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As BoldRide’s managing editor, George Kennedy helps bring forth his voice and perspective of the automotive landscape. Before joining the BR team, George was the senior writer at WheelsTV and was a feature writer for Hemmings Classic Wheels. He is also an associate editor at Autoblog and is a featured contributor for the Boston Globe.

Rebooted “Mad Max” Trailer is Here, and It Looks Epic [video]

01-Mad Max

He has gone my man names. Max. Mad Max. The Road Warrior. In addition to being the catalyst in Mel Gibson’s career, Mad Max was a defining movie for the independent film genre, and the robust Australian motoring culture. We’re pleased to say, Max is back. Continue Reading »

Cars Departing for 2015: Some We’ll Miss, Some We Won’t


With every new model year comes a new an arsenal of vehicles that we swoon over. Even cars that will eventually be regarded as boring garner a lot of attention, just because they are new on the scene. But what is forgotten are the cars that have to make way for these new models. Who will remember the outgoing models? We will.

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Dan Bilzerian Now Owns a Mercedes 6X6, Of Course


Spend enough time on this or any other automotive site, and you’re bound to learn about the Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6 monster luxury SUV. What we thought would be a one-off creation has actually spawned many aftermarket variants, including the one you see below. Continue Reading »

New Bugatti Model Coming in 2016: “Not a Veyron Replacement”


Bugatti is a car company that makes the fastest production car on the planet. Be it the base model or the successor SuperSport (below), the Veyron has been the (certified) world’s fastest car since 2005. But Bugatti really only makes one model, and based on the number of years it held the record, you can see that its customers might be yearning for something new. Continue Reading »

This Lamborghini Aventador is Art You Can Drive


The Lamborghini Aventador roadster is certainly not a subtle car. In fact, it’s probably one of the visually loudest cars on the road today. But in the vibrant setting of Miami, it may not stand out as much as it would in, say, Des Moines. To that end, a Miami-based Lambo dealer has teamed up with an artist to create an Aventador art car. Continue Reading »

A Record 40 Million Vehicles Recalled in 2014– Feds Want More


If it seems like auto recalls are on the rise– you’d be correct. 2014 marks the year that the auto industry recalled more cars than any other year in the history of the automobile. And according to reports, the government is looking to ratchet that up. So what does that mean for the consumer, as well as the industry? Continue Reading »

This Car Could Become the World’s Most Expensive Ferrari

00-275 GTBC

When it comes to rare classic cars, it seems like the ante is constantly being upped. Just when you think a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso or an Aston Martin DB4 set some record, another car shows up and the well-heeled collectors are there to put up top dollar for such rare vehicles.

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Chevy SS Getting 6-Speed Manual, Magnetic Ride Control for 2015

00-Chevy SS

Much of the motoring world has been waiting to drive the all-new Chevrolet SS. With Australian supercar roots and the beating heart of an LS3 V8, what’s not to love? Well for any potential haters out there, Chevrolet is making a few updates to the 2015 SS, and it sure is upping the ante. Continue Reading »

Restored Iconic Land Rover Celebrated at UK Style Event

00-Land Rover

There are few 4×4 vehicles that car enthusiasts revere more than a Land Rover. It has all the trappings of classic British charm, mixed with heaps of off-road credibility and a long history of service the world over. Perhaps that is why some of the UK’s preeminent customizers took to restoring one. Continue Reading »

The Airstream vs. The VW Campervan: The Ultimate Camper?


The Airstream and the VW Campervan — the two are icons of American motoring, but for their own unique reasons. The VW Campervan was the preferred method of transit during the height of “Free Love” – if you couldn’t fit your few into a Beetle. Meanwhile, the Airstream camper trailer fit more with the hyper-sterile image of the 1950s image motoring culture. Together, they helped the masses explore our great nation. Continue Reading »