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Tesla Energy’s Powerwall Aims To Convert Homes to Renewable Energy


Elon Musk thinks that his team has created the missing piece in the path to developing a world of self-sustaining energy solutions. That piece is the Tesla Energy Powerwall, an in-home battery pack that can be mounted anywhere on your house and that can store energy and replace the current methods of using fossil-fueled electricity on a grid.

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This BMW i3 Doubles as a Mobile ATM

BMW i3 Bank

The easiest way to get cash quickly is to head to the nearest ATM. They’re on just about every corner in every city, but even if you’re out in the country you’re likely to find one at every bank. Still, you might not feel like making the stop, so one Polish bank is bringing the ATM to you. Continue Reading »

Next-Gen Mitsubishi Evo Might Start as an Outlander Sport SUV


The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is not long of this earth. To the chagrin of diehard fans, Mitsubishi will axe its grippy ‘Evo’ sports sedan at the end of 2015 with no official plans to bring it back in a similar format. That’s bad news for hot-hot sedan fans, but not necessarily bad news overall.  Continue Reading »

The Classic Volkswagen Microbus Could Return as an EV…Maybe

VW T1 Bus

If rednecks and hippies share anything, it’s the fact that both groups have almost nothing in common. If you doubt this fact, then try asking members of each tribe to voice their opinions on war, gay marriage, or, if you really want to stir the pot, the current occupant of the White House. Continue Reading »

Watch Tesla’s Model X Prototype Swerve Around on the Highway


It may have made its debut appearance in 2012, but the days, weeks, and months are slowly ticking down on Elon Musk’s all-new Tesla Model X. The electric crossover is expected to ship out to customers in early 2016, and with that imposing deadline likely comes a great deal of testing.  Continue Reading »

The Toyota Mirai is Literally Fueled by Bull Crap

toyota mirai fueled by bull photo

Fuel cell vehicles offer tremendous efficiency gains and have been the talk of future motoring for years. But they aren’t without their detractors. Many cite a lack of critical infrastructure and refueling systems as a hamper to widespread adoption, while others simply call the mass viability of the fuel cell vehicle a pipe dream.  Continue Reading »

Yes, The Tesla Model S Can Drift

model s

The future is coming people, and in that future, more and more electric and hybrid cars are to be expected. However, it’s not necessarily something that should alarm you. Electric cars still can be pretty fun. Continue Reading »

Aston Martin Could Build a U.S. Plant for its New Crossover

aston martin dbx crossover concept photo

When you think of Aston Martin, three things immediately come to mind: big V12s, stunning sports cars, and an exclusively British build. According to Automotive News Europe, though, all three are about to change. Continue Reading »

Elon Musk Almost Sold Tesla to Google


Tesla may be a hot stock right now, but there was a time when things didn’t look so rosy for Elon Musk’s company. Back in 2013, just weeks before the company posted its first-ever quarterly profit, it was nearly bankrupt. Things were so bad the Musk thought the best choice might be to sell it to none other than Google. Continue Reading »

3 Reasons to Love the BMW i8 This Earth Day

BMW i8 Green 2

Happy Earth Day— today we’re celebrating all things green. And that means cars, too. One, in particular, is the BMW i8. Continue Reading »