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As BoldRide’s managing editor, George Kennedy helps bring forth his voice and perspective of the automotive landscape. Before joining the BR team, George was the senior writer at WheelsTV and was a feature writer for Hemmings Classic Wheels and the Boston Globe. He has also been an associate editor for Autoblog and Consumer Reports.

Toyota Tests Self-Driving Car on the Open Road


In the inevitable march towards a world with self-driving cars on our roads, we appear to have one more step. Toyota has run an autonomous car on open roads, and has stated that it will bring a self-driving car to the consumer market by “around 2020.”

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BMW M4 GTS Uses Water-Injection System to Make Track-Day Power


BMW has a long history of making incredible cars that bridge the gap between road and racing cars. From the iconic 3.0 CSL to the M3 CSL, this notion of street-legal track toy is something that BMW holds dear (even if while it continues to water down the brand with vehicles like the X4 M40i). The latest example of this is

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Porsche Opts for Apple CarPlay Instead of Android Auto Over Data Issues


Pretty soon nearly every new car will have smartphone support for Apple CarPlay and/or Google’s Android Auto—it is just the way the market is going. Right now you even buy aftermarket interfaces to bring that infotainment connectivity to your older car. One place where you will not see one of these products for the time being is any new Porsche.

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Boston-Based Startup Gearing up to Take on Uber, Lyft


When it comes to ride sharing services, you probably know about the big names like Uber or Lyft, but a new Boston startup is trying to get in on the business that has disrupted the traditional taxi market, and claims to offer riders and drivers better options.

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This Hudson Hornet is Being Restored for Disabled Drivers


America’s love affair with cars has been around since the days of the Ford Model T, but it truly burgeoned in the 1950s. That generation of driving is aging, but still wants to enjoy the rides that defined an era. One way of helping ensure they can stay mobile in classic cars is fitting them with hand controls for those that do not have complete mobility.

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U.S. Navy Converting Guided Missle Destroyers into Hybrids


Hybrid powertrains are most commonly associated with fuel efficient passenger cars. It was once a novelty, but you can get hybrid versions of many cars out there, from family sedans to luxury cars, and even sports cars. You can now add U.S. Navy destroyers to that list of hybrid-equipped vehicles.

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Vinny From “Jersey Shore” Unloading His Lamborghini on eBay


We can’t get enough of the “where are they now” look into the lives many reality TV stars. Thankfully there are the good folks at TMZ to fill in the blanks for us. It’s how we learned that Vinny from the “Jersey Shore” is unloading his Lamborghini Gallardo.

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Kylie Jenner Takes to Social Media to Show off new Rolls-Royce


Kylie Jenner has become a central part of the Kardashian paparazzi magnet machine. Her and her sister Kendall have a huge social media presence, so when Kylie took delivery of a new car, you knew that it was hitting snapchat and Instagram.

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The Awesome, Short-Lived NASCAR Convertible Racing Division


NASCAR has had a pretty cut-and-dry formula for its racing series for a long time. All the cars in the current field barely share parts with their road going counterparts, and despite the manufacturer, all cars have to adhere to certain specs. But back in the 1950s, NASCAR was a far different beast, and there were multiple classes, including the short-lived Convertible Division.

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Land Rover Teases Evoque Convertible With London Wireframe Sculpture


One of the key aspects to Jaguar Land Rover’s revival in the last decade has been its addition of new models. Jaguar has added the F-Type, XE and F-Pace SUV, while Land Rover has added the Range Rover Evoque to the lineup. That lineup is slated to grow once more, with the addition of an Evoque Convertible.

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