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This Classic Scout Has the Heart of a Corvette and the Personality to Match


The Internatnational Harvester Scout is quite a classic. But finding one on the used market isn’t exactly easy, considering they weren’t built to last and didn’t stack up to the competition in terms of performance or efficiency. NEMO Equipment went about and fixed at least one of those problems by restoring this example to its former glory…and stuffing a Corvette engine under the hood. Continue Reading »

For $225,000, This ICON Bronco is Better Than Any Supercar


There are classic 4x4s, and then there’s ICON. The California made itself famous by building some of the most stunning vehicles on the planet. But buying one brand new will have you put on a very long waiting list. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for this lightly-used ICON BR that’s for sale right now. Continue Reading »

Buy This Vintage Volvo Laplander 4×4, Be the Coolest Person on the Trail


Head to your local off-road trail on a summer weekend and you’re bound to see 4x4s of all sizes, shapes, ages, and makes. You know the crew—everything from showroom-stock Jeeps to built-up ‘90s pickup trucks, ‘70s Toyota Land Cruisers, and everything in between.  Continue Reading »

This 1953 Willys Jeep ‘Fire Truck’ Has Less Than 4,000 Original Miles


The Willys Jeep is an American icon. It became a fixture for the U.S. military, and eventually paved the way for the Jeep lineup we know and love today. But contrary to what you might believe, not all Willys bore the Army green facade we’re used to seeing. At least, not the one you see here. Continue Reading »

This ’87 Suzuki Samurai is the 4×4 Collector’s Jeep Alternative


Automotive rivalries aren’t just waged on pavement and drag strips (not to mention showroom floors), they’re also fought where the road ends and when the going gets tough: off-road. And in the 1980s, that battle was markedly apparent.  Continue Reading »

This 1980 Jeep CJ7 Renegade Restomod is the Business


Stock Jeeps are overrated, says this writer. And in the case of the custom 1980 CJ7 you see here, well, it’s hard to disagree. This beautiful 4×4 is the work of Low Country Customs in Savannah, Georgia. It’s got the right look, the right tools for any job, and it’s for sale on eBay. Continue Reading »

This Vintage ’81 Toyota Land Cruiser is Perfectly Wild


Tough, reliable, and endlessly capable—it’s not hard to see why engineers and tradesmen working in the world’s harshest terrain use Toyota Land Cruisers to get around. If a Land Cruiser can get you into the wild, there’s a good chance it’ll bring you right back out too.  Continue Reading »

‘Hell’s Revenge’ is a Fiery Jeep Tribute to Harley-Davidson


This month, Harley-Davidson fans from all across Europe will descend upon the idyllic seaside town of Portoroz, Slovenia for the annual H.O.G. Rally. Much camaraderie is made, motorcycles are ridden, music is enjoyed, and apparently… Jeeps are customized.  Continue Reading »

This May Be the World’s Most Expensive Toyota Tacoma


Over its three generations in production, the rugged Toyota Tacoma has proven to be an excellent base for creating off-road adventure vehicles, building upon a lineage of tough Toyota pickups stretching back decades. Most are reasonably inexpensive to build, though the keyword there is “most” however.  Continue Reading »

Mercedes is Bringing the Epic G550 4×4² to the U.S. in 2017


Until recently, Mercedes-Benz has kept its most knife-edged and hardcore off-road models from U.S. shores. Both the jaw-dropping G63 AMG 6×6 pickup truck, of which only 100 were built, and the rugged 4×4 it spawned—the G500 4×4² (4×4 squared). Continue Reading »