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Are You the New Toyota Prius?


We spend our fair share of time covering high-performance supercars, but a BoldRide is anything that pushes the boundaries of the automobile. The Toyota Prius has been pushing the envelope of what a reliable, daily driving hybrid can be for years now, and we may have just been given a glimpse at the latest iteration.

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Make Your Kid Love You with this Fancy Driveable BMW i8 Mini-Car


For just $219.99, you’ll be able to drink out of a “Universe’s Coolest Parent” mug for about … ehhh, maybe five days. That is, until your offspring remembers he or she is a child and the attention shifts to some other toy. Or something equally as extremely cool like a giant refrigerator box. But for a brief period of time, this mini BMW i8 should captivate them.

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This Three-Wheeled Electric Bicycle is a Morgan Wannabe


Do you love the Morgan 3 Wheeler, but don’t want to dish out five figures? Then do we have something for you. This is a Morgan 3 Wheeler that you pedal—actually, it’s not even a Morgan at all, but it sure wants to be. Continue Reading »

This Weird Looking BMW i8 Runs on Hydrogen

BMW i8 Hydrogen

Just when you thought the BMW i8 couldn’t look any more futuristic, this prototype comes along. It’s not some post-apocalyptic preview of BMW’s to come, but rather, it’s a hydrogen fuel cell test mule based on the current BMW i8. Continue Reading »

New Ford e-Bike Gives City Commuters a Reason to Cheer


For fans of advanced alternative transportation, Ford is quickly becoming the company to watch. In press conference last week, Ford announced its new Peer-2-Peer car sharing pilot program along side a new electric bike prototype. That stunning e-bike is the Ford MoDe:Flex.  Continue Reading »

700HP Blade is the World’s First 3D-Printed Supercar


Plenty of auto manufacturers are making various attempts to make their cars greener and better for the environment. Hybrids, electric vehicles, and biofuel are just a few current advancements that are making ripples in ending dependence on fossil fuels. Now, showcased by the phenomenally light and quick 3D-printed Blade supercar, Divergent Microfactories, wants to not only make a splash, it wants to create a game-changing tidal wave. Continue Reading »

The Hot Wheels Tesla Model S is the Cheapest Way To Pay Elon Musk


Remember when every surface of a room was a racetrack? You’d have two cars, one in each hand, chasing each other over the back of the couch up onto the wall, then somehow launching off into space only to land on the coffee table and get stuck in the tar pit of sticky glass left from your Kool-Aid Jammer. Back then, no kids were thinking about what those toys ran on, they were simply fueled by imagination. Today, though, those Hot Wheels are getting an increase in voltage. Continue Reading »

Porsche LeMans Prototype Gets a Gorgeous Rendering

Porsche LeMans Prototype Rendering

Let’s face it— the future of LeMans is likely filled with all-electric cars. And imagining how those cars might look, gives rise to some truly beautiful renderings of these vehicles of tomorrow. This example shows off a Porsche prototype racer from the year 2035 and it’s a gorgeous look at what may become the norm one day.

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Forget Flying Cars, the Volocopter Could be a Real Answer


Perhaps the flying car concept is flawed. Do we really need cars that fly, or is finding a better way to get around simply the answer? If the latter rings true, this machine – known as the Volocopter VC200 – could be barking up the right tree.  Continue Reading »

You Can Pull This Teeny Camping Trailer With a Bicycle


Ever wish you could hit the open road, ditch the car keys for a weekend, and motor on with the power of your own steam? You aren’t alone, and thanks to a new camping trailer design from Wide Path Camper, your pedal-powered weekend just got a lot longer.  Continue Reading »