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Porsche 917 Racer Could Be Yours for a Cool $20 Million

It’s not every day you can buy a race car. But if you have really, really, really deep pockets, this original Porsche 917 can be yours. One of only 12 John Wyer-built Gulf 917s ever made, this 5.0-liter flat-six-powered, 630 horsepower race car was (and presumably still is) capable of 220 mph, thanks to a 1,764-lb curb weight.

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Formula E Electric Championship Now Has Motor Shows

00 Formula E

The Formula E Championship kicked off its inaugural season today (Sept. 13) in Beijing with the first of 10 races that conclude on June 27 in London. It showcases the latest in fully-electric racing technology, and now spectators will be able to get a better look at advanced, electric race cars at newly announced motor shows that will be a part of the season. Continue Reading »

This Rare MG Magnette Sold for $130K At Auction


Bonhams holds an annual auction at Beaulieu, the home of the England’s National Motor Museum, and the 2014 sale saw over 400 lots including automobilia, motorcycles, sports cars, luxury cars. In it was this 1934 MG Magnette ND Special. It sold for £82,140 ($132,341) including premium. Continue Reading »

Voomeran Volkswagen Golf is Where Street Meets Track

Usually, lowering a car results in a lot of trade-offs, mainly in terms of a rougher ride and scraping the front fascia on every driveway. Well, with this Voomeran Volkswagen Golf Mk2, Osaka, Japan-based Euro Magic is hoping to have a ride that doesn’t sacrifice comfort, even with an incredibly low stance.

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Down Periscope: 1967 Abarth 1300OT Periscopica Heads to Auction

1967 Abarth 1300OT Periscopica Coupe

Bonhams caused a sensation in Monterey when they consigned 10 important Ferraris from Fabrizio Violati’s Maranello Rosso collection, including the famous $38 million 250 GTO. Now, they’ve got 10 more exciting offerings from Maranello Rosso for their upcoming sale at the Goodwood Revival in England. This time, though, the cars are all Abarths. Continue Reading »

Rarer than Rare Jaguar XJR-15 Up for Auction


Within Jaguar’s lineage there have been rare cars, for sure. The XKR-S GT and the XJ220 readily come to mind. But lest we forget Jaguar’s early-‘90s race-bred supercar that can still demolish today’s batch of exotics – the XJR-15. Continue Reading »

Shelby 289 Competition Cobra: Utter Perfection Headed to Auction

Shelby Cobra 289 4

People like to throw around the word “perfect” a lot. I’m throwing it around right now — this 1964 Shelby 289 Competition Cobra is soooo perfect. Even better, it’s hitting the auction block later this month. Continue Reading »

Jaguar F-Type vs Subaru WRX STI Drag Race: Does AWD Trump Power? [w/Video]

Jaguar Subaru

Here’s a match between two fast, powerful cars with significant differences. One is the Jaguar F-Type V6S, which has 380 bhp with rear-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. The other, is a Subaru WRX STI has only 300 bhp and a manual transmission, but it compensates for the lower horsepower with all-wheel drive. Will how will those differences affect their times? Continue Reading »

Renaultsport RS 01: The Racecar of Our Dreams


If you had the freedom to design a car for a one-make racing series, you’d want to cram in just about all the nuttiest stuff that you possibly could. Happily, Renault has done just that. Continue Reading »

Who Wins In Nissan GT-R vs Tesla Model S Drag Race? [Video]

Nissan GTR vs Tesla Model S

You have to be pretty confident in your ride to take on the almighty Nissan GT-R. The owner of this Tesla Model S apparently has confidence and then some, because that’s exactly what he did at the Bandimere Speedway out in Morrison, Colorado. The Tesla pitted its all-electric mettle against the turbo-charged Nissan GT-R monster, a car known for making supercars look like complete chumps. Continue Reading »