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Custom ‘Woodie’ Ford Bronco is Truly One of a Kind


If you’ve ever seen a genuine “woodie” in passing, there’s a good chance you felt a warm wave of nostalgia shortly afterwards. These wood paneled autos are utterly reflective of their time—an age that really began to dry up in the mid to late ‘50s, giving way to the simulated woodgrain of the ‘60s onward.  Continue Reading »

‘Project Spectre’ Makes Other Land Rover Defenders Look Tame


Of its own merits, the recently-departed Land Rover Defender is quite the formidable off-road machine. Heck, look in the most remote corners of the globe and you’ll likely find a few Defenders, and hard at work too.  Continue Reading »

Bolt-on Tracks Turn Jeeps into Snowmobiles in 15 Minutes


Ideally, we would all like to drive the Swiss army knives of the automobile world—vehicles that do many things well with few to no drawbacks. This is easier said than done however, especially when it comes to off-road vehicles.  Continue Reading »

The ‘JK Crew’ is a Jeep Wrangler Cranked Up to 11


For Jeep fans, buying a new Jeep Wrangler is essentially like buying the world’s biggest LEGO set. Once it’s in your garage you’ve got a seemingly infinite number of aftermarket ways to make it unique. Continue Reading »

This 700HP Jeep Wrangler Pickup is What Dreams are Made Of


For years, the Jeep faithful have begged the company to build a pickup truck variant of its perennial strong-seller, the Jeep Wrangler, and come 2018 it appears they’ll finally get one. We won’t string you along—this isn’t it, however some Jeepers will surely wish it was.  Continue Reading »

7 of Russia’s Most Awesome Off-Road Vehicles


When it comes to 4×4’s here in the U.S., it’s safe to say that Jeep is king. But when you cross the globe and see what those wacky Russians have to offer—well, it’s a whole new world of ridiculous and wonderful off-road vehicles. These are seven of our favorites. Continue Reading »

The 2016 Range Rover is Way Better Than the Kardashians Make It Look: Review


Range Rover has a problem: celebrities. Since the Range Rover was introduced in 2005, it’s been turned into a show-offy play thing of the rich and famous, most famously of late the Kim Kardashians and Kendall Jenners of the world. If you don’t believe me, the site CoolSpotters.com has a four-page long list of celebrities that either own, or have been spotted riding around in a Range Rover. Here’s some highlights from that list: Continue Reading »

eBay Find ‘Ranger’ Off-Roader is Pretty Much a Fiat 500 on Steroids


Automotive shapes elicit different responses from different people. But some designs are a bit more unanimously accepted than others. Consider this cutesy off-road machine to be one of them—a 1967 Ferves Ranger. If you didn’t already have a smile on your face, you do now.  Continue Reading »

Russia Built Another Crazy Off-Roader—And They Want to Take it to the North Pole


Looks like those wacky Russians are at it again. If you liked the ‘Sherp‘ we featured a few weeks ago, then you’re bound to love this ‘Burlak,’ which looks pretty much like a ‘Sherp’ on steroids. Because it is. Continue Reading »

This Hellcat-Powered Jeep Wrangler is 707HP Worth of Pure Off-Road Fury

Jeep® Trailcat Concept

The Moab Easter Safari is just a few days away, and with that, Jeep wanted to make sure that there was enough meat on the bone—or in this case, concepts in the stable, to make things interesting yet again for 2016. The brand did not disappoint, and this 707-horsepower, Hellcat-powered Jeep Trailcat is the centerpiece. Continue Reading »