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As BoldRide’s managing editor, George Kennedy helps bring forth his voice and perspective of the automotive landscape. Before joining the BR team, George was the senior writer at WheelsTV and was a feature writer for Hemmings Classic Wheels. He is also an associate editor at Autoblog and is a featured contributor for the Boston Globe.

Watch What Happens When a Car Blocks a Bicycle Path


car move

This is why friends don’t let friends skip leg day. What we see here is a video explanation of what happens when some brilliant individual parks his or her car directly on an active bike path.

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Watch Stuntman Set a World Record Semi-Truck Jump

truck jump

Do not adjust your monitor. That most certainly is a screen grab of a truck in midair. It was in the process of setting a world record for longest jump by a semi truck. The man behind the wheel, one hand brazenly honking the horn, the other hand steering it towards glory, is named Gregg Godfrey, and this jump results in one heck of a recovery.

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10 Epic, Sporty Station Wagons

E63 AMG Wagon

Station wagons–they were to the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s what the crossover is today. It was the go-to family vehicle, and many a memory was had on road trips across the country. But not every wagon was conceived with trips to the market in mind. Here are ten awesome wagons through the decades that added a little something extra to the mix.

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7 Mid-Size Trucks From Around the World


The small pickup truck market has been on rough times. The Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier are venerable trucks, but long in the tooth. The Ford Ranger and Dodge Dakota are long gone. Sure, the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are back, but they didnt really live up to the billing, and to get one that is even enjoyable to drive, you have to spend full-size-pickup money. How did we get here?

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Justin Bieber Shows Off His New Custom Cadillac Escalade


As an artist and human being, I’ll keep my opinions on Justin Bieber to myself. I prefer to merely look at the Canadian’s car-collecting prowess on its own. (This same compartmentalization is applied to coverage of Chris Brown’s cars) So when Bieber brought his Cadillac Escalade to West Coast Customs, we had to see what the former “Pimp My Ride”-featured tuning shop would do with the ‘Caddy.

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NHTSA Backs Self-Driving Cars, but How Will It Address Hacking?


The acceptance and legality of self-driving cars are at many different stages, depending on which state you visit. Though autonomous cars are viewed differently, state-to-state, the U.S. government just weighed in on the issue, and they are behind self-driving cars–but with a big condition.

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Take a Road Trip to Our Three Newest National Monuments


There’s kind of a sickening feeling when you’re deep into the summer, and all of a sudden, every weekend until October is spoken for. Cookouts, weddings, graduation parties—they all get in the way of the fact that all you really want to do is go away camping for the weekend.

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How Does the Tartan Prancer From “Vacation” Compare to a Real Minivan?


This summer, you may be taking the family on a road trip to some vacation destination, National Park, or campground. For such a journey, a minivan or crossover may do the job. But while you may think a minivan like the Honda Odyssey is ideal, don’t count out the Albanians.

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What’s the Worst State for Speeding Tickets?


You may hear your elders tell you that driving laws in your town or state are “some of the worst in the country.” They could be telling you that to keep you driving safe, or just our of ignorance. The fact is, some states are definitely worse than others, and thankfully we can prove it with math!

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U of Michigan’s MCity Autonomous Car Proving Grounds Opening to the Public


The world of autonomous cars en masse is coming, and fast. But where will all of the testing be done? The recent string of fender-benders in Google cars proves that not all self-driving tech can be developed on the open road. That is where a new University of Michigan facility could play a crucial role.

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