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Shelby is Selling Some of its Rarest Concept Cars and Prototypes


Every time a specialty automaker creates a new line of performance vehicles, there’s always a car used to initiate the process and jump-start development. These prototypes and concept cars are rarely sold, many times hidden away in storage, and unfortunately sometimes even dismantled or crushed. Continue Reading »

This U2 Toyota Concept Car is Van-Tastic


No, it’s not a nod to Toyota’s favorite Irish rock band, nor a tribute to the similarly named Cold War era spy plane. This U2 Toyota concept vehicle, pronounced “U Squared,” is instead Toyota’s futuristic vision for urban utility vehicles.  Continue Reading »

Qatar Gets its First Concept Car, Though its Looks are Polarizing


In recent years, the Persian Gulf has enjoyed a boom of startup boutique car manufacturers. The largest, Dubai’s W Motors, even caught substantial screen time in Furious 7 with its $3.4 million Lykan Hypersport supercar. Now it’s Qatar’s turn, and this is the first concept car born unto the small Gulf state. Meet the Elibriea concept. Continue Reading »

SOL.E Concept Car Proves a Sustainable Future Doesn’t Have to be Boring


The future of transportation isn’t exactly a picture painted in black and white. The complexities of autonomous vehicles and sustainability leave experts and automakers all scratching their heads. But if the future were left in the hands of designer Adam Carvalho, things at least might be a bit more…interesting. Continue Reading »

A Shoe Company Created This Strangely Beautiful “Lamborghini” Concept Car


If you follow all the latest auto show and concept car news, the following detail won’t exactly surprise you—shoe companies generally don’t build concept cars. You don’t see Nike touting athletic SUVs nor Adidas pushing soccer-themed sports cars.  Continue Reading »

The Edgy Acura Precision Concept is a Geometry Professor’s Fantasy


You would think that with all the harsh criticism surrounding Acura’s design language in recent years, that the Japanese marque might want to tone things down a bit. But for the Detroit Auto Show, Acura designers actually did the opposite—and it actually might have worked in its favor. Continue Reading »

Buick Brings the Heat With the 400-HP Avista Sports Coupe Concept


There comes a time in every marque’s timeline that calls for change. For Buick, that change comes in the form of a 400-horsepower, twin-turbo luxury coupe. This is the Avista coupe concept, and it’s probably the sexiest thing we’ve ever seen from the luxury automaker in recent history. Continue Reading »

New Buick Sports Car Concept Aims to Attract Younger Buyers

2007 Buick Riviera Concept Coupe

We’re expecting a full onslaught from American luxury manufacturer Buick when the 2016 North American International Auto Show rolls out next week. But one thing we didn’t expect was the announcement of a sporty coupe. Consider our interests piqued. Continue Reading »

The Firebird IV Was GM’s Idea of an Autonomous Future: Weird Car of the Week


Throughout the 1950s and ‘60s, automotive futurism was at its height. The beginning of the space race had designers and engineers looking towards the sky for inspiration. The GM Firebird concept was one of the many concept cars of the time to take the design cues from our astronomical aspirations. But it wasn’t until 1964 that the space agenda and forward-thinking finally converged into one weird and wonderful concept: the GM Firebird IV. Continue Reading »

5 Things to Know About Rinspeed’s Self-Driving BMW i8


The BMW i8 has long been billed as a “car of the future,” what with its hybrid powertrain, infusion of carbon fiber, and stellar sports car performance. But now, thanks to a bit of fettling by the forward-thinking folks at Rinspeed…it really is a car of tomorrow.  Continue Reading »