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Hot-Selling Hatch: Ford Fiesta Becomes UK’s Best Selling Car


How long does it take to climb up the ranks and become the UK’s top selling car? Answer: Just under four decades. After 37 years on the market, the plucky Ford Fiesta became Great Britain’s best-selling nameplate this month when overall sales topped 4,115,000. Continue Reading »

A Record 40 Million Vehicles Recalled in 2014– Feds Want More


If it seems like auto recalls are on the rise– you’d be correct. 2014 marks the year that the auto industry recalled more cars than any other year in the history of the automobile. And according to reports, the government is looking to ratchet that up. So what does that mean for the consumer, as well as the industry? Continue Reading »

This Car Could Become the World’s Most Expensive Ferrari

00-275 GTBC

When it comes to rare classic cars, it seems like the ante is constantly being upped. Just when you think a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso or an Aston Martin DB4 set some record, another car shows up and the well-heeled collectors are there to put up top dollar for such rare vehicles.

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Lamborghini Islero S: One of Ferruccio’s Favorites


The Islero was more or less the last of the line that started with Lamborghini’s very first car, the 350GT, in 1963. It featured a 4.0-liter version of the brilliant Giotto Bizzarrini-designed V-12 with six twin-choke Weber carbs and was tuned to 340 horsepower in “S” spec cars. Like the 400GT it replaced, it was also a luxuriously equipped GT car with air conditioning, power windows and a full leather interior.

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Restored Iconic Land Rover Celebrated at UK Style Event

00-Land Rover

There are few 4×4 vehicles that car enthusiasts revere more than a Land Rover. It has all the trappings of classic British charm, mixed with heaps of off-road credibility and a long history of service the world over. Perhaps that is why some of the UK’s preeminent customizers took to restoring one. Continue Reading »

Lamborghini Diablo: Born in Italy, Designed in Detroit


Everyone likes to credit the Italians — especially Lamborghini — for creating some of the most eye-catching, jaw-dropping supercar designs to date. And for the most part, that credit is very much deserved. But there is one car in particular for which Lamborghini can’t take all the credit.

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Building Horsepower: the Pros and Cons of Turbochargers

Turbo Badge

“Turbo” is one of the most abused words in the English language. It’s used by marketers as a catch-all term for anything that’s supposed to act fast, from software to cold remedies. In reality, however, a turbo can seriously boost the amount of power an engine can turn out. The cost may or may not be worth the gains though, depending on the factors that we’ll look at in this article.

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The Airstream vs. The VW Campervan: The Ultimate Camper?


The Airstream and the VW Campervan — the two are icons of American motoring, but for their own unique reasons. The VW Campervan was the preferred method of transit during the height of “Free Love” – if you couldn’t fit your few into a Beetle. Meanwhile, the Airstream camper trailer fit more with the hyper-sterile image of the 1950s image motoring culture. Together, they helped the masses explore our great nation. Continue Reading »

Classic, Classy Hauler: 1953 Studebaker Custom Pickup

StudebakerPickup2 Combining the car and the pickup is nothing new or especially unusual, and for a time such vehicles weren’t uncommon at all. In the States, we had the El Camino and Ranchero. In the UK, there were adorable pickup versions of cars like the Mini and the Morris Minor. And in Australia, they still have those Utes that the rest of the world is so jealous of. Some people have taken it upon themselves to do some rather amazing pickup conversions, though, and this one is truly one of the more remarkable ones. Continue Reading »

Ford Eyeing a Return to 24 Hours of Le Mans

00-Ford GT

When you think of the Ford GT40, you may instantly think of the golden era of racing at Le Mans. But when you think of Le Mans, you might not instantly think of Ford. While Ford’s mid-engined monster dominated Le Mans 1966 to 1969, the Blue Oval brand did not have much of a presence at the French track (save for some Shelby Mustangs and late-model Ford GTs). Continue Reading »