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As BoldRide’s managing editor, George Kennedy helps bring forth his voice and perspective of the automotive landscape. Before joining the BR team, George was the senior writer at WheelsTV and was a feature writer for Hemmings Classic Wheels. He is also an associate editor at Autoblog and is a featured contributor for the Boston Globe.

America’s Greatest Stuntman Shines in “I Am Evel Knievel”


We here at BoldRide hope you are enjoying the 4th of July. It’s America’s birthday, and so far, we have celebrated it with badass trucks, an All American ‘Cuda, and finding out what the most American cars are. But later comes the fireworks, and what goes with that better than Evel Knievel jumping school busses?

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New Hampshire Man Making Cross-Country Trip in 35-MPH ROKON for Charity


When you think of quintessential American motorcycle producers, Harley-Davidson or Indian might come to mind, but there is another. It is called ROKON, and it isn’t your typical cruiser. It’s a rugged-but-lightweight, two-wheel drive bike, and one man is taking one across country for a great cause.

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Flying Cars in Two Years? Stop Buying the Hype

Moller Skycar

“The future is here! Get to work like George Jetson!” It seems like every six months, a new company claims to have created a flying car that will finally make production. And every time, we’re left waiting for it to come. “Fool me once…” I think is how the saying starts.

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Cosmic Muffin: The Plane-Turned-Boat You’ve Always Wanted

01-Cosmic Muffin

When it came to planes, Howard Hughes was a visionary, though, not even he could have foreseen one of his planes being turned into a retro-styled boat in Florida, named the “Cosmic Muffin.”

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Bad Dog or Bad Driver? How this Maserati Interior Got Doused in Paint

Maserati Quattroporte

I’ll likely never own a Maserati, but I imagine if I did, I’d treat it with great care, and lose my mind if something scratched the leather. I’m just a material guy like that. So when I heard a Maserati interior was covered in thick, white paint, I could only imagine the owner’s reaction.

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Autonomous Cars Displaying Road Rage? Let’s Hope Not

Self-Driving Lexus Google

Last week, engineers broke new ground in the realm of self-driving cars. No, it was not a new advance in software or sensors. Rather, two autonomous cars narrowly avoided becoming the first two such vehicles to display the very human act of cutting one another off.

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Rare Mazda 767B Racecar Crashes at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Mazda 767B-02

An exceptionally rare Mazda racecar has crashed at an esteemed British car event. The car was the rotary-powered 767B, and though the driver walked away unharmed, the crash underscores the dangers in racing–even in an exhibition.

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“A Nice Morning Drive”: The Road & Track Story that Inspired a Rush Song [w/Video]


If you are not well versed in the automotive world, you might think the Rush song “Red Barchetta” is about an appetizer at an Italian restaurant. In realty, it is a song inspired by one of the great short stories in automotive fiction, and is a triumphant call to action for those who prefer purist vehicles to the safe-yet-bland vehicles of the current car market. Continue Reading »

Police Shoot at Runaway Drunken Truck Driver in Belarus [Video]

Semi Wheel

A bottle and a half of vodka. It’s enough to get an entire sorority all riled up, or enough to make one truck driver lose his freakin’ mind. In Belarus, this semi operator took down that much vodka while transporting a dozen new Fords. And that is when things get interesting. Continue Reading »

UK Pricing Released for Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

S500 Coupe

There are few new or future vehicles as painfully stunning as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. There is a combination of power and elegance that seems to be absent from the new car market. We almost don’t want to know how much such a vehicle costs, lest we come to grips with the tragic reality. Continue Reading »