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1969 Yenko Chevy Nova Could Go For Big Bucks at Auction

1969 yenko chevrolet nova photo

In the 1960s, if you needed a muscle car that could put other street machines to shame, you went to see Don Yenko. The Pennsylvania racer and Chevrolet dealership owner gained notoriety for turning already potent Camaros and Chevelles into 427ci-powered beasts.  Continue Reading »

The Myth of Classic American Cars in Cuba

American cars in Cuba photo

Amidst all the excitement over the normalization of relations with Cuba is the myth of American cars in Cuba. Many Americans assume that they’ll be able to snap up some pristine Chevy Bel Air. In reality, you’re not going to be able to find “like-new” cars from the ‘50s down there. Continue Reading »

Watch a Valet in a Corvette Do 50MPH in a Parking Garage

Corvette PDR Valet

It really was just a matter of time before some valet got caught messing around behind the wheel of a new Corvette. It was also just a matter of time before that valet got totally busted thanks to the Performance Data Recorder (PDR).

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Future Chevy Cars Will Adopt Corvette Styling

chevrolet corvette c7 front photo

Certain car brands evoke an impression of high-performance and speed, no matter how far down the company lineup you travel. The current lower, or at least more frugal, offerings from Chevrolet don’t exactly conjure up thoughts of tire-smoking Corvettes or Camaros. However that’s apparently about to change.  Continue Reading »

The 2016 Chevy Camaro Will Be Much Lighter

Camaro Z28 Review 3

There’s no denying that cars are getting heavier and heavier. Most of this extra weight comes from increased safety standards and technological advances. But some companies are setting out to make their sportscars lighter. Case in point: GM product boss Mark Russ says the upcoming Chevrolet Camaro will be lighter than the one it’s replacing.

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10 Car of the Year Awards from Around the Internet


Car of the Year awards are like opinions (and an orifice we can’t mention) — every organization has one. It’s really surprising how much they can vary. Continue Reading »

Hellcat, Z/28 and Mustang GT Battle it out For Superiority

Hellcat vs Z28 vs GT

What a wonderful time to be alive. Dodge is building the most powerful muscle car ever, Chevy is building a Camaro specifically for the track, and Ford continues to improve upon its Mustang GT. All three of these cars bring with them something unique (and powerful) to the table.

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7 Car Museums You Can Visit on Google Maps

rsz lamborghini museum photo

Want to visit your favorite car museum but don’t want to put on any pants? Don’t worry, Google Maps has got you covered. Because now you can take virtual tours of some of the world’s most amazing car museums from the comfort of your own home.

Ferrari, Lamborghini, even the Corvette museum, all at your fingertips. Check ‘em out here:

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Classic Mustang or Classic Camaro: Which Would You Buy?

Classic mustang photo

The automotive world is privy to its fair share of rivalries, but perhaps none have captivated fans and owners quite like the age-old Mustang vs. Camaro match-up. Across nearly five decades of mostly uninterrupted wheel-to-wheel battle, the two rear-drive pony cars have cemented themselves a spot – if not the top spot – in the muscle car history books. Continue Reading »

Chevrolet Debuts Limited Edition Camaro RS In China

Chinese Camaro Spring Edition photo

General Motors brought 32 cars from its Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac brands to the 12th Guangzhou International Auto Show in China, but one debut stood out above the rest. It chose this show to reveal a Chinese version of the Camaro. The 2015 Chevy Camaro RS Limited Edition took the stage with changes to its appearance that are in keeping with its performance nature.

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