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Want a Toyota FJ Cruiser? You’ll Have to Pay Up


It seems like human nature to want what we can’t have, and when it comes to off-road SUVs, a brand new Toyota FJ Cruiser is one such vehicle.  Continue Reading »

Zombie Problems? This Craigslist Mitsubishi 4×4 is the Answer


They say you can find practically anything on Craigslist, and if you’re in the market for a zombie survival vehicle, well…they would be absolutely correct.  Continue Reading »

There’s a Chevy V8 Under This Toyota Land Cruiser Brute


If you’re looking to invest in a classic car—believe it or not—one of today’s hot-ticket items is the venerable Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. These overtly utilitarian SUVs have become icons of the off-roading world, and in recent years values of well-preserved models have skyrocketed, some even north of $100,000.  Continue Reading »

Jeep Wagoneer Limousine: For the Outdoorsman with Lavish Tastes


Among Jeep and 4×4 fans, the Grand Wagoneer is one of those terrific snapshots in time for the world of SUVs. The big proportions, the wood paneling, the cameo in “Harry and the Hendersons.” It perfectly represents a certain era in camping and outdoor life. But the Jeep Wagoneer you see here might be just a bit more than that.

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You Can Buy the 2,000,000th Land Rover Ever Built


Land Rover has been stamping out rugged, utilitarian 4x4s for a long time now. How long? Believe it or not, the first design was sketched on an English beach in 1947. Production followed in 1948, and across multiple series…it hasn’t stopped since.  Continue Reading »

The 4×4 Van Market is a Tiny Niche, But You Do Have Options


To the average product planner, the four-wheel-drive commercial van is just about as niche as a vehicle could possibly be. In terms of mainstream demand they likely rank up there with convertible crossover vehicles (here’s to you, Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet). That’s not to say they aren’t practical or cool however, they are.  Continue Reading »

Automakers Turning Commuter Cars into Off-Roaders for SEMA


The annual SEMA show in Las Vegas is a chance for the aftermarket community to show the world its latest products, often displayed on wild custom cars. It has also become a place for automakers to show everyone how “with it,” they are. Like a dad cramming himself into skinny jeans, or a mom attending Ellie Goulding show, this isn’t always easy to pull off.

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Long-Lost Lunar Rover Prototype is Found in Scrapyard


Some of us here on the BoldRide team truly love off-roading. Taking to the trails on the weekend is great, but none of our weekend activities hold a candle to driving the Lunar Rover on the greatest off-road trip of all time.

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Toyota Recreates Marty McFly’s 4×4 from “Back to the Future”


When it come to Back to the Future, the obvious car connection is the time-traveling DeLorean DMC-12, which goes back in time, back to the future, and eventually to the future. But the real unsung hero vehicle from the BTTF franchise is the Toyota pickup that Marty lusts after.

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Ferrari FF Imagined as a 4×4 Off-Roading Machine


The Ferrari FF is a car of “firsts” for the Italian supercar maker. For one, it is the first production hatchback from Ferrari. It is also the first car from the “Prancing Horse” brand to feature all-wheel drive. Just imagine if they took things one step further and turned the FF into a full-fledged off-road machine.

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