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April Fools: 10 New Cars That Aren’t Actually Real


That inevitable day has finally arrived – April Fools’ Day 2015. Don’t trust your coworkers, don’t trust your family, and apparently… don’t trust some of the world’s largest automakers. Take a look at some of the car pranks these industrial powerhouses came up with for 2015. Yes, we’re sad some of these aren’t real either.  Continue Reading »

Ford and Chevrolet Co-Developing Track-Only Hypercar [UPDATE]

Ford Chevy Hypercar 2

Good Lord Almighty, what is the world coming to? Where McLaren has the P1 GTR and Aston Martin has the Vulcan, Ford and Chevy are working together on something they both lack in their lineup: a hypercar. More specifically, a hypercar for the track. Continue Reading »

Listen to the Corvette Z06, Shelby GT500, and Hellcat Have a Rev-Off


Unless you have some preconceived allegiances to a specific car brand, which you very well may have, picking a winner out of today’s V8 sports and muscle car crop is a tough ask. The high powered segments include stunners like the hardcore Camaro Z/28 and Challenger Hellcat, with styling, horsepower, torque rating, and even Nurburgring track times coming into play.  Continue Reading »

This Awesome Chevy El Camino SS Needs to Happen

01.2016 El Camino

The 2016 Chevy Camaro’s debut is just around the corner. With it, comes the new lightweight Alpha platform, and a host of different engine and power options. Indeed, the next generation Camaro is looking to take on Ford’s Mustang and hoping to squash the rivalry once and for all. Continue Reading »

The 2016 Chevy Camaro Will Shed ‘More Than 200 Pounds’

Chevy Cars copy

At 3,900 pounds, the Chevy Camaro is one of the heaviest cars in its segment. It seems to be a staple of the muscle car. But thanks to official word from GM earlier today, the 2016 Chevy Camaro will get a pretty dramatic weight loss. Continue Reading »

6 Cars That Have Gotten Stale Over Time

chervrolet camaro 2015 image

A few days ago, we presented the question, “What cars did you love at first, but are now tired of seeing?” I opened the conversation by explaining that, even as somebody who obsesses over Chevrolet Camaros, I feel like the sheer number that I see on the road combined with the time that has passed since the car made its triumphant return has made the design tired. Continue Reading »

Here’s the Off-Road Colorado We Wish Chevy Would Build


While I absolutely loved the new Chevy Colorado, I was left with a feeling that Chevy could have done a bit better in prepping the Z71 Off-Road package for actual off-roading. It wasn’t so much a matter of ruggedness in the chassis, but more based on the need for a bit higher of suspension, and a full set of locking differentials. What I really wanted was the Colorado ZR2 Concept we saw in LA last year.

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This 1,000HP Mid-Engine Corvette Needs a New Owner


We’ve literally heard about Chevy building a mid-engine Corvette since the Corvette’s inception. And with all the talk and all those rumors are flaring up once again, how about you treat yourself to a real mid-engine Corvette thought up by American Supercars Inc. out of Florida. Continue Reading »

What Cars Did You Love at First, But Are Now Tired of Seeing?

2015 Chevrolet Camaro Lineup photo

When I first saw the 2006 Chevrolet Camaro Concept, I was immediately in love. The return of the legendary muscle car captured my heart and made a lasting impression. But that was nine years ago, and now, the car has sadly become stale to my tastes. Although there have been a few refreshes, some changes here and there, the body and styling of the Camaro have largely remained the same. I don’t like repetition.

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Listen to the 2016 Camaro V8 Exercise its Pipes


It’s safe to say the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is a bit of an anticipated car, just a bit. After catching an early glimpse of the Camaro a few weeks back, the Bowtie enthusiasts of the world have been chomping at the bit to know more about Chevy’s sixth generation pony car. Well, now we know.  Continue Reading »