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Bear Grylls Helped Build the 2 Millionth Land Rover Defender


Survivalist and daredevil adventurer, Bear Grylls, knows a thing or two about roughing it in the wild. So too does Land Rover. The off-road brand has been exploring the most remote regions of the world in its Series and Defender 4×4 models for nearly seven decades.  Continue Reading »

Mercedes Thinks Another Convertible SUV is a Good Idea

G-Class Convertible

“You just went and made a convertible SUV? Probably not a good idea.” Thinking back to convertible SUVs like the Nissan Murano or Range Rover Evoque, it’s hard to justify a new one coming to market. But Mercedes-Benz thinks they can emerge as a serious player in the drop-top SUV game. Continue Reading »

Can You Believe This Amazing Ford Concept Car is 14 Years Old?


Concept cars tend to have a very, very short lifespan. Most look striking for a year, but after a decade on, the shapes begin to show their age worse than half-priced plastic surgery. This stunning specimen from the Ford Motor Company is not one of those however.  Continue Reading »

This Off-Road Alfa Romeo Concept Was Designed for the Dunes

Off Road Alfa

To my knowledge, Alfa Romeo has never built an SUV designed specifically for off-roading. They’ve had a number of rally cars, sure, but one could only imagine a 4×4 wearing the Alfa badge and trekking through the dirt and mud. Until now… Continue Reading »

The Toylander is the Teeny Tiny Land Rover For Kids


As the automobile came onto the scene, so did the pedal car, and for years it was the coolest thing on four-wheels for youngsters. Today, tots can choose from oodles of plastic, mini electric toy cars… but unlike the pedal car, they aren’t exactly what you’d call family heirlooms.  Continue Reading »

ExtremeTerrain is Giving Away a $73K Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

ExtremeTerrain Jeep 3

The Jeep Wrangler is an off-road worthy car straight off the lot— but ExtremeTerrain has taken it to a whole new level. They teamed up with Barricade Off-Road to create the “Project Trail Force” Wrangler Rubicon and they’re planning on giving it away at this year’s SEMA show. The vehicle was unveiled at the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival in Butler, PA on Friday. Continue Reading »

The Real ‘Jurassic Park’ SUVs Were Actually Toyota Land Cruisers

Jurassic Park Land Cruiser 2

In a few days, one of the biggest films to ever come out of Hollywood is hitting theaters; no, Star Wars didn’t move up its release date. I’m talking, of course, about Jurassic World (June 12). It’s the fourth installment of the famed franchise, and with it, we’ll see a parade of new 4x4s and SUVs, all coming from Mercedes-Benz (yay product placement!). Continue Reading »

This Custom Land Rover is One Tribute Car You’ll Actually Want


Generally speaking, a tribute is never quite as good as the real thing. But a tribute of a tribute? Well, now you’re on to something, and in a roundabout way that’s effectively what this gorgeous Land Rover Discovery is.  Continue Reading »

ICON Brings New Life to The ’64 Dodge Power Wagon


Restomodding a classic truck is no walk in the park. A majority of old pickups have been worked hard and put away battered and bruised for their entire life. And therein lies what makes this ICON 4×4 creation all the more impressive.  Continue Reading »

Yes! Jeep Grand Cherokee May Get a 707HP Hellcat V8


When Dodge rolled out its mad-scientist Hellcat V8, firing off an earth-shaking 707 horsepower, many Mopar fans were left thinking the same thing, “Will this engine find a home in my car?” If you drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, we might very well have an answer for you. Yes, maybe.  Continue Reading »