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Jaguar XK Reborn As a Refined 600HP Sports Car

Jaguar Envision XK

Jaguar has officially said goodbye to its longstanding XK. After almost 20 years on the market, the XK became a benchmark for Jag in both longevity, and eventually performance. But you shouldn’t be sad, because one designer thinks the XK deserves to live on with a radical new look. Continue Reading »

Can You Believe This Amazing Ford Concept Car is 14 Years Old?


Concept cars tend to have a very, very short lifespan. Most look striking for a year, but after a decade on, the shapes begin to show their age worse than half-priced plastic surgery. This stunning specimen from the Ford Motor Company is not one of those however.  Continue Reading »

Weird Car of the Week: This Pontiac SUV Concept Was the Better Aztek


More often than not, the Pontiac Aztek is looked upon with a vitriol reserved for only the worst things in life. We won’t go as far however— it was edgy, it simply just wasn’t a great car.  Continue Reading »

Nobody Built ‘80s Concept Cars Better Than Pontiac


To some it may seem like just yesterday. 2015 will mark six years since the belts stopped whirring on the Pontiac production line. Six years since you could order a brand new Solstice roadster, six years past a fresh-faced G8 muscle sedan.  Continue Reading »

BMW Path 22 Takes Surfer Style to The Road

BMW Path 2 Front

BMW has introduced a new concept motorcycle that offers a unique take on the R Nine T with a very specific audience in mind. The bike is called the Path 22 and it’s designed to appeal to surfers with a very retro ’50s style. The scramblers of the 1950s were modified with deep-treaded tires, increased spring travel, and raised exhausts to better suit them to rugged off-road use. BMW aimed to recapture this unique style with the Path 22. Continue Reading »

707HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat Wagon is Beyond Cool — But Will It Happen?

Hellcat Wagon 2

It seems like every day, at least one of us are talking about how wagons need to make a comeback. Wagons are the only way to have practicality and good looks, IMO. But when it comes to actually forking over our own hard earned pittance of a salary— consumers typically go for SUVs and crossovers. Continue Reading »

This Off-Road Alfa Romeo Concept Was Designed for the Dunes

Off Road Alfa

To my knowledge, Alfa Romeo has never built an SUV designed specifically for off-roading. They’ve had a number of rally cars, sure, but one could only imagine a 4×4 wearing the Alfa badge and trekking through the dirt and mud. Until now… Continue Reading »

Here’s What Happens When You Combine a Challenger, Camaro and Mustang


Dodge, Chevrolet and Ford muscle car fans, perhaps it’s best to avert your eyes. Your most hallowed muscle cars – these temples of performance, unwavering bastions of burnouts – have been rendered and cross-bred into one profane Challenger-Camaro-Mustang amalgam.  Continue Reading »

A 15-Year-Old Created This Amazing 800HP ‘Baby’ Koenigsegg


With pictures of Ferraris and Lamborghinis lining their bedroom walls (or smartphone screens), many 15-year-olds dream of one day designing their own car. Bangkok teenager Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa can count himself among that group, except for one minor detail. He already does.  Continue Reading »

Weird Car of the Week: The Citroen That Was Designed for Mimes

Citroen Kar-A-Sutra

Go ahead, take a second to soak in all the weirdness that you’re seeing at this very moment. Yes, that is a Citroen. Yes, those are mimes. And yes, this car does sound like it was named after the ancient Indian book on modern sexuality (Kama Sutra). Continue Reading »