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A Miami-born car fanatic, Jeff began writing and attending auto shows while still in high school. As much as he loves the run-of-the-mill supercar, his dream would be to compete in a bare-knuckle rally stage behind the wheel of a Lancia Stratos.

Inside The FJ Company: Classic Cruisers, Restored With Love


A warehouse tucked away in the bowels of Miami; unassuming in its green facade, with a barely noticeable sign above the door. It reads “Classic Motors LLC,” and without direction, it would blur into the surrounding shops and restaurants without a second thought. Continue Reading »

The Three-Wheeled Vanderhall Laguna is a Pricey Weekend Toy


The name of the car is the Vanderhall Laguna; the amount of Wheels…just three. Similar to the Morgan Threewheeler, the Vanderhall Laguna is something of an oddity, what with only three wheels and all. But unlike the Morgan Threewheeler, it forgoes the retro styling in place of something more modern. Continue Reading »

McLaren Readying Track-Only 570S Sprint


The 570S is technically the ‘softest’ car in the McLaren lineup—what with the potent P1 and aggressive 650S. Of course, the term ‘softest’ is only relative. Under the hood is a twin-turbo, 562-horsepower V8. And from a dead stop, it will blast to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds. Continue Reading »

Mustang GT Supercharged Sleeper Battles the Challenger Hellcat


Another Saturday, another foray into the wonderful world of drag racing. This week, the crew at Bay Area Racing is giving us an American classic: Mustang vs. Challenger; Ford vs. Dodge; pony car vs pure muscle. It all took place at the RedListGroup quarter mile event a few weekends ago. Continue Reading »

Meet Olli: The Self-Driving, Electric Bus Powered by IBM Watson


This is Olli. Olli is a bus. But Olli’s not just any bus, he’s it’s a self-driving, fully-electric bus of the future, partially powered by the IBM Watson AI system and created by Phoenix-based Local Motors. Continue Reading »

Rolls-Royce Reveals Its Electric Luxury Car of the Future


Rolls-Royce is a company with a long and celebrated heritage. Its vehicles remain a capsule to a simpler time, when cars were large and luxurious and didn’t need all the amenities we have today. But the future is now, and Rolls-Royce stopped the old-school bleeding with a concept more akin to a science fiction movie. Continue Reading »

5 ‘Affordable’ Exotic Cars You Can Buy Right Now


Say you’re in the market for a used car, but rather than settle for a Civic, you want something that’s going to turn heads at every corner, something like a high-end sports car. Problem is, you need to do it all without breaking the bank. Continue Reading »

The World’s Most Expensive Tires Cost More than a Lamborghini Aventador


For about $30,000, you can fit your Bugatti Veyron with a fresh set of rubber. That’s pretty damn expensive for something most consumers only pay a few hundred dollars for. But the Veyron’s tires are nothing compared to the tires you’re looking at right here. Continue Reading »

Mazda 6 Redefines the Term ‘Swag Wagon’ Riding On Vossen Wheels


That’s right, I just used the words ‘swag’ in a headline, conjuring up my inner 13-year old. But it’s hard not to describe this Mazda 6 wagon a such. The stance, the wheels, the presence, the colors—everything about this car screams ‘swag,’ for lack of a better word. Continue Reading »

This Might be the Cleanest Jeep FC-150 You’ll Ever Find


Jeep loves going all out on its Moab Easter Safari concept cars. This year was no exception; aside from an insane 707-horsepower Wrangler, the plucky little FC-150 was the star of the show. Of course, it was artfully restored and given plenty of love before the annual, off-road adventure. Continue Reading »