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A Miami-born car fanatic, Jeff began writing and attending auto shows while still in high school. As much as he loves the run-of-the-mill supercar, his dream would be to compete in a bare-knuckle rally stage behind the wheel of a Lancia Stratos.

Google Exec Surprises His Wife With a $2.7M LaFerrari FXX K Hypercar


What do you buy for the person who has everything? You buy them a 1,000-horsepower Italian hypercar, obviously. That’s exactly what Google exec Benjamin Sloss did for his wife. Continue Reading »

TVR is Completely Sold Out of Its V8 Sports Car—And It’s Not Even Built


Haven’t you heard? The good folks at TVR are bringing new vehicles to market. This time, the company its taking its sports cars very seriously. That’s why when 2017 rolls around, you’ll see a new TVR sports car on the road. Too bad you can’t buy it. Continue Reading »

Watch This 2,000-HP Gallardo Become the World’s Fastest Lamborghini…Again


North Carolina shop Underground Racing is famous infamous for building some of the world’s fastest vehicles. From Lamborghinis to GT-Rs, and anything in between. For them, the formula is simple: twin turbocharge all the things. Their latest creation is actually an old friend. Continue Reading »

IndyCar Drivers Honor Justin Wilson on the Golden Gate Bridge


This past weekend drivers and race fans alike were faced with one of IndyCar’s most tragic instances, the death of driver Justin Wilson. Wilson was struck on the head at Pocono this past Sunday by debris from a lead car. He was 37. Continue Reading »

Chinese Startup Le Supercar Plans to Take on Tesla With New EV


The name Le Supercar may sound like some bad car joke, but it’s a very serious business venture by Chinese electronics mogul Jia Yueting. If you happen to be familiar with Chinese businessmen, that name should sound familiar. Yueting created LeTV, essentially a Chinese equivalent to Netflix. Continue Reading »

Honda’s New Project 2&4 Concept Will Be Part Car, Part Motorcycle

honda-project-24 copy

There’s something brewing over at Honda. With the introduction of a sportier-looking Civic, and the announcement of a U.S.-bound Type-R, Honda might have gotten its mojo back. But we’ll wait to see what Project 2&4 is before we say anything for sure. Continue Reading »

The Barracuda Will Return as a Dodge-Branded Convertible


It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Barracuda on the market—41 years, to be exact. Even then, it was wearing a now-defunct Plymouth badge. But ‘Cuda fans—and muscle car fans in general—should be excited to hear that the legendary muscle car is making a comeback.

Continue Reading »

Sorry One Percenters, Bugatti Won’t Build You An SUV

Bugatti 16C Galibier Concept

Bugatti is working hard on bringing the world a faster, prettier, and generally more insane vehicle in form of the upcoming Chiron; and that’s great. But one thing Bugatti won’t be doing is following Bentley and Lamborghini into the high-end SUV space. Sorry, spoiled soccer moms. Continue Reading »

The Acura NSX Will be a Perfect Halo Car, And Here’s Why


I was born in the 1990s, which means I’m probably younger than some of you. That also means that the Acura NSX was one of my ultimate hero cars as a kid, alongside cars like the Supra and RX-7. It was a car that did something in my young psyche that no car had ever done before. It just…worked. Continue Reading »

Did Jeremy Clarkson Just Splurge on a $350,000 McLaren?


It was a sad day for Top Gear fans everywhere when Jeremy Clarkson was axed from the program. It was a sad day for Clarkson, too, as his salary went poof with his contract. But Clarkson seems to have turned things right around with his new Amazon deal, and possibly a new $350,000 McLaren 675 Longtail. Continue Reading »