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Forget Old Jeeps – Buy this Bizarre Rotrax Kit Car


There are some cars that seem to transgress their production lifespan, at home as much in the early ‘60s as they were in the late ‘70s. This, we can say with much positivity, is not one of them. Continue Reading »

Baby Mercedes G-Wagen Arrives in 2019, Designed to be Tough

Mercedes Ener-G 3

Dinosaurs; every automaker has at least one – the car that debuted eons ago, and because of popularity or simply resilience, has never gone by the wayside. For Mercedes-Benz, it’s the hearty G-Wagen. But soon it’ll have a new little brother.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is Selling His Unimog

00 Unimog

You can’t drive just any old thing when you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger. You’ve got to have something big, burly, and manly, like this bespoke Unimog that the actor has decided he’s done with and put up for sale. Continue Reading »

Handsome New Land Rover Discovery Sport Breaks Cover


Do you hear that? Across the world, throngs of fans with mud on their faces and Land Rovers in their driveways are cheering, vigorously, to welcome the newest member of the fraternity. And it’s a keeper. Continue Reading »

Land Rover Finalizes Look of Next-Gen Defender


It’s time to stop pestering Land Rover with your next-gen Defender concept art. According to a report from Autocar, the British marque has put the final touches on the design of the upcoming Defender reboot. And if that news doesn’t get the diehard Defender crowd nervous, well – it should.

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The First Range Rover Ever Built Heads to Auction


Owning the first model year of a classic car becomes an envious title to bear, but owning the very first car to ever roll off the production line— well, that’s simply a league of its own. Continue Reading »

KiraVan: Meet the World’s Most Extravagant Off-Road Truck


Are you a fan of camping? Ever set off on long scientific explorations? Do you have a general disdain for refilling your fuel tank? Well, have we got the expedition vehicle for you. Continue Reading »

Chrysler Just Recalled 792,000 Jeeps Over Ignition Switches


Just when you thought ignition switch recalls were solely a General Motors issue, Chrysler has announced that it is recalling as many as 792,000 Jeep models for a switch-related issue. Continue Reading »

Chevy Colorado to Take on Ford Raptor with Aggressive Off-Road Package?


Ford has pretty much cornered the market on high-performance, off-road pickup trucks with the F-150 SVT Raptor. It’s the best off-road performance pickup you can buy because it’s virtually the only one you can buy. But Chevy might change all that with the introduction of a Raptor-fighting Colorado.

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Spintires: The Game for Off-Roading from an Armchair [Video]


As avid car enthusiasts go, we presume you’ve hooned cars across rutted rally stages in Dirt 3, trounced the Nurburgring in Forza Motorsport 5, and perhaps even driven the fantastic Vision GT cars in Gran Turismo 6. We presume. But don’t hang up your driving gloves just yet, there’s a new game for the auto devotee and it’s taking the Internet by storm. Continue Reading »