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Colorado Won’t Let You Run Your Car Unattended, Unless You’ve Got a Remote Start


Living in New England, one of the greatest options you can possibly get for a new car is remote start (heated front-row seats and heated steering wheel tied at a very close second). If your car is covered in snow, hit the start button on your key fob from the comfort of your home or place of work, and the head from the car does half the work in terms of cleaning all the snow off your car. Continue Reading »

Jayden Smith Spotted With a Tesla Model X Before (Almost) Everyone Else


Being the offspring of a Hollywood great has to be difficult. We don’t mean difficult in terms of going to the best schools or having all the latest swag. We mean such a parental dynamic means the kid doesn’t always end up as the most well-developed member of society. But it certainly has its perks. Continue Reading »

Unplugging the Cadillac ELR: 5 Reasons Caddy’s Green Car Didn’t Spark Sales


This week, General Motors announced that it will be pulling the plug on the Cadillac ELR. I was extremely excited about this car when it was first announced, and really enjoyed my limited time behind the wheel. But the extended-range plug-in hybrid luxury coupe never out-shined the Chevrolet Volt with its time on the market, and it never felt like a fully baked idea. Is that why the ELR failed? Continue Reading »

Despite Low Fuel Prices, EVs Doing Just Fine


Oil prices are down, and unless you are a small-time oil driller, that’s good news. The last time that there was a historical downturn in fuel prices, hybrids and electric vehicles saw huge drop-offs in sales. Continue Reading »

Watch This Garbage Truck Explode


When you think of New Jersey, garbage trucks, and stuff blowing up, you might think I’m doing a poor job summarizing “The Sopranos,” but in this case, all of those things refer to an actual scenario. That said, it does look like a scene from a movie. Continue Reading »

Tesla Will Actually Build Two Affordable Electric Vehicles


The news of Tesla’s more affordable Model 3 has been out for some time now. Unfortunately, all that talk hasn’t translated into a vehicle you can actually buy (yet). But Tesla wants us to be patient, because the Californian electric automaker isn’t just working on one affordable electric vehicle—it’s actually working on two. Continue Reading »

Dubuc Tomahawk EV Supercar Claims 0-60 MPH in 3 Seconds


Back in 2014, a small startup from Quebec, Canada announced ambitious plans: to build an all-wheel drive, all-electric sports car that could rival some of the world’s best known performance machines. That company was Dubuc Motors, and that car was this—the TomahawkContinue Reading »

The Next-Gen Jeep Wrangler Gets Diesel and Hybrid Variants


For many off-road enthusiasts, the popular Jeep Wrangler has been a last bastion for simple, rugged, all-terrain SUVs, amidst a sea of evermore car-like crossover vehicles. That rugged nature isn’t expected to change, but it will be a bit more high-tech in the coming years.  Continue Reading »

As Hyperloop Ramps up, Land Rights and Regulation Remain Massive Obstacles


Hyperloop might be the brain-child of Elon Musk, but the mad genius (and possible real-life Tony Stark) left the technology open for others to come in and help make it a reality. The vision of a high-speed transportation system for people and cargo is sure to shake things up, but first it has to get over hurdles that many other innovators have encountered. Continue Reading »

Is There A Way to Get Your Dirty Diesel Volkswagen Declared a Lemon?


When it comes to Volkswagen’s diesel cheating scandal–what has come to be known as #Dieselgate–there has been plenty of coverage of corporate moves and responses, but little is actually known about what the consumer can do. That is because few real solutions have been offered. Those affected, listen up– because one court case in Florida could have a big impact on the options you have as a consumer. Continue Reading »