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Looking to Swap Your Lease? Go Gray

gray 2015 chevrolet camaro lease photo

If you’re driving a brand new car, there’s a good chance you leased it. In fact, there’s about a one in four chance (new car leasing accounts for around 25 percent of the market). Couple that with longer lease terms and inherently that means more folks looking to get out of their leases early, which raises an interesting question.  Continue Reading »

5 Best Pickup Trucks to Beat the Blizzard


Brace yourself: a blizzard is coming. If you live in the Northeast, we suggest you stay indoors and make sure your liquor cabinet is properly stocked. It’s going to be a doozy. But if you absolutely have to make your way around town, might we suggest these 5 pickups as acceptable modes of transportation.

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Mustang Shelby GT350R Laps ‘Ring Faster than Camaro Z/28?

Shelby GT350R Mustang photo

For decades, American car companies have been more concerned with quarter-miles than they have Nürburging lap times. But as cars like the Camaro and Mustang evolve, so do their racing DNA. And here and now in 2015, the Nürburgring is pretty important to automakers.

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The 1968 Camaro That Gave its Owner a Job

1968 camaro got the job photo

As kids, many of us dream of muscle car ownership and have high-octane fantasies. Some of us even save up endlessly for a classic project car of our own, most of the time monetarily ruinous and usually wrought to within an inch of its life. Adam Martin was one of those kids and in the mid ’90s he spent his hard-earned pizza-making money on a rough-around-the-edges 1968 CamaroContinue Reading »

Watch a Dodge Viper TA Drag Race a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Corvette vs Viper

The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is the ‘it’ car of the moment, so obviously, everyone wants to see how it stands up to the competition. This time, it’s a Dodge Viper TA — aka, the race version of Dodge’s V10 machine.

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6-Year-Old Petitions For Return of the Chevy El Camino

El Camino

Some kids write letters to Santa, others to the Tooth Fairy, but one boy wrote a letter and created an online petition to get GM CEO Mary Barra building the Chevrolet El Camino again. He’s only 6-years-old, believe it or not, but Rafael Barkan really likes cars and the El Camino is one of his all-time favorites.

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Check Out the Winning Cars of NFL Stars

Aaron Rodgers Camaro photo

Today the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts face off in the AFC championship game while the Seattle Seahawks meet the Green Bay Packers for the NFC title. But forget football for a minute. What are the cars that these NFL superstars drive? Continue Reading »

Dale Earnhardt Jr is Selling His Bel Air and Corvette on eBay


It’s not everyday that a NASCAR legend posts his personal cars up for sale on eBay. But today is that day, and none other than Dale Earnhardt Jr is that legend. The 2014 Daytona 500 winner posted up two cars from his rarified collection – a 1999 Callaway Corvette C12 and his custom-built 1955 Chevy Bel Air – and as it is on eBay, you could be the next owner.  Continue Reading »

Prior Design Gives the Corvette Stingray a Menacing Makeover

Prior Design Wide Body Corvette

Prior Design usually creates widebody kits for European cars from BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz AMG. But this time, they’ve taken on something more American. They’ve had their way with the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7 and given it a complete makeover both inside and out.

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Watch a 2015 Hennessey Corvette Blitz the Quarter Mile


You don’t hear many people complaining that the C7 Corvette isn’t fast enough, and for good reason. The lowest priced Stingray rockets from zero to 60 mph in an eye-watering 3.8 seconds. But the folks at Hennessey Performance like to do better, so they strapped a few bits on this 2015 C7 Stingray, reconfigured its brain, and shot it down the drag strip.  Continue Reading »