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Meet the Jaguar E2A Prototype: Father of the E-Type

Jaguar E2A Prototype photo

Jaguar had won the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times in the 1950s with the gorgeous C-Type and D-Type. Jaguar boss William Lyons particularly liked the Malcolm Sayer-designed lines and curves of the D-Type, and wanted to put its technology and good looks to use in a viable road car. This would be the legendary E-Type of 1961. But before that, there was one experimental racing prototype that bridged the gap between ‘D’ and ‘E’. That was the E2A. Continue Reading »

Mercedes Unleashes V8-Powered AMG GT3


Racecars don’t win championships based on intimidation factor or ‘coolness’. They earn the top spot through clever engineering, precise power application, and the dark art of aerodynamics. But mix technical ability with striking visuals and, well, you’re on track for success, pun intended.  Continue Reading »

This Dirt 3 Racing Simulator Setup is Ridiculously Cool


Racing sims like Forza and Gran Turismo are among the most popular video games on the planet. They connect the youth and enthusiasts alike with cars they could only dream of one day buying. And with that popularity, racing simulators are becoming more and more complex. Even as complex as what you see here. Continue Reading »

That Time a Car with a Helicopter Engine Raced Le Mans: The Howmet TX

HowmetTX3 helicopter engine car photo

We don’t often think of turbine-powered automobiles and for good reason. But during the 1960s, manufacturers were experimenting with them and even racing them with enthusiasm. Chrysler gave 50 turbine-powered cars to members of the general public for a trial run in 1963, BRM and Rover built one and raced it at Le Mans from 1963-65, and Lotus nearly won the Indy 500 with the Type 56 Turbine in 1968. The most successful turbine car, however, was the Howmet TX built in 1968 by the Howmet Corporation, a metallics company. Continue Reading »

McLaren F1 vs McLaren P1 GTR Is an Ultimate Track Battle

McLaren F1 track photo

Two decades ago, McLaren hit the supercar scene and absolutely dominated the headlines with the introduction of the F1. Technically speaking, it was a leap forward in both automotive engineering and design. Twenty years later and McLaren is still pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the world of supercars. Continue Reading »

Tanner Foust Heads Back to Formula D in… a Passat?

Tanner Foust photo

Rally champion? Check. Formula D champion? Check. Top Gear US host and skilled athlete? Check and check. Tanner Foust has done it all, but it seems the talented driver is heading back into the insane world that is Formula Drift.

To celebrate that return, Rockstar, Foust’s primary sponsor, made a quick teaser to psych everybody up for his return and give a few glimpses of his new drift car. Hint: It’s not a Beetle.

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For those who didn’t catch what Foust will be driving, it’s a customized Formula D Volkswagen Passat. How weird do those words look? Why Volkswagen would choose the Passat is beyond us. It’s about as far from a performance car as you can get. It’s just all beige and boring, especially compared to the recently launched Golf R.

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2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible

However, as you might already know, Formula D is quite a fluid and odd form of racing. People come and go, and the choice of engines and cars tend to change every other day. Within Formula D, the engines don’t even need to be part of the automaker’s lineup for them to use it in the car. For instance, Foust’s car appears to be powered by a small block Chevy motor.

Currently the sport is dominated by Chevy’s LS series engine. The ease at which these motors can handle horsepower and produce mind blowing amounts of torque makes them perfect for getting superlight cars sliding sideways at unbelievable speeds. We will be able to check out Tanner’s new car this coming April for the kickoff for the Formula D season at Long Beach.

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Watch a Corvette Z06 vs Challenger Hellcat vs Mustang Shelby GT500

Challenger Hellcat challenge photo

It’s a tempting idea to put three iconic American cars against each other on the open highway… and that’s exactly what the owners of these three cars decided to do. The vehicles are a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, and 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Continue Reading »

Ferrari Images Preview the Future of Formula 1

Ferrari F1 Concept photo

Formula 1 cars are already some of the most advanced vehicles around. They look every bit the high-tech monsters they need to be to successfully compete. Ferrari has some great cars in its F1 history and now it is sharing what it thinks the Ferrari F1 cars will look like in the future.

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Watch Sebastian Vettel Unleash the Ferrari FXX K on Track


Ferrari’s fortunes in Formula One, as of late, have not exactly been up to the Scuderia’s standards, but that could all change for 2015. They’ve got a cracking good driver in the form of Sebastian Vettel, perhaps you’ve heard of him, who we suspect is eager to showcase his four-time-consecutive-world-championship skills in a new car.  Continue Reading »

Ken Block Ford Focus RS Rally Car Looks Insanely Cool

Ken Block Focus RS photo

Ken Block— the man, the myth, the legend. When he’s not messing around in his Ford Fiesta rally car, he’s either putting his Ford RaptorTRAX through an avalanche or driving his all-wheel drive Ford Mustang around LA. What a life.

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