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Alpine Celebration 36 Concept Honors Racing Heritage, Past and Present


The storied Renault Alpine is back, at least in concept form. The iconic sports car that dominated rally and road racing for a number of years, was nostalgically revived in 2012 (as a concept), in 2015 (as a concept again), and closer to production in 2016, much to the excitement of the enthusiast community. Continue Reading »

This Small, Saab SUV Could Have Saved the Brand


China; that’s where Saab is right now. The former Swedish sweetheart went the way of the dodo, only to be revived by some Chinese businessmen with aspirations of an all-electric future and stacks upon stacks of cash (which has yet to come to fruition, mind you). Continue Reading »

Volvo Just Unveiled Two Stunning New Small Cars

The_Future_Of_Volvo_Cars (1)

That’s right, “stunning.” Only a handful of Volvo vehicles can fall into that category, and the two concepts you see before you do. Meet the not-so-originally named Volvo 40.1 crossover concept, and the Volvo 40.2 hatch-sedan; both will be coming to the Volvo lineup in the next few years. Continue Reading »

2020 Ford Mustang: A Pony Car for the People, And the Track


Love it or hate it, the Ford Mustang is one of the most beloved sports cars/muscle cars of all time. Over 122,000 were sold in the U.S. in 2015, and the company is on par to move a similar amount of vehicles this year. Not to mention the pony car’s newfound success across the pond. Continue Reading »

Toyota GT 86 Wagon Concept Wows in More Ways Than One

Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept

The Toyota GT 86 is a car designed to turn heads, what with its sleek lines and stunning profile. But prepare to have your neck broken by the latest creation Toyota Australia just came up with. A shooting brake—or as us Americans call it, a wagon—variant of the Toyota GT 86 sports coupe. Continue Reading »

Chevrolet ‘Jolt’ Makes the Case For An Affordable Electric Coupe

TRU 140S, one of Chevrolet's concept vehicles from the 2012 North American International Auto Show is a front-wheel-drive, “affordable exotic” four-seat sporty coupe. The sleek, sculptural, three door hatchback TRU 140S was designed to be an attractive yet affordable sports car. Shown with matte white with Chevy performance chrome wheels with crossflag emblems, the TRU 140S looks confident, expensive and fast.

Yesterday someone with too much time on their hands launched a website dedicated to the new Chevrolet Jolt EV (ChevyJoltEV.com). One problem: the Chevrolet Jolt EV doesn’t exist, it’s a clever idea thought up by a marketing guy—that doesn’t work for Chevy, mind you—in hopes that execs would see his plea and immediately order the project. Continue Reading »

This is the 1,200-HP Ferrari Hypercar of the Future


The Ferrari LaFerrari is a $1.4 million, 959-horsepower piece of engineering genius. It’s a worthy successor to the Enzo, and one of the most talked about cars of the past few years. But when it’s gone, something will need to step in its place. The Ferrari F80 Raeli concept could be that successor. Continue Reading »

The GM Aerotrain: A Project Gone off the Rails


What’s longer than a football field, made by General Motors but rarer than a Bugatti, and lives an unloved life in middle America? The GM Aerotrain. While we only get fleeting glimpses at concept cars from the American auto giant before most of them are whisked away to the Heritage Collection warehouse, two concept trains from the 1950s are substantially more accessible. Continue Reading »

The 7 Strangest Audi Concept Cars Ever Built

Audi urban concept Spyder/Standaufnahme

Simplistic; modern; beautiful. These three words are often used to describe Audi’s sense of style. Dull could be another one, in this writer’s opinion. But it wasn’t always that way… Continue Reading »

Space Racing Doesn’t Seem That Far Away With This Concept


There are plenty of reasons you should be excited about the future; hoverboards and self-tying shoes, for example. Aside from these trivial commodities, ease of space travel should make for an exciting new racing series that will, quite literally, traverse planets and galaxies. At least, that’s the thinking. Continue Reading »