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Kalahari Edition: An ’02 Land Rover That Begs for Adventure


Beginning in 1996, Land Rover North America initiated its “TReK” challenge, a multi-day off-road competition between dealerships. It provided sales staff with hands-on vehicle training and a muddy way to build the team. The vehicles of choice? Specially-built Land Rover Discovery TReK competition models.

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The 2016 Toyota Tacoma Conquers Tough Terrain Like a Champ: First Drive

2016 Toyota Tacoma Review 5

Mid-size pickups—so hot right now. While today the segment grows in mainstream popularity on the backs of the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, you’d be surprised to know that the work horse that is the Toyota Tacoma still outsells both of them; 17,000 found new homes in July of this year alone. And that’s on a platform that’s already 10 years old. Continue Reading »

This Ford Bronco Is a Beefed-Up Throwback to Old-School SUVs


All cars imbue a sense of time and place, but only the best of the best can mentally take you there. The first-generation Ford Bronco is one such vehicle. It was compact, designed to tackle the tough stuff, and it went on to establish America’s insatiable hunger for SUVs.  Continue Reading »

Chevy Colorado Z71 Trail Boss is the Truck We’ve Wanted


Despite the fact that the mid-size pickup market has stagnated, and overseas markets taunt us with their sophisticated welterweight trucks, I hold out hope that the American mid-size truck market can be jump-started. And boy, trucks like the Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Trail Boss are a sure-fire way to spark interest in mid-size American pickups.

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Watch this French Off-Road Machine that Defies Logic!


I’ve been off-roading for years, be it behind the wheel of old Toyota 4Runners or lifted Jeeps. I thought I had seen everything when it came to trail-worthy vehicles. Then I saw the Swincar, and it completely blew my ever-lovin’ mind.

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The World’s Cutest Little Beach Buggy is Heading Back to Market

Mini Moke

Typically we, as a society, reserve the word “cute” for something the likes of a small animal or child. But a car? Well sure, cars can be cute. A prime example of that would be the Mini Moke—a (formerly) British dune buggy back on the market after a 22-year absence. Continue Reading »

Xzibit Pimps His Own Ride, A Custom Jeep Wrangler


For six seasons, Pimp My Ride, gave the world a view into extreme auto customization, while simultaneously giving car enthusiasts the guilty pleasure of asking, “Why would you do THAT?!” At the show’s core was its host, rapper Xzibit, who was always winking at the camera. Now, the pimpee becomes the pimped with his new tuned Jeep Wrangler.

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Take a Road Trip to Our Three Newest National Monuments


There’s kind of a sickening feeling when you’re deep into the summer, and all of a sudden, every weekend until October is spoken for. Cookouts, weddings, graduation parties—they all get in the way of the fact that all you really want to do is go away camping for the weekend.

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A ’49 Dodge with a Corvette Heart Makes for One Tough Truck


When this Dodge Power Wagon rolled off the production line in 1949, its life would have been fairly predictable. A slice of towing, a bit of hauling…work, work,work…and a side order of more work.  Continue Reading »

Volvo Plus Toyota Equals One Awesome Truck


Creating a unique, custom car can be hard work. Add the wrong parts, and you’ll end up with a truly custom problem. We won’t begin to speculate on this ute’s reliability, but with a Volvo Amazon and mid-‘80s Toyota pickup truck as starting points…the formula looks pretty darn hardy.  Continue Reading »