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Own This Quirky Shelby GT350H Mustang Racer

Shelby Pictures 2

Last week we gave you a quick history lesson on how Hertz and Shelby came together to create the now-iconic GT350H (read it here). Essentially, it was a performance coupe that anyone with a few bucks could get in and drive. But you’ll have to pay more than a few bucks if you want this one.

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Porsche 911 or Toyota GT86 Rally Car? You Can Drive Both

Porsche 911 Rally 2

You want to rally like a pro? You can, hypothetically. All you need is a bit of practice, some big cojones, and of course, a good car. These two new options might pique your interest.

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Watch This Mini Match Pagani Zonda’s Nürburgring Time


You expect to hear about super cars setting mind-blowing times at Nürburgring. What you don’t expect to hear is that a Mini managed to tie the time of one of them and set its own record in the process.

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Ginetta-Juno Might be the Next Great Track Day Machine


After Ginetta purchased Juno Racing Cars and announced a new car for the cost-capped LMP3 series earlier this year, the British carmaker has now introduced the Ginetta-Juno LMP Track Car. The company has dubbed it an interim race car for owners seeking a high-spec track car suitable for competition. Continue Reading »

You Can Own Carroll Shelby’s Very First Race Car


Carroll Shelby was a Formula One driver and even won overall at Le Mans with Aston Martin before building the Cobra, hot rodding Mustangs and running successful race teams. A career like that is, of course, the stuff of legend, but Shelby had to start somewhere. Like so many in the postwar sports car craze in America, that start was in a simple but effective MG TC. Continue Reading »

This Concept Would be Perfect for Ferrari’s Return to Le Mans

Ferrari LMP1 Concept

A few weeks ago, we showed you an artist’s interpretation of what a Ferrari LeMans Prototype might look like. While the pictures were in line with the current Ferrari design language and heavily used the LaFerrari as a basis for the concept, the car in question probably would never be made. Thanks, FIA. But alas, another designer decided to take a crack at the design aiming for a design that’s a little more FIA friendly.

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Ariel Atom 3S Gets Turbocharged, Goes Even Faster


It’s commonplace for an automaker to slap an ‘S’ badge on a car and suddenly call it faster. But when said company is TMI AutoTech, the official North American manufacturing arm of the Ariel Atom, its new badging is much deserved. Continue Reading »

The Saab Sonett I: Saab’s Audacious First Race Car


Saab had only started building automobiles just after the Second World War, but already by 1954, one of the company’s engineers, Rolf Mellde, had sketched out an open two-seater. Saab wasn’t all that interested in the idea, but Mellde and a few other Saab engineers kept at it in their spare time, building a prototype of his sports car in a barn about 40 miles from Saab headquarters in Trollhättan.

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Watch as the McLaren 650S GT3 Breaks Cover, Sounds Terrifying


Promotional videos have the nasty ability to make any car, no matter how banal, into a fire-breathing monster. We’re not saying that’s the case here, but on shock value alone, McLaren’s new teaser for the GT3 sets it up to be the fastest, most raucous race car ever. Continue Reading »

Silvermine 11SR Track Car Draws Upon the Past


If you want an elemental track car with more than a few throwbacks to the past, Silvermine’s 11SR is for you. Unfortunately, this version of the track toy isn’t meant for road use, but it’s powered by a Subaru 3.0-liter flat-six that puts out 325 horsepower. It has rear-wheel drive, a six-speed sequential gearbox, and a limited-slip differential.

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