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Tesla Model X SUV Costs More Than $100,000, Will Be Seriously Quick


It’s not entirely official, but it comes on good authority—we now know the price of the much-anticipated Tesla Model X, in addition to a host of other information about the next-great-thing from the California-based electric-vehicle-maker. The short-take? Like its Model S predecessor, this Tesla is going to be pricey, and fast.

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Paris Will Ban Cars for a Day in September


If you live, work, or plan to travel through parts of Paris, France in late September, you might want to don a pair of walking or biking shoes. The French capital will hold its “la journée sans voiture” (or “car-free day”) on September 27, which will restrict cars from operating within five city areas between the hours of 11:00am and 6:00pm.  Continue Reading »

Solar Cars Celebrate 60 Years

Immmortus Take time today to pay homage today to Ra, the Egyptian sun god. It’s the 60th anniversary of the solar car. Continue Reading »

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Dream Becoming Reality


Can Elon Musk do no wrong? Can he ever fail? Is he human? Or is he a Bond villain, just biding his time, while he strokes a white cat from a swivel chair? Seriously, whatever that man comes up with, or touches instantly turns the world on its head.

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Chinese Startup Le Supercar Plans to Take on Tesla With New EV


The name Le Supercar may sound like some bad car joke, but it’s a very serious business venture by Chinese electronics mogul Jia Yueting. If you happen to be familiar with Chinese businessmen, that name should sound familiar. Yueting created LeTV, essentially a Chinese equivalent to Netflix. Continue Reading »

Used Hybrid, EV Prices Falling, Means Great Deals for Buyers


We are in a unique trend for the classic car market. While you may think that only vintage sports cars are the type of used cars that grow in value, but the reality is, late model used car values are actually on the rise. But it is not all rosy for used car salesman, as the exact opposite is happening for hybrids and electric vehicles.

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Watch A Ford Raptor Mule Tear Up A Michigan Forest


With the new Ford F-150 Raptor still a couple years into the distant future, we figured that we would have some time in between now and then to get to know the rest of Ford’s new performance car lineup. We thought we’d spend more time diving into the likes of the Focus RS, the GT350 Mustang, and the new GT.

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Ubco 2×2 Electric Dirt Bike Can Go Almost Anywhere, Charge Power Tools

ubco-2x2-electric-utility-bike front

The Ubco Electric Bike seems poised to revolutionize the industry. Finally a dirt bike has been developed that serves a practical purpose after you stop riding it—besides being a tempting target for thieves.

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Watch this Diesel Truck Ignite on a Dyno

diesel 2

Most dyno pulls are uneventful. The car is strapped down, the person inside the car starts the pull, and after they’re done, they get to see how much power they’ve made. It’s a rather boring affair to watch, unless the car is something special. However, sometimes, dyno pulls can go bad, really fast, as the owner of this nitrous-fed diesel truck found out.

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Startup Developing Batteries to Charge Electric Cars in Minutes


When it comes to the future of hybrid and electric vehicles, battery technology is the single largest hurdle to progress. Chassis parts may be getting lighter, and engines more fuel efficient, but getting a battery to charge quickly, last a long time, and fit in a package-able size is proving difficult. But there may be hope.

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