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8 Classic Cars the World is Glad to Have Back

Challenger History

Cars are generally regarded to be pretty tough. But between taking the brunt of a crash or conquering Earth’s most remote places, no amount of toughness can save a car from the end of its production run — and that’s somewhat sad.  Continue Reading »

Watch a Corvette Z06 vs Challenger Hellcat vs Mustang Shelby GT500

Challenger Hellcat challenge photo

It’s a tempting idea to put three iconic American cars against each other on the open highway… and that’s exactly what the owners of these three cars decided to do. The vehicles are a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, and 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Continue Reading »

This is the Nicest Chevy Corvair Van We’ve Ever Seen


The Chevrolet Corvair hearkens to an interesting time in General Motors history. While we won’t get into the politics of its safety, a la 1965′s Unsafe at Any Speed, it is undeniable that the rear-engined Corvair helped American motorists get from their big ’50s sedans into much smaller and sportier compact cars. Continue Reading »

Ken Lingenfelter Takes Us Behind the Scenes in Chicago [W/Video]

Ken Lingenfelter C7 corvette photo

Everything GM that Lingenfelter Performance Engineering touches turns to performance gold. The man with that Midas touch is its owner Ken Lingenfelter. We managed to catch up with Ken to learn a little bit more about his all-new Corvette Stingray. If you’re heading to McCormick place, the Lingenfelter display is not one to miss. Continue Reading »

Clutch Cars: A Look at Some of Michael Jordan’s Coolest Rides


For sports fans — basketball fans in particular — this is a day to celebrate. Today, February 17, Michael Jeffrey Jordan turns 52. It’s been 12 years since MJ was on the court, and yet, not a day goes by when his name doesn’t come up in basketball conversations. He is the greatest ever, plain and simple. But his excellence extends off the court.

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10 Cars That Won’t Get You a Date This Valentine’s Day

Hummer H3 photo

Chances are, unless you already have a spouse, significant other, a bae, or whatever, you’re going to need all the luck you can find today in order to lock down a date for tonight. It’s Valentine’s Day, people. Unfortunately, if you’re driving any one of these vehicles you probably won’t be getting to second base anytime soon. Or first, for that matter.

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Watch How GM Builds its Most Powerful Corvette Engine


In evolutionary terms, the latest C7 Corvette is the best of its breed – faster, more powerful, and arguably better looking than a number of its forefathers. Understandably, the whirring bits underneath the hood have a good deal to do with that, perhaps none more so than the LT4 V8 stuffed inside the raucous 2015 Corvette Z06Continue Reading »

Tom Brady Gave His MVP Chevrolet Colorado to Malcolm Butler


This isn’t surprising at all. As previously outlined, Tom Brady already has a fine stable of automobiles. So when he was awarded a brand new Chevrolet Colorado to go with his Super Bowl MVP trophy, the masses agreed that he should just do the right thing and give 24-year-old rookie Malcolm Butler, who made the game-saving interception in the Super Bowl, the truck. And he did.

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6 Cars That Deserve A Grammy

Lexus LFA grammy photo

Last night was the Grammys. According to the Internet, Beyonce won some things, and Iggy Azalea looked like she skinned a Smurf. Nevertheless, some of music’s best and brightest got together to take home some awards. But here’s a question: why can’t cars win Grammys?

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Recruiters Offered NFL Star Michael Irvin a Camaro While in High School

Camaro IROC

National signing day was this week, and, yes, Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus announced he’s going to play alongside Diddy’s son at UCLA. To talk about the recruits, the recruitment process, and the Super Bowl, all-time great Michael Irvin hit up the Dan Patrick Show for a quick interview. Near the end, Patrick asked Irvin a question that could apply to just about every single sought-after high school athlete: “No names here, best offer you ever got from a school was what?” Irvin’s straight answer: “A Camaro.”

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