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A Miami-born car fanatic, Jeff began writing and attending auto shows while still in high school. As much as he loves the run-of-the-mill supercar, his dream would be to compete in a bare-knuckle rally stage behind the wheel of a Lancia Stratos.

Scion Made an FR-S Targa Turbo That’s Almost Perfect

Scion SEMA 2

This year’s SEMA show can’t come soon enough, especially when Scion is bringing something as cool as this. That, my friends, is a turbocharged, targa-fied FR-S that’s probably as perfect as you can get in a pure sportscar.

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Watch the World’s Smallest Rocket-Powered Car Take on a Quarter Mile

Peel Trident Pictures

The Peel Trident is officially the smallest most adorable car in the world. But that doesn’t mean it has to be small on speed too. At least not this one, because some insane person strapped a rocket engine to the back of it.

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This is the Fastest R8 Audi Has Ever Built

Audi R8 Pictures

The Audi R8 is a fast car— let’s get that straight. But those wacky Germans decided to make its halo supercar even faster with a special Competition edition. It may not look overly flashy on the outside, but it’s what’s under the hood that really counts.

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Fiat Parting Ways with Ferrari After 45 Years

Ferrari 458 Niki 2

Following the departure of longtime CEO Luca Di Montezemolo, Fiat-Chrysler has announced that it will spin off Ferrari with a public offering. That means that Fiat’s 45 year controlling stake in Ferrari ends in 2015.

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Hennessey Gave the Jaguar F-Type a Bunch of Power

Hennessey Jaguar F-Type

Oh, Hennessey; love ‘em or hate ‘em the Texas tuners sure know how to make things go fast. And the firms latest creation hails from the UK in the form of the Jaguar F-Type Coupe, a car that in itself is already pretty powerful.

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Own This Quirky Shelby GT350H Mustang Racer

Shelby Pictures 2

Last week we gave you a quick history lesson on how Hertz and Shelby came together to create the now-iconic GT350H (read it here). Essentially, it was a performance coupe that anyone with a few bucks could get in and drive. But you’ll have to pay more than a few bucks if you want this one.

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$3 Million Ferrari Sergio Roadster Already Sold Out

Ferrari Sergio Pics

Ferrari and Pininfarina brought the radical Sergio concept car to Geneva last year, and it was cool, but we never thought it would actually be built. Lo and behold, Ferrari managed to find six wealthy individuals looking for something truly unique — and the Sergio was just that supercar.

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This 1970 Ford Bronco is the One You Need to Buy

Ford Bronco Pictures

The American classic car market is filled with icons like the Mustang and the Camaro and the Corvette, obviously. But there might be one American classic you’re probably overlooking — that’s the lovely Ford Bronco. Continue Reading »

1967 Chevy Chevelle is a Pile of Perfection: Your Ride

Chevy Chevelle

There are few things more satisfying than getting your hands dirty, and bringing back to life an iconic muscle car like the Chevrolet Chevelle. Just ask two of our readers, Colton and Chandler. These young guys picked up an old Chevelle they found in a barn, and rebuilt it with whatever money they had lying around.

Here’s the full story:

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Watch this Porpoise-Like Personal Submarine Dive and Fly Above the Water

Seabreacher Sub 2

Are you like me? Do you dream of propelling through the ocean at high speeds like a a dolphin or killer whale? Well, one company wants to make all your porpoise dreams come true.

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