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Your Health Plan Will NOT Cover this 107-MPH Mobility Scooter


Mobility scooters are a crucial way for the elderly and injured to get around. Considering their small wheels and electric motor, speeds are kept purposefully down. But two insane individuals have tuned up a mobility scooter that put out a record-setting top speed. Continue Reading »

This Ferrari Le Mans Prototype Doesn’t Exist, But it Should


In recent years, rumors have repeatedly arisen suggesting Ferrari will plot a return to prototype racing on the world stage. Given that it hasn’t happened yet, you shouldn’t wait with bated breath, but just in case it does… one can only hope that LMP1 competitor looks as good as this.  Continue Reading »

You Definitely Won’t Be Able to Buy A 2016 COPO Camaro

Gen Six Chevrolet COPO Camaro

It’s pretty easy to see that the 2016 Chevy Camaro is gonna be an absolute winner, what with its updated suspension and powerful V8. But you have no idea just how desirable its drag-prepped COPO version is until you look at the order forms. Continue Reading »

Driving a Fire-Breathing Car from 1903 is Hard Work


We’re fairly spoiled these days. Most cars are quiet, comfortable, simple to drive, and reliable even in the hands of the maintenance-averse. But that certainly hasn’t been a universal truth since the inception of the automobile. Some cars can be a real handful (a beautiful, breathtaking handful), and we’d imagine this 1903 Monarch fits squarely in that category.  Continue Reading »

Open-Wheel Racer Uses Entire Track (And Then Some) To Make Incredible Pass


It might sound like all fun and games, but racing school is very demanding. Some schools teach you how to master one particular car or one particular class, but a really good school gives you the skills to get yourself out of any jam on the track. Continue Reading »

This is What A Ford GT Race Car Looks Like After 20 Hours on the Track


24 hours is a hella long time to be on a race track, especially when we’re talking about speeds well over 100 mph. That being said, it takes a certain kind of car to tackle a grueling 24-hour race like the Rolex 24 this past weekend. The Ford GT was just one of those cars. Continue Reading »

Poor Mazda and DeltaWing Couldn’t Catch a Break at Rolex Daytona


It’s always fun to root for the underdog. While Ford was touting its new GT super sports car, and Chevy was strong-arming the field with its dominant Corvette, Mazda and DeltaWing seemingly got lost in the supercar shuffle. Even then, the two teams showed up, guns blazin’, with something to prove. Continue Reading »

Ford GT Struggles In First Endurance Race—But Don’t Panic Yet


Building a proper endurance car takes time. Even though Ford has has a breadth of historical experience, that doesn’t mean the new Ford GT won’t go through some growing pains this year in its first full season on the track. Continue Reading »

We’re Live in Daytona Covering the Rolex 24


Fast cars and wet tracks do not go together. Even still, the annual Rolex 24 hour race at Daytona International Speedway must go on. And go on it will. We’re live from Daytona covering everything you need to know about the 24-hour race, rain or shine (preferably the latter). Continue Reading »

Authorities Take Issue With Red Bull Driving an F1 Car on a Ski Slope

Verstappen Red Bull F1

Red Bull pulled off an amazing stunt when it had Dutch F1 racer Max Verstappen take a car up Kitzbühel’s ski slopes. It’s not everyday you see an 800-horsepower car with chains on its tires driving around a slope. It was a fantastic video, but Austrian authorities aren’t too happy.

Continue Reading »