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Tesla Literally Wants to Give You a Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla is upping the ante with an opportunity for customers to earn a fully loaded Model X completely free. It all depends on how many people you can convince to walk in and buy a Model S, and how quickly you get them to sign on the dotted line. Continue Reading »

5 of the Slowest Cars Available Today


For enthusiasts, speed is typically the first thing we want to know about a car. But speed also comes into factor when talking about safety for normal consumers. If you have something that can’t get up to a normal highway cruising speed swiftly, it makes for a potentially dangerous situation. Miss-judge a gap, and you’re potentially putting everyone behind you at risk.

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Student-Built Electric Racecar Smashes 0-62MPH World Record

Fastest Electric Car

When you think of ultimate 0-60 mile per hour records, you might readily quote some racecar stats. Or you may even quote some of the modern day hybrid hypercar stats. But those sub-three second times that these cars enjoy just can’t claim the top spot. At least not anymore. Continue Reading »

Check out China’s Tesla Model S Copycat

Youxia Front

It’s electric and it looks like a Tesla Model S, but it’s called the Ranger X and it’s made by Chinese automaker Youxia. The car is powered by an electric motor producing 356 horsepower with 325 lb-ft of torque and it has a battery pack mounted beneath the floor. The Youxia Ranger X will do 0-62 mph in 5.6 seconds and has a range of 286 miles per charge.

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Try Not to Cringe as This Porsche 918 Spyder Crashes


The cool, confident days of the ’50s and ’60s have given way to the Instagram era of celebrities showing off their stacks of cash, gold watches, and absurdly fast hypercars. It’s usually fairly harmless, but this time, it was that showing off that led to the destruction of an innocent. A Porsche 918 Spyder.

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What is a Hybrid Car Anyways? A Crucial Drivetrain Explained

What is a hybrid

The minute gas prices start to rise, people start talking about trading in their current car for a hybrid. You’ll see hybrids everywhere these days, but what is a hybrid car and why do so many people want one parked in their driveway? Here’s what you need to know. Continue Reading »

The National Guard is Training Drones to Think Like Bees


We’re all waiting patiently for the day that artificial intelligence overtakes humanity, thrusting us into a pit of darkness and despair under the (literal) iron fist of our robot overlords. In order to expedite our looming downfall, the National Guard has expanded its drone fleet, and has begun training them to work like a swarm of bees. Continue Reading »

6 Electric Car Companies That Have Tried and Failed

Aptera Electric 2

Earlier in the week we introduced you to Faraday Future, a Californian startup hoping to take on Tesla with a whole brigade of proven talent. It sounds promising, but of course, we have to remain skeptical. Continue Reading »

This Chinese Student Built an Electric ‘Supercar’ For $5,000

Chinese Electric Supercar

We’re going to use the term “supercar” loosely here. In just six months, 27-year-old Chinese student and automotive tinkerer, Chen Yinxi, built an all-electric supercar for just $5,000. Top speed on this amazing machine? Just 37 mph—now you know why we’re using the term supercar so loosely. Continue Reading »

California Startup is Taking on Tesla With New Electric Vehicle

Faraday Future Concept

Welcome to the future—Faraday Future, that is. While Tesla has had a longstanding reputation of being the sole purely electric car manufacturer in the U.S., one California company hopes to change all that. And they’re bringing the big guns. Continue Reading »