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This is the World’s Only Original Ferrari 330 P4 Racer [Video]

Ferrari Racer

Believe it or not, Ferrari has been selling and racing cars in the U.S. for 60 years already. And it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop anytime soon. In celebration of this milestone, our friends at Petrolicious have whipped out their camera equipment and have taken to the track with some of the world’s most iconic Prancing Ponies.

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Rhys Millen, Hyundai Let Us Hitch a Rallycross Ride


The weatherman says the temperature is in the mid-90s, but here I am at the Daytona International Speedway – a manmade humidifier with its own water supply – where the lack of wind and high humidity makes for some ridiculous heat. Worse yet, I’m donning a fire suit and helmet. Less than a minute after suiting up and I’m already about to vomit.

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Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Looks Ready to Race: Pebble Beach


If it looks like a race car, and sounds like a race car, it must be a race car. Lamborghini’s latest track toy is the all-new Huracan LP620-2 Super Trofeo, which made its debut at Pebble Beach this past weekend.

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The McLaren P1 GTR is a 986HP Track Missile: Pebble Beach


How do you improve on one of the most hardcore hypercars the world has ever seen? Easy, you make it look like this.

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Dodge Challenger SRT Trans Am is Ready to Race

SRT ® (Street and Racing Technology) Motorsports will make its debut into the Trans Am Series when Miller Racing fields two all-new Dodge Challenger SRTs at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Aug 15-16. Four-time series champion Tommy Kendall makes his re-entrance and first Trans Am start since 2004 in the TA2 series class this weekend.  SRT Motorsports partners with Miller Racing to enter Trans Am competition for the balance of the 2014 season, Kendall will drive the No. 11 Dodge Challenger SRT while teammate and TA2 points leader Cameron Lawrence will drive the No. 1 Challenger beginning at the Mid-Ohio race, an event Lawrence won in 2013.

Dodge’s new Challenger might be one of the quickest quarter-mile cars money can buy, but don’t count it out in the corners. Dodge and SRT are letting loose two new Challengers on the Trans Am racing grid starting tomorrow.

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McLaren 650S Sprint Races Towards Pebble Beach Debut

mclaren-650s-sprint (2)

We already knew that McLaren was in the process of bringing some bold new vehicles to Pebble Beach. But we had no idea that alongside a track-focused P1 GTR we’d see this awe-inspiring 650S Sprint.

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Restored Alpina BMW 2002TI to Race at Monterey


BMW 2002 ti Alpina

Alpina has been a staple of BMW performance since the mid-1960s, and celebrating this incredibly fruitful and long-standing relationship will be this 1970 2002ti race car, a welcome addition to this year’s Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

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In Endurance Racing, Helmets Establish Personal Brand and Identity

Andrew Davis Dempsey Racing Porsche 911 GT America


















Like race numbers, helmet design used to be important in identifying who was driving a particular car. This was important not only for spectators and journalists, it was also crucial for race teams with multiple cars as well as for people in charge of timing and scoring. With the advent of electronic transponders, however, times and positions are all recorded via a computer.

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Historic Brabham-Cosworth BT33 Up for Auction

Brabham Cosworth

The 1970 Brabham-Cosworth BT33 that goes on sale August 14th at the Bonham’s auction as part of Pebble Beach weekend is an F1 racing car packed with history. Its expected price of up to $1.4 million seems conservative based on its pedigree. Continue Reading »

5 Worst Pace Cars of All Time

2012 Daytona 500 Camry Pace Car

This weekend’s John Wayne Walding 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway features a great pace car; the 2014 Chevy SS. That got us thinking about pace vehicles that just don’t seem to fit. What we found were the five worse pace cars of all time. See if you agree. Continue Reading »