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Tesla Stock Shudders Amid Cheap Gas Prices

tesla stock hurt by low gas prices photo

The seemingly meteoric rise of Tesla has been a shining example of building the right product at the perfect time. But, as in any business, companies endure the good times and the bad. Tesla Motors’ recent performance in the stock market falls toward the bad.  Continue Reading »

Watch Dakar’s First All-Electric Racer in Action

Acciona Dakar electric vehicle photo

The latest entry in the Dakar Rally is a car that no one would have ever thought possible. Spanish civil engineering company Acciona is entering the first-ever, all-electric car into the 5600-mile endurance race through the unforgiving desert.

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Dubuc Tomahawk EV Looks to Fight Tesla

tomahawk dubuc motors front photo

With Tesla Motors, CEO Elon Musk has achieved what few others probably could do or would have done: conceive a world-rivaling EV in just a handful of years. Continue Reading »

Watch a Toyota Prius Do a Burnout, For Real

Toyota Prius Burnout video photo

The Toyota Prius is not the kind of car you’d expect to see doing a burnout. It’s not the kind of car you’d expect to see doing anything remotely aggressive or fun or exciting. But here’s proof that even a tame car can do a damn impressive burnout.

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Could BMW Focus Solely on EVs by 2024?

BMW i8 photo

In the wake of controversial comments by a top industry analyst, a leading automotive alternative energy website is saying the German automaker could no longer be making internal combustion engines in 10 years. Continue Reading »

This Solar-Powered Plane Could Reach the Edge of Space

solarstratos solar powered plane photo

Normally to get to the far reaches of our atmosphere, you need to expel an incredible amount of energy. But one man plans to go the distance a bit more sustainably than the rest. Continue Reading »

Tesla vs Mercedes: Who Wins in a Drag Race?

Tesla Model S drag race photo

A Tesla Model S P85 recently took on a Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 in a 1/4 mile drag race pitting a powerful V8 against an electric to show that it’s not all about horsepower. Both of these cars are undeniably fast, but does the more powerful Mercedes leave the Tesla in its dust or does the electric hold its own?

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You Can Ride a Poop-Powered Bus in the UK

Bio-bus Loading photo

Alternative fuels are all the rage these days, and now even your poop can be turned into fuel. Yes, your poop! This theory is being put to the test by a bus in Britain called the Bio-bus which runs on biomethane gas produced from a combination of human waste and food waste.

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Mini Citysurfer Electric Scooter is a Range Extender for your Feet


On the whole, Mini tends to build small cars. However the automaker’s latest concept takes that formula to the extreme – so small in fact, that it only has two wheels. And it’s not exactly a car. Continue Reading »

Audi A7 H-Tron Previews a Sexy Future for Hydrogen


There’s an ongoing debate regarding the alternative fuel of the future. Will we be driving electric cars in 25 years or is hydrogen the go-to solution? Audi – it appears – doesn’t have the answer, rather it has two. First came the electric (and subsequently hybrid) e-tron setup, and now there’s this – the A7 Sportback h-tron quattro.

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