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Mercedes Made Audi Into What It Is Today


A story that doesn’t get told enough is how Mercedes directly gave Audi the tools to become a heated rival. In the process, the door might have been held open for BMW, too. Continue Reading »

The GM Aerotrain: A Project Gone off the Rails


What’s longer than a football field, made by General Motors but rarer than a Bugatti, and lives an unloved life in middle America? The GM Aerotrain. While we only get fleeting glimpses at concept cars from the American auto giant before most of them are whisked away to the Heritage Collection warehouse, two concept trains from the 1950s are substantially more accessible. Continue Reading »

Is This the Movie Jaguar No One Noticed, Or Just a Hoax?


Is this Jaguar a Hollywood starlet, or a wallflower fleeing half a world away from her lies? Continue Reading »

A Cache of Classic Mazdas Live Under Restricted Airspace in California


We all know the best treasures are hidden in the basement. So when an international car company has one of the few subterranean lairs allowed in an entire city, we expect to find superheroes (or supercars)…and Mazda does. Continue Reading »

A Morning With the Clarion Builds 1974 BMW 2002

I’ve always found that driving someone else’s vehicle is stressful affair. You get in, make sure they’re ok with you adjusting everything to your liking, and even then there’s no guarantee that you’ll be completely comfortable behind the wheel. On top of that, you’ve got to be hyper aware of how you’re driving, how everyone else on road is driving, and how this unfamiliar car is behaving. Even if you’re at the helm of a paid off, decade old Prius—which is pretty much the equivalent of a bumper car. Continue Reading »

Driving the Dangerous and Dynamic Dymaxion

Dymaxion door open

The first rule when driving someone else’s pride and joy is DON’T BREAK IT. So it goes against all my instincts to bang this Ford’s non-sequential three-speed gearbox into first gear. I’m, thankful the car’s owner Jeff Lane is riding shotgun and gives me a look that says If you don’t give it a hard shove, I will! Continue Reading »

James Bond’s Stag: The Unreliable, Unsung Hero of the Franchise


This is a true Bond car. Sure, we’ve seen 007 spend more time with specific martini orders than he drives this one on screen, but the Triumph Stag genuinely qualifies. In fact, this is one of my favorite pairings, and that’s before mentioning its rare pedigree outside of the movie (but more on that in a moment). Continue Reading »

A Secret Detroit Warehouse is Home to the Rarest American Cars Ever Made


Getting to the Detroit Historical Society’s reserve collection almost sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi conspiracy novel. I am given directions to a remote storage facility that I’m asked to keep secret. Their nondescript front office hides a door to a vast warehouse where footsteps echo past visible light. It’s filled with rows of machines sealed away in their own plastic pods, each with a layer of dust that makes it feel like a forgotten secrets. Continue Reading »

Are Green Cars Unlucky?


You’ve probably encountered the legend before. Someone advises, “Don’t buy that car, it’s green, it’s unlucky,” forecasting some impending color-related doom. But exactly where did the unlucky green car myth come from?  Continue Reading »

Rare Austin-Healey Lost in Time Set to Live Again at Amelia Island


How does a car become a survivor? How does history lose a prototype racer? Sometimes it just takes a letter from the right person. Continue Reading »