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As BoldRide’s managing editor, George Kennedy helps bring forth his voice and perspective of the automotive landscape. Before joining the BR team, George was the senior writer at WheelsTV and was a feature writer for Hemmings Classic Wheels. He is also an associate editor at Autoblog and is a featured contributor for the Boston Globe.

“A Nice Morning Drive”: The Road & Track Story that Inspired a Rush Song [w/Video]


If you are not well versed in the automotive world, you might think the Rush song “Red Barchetta” is about an appetizer at an Italian restaurant. In realty, it is a song inspired by one of the great short stories in automotive fiction, and is a triumphant call to action for those who prefer purist vehicles to the safe-yet-bland vehicles of the current car market. Continue Reading »

Police Shoot at Runaway Drunken Truck Driver in Belarus [Video]

Semi Wheel

A bottle and a half of vodka. It’s enough to get an entire sorority all riled up, or enough to make one truck driver lose his freakin’ mind. In Belarus, this semi operator took down that much vodka while transporting a dozen new Fords. And that is when things get interesting. Continue Reading »

UK Pricing Released for Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

S500 Coupe

There are few new or future vehicles as painfully stunning as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. There is a combination of power and elegance that seems to be absent from the new car market. We almost don’t want to know how much such a vehicle costs, lest we come to grips with the tragic reality. Continue Reading »

GM-ManU Sponsorship Deal Shaking up Economics of Premier Leage


Back in 2012, General Motors inked a massive sponsorship deal with one of the most popular sporting teams in the world. No, it was not the Yankees or Lakers. It was a $559 million deal with a soccer team– Manchester United. Continue Reading »

Ford’s Great Aluminum F-150 Gamble, In Detail


The new 2015 Ford F-150 is a truck that is as groundbreaking as it is polarizing, and for one central reason: aluminum. The choice of the lighter material has already earned it plenty of praise, and the expected heaps of skepticism. Continue Reading »

2015 Dodge Viper Gets Minor Power Increase, Other Updates


Dodge has gone mad with power. No, they have not taken political office and begun to abuse bureaucratic powers. They have just gone nuts with the ability to crank power power out of their vehicles than ever before. Continue Reading »

Tumbleweed Will Build Your Ultimate Mobile Cabin


So you say you wan’t to live in a quaint little house that would make the cast of Portlandia passive aggressive with jealousy? But you also want that Seattle-loathing smug Portland lifestyle on the move? The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has the answer to your desire for a minute mobile cabin of epic quaintness.  Continue Reading »

Rebooted “Mad Max” Trailer is Here, and It Looks Epic [video]

01-Mad Max

He has gone my man names. Max. Mad Max. The Road Warrior. In addition to being the catalyst in Mel Gibson’s career, Mad Max was a defining movie for the independent film genre, and the robust Australian motoring culture. We’re pleased to say, Max is back. Continue Reading »

Cars Departing for 2015: Some We’ll Miss, Some We Won’t


With every new model year comes a new an arsenal of vehicles that we swoon over. Even cars that will eventually be regarded as boring garner a lot of attention, just because they are new on the scene. But what is forgotten are the cars that have to make way for these new models. Who will remember the outgoing models? We will.

Continue Reading »

Dan Bilzerian Now Owns a Mercedes 6X6, Of Course


Spend enough time on this or any other automotive site, and you’re bound to learn about the Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6 monster luxury SUV. What we thought would be a one-off creation has actually spawned many aftermarket variants, including the one you see below. Continue Reading »