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This Hudson Hornet is Being Restored for Disabled Drivers


America’s love affair with cars has been around since the days of the Ford Model T, but it truly burgeoned in the 1950s. That generation of driving is aging, but still wants to enjoy the rides that defined an era. One way of helping ensure they can stay mobile in classic cars is fitting them with hand controls for those that do not have complete mobility.

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The Awesome, Short-Lived NASCAR Convertible Racing Division


NASCAR has had a pretty cut-and-dry formula for its racing series for a long time. All the cars in the current field barely share parts with their road going counterparts, and despite the manufacturer, all cars have to adhere to certain specs. But back in the 1950s, NASCAR was a far different beast, and there were multiple classes, including the short-lived Convertible Division.

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The Uncanny Style of the 1963 Bertone Corvair Testudo

1963 Bertone Corvair Testudo

Founded in 1912, Bertone is the world’s oldest Italian coachbuilding company. They gained a reputation for building incredible one-off prototypes and the Testudo is easily one of the most important concepts they have ever built.

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The Distinctive Ford Thunderbird of the Early Sixties

1963 Ford Thunderbird

The third generation of the Ford Thunderbird made its debut in 1961 and remained on the market through 1963. It featured a much sleeker, more striking design than the prior generation and over 100 improvements including several automotive firsts.

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The 1963 Lamborghini 350 GTV That Started it All

1963 Lamborghini 350 GTV

The Lamborghini legacy started in 1963 with this car, the 350 GTV prototype. It made its debut at the ’63 Turin Auto Show and was built in Ferruccio Lamborghini’s tractor factory when the man became frustrated with his Ferrari and decided he’d be better off building his own car.

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Drive a Mercedes EV? You Have These Cars to Thank


Not long ago, the mass market electric car was thought of as some fanciful pipe dream. Today we know that’s clearly not the case, as some of you may own one. For those that do, specifically a Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive, may we present to you its forbears.  Continue Reading »

The Timeless Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Berlinetta

1966 Ferrari 275 GTB4 Berlinetta

The Ferrari 275 GTB debuted at the Paris Salon in October of 1964 and is one of the most beautiful and iconic Ferraris ever produced. Two years later in 1966, they introduced the 275 GTB/4 as the next evolution of the design. The only noticeable change outside was a bulge down the length of the hood to accommodate a big change inside.

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The Car That Took It to Hitler: The Million Franc Delahaye

Delahaye 7

In 1937, Europe was on the brink of World War II, and Germany was asserting its dominance in almost every arena. This pressure not only extended to the realm of geopolitics, but Hitler wanted to instill his deranged views on the world, no matter the circumstances. This included German rule over the world, and that included the world of racing.

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Roland Sands Builds a Board-Track Racer For a New Generation


When we heard that Roland Sands Design was teaming up with Indian Motorcycles to build a bike, we leapt with joy. Roland Sands happens to be one of best motorcycle builders out there, and the rebirth of Indian has us extremely excited for the future. Then we saw the motorcycle, and concluded we needed it immediately.

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Watch as a Modest Volkswagen Beetle Spanks a Porsche 911

Beetle 1

You’ve heard us extol the virtues of building a sleeper in the past. Building a car that flies under the radar both figuratively and literally is not only awesome, but also practical. A car doesn’t have to look like much when it goes like stink. That reasoning definitely had a hand in the latest Mighty Car Mods video.

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