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Suzuki Unveils Three Fun and Functional Concept Cars


The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show doesn’t kick off for another month, but that didn’t stop one of Japan’s smaller automakers from teasing three of its new concept cars ahead of the event.  Continue Reading »

Ducati-Powered Track Car is Everything You Hoped It Would Be


Ducati builds amazing bikes. Ariel builds an amazing track car in the Atom. So why has no one had the sense enough to combine the two into one amazing vehicle? Designer Tamas Jakus then, is a visionary—deciding that Ducati and Ariel need to be one. Continue Reading »

This Incredible Concept Transforms from Hatchback to Convertible


If you’re a car buyer, the decision between hatchback and convertible is a tough one. On one hand, you enjoy the usability and efficiency of a hatchback. On the other, you take delight in the open-air freedom of a convertible. But who said you have to settle for just one? Continue Reading »

Did You Know? Jay Leno Built a Jet-Powered Supercar


Late night funnyman Jay Leno presides over one heck of a car collection, featuring hallowed marques like Bentley, Maserati, and Bugatti. But one of the most interesting cars in his garage is one he built; a turbine-engine jet car.  Continue Reading »

These 5 Sports Cars Rendered As Wagons Will Leave You Drooling


Wagons; you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. For the enthusiast community, the general consensus is the former. Then there are shooting brakes, that graft a wagon back to a coupe. What if some of your favorite sports cars got turned into these gorgeous three-door shooting brakes? Thankfully, we have an answer to that question. Continue Reading »

Honda’s New Project 2&4 Concept Will Be Part Car, Part Motorcycle

honda-project-24 copy

There’s something brewing over at Honda. With the introduction of a sportier-looking Civic, and the announcement of a U.S.-bound Type-R, Honda might have gotten its mojo back. But we’ll wait to see what Project 2&4 is before we say anything for sure. Continue Reading »

Kalahari Edition: An ’02 Land Rover That Begs for Adventure


Beginning in 1996, Land Rover North America initiated its “TReK” challenge, a multi-day off-road competition between dealerships. It provided sales staff with hands-on vehicle training and a muddy way to build the team. The vehicles of choice? Specially-built Land Rover Discovery TReK competition models.

Continue Reading »

Lamborghini Might Finally Build a McLaren P1 Fighter

Dialoge ? das Audi-Technologiemagazin 1/2013

The McLaren P1, Porsche 918, and Ferrari LaFerrari are three of the most significant hypercars to hit the market in the past few years—what with their 900+ horsepower and 220mph+ top speeds. But one player that’s been noticeably absent from the hypercar race is Lamborghini. Continue Reading »

Hyundai Vision G Concept Previews a Pretty Future for the Genesis

Vision G Coupe Concept

Already, Hyundai has a well-equipped, handsome-looking luxury sedan in the new Genesis. It’s almost like the Korean alternative to the BMW 5 Series. But in order to luxe’ things up even further, Hyundai designers gave the Genesis a more eye-catching makeover for Pebble Beach. Continue Reading »

Futuristic Audi Union Concept Relives Cars of Racing Past

Audi Concept 11

Throughout the 1930s, the single-seat Auto Union race cars were some of the most amazing looking machines on the track—and also some of the most successful. The racers took home 25 victories between 1935 and 1937 alone, and even nearly broke 200 mph. Continue Reading »