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Take a Road Trip to Our Three Newest National Monuments


There’s kind of a sickening feeling when you’re deep into the summer, and all of a sudden, every weekend until October is spoken for. Cookouts, weddings, graduation parties—they all get in the way of the fact that all you really want to do is go away camping for the weekend.

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A ’49 Dodge with a Corvette Heart Makes for One Tough Truck


When this Dodge Power Wagon rolled off the production line in 1949, its life would have been fairly predictable. A slice of towing, a bit of hauling…work, work,work…and a side order of more work.  Continue Reading »

Volvo Plus Toyota Equals One Awesome Truck


Creating a unique, custom car can be hard work. Add the wrong parts, and you’ll end up with a truly custom problem. We won’t begin to speculate on this ute’s reliability, but with a Volvo Amazon and mid-‘80s Toyota pickup truck as starting points…the formula looks pretty darn hardy.  Continue Reading »

7 Totally Rad SUVs that Make Us Miss the 80s

00-jeep scrambler

The 1980s were a wild time. The Berlin Wall came down, personal wealth went up, and acid washed jeans were a thing. There was also another fad from that decade that makes us 4×4 guys really miss 80s excess, and that was the epic, SUVs of the day.

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Fun on Wheels! The Subaru BRAT is Too Fun to Exist Today


We live in a pretty amazing age when it comes to automotive safety, technology, and efficiency. Cars are more accommodating than ever, and are squeezing more power out of less fuel than ever thought possible. But what we lack at times is the creativity to make more truly fun cars—or at least the chutzpah to actually build them. It’s why a truck like the Subaru BRAT would never get the green light today!

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Ram Trucks Just Got a Mean ‘Prospector’ Overhaul


Today’s Ram trucks line offers highly capable, highly refined off-road packages for those looking to leave the blacktop behind in favor of dirt and gravel. For those Ram customers looking to go a bit further still, American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) has a new suite of upgrades on offer.  Continue Reading »

Bear Grylls Helped Build the 2 Millionth Land Rover Defender


Survivalist and daredevil adventurer, Bear Grylls, knows a thing or two about roughing it in the wild. So too does Land Rover. The off-road brand has been exploring the most remote regions of the world in its Series and Defender 4×4 models for nearly seven decades.  Continue Reading »

Mercedes Thinks Another Convertible SUV is a Good Idea

G-Class Convertible

“You just went and made a convertible SUV? Probably not a good idea.” Thinking back to convertible SUVs like the Nissan Murano or Range Rover Evoque, it’s hard to justify a new one coming to market. But Mercedes-Benz thinks they can emerge as a serious player in the drop-top SUV game. Continue Reading »

Can You Believe This Amazing Ford Concept Car is 14 Years Old?


Concept cars tend to have a very, very short lifespan. Most look striking for a year, but after a decade on, the shapes begin to show their age worse than half-priced plastic surgery. This stunning specimen from the Ford Motor Company is not one of those however.  Continue Reading »

This Off-Road Alfa Romeo Concept Was Designed for the Dunes

Off Road Alfa

To my knowledge, Alfa Romeo has never built an SUV designed specifically for off-roading. They’ve had a number of rally cars, sure, but one could only imagine a 4×4 wearing the Alfa badge and trekking through the dirt and mud. Until now… Continue Reading »