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Mercedes GLE Gets an Epic Jurassic World Makeover

Jurassic World Mercedes GLE photo

If you’re as much of a Jurassic Park nerd as I am, you should be pretty excited about the new Jurassic World film, coming this June. As with any previous Jurassic Park, there’s bound to be some pretty sweet cars. And even a Triumph.

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This is the Acura NSX Type R the World Needs

Acura NSX Type R

Holy moly — just when you thought the new Acura NSX couldn’t get any prettier, someone up and did exactly that. This is what an Acura NSX Type R would look like if it happens. And if we’re to believe a few early rumors, it actually might.

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New Ford GT Rendered in Gulf Livery Because of Course

Ford GT Gulf Livery Yassid Design photo

It’s been two days since the new Ford GT came out in Detroit, and collectively, everyone’s first thought was, “let’s cover it in Gulf livery!” Thankfully, the internet obliged, and a few handsome examples were released for us to all drool over.

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Buick Turns Heads in Detroit with Avenir and Cascada

Buick Avenir concept photo

If you haven’t taken a look at the happenings over at Buick, you might want to have a peak. This week, Buick introduced two new eye-catching models at the Detroit Auto Show: the very-much-still-a-concept Avenir, and the on-sale-soon Cascada convertible. Internet, what do you think? Continue Reading »

Snow Crawler Concept Could Be the Ultimate Winter Ride


Snowmobiles are fun, aren’t they? Problem is, I hate winter and am a complete wuss when it comes to anything involving cold weather or snow. This Snow Crawler concept, then, solves that dilemma simply but brilliantly, marrying the capability and driving experience of a snowmobile with the protection of a closed automobile.
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Shelby GT350R, Ford Focus RS Might Look This Good

2016 Ford Shelby GTR 350 photo

This year’s North American International Auto Show is kicking off on Monday, and we can already safely say that it will be all about Ford. Not only are there rumors that Ford’s debuting a new GT40, but also a new Raptor, a Shelby GT350R, and the all-new for America Focus RS.

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Jaguar, Please Build This Insanely Gorgeous Le Mans Racer

Jaguar LeMans Concept rendering

It seems like Jaguar, as of late, has been “nostalgia-ing” pretty hard on its racing history. A prime example of that would be the wonderful Project 7 we saw last year. But what if Jag really wanted to push the racing envelope? Maybe make a return to Le Mans? This is how they should do it.

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Cadillac Ciel Gets A Starring Role in ‘Entourage’ Movie

Cadillac Ciel Entourage photo

If you’ve been a fan of Entourage since the beginning, then this has to be pretty exciting. The crew is getting back together for an appearance on the big screen — and they’re doing it in style.

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BMW i9 Design Concept Looks Like Something From the Future

bmw i9 carlos aliaga concept photo

Rumors of a high-powered BMW supercar, slotted directly above the techy i8, have been floating around for a while now. However, we’ve yet to hear any conclusive evidence as to its arrival. For some Bimmer fans, that “maybe” just isn’t good enough. Continue Reading »

Behold! The Rendered Cadillac CTS-V Coupe


Well that was fast. Mere hours after the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V broke cover, the render artists at X-Tomi Design had successfully transformed the bombastic 640-horsepower four-door into a…well…bombastic 640hp two-door coupe. And this is it!  Continue Reading »