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Your Guide to Visiting Porsche’s North American Headquarters


Porsche has been in its new North American headquarters in Atlanta for a little over a year now. Everyone has had time to settle in and find the water cooler, so it’s time for a visit, don’t you think? Continue Reading »

Traversing Time and Culture in a Superformance Daytona Coupe


Turn the key to ACC. Click the immobilizer button on fob. Press up on the toggle below start. Briefly contemplate how it is that you came to be at the wheel of such a damn fine machine. That’s the typical routine that comes with driving a Superformance Shelby Daytona Coupe—I can’t imagine it would ever get old. Continue Reading »

A Tale of Two Ford Factories

Jacksonville Ford facility 1949 -- State Archives of Florida

It’s a stark contrast between an open-air warehouse that has had every bit of glass removed, and a trendy business park. But these two places on the opposite side of the country are cut from the same cloth. Continue Reading »

Going the Distance With a 1989 Ferrari Mondial T


Car collector and enthusiast, Mike Kovac, approached the idea of owning a Ferrari Mondial T with the kind of skepticism usually reserved for blind dates. Continue Reading »

The Best Car Show You’ve Never Heard Of

Iola OCS KITT Chevy Bug

This is the best car show that you’ve never heard of…well, sorta. The Iola Old Car Show can’t fly under the radar while attracting over 2,000 classic cars and 4,200 swap meet spaces. But in an era where most people can’t buy new tires without tweeting it, the event’s laid-back, low-tech nature makes it feel like a secret hidden away from social media. Continue Reading »

5 Camaro Teasers Celebrating 50 Years


Later this month marks the 50th anniversary the press was teased with the Chevrolet Camaro. The official unveiling wouldn’t be until the fall, but Chevrolet first needed to make something clear to the media. Continue Reading »

Italian Dream Cars Are Turning Into Art This Summer


An Italian Renaissance art exhibit is usually the kind of attraction that would make a car guy (or gal) happily sit in the lobby play with the Ford GT configurator. But this summer in Nashville, enthusiasts are going to the front of the line. Continue Reading »

This Rare Shelby Was Almost the World’s Most Expensive Mustang

1968 Shelby Green Hornet

The Ford Mustang is an American icon—there’s no doubt about that. In its 50+ year history, the pony car has spanned six generations, won countless awards, and spawned plenty of variants. Through all that time, though, what’s the most expensive Mustang ever sold? Continue Reading »

The World’s Only Right-Hand Drive 1963 Corvette Z06 is Still a Mystery


A one-of-a-kind Corvette is always attractive, but the fact that it’s an unsolved mystery makes it irresistible. There’s plenty of info on the only right-hand drive 1963 Z06 Sting Ray to make it tantalizingly exotic, but there’s just enough is still missing to make us all want to search the farthest corners of the internet. Continue Reading »

Driving the Fantastic, Four-Wheel Drive 1965 Ford Mustang


“Too bad it isn’t raining.” Olivier Cerf is eager to break the golden rule in classic car motoring. Continue Reading »