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As BoldRide’s managing editor, George Kennedy helps bring forth his voice and perspective of the automotive landscape. Before joining the BR team, George was the senior writer at WheelsTV and was a feature writer for Hemmings Classic Wheels and the Boston Globe. He has also been an associate editor for Autoblog and Consumer Reports.

Croatian Company Rimac Bringing Concept_One Electric Supercar to Geneva


When I first read that an largely unknown company was rolling out a supercar with an alt-fuel powertrain, I had deja vu. After all, this week has been littered with news of similar cars coming to Geneva. Now you can add one more company to that list of unknown fuel-efficient performance machines to debut in the weeks ahead. Continue Reading »

Tata Renames ‘Zica’ to ‘Tiago’ Following Unfortunate Similarity to Zika Virus

Tata Zica 2

Tata Motors is one of the largest auto manufacturers in the world (17th to be exact), building and selling cars on several continents. When an automaker is this big, it’s always hard to find a name that works in all local regions–an attractive name in one country could be some kind of slur in another. But the big whigs at Tata could have never anticipated this when they named their tiny four door car Zica. Continue Reading »

Rolls-Royce Announces End of Phantom Line–With Special Editions, of Course


Typically, car companies make a big deal about the arrival of a new concept, and bring a whole bunch of pomp and circumstance when a production version of that vehicle arrives. But Rolls-Royce isn’t every other car company, and brings the same sense of occasion to announcing the shuttering of one of its key model lines. Continue Reading »

You’ve Never Seen an M1A1 Battle Tank Drift Like This


The M1A1 Abrams battle tank is an incredible feat of engineering in the name of military supremacy. The ability to make a 67-ton machine move at speeds up to 41 mph, turn on a dime, and unleash the awesome power of its 120mm smoothbore tank gun is just awe-inspiring. But watching one of these beasts slide sideways in a drift at nearly full speed? Well that’s just jaw-dropping. Continue Reading »

Ryan Reynolds’ New Custom Triumph Invites the Unexpected


Ryan Reynolds is widely considered one of the sexiest men alive (and that’s literally an award he won). But he also became one of the biggest comic action stars with the overnight success of Deadpool. The unapologetic anti-hero Marvel action flick set the record for highest grossing opening weekend for an R-Rated film. His followup won’t be as lucrative, but it has us ogling. Continue Reading »

Put the #Winning Bid in for Charlie Sheen’s Bulletproof Maybach


A rare luxury car with a famous previous owner? Sounds like a great deal! But look a little closer and you may find such a deal might not be worth the price of admission. For example, this Maybach 62S looks like a stunner, but now what if I told you the celebrity owner was one Charlie Sheen? Continue Reading »

Watching Two BMW 3.0 CSL “Batmobiles” Go Head-to-Head is as Rare as it Gets


When it comes to vehicles that exemplify both form and function, few are more adept than the iconic BMW 3.0 CSL “Batmobile” race cars. The lightweight motorsport version of the BMW CS absolutely dominated the racing world for a number of years, and all the while had some of the coolest aerodynamic bodywork around. Continue Reading »

Rauh Welt Begriff and the Battle for the Soul of Classic Car Enthusiasts


If you’ve gone to enough cars & coffee events or ride nights, you’ve probably seen a lot of the same cars. But go to all of them–or more importantly the right ones–and you might catch a glimpse of a wild looking Porsche 911 wearing the letters “RAUH-Welt” on the top of the windshield. Catch a look at one of those and you are looking at one of the most interesting–and polarizing–Porsches out there. Continue Reading »

You’d Have to Be Nuts to Ride ‘Titanic II’ on Its Maiden Voyage


Earlier this week, it was announced that a ship will be launched called the Titanic II. It will whisk wealthy passengers from China to Dubai, unlike the iceberg-laden North Atlantic route. The new ship will have many obvious advancements that make it safer than the original, and I still think you have to be out of your right mind to hop aboard this followup to the most infamous maritime disaster of all time. Continue Reading »

Colorado Won’t Let You Run Your Car Unattended, Unless You’ve Got a Remote Start


Living in New England, one of the greatest options you can possibly get for a new car is remote start (heated front-row seats and heated steering wheel tied at a very close second). If your car is covered in snow, hit the start button on your key fob from the comfort of your home or place of work, and the head from the car does half the work in terms of cleaning all the snow off your car. Continue Reading »