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That Time a Car with a Helicopter Engine Raced Le Mans: The Howmet TX

HowmetTX3 helicopter engine car photo

We don’t often think of turbine-powered automobiles and for good reason. But during the 1960s, manufacturers were experimenting with them and even racing them with enthusiasm. Chrysler gave 50 turbine-powered cars to members of the general public for a trial run in 1963, BRM and Rover built one and raced it at Le Mans from 1963-65, and Lotus nearly won the Indy 500 with the Type 56 Turbine in 1968. The most successful turbine car, however, was the Howmet TX built in 1968 by the Howmet Corporation, a metallics company. Continue Reading »

The 1954 Bonneville Concept Car – Was It a Car or a Rocket Ship?

1954-pontiac-bonneville-special (2)

The 1950s was a time of great anticipation. The end of WW2 in 1945 bestowed on the United States the twin blessings of economic prosperity and groundbreaking technological advancement.  Americans looked forward to a future filled with amazing new devices like flying cars, personal jet packs, and robot maids and butlers.

While none of those things exists yet, the excitement during the decade about air travel and space flight was vindicated by the launch of Sputnik in 1957 and the continuous development of better and faster jets.  Harley Earl recognized this when he set out to build a pair of concept cars for Pontiac inspired by rocket and aeronautic designs of the 50s.  Unveiled in 1954 at the GM Motorama, the two vehicles, which were named Bonneville Special Concept Car after the Utah salt flats, incorporated design insights and innovations that are still considered ingenious today.

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1980 Urba Town Car is Far From a ‘Total Recall’

urba town car photo

While hybrid and electric cars are all the rage today, the ideas behind them are hardly new. In fact, the first car that Ferdinand Porsche designed – all the way back in 1898 – was an electric vehicle. This is however not that car, but it does come from a pivotal moment in the hybrid/electric lineage – not to mention a cameo in 1990′s “Total Recall”. Continue Reading »

Here’s Where Reckless Driving, DUI Destroy Your Insurance Premiums

cop writing a ticket photo

OK,  so most of us here at BoldRide like to drive fast. Too fast. But we may slow down after reading one single reckless driving ticket could knock our insurance rates up on average by 83%. It’s a good thing the cops were on donut break when I had that Corvette Z06 back in January. Continue Reading »

Restored 1968 Pontiac GTO Best Present Dad Could Ask For

birthday present 1968 GTO photo

A lot of the classics that are cherished and collected today are the same cars we or our parents used to drive daily. It’s that nostalgia factor that drives the market for classic cars and, at times,  inspires some of the most thoughtful gifts we can think of. In this case, it’s a son surprising his father with a restored 1968 Pontiac GTO for his 60th birthday.

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Amazing Greenhouse Full of Vintage Cars Unearthed in Europe

Europe's biggest barnfind photo (c) MotorPunk

You never know what you’ll find when you’re wandering about in the country, as these photographs taken at a greenhouse in Europe prove. All of these beautiful vintage cars were found sitting around at a farm, just waiting for someone to restore them to their former glory.

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The 1959 Cadillac Cyclone Was Harley Earl’s Final Triumph

Cadillac Cyclone 2

It was the late 1950s, and Harley Earl’s tenure as head of General Motors’ style department was drawing to a close. What began in 1938 with the Buick Y-Job would end with the 1959 Cadillac Cyclone; the last of his concept vehicles to be built. Like all of his creations, it would feature both stunning design and a bevy of futuristic features that would confirm Earl’s place as one of the great visionaries of automotive history.

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Mouth-Watering 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Touring Up For Auction


Back in the early ’70s, Porsche brought back the Carrera nameplate for an ambitious 911-based racing program, with engineer Norbert Singer heading the project. After the successful but expensive 917 program had run its course, the aim was to get the 911 ready for FIA’s Group 4, and this meant both significant modification and a production run of at least 500 units.
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Prettiest Sports Car You’ve Never Heard of Heads to Auction

Intermeccanica profile photo

Ferrari and Maserati get most of the glory — and rightly so. But they weren’t the only Italians building large, svelte, low-slung sports cars in the 1960s. There were actually a handful of companies who went the route of Sydney Allard and Carroll Shelby by utilizing big American V8s. Twelve cylinders and lots of camshafts are great, but for some smaller car makers, the cost of engineering such powerplants was prohibitive, and the appeal of similar performance from the much cheaper motors coming out of Detroit was hard to resist. One company to make the move was Intermeccanica of Torino, which was actually founded by Hungarian-born Canadian Frank Reisner.
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In a Crash, Drivers Were Expected to Live in a Miller Golden Submarine

Miller Golden Submarine photo

Half a century before Ringo sang about a Yellow Submarine, American motor racing ace Barney Oldfield was flying around, and often winning, at the nation’s oval and dirt tracks in his Golden Submarine. A one-off for Oldfield built by legendary manufacturer Harry A. Miller, the Golden Submarine was not only unusual, but also ahead of its time. It was a car that would foreshadow some of Miller’s future race-winning designs.
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