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It’s About Time the Dubai Police Added an Off-Road Truck


The Dubai Police Force is pretty much a fleet of supercars: Audi R8, Mercedes-Benz SL, Nissan GT-R, Benz G-Class, Lamborghini Aventador Ferrari FF, Chevy Camaro SS, Bentley Continental, Benz SLS AMG (checks watch for the time … ), Aston Martin One-77, Ford Mustang GT, BMW M6 Gran Coupe, BMW i8, McLaren MP4-12 … OK, this is getting ridiculous. Continue Reading »

Jeep Will Sell 4-Inch Lift Kit from Wrangler Red Rock Concept


A few weeks back, Jeep revealed not one, not two, but seven 4×4 concept cars for the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Fan praised and radically styled, those concepts likely won’t ever make it into private collections… but the company is doing the next best thing. Continue Reading »

6 Classic Cars That Are Surprisingly Good Off-Road


If you’re looking to go off-road, there’s a near-limitless number of options that abound – Jeep Wranglers, Toyota Tacomas, Ford Raptors – the list goes on and on. But bounding through the brush doesn’t necessitate big off-road tires, shouty looks, or even a new set of keys. Pick wisely and you can hit the trails from behind the wheel of a classic car.  Continue Reading »

Is the Isuzu VehiCROSS Forgettable or a Future Classic?

2001 isuzu vehicross photo

Buy a sports car with a six-digit price tag and you’ll undoubtedly turn some heads. Pull up in a Jeep with 37-inch tires and you’ll also steal glances. But show up anywhere in a completely stock Isuzu VehiCROSS and all the attention will surely be yours. VX owners, you know what I’m on about.  Continue Reading »

1975 Mercedes-Benz Unimog is Adorable and Headed to Auction


First, you had your G.I. Joes. Then you made couch forts. Then you played paintball and spent hours with your friends doing Call of Duty online co-op. It’s time to upgrade and take the next step in your life-long interest in the military by buying an authentic Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

Continue Reading »

Move Over, The Aristocratic 2015 Range Rover is Here: Review

LR Range Rover on Location photo

Seeing as Chicago was in the dead of winter, and snow and ice fell upon us as if it were one of the plagues of Egypt, my last few press vehicles had all been rugged 4×4’s. Obviously, the constant barrage of ice, and snow didn’t exactly make for the greatest conditions for any Hellcats or McLarens. Add to that the constant salting of the road, and you can see why the few Jeeps, the Chevy Colorado, and the luxurious Ford F-150 King Ranch were around. Continue Reading »

Thrashing the Mercedes ML63 AMG in Snow and Ice

Mercedes SUV ML63 AMG Snow image

This is the final Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG, in case you didn’t know. It’s powerful as hell, but also a grocery getter — meaning that it will destroy probably destroy your groceries on the ride home. Next month at the New York Auto Show, the ML63 will be replaced reintroduced as the GLE63. That “G” in GLE stands for Geländewagen, which literally translates to “cross-country vehicle.” Continue Reading »

Jeep’s 7 Easter Safari Concepts are Crazy Cool

Jeep® Chief Concept

Every year Jeep graces the off-road community with a collection of concepts to take on the Moab Easter Safari. And every year they’re pretty awesome. This year marks the 49th anniversary of the beloved event, and the concepts are no less awesome, if you couldn’t already tell. Continue Reading »

Next Gen Land Rover Defender Coming Stateside in 2018

Land Rover DC100

The next generation of the Land Rover Defender is set to debut in 2018 and make its way across the ocean to US shores. The existing Defender is being phased out in December 2015, but Land Rover didn’t initially release any details on a successor or when it would be available. Continue Reading »

The Chevy Colorado Proves Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Review

Chevy Colorado review photo

Over the last decade, manufacturers declared that small trucks no longer served a purpose; their customers only wanted full size pickups. They believed people who wanted a truck needed it to be able to haul more, tow more, and fit a small cadre of people in the back seats. Automakers thought they needed something that could tow a space shuttle or rip a tree straight out of the ground with more torque than a monster truck. Continue Reading »