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IndyCar Continues to Bleed Fans and Viewers


On the last day of March, IndyCar kicked off their 2014 season. Held on the streets of St. Petersburg, it was an abysmal showing in terms of viewer numbers. According to Sports Media Watch, IndyCar’s opener earned a 0.6 rating on ABC, down 46% from 2012, (1.0). Granted, the race went against the NCAA Elite 8 games and NASCAR’s Sprint Cup race, but even Internet searches for IndyCar are down. If it keeps headed the way it’s going, the race series could be in serious trouble.

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Martini Racing Boat is the Very Definition of Gorgeous

Martini Boat 2

Anytime Martini Racing livery is applied to anything, people go nuts. It’s essentially the prettiest paint job to ever grace god’s green Earth. So while it looks fine enough on F1 cars, and leaves us drooling on the Porsche 918 — it is literally the prettiest thing ever when applied to a racing boat.

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Maserati Driven by Stirling Moss Could Fetch $7.75M at Auction

00-Maserati 450S

In the world of historical race cars, finding a vehicle in ‘original condition’ is a very difficult thing. That’s because any race car that has lived a long, serviceable life would have changed engines or bodies a few several times. Through either crashes on the course or changes in the rules, a race car seldom finished its career in the same condition as it started. This Maserati driven by Sir Stirling Moss though, is an ideal example.

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Acura Tries to Save Itself from Boring with the TLX GT Racer

Acura TLX GT

Next month, Acura will debut its GT race car at the Pirelli World Challenge, rounds 6 and 7, in Detroit. This is the track version of the upcoming 2015 TLX that made its debut in Detroit. So if you still believe in ‘Race on Sunday, Buy on Monday,’ it’s of vital importance that Acura’s new TLX GT do well against stiff competition in a series that’s growing rapidly in popularity.

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Six Decades of Racing Greatness in One Room


I was recently at the 12 Hours of Sebring, and it was an impressive experience, to say the least. The track is uneven and dated– but the drivers don’t care. They race there for the history, and Sebring is full of it. Want proof? Then check out Sebring’s Gallery of Champions; a rotating cast of historical cars. It is insane to see what they have ‘just lying around’ on race day.

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8 High-Powered Hybrids That Will Make You Take Another Look at Green Cars


When I say, “hybrid” you may have the image of a Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, or various other forms of date repellant. Sure, the roads are now littered with hybrids that are all but devoid of any soul and passion. But there are alt-fuel green cars out there that will actually make you want to go out and drive. Here are eight great performance-rich hybrids, for your guilt-free driving pleasure.

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NASCAR Legend Bill France Jr. is Born on this Day in 1933 [w/ video]

Bill France Jr

On this day in 1933, Bill France Jr. was born. Known as “Bill Jr.” or “Little Bill,” he would follow in the footsteps of his father, Bill France Sr., who co-founded NASCAR. But where the senior created the racing series, the junior would take it to new heights. His efforts would lead to NASCAR’s popularity as we know it today.

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95 Famous Race Tracks in one Epic Graphic


If you are a pretty avid race fan, you can tell which track is which, just by looking at the map (well, except for NASCAR, which are all mostly ovals). Typically, you can spot the really famous ones, like Circuit de la Sarthe– home to the 24 Hours of Le Mans– and the infamous Nurburgring. But it is hard to fathom the size of these tracks, in context to teach other…until now.

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7 Most Iconic NASCAR Liveries of the Past Three Decades

Dale Jr. Bud

When it comes to technology, most people agree that the newer the better. But, when the topic turns to iconic art, consensus dissolves into a mishmash of opinions. One thing that most people will agree on, however, is that sometimes the past had it right the first time. With that in mind, here’s a look at 10 NASCAR themes of the past three decades that will go down in history as some of the most iconic.

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SRT Viper Pulls Out of this Year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans

SRT Viper GTS-R Le Mans 2013

Just over two years ago, we saw the first breath of life from the newly reborn Chrysler in the form of the SRT Viper. It was a bold statement from the automaker that had just avoided bankruptcy. And with the track-ready Viper GTS-R, a return to racing seemed to be the perfect followup statement. Or at least, for a short while.

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