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Sport Coupé Concept GTE Previews Future VW Design, Feels Familiar

VW sport coupe concept photo

Goodbye CC, hello Sport Coupé Concept GTE. OK, so this isn’t the final car that’s going to replace the CC, but it’s the concept that will lead to the car that will eventually take its place. What you’re looking at is also the vehicle Volkswagen claims marks the beginning of a new design era for the German automaker.

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Nissan Sway Brings Handsome Design to the Microcar Lineup


Have you seen the new Nissan Murano? How about the Maxima that debuted during the Super Bowl? Those are pretty darn sharp-looking vehicles, and the company’s creased and wavy future is continuing at the Geneva Motor Show with this Sway Concept, a mini that will likely be the replacement for the Euro Micra. Continue Reading »

2016 Audi R8 Looks Even Better as a Spyder


Whichever way you look at it, Audi has stuck to its guns with the all-new 2016 R8. The firm has refined the car’s bodywork, upped its power, and trimmed the fat – all important ingredients in the supercar recipe. But Audi’s decision not to overly revolutionize the R8 has left some fans wanting more.  Continue Reading »

This Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Rendering Will Leave You Drooling

Mercedes AMG Hypercar rendering

Imagine a world where every automaker built a 900-horsepower hypercar. It would just be a better place. One of those marques would be Mercedes-Benz — more specifically Mercedes-AMG — and said hypercar in question would hopefully look something like this. Continue Reading »

398HP Clubman GT is the Meanest Mini You’ll Ever See


The standard Mini Clubman isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and we get it. The stretched hatchback look is a hard one to pull off. But the Mini brand’s latest iteration might just be thing that lights your Clubman fire. It’s called the Clubman Vision Gran Turismo. It’s currently available for digital download on Gran Turismo 6, and you’ll notice one thing immediately – it looks absolutely mean.  Continue Reading »

Here’s Proof That Gulf Livery Looks Good on Anything

Gulf engine

Maybe you’re a fan of the Gulf Ford GT 40— I mean, who isn’t? There’s something about that powder blue and orange together that gets race fans and car fans alike thinking dirty thoughts. To further my point, here’s what Gulf livery on just an engine. Still looks freakin’ great. Continue Reading »

The 1959 Cadillac Cyclone Was Harley Earl’s Final Triumph

Cadillac Cyclone 2

It was the late 1950s, and Harley Earl’s tenure as head of General Motors’ style department was drawing to a close. What began in 1938 with the Buick Y-Job would end with the 1959 Cadillac Cyclone; the last of his concept vehicles to be built. Like all of his creations, it would feature both stunning design and a bevy of futuristic features that would confirm Earl’s place as one of the great visionaries of automotive history.

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Ken Block Ford Focus RS Rally Car Looks Insanely Cool

Ken Block Focus RS photo

Ken Block— the man, the myth, the legend. When he’s not messing around in his Ford Fiesta rally car, he’s either putting his Ford RaptorTRAX through an avalanche or driving his all-wheel drive Ford Mustang around LA. What a life.

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Nissan Chops the Top on its 370Z Nismo


Until now, if you were looking to shop the Nissan lineup for a hardcore, sport-tuned convertible – you could climb only as high as the 370Z Roadster Touring Sport, good for 332 horsepower and a zippy jaunt on winding roads.

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Kia Trail’ster Hybrid Makes Off-Roading More Adorable

Trail'ster Concept

Fact: everyone loves the little Jeep Renegade. Not only can you practically fit it in your pocket, but it can also conquer some of the toughest terrain around. But Kia wants to get in on the adorable off-roader game too. Continue Reading »