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The Audi A7 ‘Competition’ is a Biturbo Diesel Tree-Whisperer


If you’re in the market for a speedy four-door coupe, Audi has you covered with the potent V8-powered S7 and RS7 models. But let’s say you also wanted to sip fuel. Well, Audi can help you out with that too – the new A7 3.0 TDI Competition. Continue Reading »

Hackers Being Offered $10,000 to Hack a Tesla Model S

01-Model S

With the advent of in-car computing and connectivity, one big concern being voiced is the possibility of hackers accessing your car. Many automakers have their own standards for encryption compliance, but a security company is stepping things up by rewarding hackers for attempting to hack the Model S. Continue Reading »

Ford Eyeing a Return to 24 Hours of Le Mans

00-Ford GT

When you think of the Ford GT40, you may instantly think of the golden era of racing at Le Mans. But when you think of Le Mans, you might not instantly think of Ford. While Ford’s mid-engined monster dominated Le Mans 1966 to 1969, the Blue Oval brand did not have much of a presence at the French track (save for some Shelby Mustangs and late-model Ford GTs). Continue Reading »

Will Cars of the Future be Dimpled like Golf Balls? [w/video]



Aesthetically, we hope not. There’s nothing remotely attractive about a pockmarked hot hatchback. But new technology pioneered by aerodynamic experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could bring the drag-resistant genius of the dimpled golf ball to the modern car. Continue Reading »

BMW and Mercedes Join Forces on Wireless Car Charging


Normally we’d have news of a no-holds-barred Mercedes performance coupe, set to take the fight to the BMW M4, or something along those lines. But that’s not the case today, because apparently when the Germans aren’t one-upping each other in every segment, they’re joining forces. Continue Reading »

Bugatti’s Veyron Replacement Will Be A 1,500HP Hybrid Monster


Just a few years ago, if you had suggested that Bugatti would build a replacement to the Veyron using a hybrid drivetrain, you might have been committed. But in that time, some of the most respected names in supercar performance have rolled out hybrid hypercars, so that should take some shock off news that Bugatti is hard ay work on a hybrid Veyron replacement. 

Continue Reading »

2015 Volvo XC90 Goes All Plug-in Hybrid on the World


Volvo has been building its XC90 SUV for 12 years, relatively unchanged, and if you had just grown accustomed to it, well…tough luck. There’s a new Volvo XC90 on the horizon, and it’s a 400-horsepower hybrid. Continue Reading »

Tesla Model S Splits in Two Following High-Speed Crash

00-Tesla Crash

It’s a pretty bad situation when your car it stolen. The best case scenario is that you get it back, but between that and never seeing your car again, there are plenty of possible outcomes. One nightmare scenario is when a car is stolen and the thief crashes said car– like what happened in LA last week. Continue Reading »

Could Israel’s Monorail Change the Way We Travel?


A report from the UK’s Daily Mail indicates that the state of Israel is working on a maglev — or magnetic levitating — monorail is set to be built, and it looks to be a very futuristic ride. So, please save your Simpsons “Monorail” episode jokes until the end of the post. Continue Reading »

Rotary Fans Rejoice: The 2015 Mazda2 Gets Wankel Power…Sort of


The discontinuation of the Mazda RX-8 in 2011 swiftly put the kibosh on the the availability of the very unique rotary engine. Haters hated, some of us cried, while others ran to the dealership waving fistfuls of money. However, it appears there’s good news. A new Wankel-powered Mazda could arrive as early as next year. Continue Reading »