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The Fiat 600 Multipla Was the True Definition of a Minivan: Weird Car of the Week


We Americans love the throw around the term ‘minivan.’ But when is a minivan actually a mini-van? When you’re talking about the lovable Fiat 600 Multipla, that’s when. Continue Reading »

Driving a Classic Baja Bug is a Scary, Heavenly Experience Everyone Needs to Try Once


It was about 44 degrees, and nearly freezing rain and unnecessary amounts of wind were pelting me from every angle. I was exposed to the elements, and the only thing between me and the pavement was a dented up 1969 Beetle so high off the ground I could nearly see the Vegas strip from the middle of the desert. Continue Reading »

David Bowie Influenced one of the Car Industry’s Top Designers


Late last night the world learned of the passing of David Bowie. The iconic musician appeared in movies and influenced fashion and popular culture throughout his career. His music evolved through the years and brought joy to millions. What you may not know is that he also had an important influence on one corner of the automotive world. Continue Reading »

The Kurtis 500 is a Car That Deserves to be Remembered


You might not remember the name Frank Kurtis the same you do Carroll Shelby or Enzo Ferrari. But the American-born race car builder deserves recognition for the accomplishments he amassed over his longstanding career as much as anyone. One of the last, and most beautiful platforms Frank Kurtis ever built, was the 500KK, and following 500SX. Continue Reading »

Buy This Beautiful BMW E9 3.5 CSI Now Before Someone Else Does

E9 2

A classic car’s history can, at times, be tenuous if that particular car has been off the road or shuttered away in someone’s barn for an extended period of time. Records are lost, original papers become damaged or disintegrate completely, and those who built or owned the cars pass away. This makes tracing a car’s provenance extremely difficult, as is the case with this 1972 BMW E9 3.5 CSI.

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Legacy’s Scrambler Conversion Jeep is the Perfect Go Anywhere Off-Roader: Review

Legacy Scrambler Conversion 5

Jeeps hold a special place in American culture—they can go anywhere, tackle anything, and do so with relatively no complaint. But over the years, models have grown wider, looser, and in most cases, heavier. With that in mind, a company called Legacy has created the ultimate Scrambler Conversion. And like the original Willys from more than a half-century ago, it’s lighter, more agile, and can tackle pretty much anything. Continue Reading »

The Firebird IV Was GM’s Idea of an Autonomous Future: Weird Car of the Week


Throughout the 1950s and ‘60s, automotive futurism was at its height. The beginning of the space race had designers and engineers looking towards the sky for inspiration. The GM Firebird concept was one of the many concept cars of the time to take the design cues from our astronomical aspirations. But it wasn’t until 1964 that the space agenda and forward-thinking finally converged into one weird and wonderful concept: the GM Firebird IV. Continue Reading »

One-of-a-Kind Jaguar XJ13 Racer Has Been Given New Life


Jaguar was once one the top manufacturers throughout the racing world. At Le Mans, Jaguar dominated, winning outright a full seven times, besting the streaks of Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Aston Martin and Ford. Recently, Jaguar announced that it would once again throw its hat back into the racing realm with the launch of a new team in the Formula E Championship. The company, after nearly a decade absence in the open-wheel arena, will rejoin the field next season.

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A Young Mark Hamill In “Corvette Summer”: What Did We Just Watch?

Mark Hamill 2

Star Wars, this is not. Frankly, we don’t know what this is, or why we watched it, or really anything else anymore. Our worldview has cracked, but honestly, it hasn’t necessarily cracked in a bad way. It’s just that our eyes now only see all the hair, glitter, and absurdity of the late 1970s that could have led to this film.

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Pininfarina: 6 Stunning Concepts and Road Cars that Defined Design


One of the most storied and respected design houses was saved this week. Italian design firm Pininfarina was purchased by Indian industrial manufacturer Mahindra. The move keeps the doors open on a company that has been around since 1930, and has crafted some of the most beautiful cars of all time.

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