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Spring Break 1984: The Last Time Regular Kids Drove Cool Cars

Coed Cutlass

Drive by a high school parking lot today and it’s full of SUVs and Camrys. Back in the 1980s, though, high school and college parking lots were jam-packed full of cool cars, driven by kids who weren’t satisfied with driving their mom’s Satellite sedan. See, in the 1980s, kids had these things called “part time jobs” in order “pay for their own stuff.” For a couple of grand, you could drive something interesting. And nowhere did more of those cars come out than Daytona Beach, Florida during Spring Break. Both the Sun-Sentinel and a photographer named W. Keith McManus documented Spring Break in the 1980s with photo essays.

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Adieu, Fifth Generation Mustang

photo 1

With the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, we thought we’d give one last BoldRide shout out to the fifth generation Mustang. We drove a 2013 GT in Gotta Have It Green last week, and it reaffirms why the Mustang has been so popular for the last five decades.

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Mad Men Season 7: What Automotive History Holds for This Season


If you’re a Mad Men viewer, you know that cars and automotive history have a lot to do with the show’s plotline. In the last six seasons, the ad agencies run by Roger Sterling, Don Draper and the rest of the ensemble cast have won accounts at two major auto manufacturers: Jaguar and Chevrolet. When we left off in Season 6, Pete Campbell takes the Chevy account over from Ken Cosgrove, who was accidentally shot in the face by a Chevy executive on a hunting trip, Dick Cheney-style. What’s coming in Season 7? Here’s BoldRide‘s guess, because details on the upcoming season are predictably under lock and key:

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Auction Car of the Week: Monkeemobile Replica


In recent months, we gave you the rundown on the real Monkeemobile and a short history of George Barris’s proclivities. Now we’ve got a Monkeemobile replica up for auction, and it holds a pretty interesting connection with the Dean Jeffries, the original builder. This Monkeemobile is up for sale in Morriston, Florida, with a Buy-It-Now price of $60,000.

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10 Awesome DIY(ish) Automotive Furniture Projects

GMC Bench

Yeah, you can probably grab a copy of the SkyMall Catalog, drop a grand and have yourself a nifty 1957 Chevy couch by the end of the week, but where’s the fun in that? We like DIY stuff that costs just as much, takes six times as long and skins a few knuckles along the way. Here are 10 projects that people with nothing more than an angle grinder and a dream took on:

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Your Ride: 1968 Plymouth Fury III

Plymouth Fury III 5

One of our readers, Joe, sent us photos of his stunning 1968 Plymouth Fury III. Built from the ground up, this bold classic defines one man’s love for his American muscle car. Read the full story below:

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Auction Car of the Week: 1952 Woodill Wildfire

$_4Three things we know about the immediate post-war period in the United States: One, sports cars were hot. Two, you could make anything out of fiberglass. Three, if you sold a brand that didn’t have a sports car, you made one yourself. That’s the story behind the Woodill Wildfire, a unique sports car based on a custom hot rod chassis and Willys running gear. It’s credited with being the first complete fiberglass car sold in the United States. This 1952 Woodill Wildfire is up for sale in New Jersey.

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Classic Car Values: It’s Worth What Someone Pays For it


When you’re laying out your hard-earned cash for a new car, you can be fairly confident that you’re either getting a decent deal or you’re being screwed over. Invoice price — and even things like holdback — are readily available on the internet. The price for vintage cars, though? There’s really no such thing as a single source for hard and fast value, especially when two rich guys get fighting over one car at an auction. It’s a combination of numbers, and even then, there’s no guarantee they’re correct. Here’s a primer on how we come up with a best guess when we’re shopping for our own vintage cars.

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A Short History of the Convertible

Model T Convertible

The open-top car is considered one of the greatest innovations in automotive history. This, however, isn’t quite true. In fact, the first automobiles were all open-topped. A prime example is Henry Ford’s 1896 Quadricyle, which, like virtually every motor vehicle of the time, followed the design of horse-drawn carriages. In those days, if you were driving and wanted to get out of the weather, you either fashioned some sort of makeshift cover or parked under a tree. This did nothing to make the automobile more practical for everyday Americans.

PHOTOS: See more of Henry Ford’s Quadricyle here

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Your Ride: 1976 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray


As we often do, we received a message in our inbox regarding a beautiful classic Corvette. It was from our reader Gregg P., who wanted to show off his stunning sportscar to the online world. But Greg’s story was a little different from our average submission, it was a story  of friendship and family, and a Corvette that was more than just a car to him. And it tugged at our automotive heartstrings.

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