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Glow-In-The-Dark Highways Lighting the Way in Netherlands

Smart Highway 2

From the same minds that back in 2012 promised a system of “Smart Highways,” a new light-absorbing glow-in-the-dark street has made its debut on a small stretch of highway in the Netherlands. This unique highway opens after nearly two years of red tape from Dutch officials.

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Tesla Model S Breaks Norway’s All-Time Monthly Sales Record


If you live in the states, you’d know that Tesla has been finding its share of success (and setbacks) with its Model S sedan. Abroad though, the automaker hasn’t garnered a huge amount of success. But that all changed last month, when the Model S became the best-selling car, in a month, in Norway’s history.

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California Company Taking Tesla Model S Topless

00-Model S Convertible

We here at BoldRide find that any car– even a crappy one– can be improved by the addition of a convertible top. Example: Chrysler LeBaron versus LeBaron Convertible. See what we did there? So would this theory apply to the all-electric Tesla Model S? You decide.

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Land Rover Concept Makes Front of Car Invisible [w/video]


Next week, Land Rover will reveal a new concept SUV, dubbed the “Discovery Vision.” Considering the LR4 (aka Discovery in other parts of the word) has grown long in the tooth, one may presume this concept will herald its replacement. With the advent of the Evoque and the new Range Rover line, the LR4 has grown quite boring, but one aptly named tech feature on this forthcoming concept has us very interested.

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First Ever Carbon Fiber Luxury Camper Trailer Costs Nearly $1M [w/video]


When you think of a luxury camper trailer, you might think of the Airstream. It’s a stainless steel, art deco throwback to a simpler time, but with prices that can well exceed $100,000. The Airstream though has nothing on this carbon fiber luxury trailer, fetching nearly $1,000,000!

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UK Group Training Independent Garages to Service Hybrids

Honda Insight

One of the lingering concerns with hybrids has been the tricky subject of maintenance. While many owners may have mentally kicked this can down the road, some hybrids will start to enter the used car market nearing, or past their warranty expiration. So what is a hybrid owner to do when service is required?

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Can 8-Speeds Be Too Many to Be Fun?

Charger Shifter

Yesterday, we reported on the new 8-speed automatic that will find its way into the Corvette Stingray. This is a victory for Corporate Average Fuel Economy advocates, and the one person out there buying a Corvette who cares what kind of MPG it returns. I’m here to tell you that there is a downside (if you didn’t already know).

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Tesla is Planning to Ditch Mirrors and Spend Money


A day without Tesla in the news is few and far between; today is no different. Tesla joined the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers in filing a petition to ask permission from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to use sideview cameras instead of mirrors. The NHTSA currently mandates that all road-going vehicles come equipped with sideview mirrors, even though the technology exists to use cameras instead.

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8 High-Powered Hybrids That Will Make You Take Another Look at Green Cars


When I say, “hybrid” you may have the image of a Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, or various other forms of date repellant. Sure, the roads are now littered with hybrids that are all but devoid of any soul and passion. But there are alt-fuel green cars out there that will actually make you want to go out and drive. Here are eight great performance-rich hybrids, for your guilt-free driving pleasure.

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Detroit Electric Headed to Holland, Production Beginning This Year

Detroit Electric SP01

Detroit Electric made a ripple last year in the EV kiddie pool when it announced an electric roadster. Its roadster – which looked an awful lot like the Tesla Roadster — was based on a Lotus, came with an electric motor and even had a manual transmission. All the pieces seemed well in place.

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