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ADV Ocean Shield and HMS Echo: The Bold Vessels Searching for MH370

Ocean Shield

According to SkyNews Australia, the British Royal Navy ship Echo is to arrive in the vicinity of the southern Indian Ocean where searchers have detected signals from what is believed to be the flight data recorder from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. It joins the Australian Navy ship, Ocean Shield, which has been searching for the airliner for several days. Here’s BoldRide’s look at the two vessels:

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Mad Men Season 7: What Automotive History Holds for This Season


If you’re a Mad Men viewer, you know that cars and automotive history have a lot to do with the show’s plotline. In the last six seasons, the ad agencies run by Roger Sterling, Don Draper and the rest of the ensemble cast have won accounts at two major auto manufacturers: Jaguar and Chevrolet. When we left off in Season 6, Pete Campbell takes the Chevy account over from Ken Cosgrove, who was accidentally shot in the face by a Chevy executive on a hunting trip, Dick Cheney-style. What’s coming in Season 7? Here’s BoldRide‘s guess, because details on the upcoming season are predictably under lock and key:

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Requiem for MG: A Look at 10 MGs Through its History


On this date in 2005, the MG Rover Group ceased to exist. Yes, MG still exists under some kind of Chinese operation producing crap sedans and SUVs now, so we steadfastly refuse to recognize it, the way Grandpa Simpson refuses to recognize Missouri. Rather than get into some long-winded dissertation on why MG was cool, we thought we’d just take a look at 10 of the cars that made that brand great:

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STOLEN VEHICLE ALERT: Land Rover Defender 130


Land Rover customizer Himalaya 4×4 in Hilton Head, South Carolina sent out an alert that it’s missing a killer Land Rover Defender 130 it had up for sale.  The truck just underwent a full restoration and upgrade, and it was up for sale on their website for $159,000.

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Massimo Tamburini, One of the World’s Most Influential Motorcycle Designers, Dies at 70


Massimo Tamburini, the master behind some of Ducati and MV Agusta’s most iconic motorcycle designs, succumbed to lung cancer on Saturday at the age of 70. Two of the motorcycles that are most indelibly imprinted on his legacy — the Ducati 916 and the MV Agusta F4 — were included in the Art of the Motorcycle exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in 1998 and 1999. Continue Reading »

This Collection of Articles from The Horseless Age is Incredible


Eighteen-hundred and ninety five. Rudolf Diesel patents the engine that will bear his name, frontier outlaw John Wesley Hardin — a man so mean he once shot a man for snoring — is killed in Texas, and George B. Seldin is granted the first patent for an automobile. And in New York City, a new periodical hits the stands called The Horseless Age, aiming to cover everything there was to know about conveyance by anything other than an animal. Amazingly, that periodical lives on today as Automotive Industry, making it one of the oldest trade publications, and the single oldest automotive publication still in existence. Continue Reading »

Auction Car of the Week: Monkeemobile Replica


In recent months, we gave you the rundown on the real Monkeemobile and a short history of George Barris’s proclivities. Now we’ve got a Monkeemobile replica up for auction, and it holds a pretty interesting connection with the Dean Jeffries, the original builder. This Monkeemobile is up for sale in Morriston, Florida, with a Buy-It-Now price of $60,000.

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10 Awesome DIY(ish) Automotive Furniture Projects

GMC Bench

Yeah, you can probably grab a copy of the SkyMall Catalog, drop a grand and have yourself a nifty 1957 Chevy couch by the end of the week, but where’s the fun in that? We like DIY stuff that costs just as much, takes six times as long and skins a few knuckles along the way. Here are 10 projects that people with nothing more than an angle grinder and a dream took on:

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How to Swap A Land Rover Discovery Frame in Just 4 Minutes [video]

Frame Swap

Our friends at J. White’s Automotive in Framingham, Massachusetts posted a four-minute video on how they swapped the frame in a 2004 Land Rover Discovery II. It is quite the thing to see.

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Auction Car of the Week: 1952 Woodill Wildfire

$_4Three things we know about the immediate post-war period in the United States: One, sports cars were hot. Two, you could make anything out of fiberglass. Three, if you sold a brand that didn’t have a sports car, you made one yourself. That’s the story behind the Woodill Wildfire, a unique sports car based on a custom hot rod chassis and Willys running gear. It’s credited with being the first complete fiberglass car sold in the United States. This 1952 Woodill Wildfire is up for sale in New Jersey.

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