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Rare Coupe that Inspired the Shelby Cobra Up For Auction


The Shelby Cobra is a much-celebrated sportscar and deservedly so. But the AC Ace — the little English sportscars upon which the Cobra was based – is no slouch either. With C, D and E-Production National Championships in the SCCA, as well as a class win at Le Mans, the Ace was quite the performer even without Ford V8 power.

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1984 LTD LX Was Ford’s Four-Door Mustang: Muscle Car Monday


When you think of muscle cars, there’s a good chance your mind wanders to the iconic Chargers, Mustangs, Camaros, or the Duke brothers flying through the air in the General Lee – you know, all that good stuff. You probably don’t think of the somewhat stodgy 1984 Ford LTD LX, though, it rightfully earns a spot in the annals of performance cardom. Bear with us— we’ll tell you why.

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1903 Model A: The Car that Started Cadillac

Cadillac Model A

The third year of the 20th century was a tough one for employees of the Henry Ford Company of Detroit, MI. The company’s namesake had pulled up stakes after a dispute with financial backers, leaving the firm with little more than a factory filled with unused machinery and no vehicle plans.

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Pininfarina Sells One-Off Ferrari Show Car to Jim Glickenhaus


James Glickenhaus has a collection that just about any car guy would lust after. Aside from numerous classic racing Ferraris (including the oldest in existence), he has a Ford GT40 Mark IV and a Lola T70. Probably the most popular possession of his is the P4/5, his re-bodied Enzo that was commissioned a few years ago. Now, though, his collection has gotten even sweeter thanks to his newest purchase. Naturally, it’s a Ferrari.

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Last American Duesenberg Heads to Auction


America’s last Duesenberg is going on the auction block. Want to buy this classic? You’ll need to be in Dallas on Nov. 22. Continue Reading »

5 Supercars That Are Refreshingly Old School

2015 Dodge Viper SRT GTS

With today’s plethora of futuristic, hybrid supercars like the Porsche 918 and McLaren P1, sometimes it’s refreshing to come across a car that just keeps it old school. There really is nothing like a big V12, three pedals, and a do-it-yourself shifter. Continue Reading »

Buick’s Oddball Grand National and GNX: Muscle Car Monday [w/Video]


With its 259-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo, the current Buick Regal adds an enticing gob of power to GM’s premium car brand. But roll the clock back three decades and another sporty Regal comes to mind — the mid-‘80s Buick Grand National. Continue Reading »

Glas Goggomobil TS-250: Proof Good Things Come in Small Packages


The German automaker Glas might not be a household name, but its contributions to the car world are actually quite important. Glas patented belt-driven camshafts and in 1966 BMW bought the company to get its hands on some of that technology. In fact, many BMWs of that period were just rebadged Glas designs. Before the BMW takeover, though, Glas built farm machinery, scooters and this adorable microcar with an equally cute name: the Goggomobil. Continue Reading »

Why Gas Pumps Spread Disease More than Anything Else

pumping gas

So, here’s something that you probably didn’t know. Gas pumps – the very lifeblood of our bold rides – are the most likely place to get cold and flu germs. Continue Reading »

BMW 507: A Sales Mistake and Design Icon


They say you’ve got to spend money to make money. But in a post-war 1950’s Germany – at the time, still trying to get back on its feet – that was no easy task. Which is why the story of the BMW 507 is all the more profound. Continue Reading »