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A Necessary Evil: The Story of the Enola Gay

Enola Gay

The man who burned my hometown of Atlanta, General William Tecumseh Sherman, is famous for saying, “war is hell.” Some quibble with the exact wording he used, but no one doubts the essential truth of his remark. Ask anyone who has served in the military during a time of conflict; they will verify the accuracy of Sherman’s comment without hesitation. Continue Reading »

Why the Mitsubishi Evolution is a Future Classic


There’s no classic car stamp of approval. No hallowed judge roaming from town to town to denounce some old cars and certify others. It doesn’t work like that. But get together with any group of auto fans and a few common nameplates get thrown around.  Continue Reading »

Chevrolet Corvair Testudo: Grandpa to the Porsche 928


Chevrolet and Porsche. The transatlantic sports car rivals have a methodology and a culture all their own, which is to say – if something works for one, it probably won’t work for the other. Nevertheless, there is one car in particular that made Detroit and Stuttgart see eye to eye – the Corvair Testudo. Continue Reading »

1958 Plymouth Fury: The Original Speed Demon


The early 1980′s was a scary time for many people, including fans of horror writer Stephen King. Early in that decade he released a disturbing novel about a car that was more malevolence than metal. A demon from Hell disguised in gleaming steel, it reversed the normal terms of car ownership. Its drivers didn’t possess it; it possessed them. The book’s title was Christine, and the vehicle King chose for its main character was the 1958 Plymouth Fury. Continue Reading »

The JATO Rocket Car Myth: Urban Legends Take Flight

Jato Rocket Car

Fans of the Darwin Awards take note: it seems that not all of the stories circulated by the award’s presenters are true. For example, consider the account of the non-too-bright inventor who decided to strap a solid fuel rocket to the top of his car and go for a ride. This story has been repeated so often that many people believe it’s true. In reality, it’s one of the most successful urban legends in history. Continue Reading »

Ever Wanted to Own a Classic Car Museum? Now You Can


All good things must come to an end, and for the Stondon Motor Museum, it’s sadly the end of the line. The UK institution recently closed its doors for good, putting a bookend on over two decades of classic car curation, but happily it won’t be the end of the line for its collection. Continue Reading »

The Bismarck Battleship: A Study in Evolution

Bismarck Ship

Evolution is a cruel process, one which shows no mercy to the strong or to the weak. Case in point: the dinosaurs. The last T Rex to bite the dust was probably the biggest and baddest of the breed. Nonetheless, all its strength and ferocity could not save it from the relentless forces of natural selection. In the end, both the Tyrannosaurus and the creatures upon which it preyed became extinct. At the same time, the small, furry creatures that today we call mammals began their long ascent to the top of the food chain. Continue Reading »

Forever Cool: The Story of the 57 Chevy


No discussion of classic cars would be complete without mentioning the legendary 1957 Chevrolet. In many ways the 57 Chevy is the classic car – a symbol that has risen to iconic status around the world. Nothing else is as quintessentially American as this legendary vehicle. Nearly 70 years after its introduction, it continues to captivate a global audience of enthusiasts. Continue Reading »

Boyd Coddington’s ’33 Roadster Changed the Hot Rodding Game

boyd coddington jamie musselman roadster art photo

In any industry, there are innovators who change the playing field. Think back to what Facebook did with social media, or what iTunes did to modern music. Something comes along, and we’re all utterly blown away.  Continue Reading »

The Leopard 2 Tank Was Like the M1’s German Sister

Leopard 2 Tank 3

If Germany and the US learned anything from World War II, it’s that working together makes a lot more sense than trying to kill each other. The partnership between the two nations over the last 70 years has produced both amazing consumer products and impressive war machines. Case in point: the Fatherland’s current main battle tank, the Leopard II. As a sister of the US military’s M1 Abrams, this intimidating vehicle has racked up an impressive series of kills on the battlefield. Continue Reading »