jeep® and Mopar brands have once again joined forces to create a selection of concept Jeep vehicles for the upcoming Easter Jeep Safari, taking place in Moab, Utah, April 12-20.  The Jeep Wrangler MOJO and the Jeep Cherokee Dakar are two of the six new vehicles that will head to Moab.  Look for more information and images on these vehicles next week.

Possibly one of our favorite times of year is right around the corner — the Moab Easter Safari. Taking place in the mountains of Utah, this annual event combines Jeep personnel and enthusiasts in an off-road trek for the ages. And of course, every year Jeep has something special to show off.

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