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This Could be the Ford Steering Wheel of the Future


Earlier this year, a competition held by Italy’s Auto & Design Magazine presented amateur designers and students with a bold challenge: shape the steering wheel of the future. The prize? The winner earns the opportunity to spend a day with Ford engineers at the firm’s Cologne Design Center in Germany. Continue Reading »

Could a New Mitsubishi 3000GT Save the Brand?

Mitsubishi 3000GT Photos

Mitsubishi’s struggles are well-documented. But a rebirth of the 3000GT could possibly renew interest in the besieged brand.

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Does the World Need a Mini Rolls-Royce?


Ever wondered what a tiny Rolls-Royce would look like? It’s your lucky day. Continue Reading »

Ford Fusion/Mondeo ST Rendering Makes Us Drool


You probably already know that the Ford Mondeo is the European version of our Ford Fusion. You also probably already know that the current Fusion has been well-received by the press in part because of its solid driving dynamics.

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Volvo XC90 Rendered as a Pickup; We’re in Love


Last week, we were bumping elbows with the Volvo higher-ups in Stockholm, trying to get the inside scoop on all the intricacies of the new XC90 SUV. And while there were plenty of juicy details to go around, we didn’t overhear any talk of this wonderful design, sadly. Continue Reading »

Stunning Render Drops the BMW i8 into Blade Runner [w/Video]


I’ll pose the question to you, “Is there anything better than a new car render?” Think about it. The designs push every conceivable limitation, inspire us to stretch our style choices and perceptions, and if nobody likes it – it never has to exist beyond the concept.

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1,200HP Ferrari F80 Supercar Could Hit 310MPH…If It Were Real

Ferrari F80 Concept 2

I’m sure most of you are still in awe at the amazing engineering feat that is the Ferrari LaFerrari. But c’mon, we all can’t help but wonder what the successor to that amazing car is going to be. One designer shared our sentiment.

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Designer Stelu Harsan’s Striking Concepts, Inspiration, and Story: Interview


When it comes to crafting and molding concept cars, some designers stick to one shape and tend to repeat it over and over – a process that has given the world some iconic shapes, albeit recognizable ones. Boring.

However, some designers dig a little bit deeper and push the conventions of automotive design in directions less concerned with what can be done for today, but what should be done for tomorrow. Romanian designer Stelu Harsan is one of those forward thinkers, responsible for penning some truly striking designs, so we wanted to pick his brain and see what went into the whole design process. Continue Reading »

Model III: Tesla’s 3-Series Fighter will Arrive in 2017


With cars like the Mazda3 and the Audi A3, the auto industry surely isn’t short on nameplates that include the third digit. Tesla can claim to be the latest entry with its new Model III electric sports sedan, which takes aim at perhaps the most renowned ‘3’ of all time – the BMW 3 Series. Continue Reading »

Nissan 2020 GT Concept Covered in Awesome Racing Livery

GT2020 nissan (1)

Nissan debuted its virtual supercar the 2020 GT Concept last month in Goodwood — and it was pretty. Problem is, we’ll never see this beautiful thing on the road or the track in real life. But we can dream, with a custom livery done up by YasidDesign.

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