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Two Pristine Lancia Delta HF Integrales Are For Sale on eBay Right Now


Finding a crisp Lancia Delta HF Integrale is a chore. Finding one in the U.S. is even more difficult than that. But finding two? Don’t pinch yourself, this isn’t a dream—two extremely rare Lancia Delta HF Integrales are for sale on eBay right now. Continue Reading »

700-HP Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Battles a Cadillac CTS-V


Another Saturday, another drag race. This time, we find out what happens when you take a 700-horsepower Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, and put it head-to-head with a “bolt on” Cadillac CTS-V. Both are powerful, sure, but one is a big, beefy SUV while the other is an American super sedan. How will they fare in a fight? Continue Reading »

Acura Bares It All With the New NSX GT3 Race Car

Acura NSX GT3 Racecar

With a successful bout at Pikes Peak, taking home the Time Attack 2 class win, Acura has even more plans in store for its new NSX supercar; tracks, and lots of them. Pictured here, the newly-revealed NSX GT3 is slated to take on the FIA GT3 class this fall. Continue Reading »

Record-Setting Abarth 1000 Bound For Auction At Pebble Beach

Imagine walking into the 1960 Turin Motor Show (as I’m sure you have before), and seeing this wild Pininfarina-built piece of hardware before you. Must have knocked people for a loop, and was undoubtedly the most talked about vehicle in attendance. Continue Reading »

There’s a Nissan GT-R Beneath This Ford Focus


Race cars are often mere silhouettes of their more everyday road-going counterparts. Take for instance the Toyota Camrys and Ford Fusions driven in NASCAR events. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that this vaguely Ford Focus-shaped vehicle isn’t your typical Focus hatchback. Because, well… it isn’t.  Continue Reading »

After 50 Years, the ’66 Le Mans Winning Ford GT40 is Reborn


This weekend marks a critical date in Ford racing history. Not only will the all-new 2016 Ford GT race car make its racing debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 84th running of the famed endurance race also marks 50 years since the original Ford GT40 first won the event in 1966, and in commanding fashion—taking first, second, and third.  Continue Reading »

Lamborghini Huracan Edges Out Viper ACR, But Jut Barely

Videos from Shift Sector 2016 keep on rolling in courtesy of Bay Area Racing’s YouTube channel, and this one has to be one of the best so far. It’s America vs Italy, deep dish vs napoletana, Sophia Loren vs Marilyn Monroe. Continue Reading »

NASCAR Talladega Race Ends In Two Spectacular Wrecks, Per Usual


Whenever you’re watching a race at a track like Daytona or Talladega, really the only part you need to see is the ending; anticipation of ‘the big one’. In typical Talladega fashion, yesterday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race ended in two huge crashes, and one very lucky winner in Brad Keselowski. Continue Reading »

2016 Camaro SS vs Grand Cherokee SRT: Can Jeep Hang Tough?


Put a Camaro SS up against a Ford Mustang GT, or a Dodge Challenger SRT, and those would both be pretty amicable races. Similar horsepower, weight, and performance out of the box. But put the Camaro SS up against a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, and that’s when things get weird. Continue Reading »

A Viper, A Track, and the Racing Spirit of Bob Bondurant

The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in Chandler, Ariz. is now "The Official High Performance Driving School of Dodge/SRT"

“Left, right, left—gun it!” All 645 horsepower roared from underneath the hood of the track-focused Viper GT I was driving. Mumbling to myself, trying to remember everything I had been taught just a few hours earlier. The rugged tarmac bounced the car up and down like it was riding on jello, my foot 3/4 of the way down, trying to get to 100 before having to slam the brakes and quickly pitch it into a right turn. Continue Reading »