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A Miami-born car fanatic, Jeff began writing and attending auto shows while still in high school. As much as he loves the run-of-the-mill supercar, his dream would be to compete in a bare-knuckle rally stage behind the wheel of a Lancia Stratos.

Pagani Zonda, Huayra Look Stunning On U.S. Soil

Pagani Zonda US

For a while, Pagani wasn’t allowed to sell his amazing beautiful Zonda here in the U.S. because of safety regulations. But when it came down to the Zonda’s predecessor, the 730-horsepower Huayra, Pagani made sure it was 100% compliant with U.S. regulations.

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GM Says It Doesn’t Miss Defunct Brands — Not Even Saab

Saab 9-3

When General Motors finally said goodbye Pontiac, Saab, Hummer and Saturn in 2010, it was a sad day for enthusiasts, moms and dudes with tribal tattoos alike. But speaking at a recent Automotive News World Congress, GM CEO Mary Barra couldn’t give a damn about those four brands. No, not even Saab.

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This Is What It’s Like Driving a Ford GT40 in the City

Ford GT40 Startup photo

The Ford GT40 was built for the race track. It was also built for high speeds and sharp corners. So you wouldn’t expect it to fare well on some city roads just outside of Manhattan. But you’d be surprised.

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5 Best Pickup Trucks to Beat the Blizzard


Brace yourself: a blizzard is coming. If you live in the Northeast, we suggest you stay indoors and make sure your liquor cabinet is properly stocked. It’s going to be a doozy. But if you absolutely have to make your way around town, might we suggest these 5 pickups as acceptable modes of transportation.

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Mustang Shelby GT350R Laps ‘Ring Faster than Camaro Z/28?

Shelby GT350R Mustang photo

For decades, American car companies have been more concerned with quarter-miles than they have Nürburging lap times. But as cars like the Camaro and Mustang evolve, so do their racing DNA. And here and now in 2015, the Nürburgring is pretty important to automakers.

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This Pagani Zonda Has a Manual Gearbox and Looks Epic

Pagani Zonda Blue photo

It’s not every day that you see a Pagani Zonda. So it’s definitely not every day, then, that you see one donning an old school manual gearbox and looking this good. But lo and behold, there was one in London this past week, and I would steal it if I could.

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Mercedes GLE Gets an Epic Jurassic World Makeover

Jurassic World Mercedes GLE photo

If you’re as much of a Jurassic Park nerd as I am, you should be pretty excited about the new Jurassic World film, coming this June. As with any previous Jurassic Park, there’s bound to be some pretty sweet cars. And even a Triumph.

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Lamborghini Huracan GT3 is Green, Totally Mean

lamborghini huracan gt3 photo

For those of you complaining the new Lamborghini Huracan isn’t quite mean enough, isn’t quite Lamborghini enough — quit your whining. This is the new Huracan GT3 race car and it’s about as raging bull as it gets.

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Toyota Teases “Fun-to-Drive” RND Concept — But What Is It?

Toyota RND Concept photo

Oh Toyota, you and your ambiguous teasers. What we see here is a very dark, very undiscernible teaser at what Toyota is calling the RND concept. And other than a few vague hints, the one thing we do know is that it will be “fun to drive.” Sorry, autonomous car lovers.

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Gas Monkey Ferrari F40 Sells at Auction … Again

gas moneky Ferrari F40 photo

This past weekend, in a strange, far away land known as Scottsdale, Arizona, Barrett-Jackson managed to move over $130 million worth of classic and exotic cars. This black Ferrari F40, done up by Gas Monkey Garage from Discovery Channel’s Fast N’ Loud, happened to be one of them. Um, again.

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