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BMW 507: A Sales Mistake and Design Icon


They say you’ve got to spend money to make money. But in a post-war 1950’s Germany – at the time, still trying to get back on its feet – that was no easy task. Which is why the story of the BMW 507 is all the more profound. Continue Reading »

1990 Ford Taurus SHO Pushes All the Right Buttons: Throwback Thursday [w/Video]


It isn’t hard to understand why the Ford Taurus became one of the best selling cars on the road in the ‘90s. It was reasonably priced, reliable, had loads of room, and – at least in its first two generations – was kind to the eyes. The late ‘90s and ‘00s versions weren’t as compelling to look at, which hints as to why the Taurus nameplate disappeared briefly.

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Stolen Jaguar Recovered After Being Stolen 47 Years Ago

Stolen Jag

A week goes by, and you probably wouldn’t expect police to find your stolen car. But get this, LA customs found this uber pretty Jaguar E-Type on its way to the Netherlands, realizing it had been stolen 47 years ago.

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Zakspeed Ford Capri Turbo Made Mustangs Look Cutesy [w/video]


There’s no doubting America’s affinity for the Ford Mustang. Ford’s bread and butter pony car has seen bouts in NASCAR, enjoyed plenty of silver screen adoration, and the reverence of classic car collectors nationwide. But on the other side of the Atlantic, Ford achieved that same level of success…with the Capri. And this is the model to rule them all – the Zakspeed Ford Capri Turbo.

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AMC AMX Fuels America’s Sporty Culture: Muscle Car Monday [w/Video]


It’s Monday morning. You’re tired, dreading work, and possibly already trapped within a beige cubicle. So to supplant that beige with something less beige (though ironically some were beige), it’s the 1968 AMC AMX. Welcome to Muscle Car Monday! Continue Reading »

The P1900: Volvo’s Quirky, Unfortunate First Sports Car

Volvo P1900 2

Volvo was in a pretty good place in the 1950s. Then, as now, it enjoyed a well-earned reputation for building rugged, durable, practical automobiles that often looked pretty good as well, usually taking styling cues from American cars. What Volvo absolutely did not have a reputation for back then was anything to do with sporty. It was a bit of a surprise, therefore, when Volvo announced in 1954 that it would build a two-seater sports car.

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1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona: Late in Life, But Early in the Game

Studebaker Lark

With all the news about deadly viruses and lethal food choices on TV, it might be surprising to hear that Americans are living longer. These days it’s common to hear about people in their 60s, 70s, and beyond participating in sports, starting companies, and finishing college degrees. More and more it sees that a person’s greatest accomplishments often occur in the later years of his life, rather than the sound and fury of his youth.

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1954 Dodge FireArrow: American Design Meets Italian Flair

Dodge Firearrow 3

The years following the end of World War II brought with them both newfound prosperity and rapid technological advancements. By the 1950s, these twin influences were being felt in the world of auto design, where the Big Three were building concept cars that caught the spirit of the new age. A prime example of this time is the 1954 Dodge FireArrow, a series of three roadsters, and a coupe, that together represent everything that was great about the 1950s.

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NTSB and NHTSA Disagree on School Bus Seat Belts

School Bus

Kids are back at school and many first-timers are coming home wondering why they don’t have to wear seat belts on the school bus. NHTSA and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) seem to disagree on whether they’re a good idea. Continue Reading »

This Rare MG Magnette Sold for $130K At Auction


Bonhams holds an annual auction at Beaulieu, the home of the England’s National Motor Museum, and the 2014 sale saw over 400 lots including automobilia, motorcycles, sports cars, luxury cars. In it was this 1934 MG Magnette ND Special. It sold for £82,140 ($132,341) including premium. Continue Reading »