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Miami born writer and car fanatic, Jeff began writing and attending auto shows while still in high school. As much as he loves the run-of-the-mill Italian supercar, his dream would be to compete in a bear-knuckle rally stage behind the wheel of a Lancia Stratos. If the classic Lancia ever does make it’s way back into production he will be giving up his soul to own one.

Watch the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Chase Down a Caddy on the Track

Hellcat vs Cadillac

We all know that the new Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one of the fastest cars in a straight line. Because 707 horsepower. But I bet you didn’t know that the Hellcat is just as potent on the track — at least when it’s chasing down Cadillacs.

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MLB Pitcher CJ Wilson’s McLaren P1 is “Blurple” and Beautiful

McLaren P1 CJ Wilson

When the new McLaren P1 came out in 2013, LA Angels pitcher CJ Wilson made sure he was getting one. And he said it was going to be pretty unique. We just had no idea how unique it was actually going to be.

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Very First Dodge Challenger Hellcat Sells for a Mind-Boggling Price

Challenger Hellcat Front

I thought when Dodge announced that the new Hellcat Challenger was only going to cost $60,990 brand new, my head was going to explode. They somehow managed to shove as much power under the hood as an exotic supercar, but kept it actually obtainable. Continue Reading »

Porsche 918 Hypercar Goes up in Flames: Video

Porsche 918 Hypercar

Say it ain’t so momma, say it ain’t so! This is the first reported fire of Porsche’s new 918 hypercar. And it is quite tragic, but, not completely unexpected. It’s almost like a rite of passage for supercars to go up in flames these days.

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Our 8 Favorite Fan Uploads

Upload El Camino

Since we launched our new fan uploads section of the site, you guys have been sharing with us some….uh…interesting rides. If you haven’t hit our new uploader yet, you should probably do it right here. You can even do it on the go.

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McLaren 650S vs Ferrari 458 Speciale: Which Would You Choose? [Poll]

Ferrari vs McLaren

McLaren or Ferrari? Ferrari or McLaren? It would seem that this question is more relevant today than it’s ever been. You’ve got supercars like the P1 and LaFerrari, obviously, but even more importantly, the Ferrari 458 Speciale and McLaren 650S.

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Ray’s Rare Chevy Collection: Your Ride

Ray's Camaros

Our reader Ray might be a man of few words, but that doesn’t mean his Chevy collection is something to overlook. Between Corvettes and Camaros, and some of the rarest muscle cars on the planet, this is one of the finest collection of Chevys we’ve ever seen.

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5 Supercars That Are Refreshingly Old School

2015 Dodge Viper SRT GTS

With today’s plethora of futuristic, hybrid supercars like the Porsche 918 and McLaren P1, sometimes it’s refreshing to come across a car that just keeps it old school. There really is nothing like a big V12, three pedals, and a do-it-yourself shifter. Continue Reading »

McLaren 625C Sports Car is Like a 650S, Only Worse


Admittedly, I was a little confused this morning when McLaren announced the new 625C. If it looks like a 650S, and acts like a 650S, it must be a 650S, right? Wrong.

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Musical Evolution of the Batmobile Will Make Your Day [Video]

Batmobile Evolution 2

Batman’s Batmobile is one of the most iconic cars to ever hit the big, or small screen. It’s been around for almost 50 years, and while it’s gone through some major changes in its lifetime, one thing remains the same — everyone loves it.

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