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America’s UFO: The Story of the Avrocar

Avrocar 2

Few fringe topics evoke as much passion and debate as UFOs. Theories about what lies behind the UFO phenomena range from serious scientific treatises to quasi-religious explanations that evoke everything from Bigfoot to Atlantis. Continue Reading »

Top 7 Cars Owners Are Most Likely to Sell After a Year

Buick Regal worst car photo

On average, every 1 in 37 Americans bought a new car and sold it one year later. About 1 in 9 2014 Buick Regal owners dumped their car 12 months after signing on the dotted line. Continue Reading »

The Datsun 1200 Was Powerful in its Own Right


Car enthusiasts love to talk about powerful automobiles. Yet, in our haste to discuss cubic inches and acceleration times, we often forget that there is more than one definition for the word “power.” This is unfortunate, because in many ways the most powerful vehicle ever driven on American roads wasn’t a Mustang, Corvette, or some slick Italian model. It was a boxy little contraption that no one in their right mind would consider a race car. It was the Datsun 1200, and, in a nation going through the tumult and trials of the 1970s, it showed Detroit what real power, the economic kind, looks like. Continue Reading »

10 Best Chevy Camaros of All Time

Camaro Z:28 Big Red

Tomorrow we get our first taste of the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. It’s the sixth iteration of the famed muscle car, and if the rumors are true, it should be one of the best yet. Continue Reading »

The Story Behind the World’s Fastest Winnebago

Winnebago exterior

An auction setting can be a tricky thing. You go in hoping to spend a little and end up spending a lot. From gross miscalculations can grow great ideas. A serious overbid for a rusting Winnebago resulted in one of the coolest RVs ever that is billed as the world’s fastest. Continue Reading »

The Oldsmobile Toronado Was a Car With an Identity Crisis

Oldsmobile Toronado

Some say that America began to lose its edge starting in the mid-1960s. This was certainly true of General Motors. After two decades of postwar prosperity, the company began a long period of mediocrity beginning around 1965. As this change progressed, the automaker’s passion for quality took a backseat to making money. Continue Reading »

8 Best Muscle Cars of the ’80s

Mustang Fox Body 2

AMX, Barracuda, Charger— the 1970s were a golden age for the muscle car. Some of the most collectable cars you can find today come from that era. Although the ’70s did indeed usher in some of the best and boldest vehicles in the class, let’s talk about muscle cars of the ’80s for a minute. Continue Reading »

Rare Yellowstone Park Bus Emerges From Six Decades in a Barn

yellowstone bus 15 45 photo

While it may look like an average vintage bus – this 11-seater is far from ordinary. That’s because this bus, plate #310, is one of a unique group of Yellowstone National Park vehicles – cars and buses that during their heyday offered many Americans their first real glimpse of the untamed wild.  Continue Reading »

Siege Towers: Fearsome Vehicles of Ancient Warfare

Siege Tower 3

No discussion of warfare would be complete without a look at the muscle-powered vehicles used by ancient armies. One of these inventions was the siege tower. Built to overcome a city’s walls, these machines were ingenious in design and awe-inspiring in their effectiveness. Continue Reading »

Iso Grifo: Italy’s Corvette is a 7.0-liter Icon

iso grifo 7-liter 1968 photo

There are those who are stalwart fans of nothing but American muscle. Others choose to ally themselves with hallowed Italian exotics. On the whole, both are vastly different scenes, but a few cars successfully bridge the gap. Continue Reading »