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GM is Directly Preventing Tesla From Selling Vehicles

Tesla Store Red

Tesla is having a hard time rolling out its “direct-to-consumer” sales strategy across the country. The biggest issue being competition—or rather, GM’s fear of competition. In a recent report by Elektrek, GM is outright blocking Tesla from selling vehicles in Connecticut, and possibly elsewhere. Continue Reading »

Solar-Powered Plane Finishes Pacific Leg of Around-the-World Trip

Solar Impulse 2 Flying

The Solar Impulse 2 managed to complete its flight across the Pacific Ocean on Saturday morning when it landed in California. This risky leg of the plane’s around-the-world trip took three days to complete. Oh, and did we mention it was all using solar power? Continue Reading »

2017 BMW i3 EV Gets 50 Percent More Driving Range


The growing electric vehicle market presents an arms race of sorts for today’s automakers, where the weapon is ever-improving battery technology and the war is to clamp down on the inherent EV range anxiety.  Continue Reading »

This is the 1,200-HP Ferrari Hypercar of the Future


The Ferrari LaFerrari is a $1.4 million, 959-horsepower piece of engineering genius. It’s a worthy successor to the Enzo, and one of the most talked about cars of the past few years. But when it’s gone, something will need to step in its place. The Ferrari F80 Raeli concept could be that successor. Continue Reading »

An Old Boeing 737 Engine Cowling is Reborn…As a Chair


They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and when it comes to something like this, well… they would be absolutely right.  Continue Reading »

This Electric Three-Wheeler Defies Conventional Thinking


When you set out to build an electric car—especially in today’s marketplace—the thinking has to be different, dare we say, defiant. One team of creatives in Tennessee took that unconventional thinking to an entirely new level with the aptly named Defiant EV3. Continue Reading »

This Vintage Motorcycle is Actually an e-Bike


In recent years the e-bike market has absolutely exploded in popularity. Whereas once you could only find barebones electric-assist bikes, now there are retro-styled cruisers, big-wheeled off-roaders, 30 mph commuter bikes, and even discrete bikes you’d never realized were pedal assist.  Continue Reading »

A Bunch of Students Built a Hybrid Subaru BRZ

This plug-in hybrid Subaru BRZ is the most notable thing to come out of Mississippi State University since John Grisham. Students at the university’s Center For Advanced Vehicular Systems built this one off BRZ as part of the “Car Of The Future” initiative, and I have to commend them for choosing a two door sports car as a platform for the project. Continue Reading »

China’s New Self-Driving Electric Sedan is the Latest Tesla Rival


There’s been plenty of buzz around Faraday Future, America’s so-called “Tesla killer.” But on the other side of the globe, the company backing the yet-to-be proven Faraday Future just built its own self-driving, electric car. At least, a concept of which. Continue Reading »

Watch This Tesla Autopilot System Juke Its Driver To Safety

Tesla calls its autonomous driving system ‘Autopilot.’ I think they should use the acronym A.A.S. (Asshat Avoidance System) instead, because that’s generally what the system will be doing, avoiding asshats like the one in this truck. Continue Reading »