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England Will Welcome Driverless Cars on Public Roads


One of the United States’ least favorite automotive trends – the driverless car – took a major step towards becoming an export with the announcement England is paving the way for them. Look for them on right-hand drive roads as early as next year. Continue Reading »

Tesla CEO Elon Musk to Cameo on an Episode of The Simpsons


“You know you’re famous when you get featured on the Simpsons.” That’s what the Tesla Motors blog read after CEO Elon Musk was referenced on an episode of The Simpsons, earlier this year. Continue Reading »

Ford F-150 SFE Looks to Dethrone Ram as the MPG King


Chrysler struck a chord with buyers when it rolled out the fuel-sipping Ram 1500 EcoDiesel in February. The truck, which delivers 28mpg on the highway, filled its initial 8,000-unit order in a staggering three days, and now Ford is looking to the F-150 to vault the Blue Oval back to the top of the MPG pile. Continue Reading »

Icon Helios Will Blend Retro Design with Tesla Mechanics

Icon Helios 3

The guys at Icon have a habit of making the extreme even more so (See: Icon Thriftmaster). This time, CEO Jonathan Ward’s latest design will come in the form of an electric, retro-tastic coupe called the Helios. It’s pretty wild, but in a really great way with unique mechanical underpinnings.

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Fan Made Clip Proves the Tesla Model S is From Space [Video]

Tesla Origins

Aliens— are they real? One would think so after seeing this Tesla Model S virtually fall from the sky and land on Earth. At least that’s what director David Holm leads us to believe in his somewhat homemade commercial.

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Fisker Planning a New Model by 2017


Everybody likes a good comeback story, right? According to the higher-ups at Fisker Automotive, we might not have to wait long to witness one. Continue Reading »

Is the Sonic EV GM’s Response to the Tesla Model III?


Banking on the success that Tesla has had with the luxury Model S, the automaker’s recently confirmed Model III looks to take the EV battle to the masses. The question remains, at least for General Motors, what will defend sales from Tesla’s new $35,000-$40,000 offering? Continue Reading »

Acura NSX Catches Fire During Nurburgring Testing [w/Video]

Acura NSX Fire 2

Not good. Not good at all. The very same Honda/Acura NSX that we showed you running the Nurburging yesterday, has caught fire and ended its life at the side of the race track.

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The Audi A7 ‘Competition’ is a Biturbo Diesel Tree-Whisperer


If you’re in the market for a speedy four-door coupe, Audi has you covered with the potent V8-powered S7 and RS7 models. But let’s say you also wanted to sip fuel. Well, Audi can help you out with that too – the new A7 3.0 TDI Competition. Continue Reading »

Hackers Being Offered $10,000 to Hack a Tesla Model S

01-Model S

With the advent of in-car computing and connectivity, one big concern being voiced is the possibility of hackers accessing your car. Many automakers have their own standards for encryption compliance, but a security company is stepping things up by rewarding hackers for attempting to hack the Model S. Continue Reading »