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LAPD’s Response to Our Story Restores Our Faith in Humanity


This is flat-out awesome. Two days ago, we wrote a story about David Bridson’s experience after his backpack was stolen out of his car in Silver Lake, a Los Angeles neighborhood. The LAPD’s response was tepid at first, then absurd later on. But we got a note from David that suggests that there are real, live human beings on the job, even at a huge bureaucracy like the LAPD. Continue Reading »

LAPD’s Ridiculous Answer to This “Auto Theft” Leaves Us Speechless


David Bridson’s day got off to a bad start on June 18th. “Wow car window smashed and back pack stolen in broad daylight in front of Rudy’s barbershop in Silver Lake,” he wrote on his Facebook wall, after his stuff was stolen in the central Los Angeles neighborhood. The LAPD’s response made it ten times worse.

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Blogosphere Criticizes Mass. Police Dept. for Enforcing Crosswalk Laws


We have all kinds of laws that hardly any police agency ever enforces. When a police department actually does enforce a traffic law, the blogosphere and YouTubers howl with indignity. Such is the case with the Somerville Police Department’s enforcement of existing Massachusetts crosswalk laws. Continue Reading »

Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party’s Muir Takes his Seat in the Senate


Australians are more like Americans than any other people on the planet. They like to drink a few beers, grill meat, watch sports and drive badass, V8-powered cars. But in recent years, Australian drivers have been under attack by the government, safety groups, and every other do-gooder organization in the country. They could’ve just rolled over and accepted it, but instead, they formed their own political party — the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party — and they’re succeeding at having their say in the halls of power. Americans need that kind of representation, too. Continue Reading »

Can the Typeface in your Car Save you From a Crash?


When the Helvetica font was developed in 1957, it was with the goal of providing a neutral font that provided outstanding legibility on a range of different signage. What nobody anticipated, or could test for, was the legibility when glancing at a message while driving a car at 65 miles per hour. Now, MIT and a company called Monotype from Woburn, Massachusetts, have developed a method of testing which fonts are most legible — at a glance — without the need of expensive driving simulators. Continue Reading »

Cargomatic Wants to do for Shipping what Uber Did for Taxis


Cargo shipping is a deep, dark netherworld that operates somewhere between huge mega-businesses like UPS and mom-and-pops like, well, your mom and pop if they own a straight truck. For local businesses who don’t ship goods on a regular schedule, cargo trucking can be an expensive logistical nightmare. Cargomatic hopes to transform local shipping into an easy exchange, and it’s now been backed with $2.6m in funding from Morado Ventures and Sherpa Ventures, the latter which provided funding to Uber, which has been transforming the way you hire a driver. Continue Reading »

BoldRide Helmet Guide: 2014


Whether you’re doing track days on your Ducati 1199 Superleggera or out for a leisurely rip through the countryside on your vintage Honda CB400, a helmet is a must-have piece of equipment. Here are five helmets that not only do an outstanding job at protecting your noggin, but look good in the process: Continue Reading »

Is a Urine-Powered Fuel Cell Car in Your Future?


Seven billion people walking the planet generate 10.5 billion liters of urine every day — enough to fill 4,200 Olympic swimming pools — and Korean researchers say we can use it to power a fuel cell, and soon our cars, according to a study published in the science journal Nature.

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Are You Ready for a Chinese Volvo?


Volvo is planning to sell a long-wheelbase version of the S60 — the S60L — in the United States that will be built in China, and it could be here as early as the end of next year. Given the Volvo brand’s heritage as a Swedish car company, are you ready to buy a Volvo produced in China?

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World Cup 2014: Brazil’s 5 Coolest Classic Cars


Someone mentioned that there’s some kind of a sporting match happening in Brazil over the next few weeks called the “World Cup.” At the very mention of Brazil, though, all we can think of are the cool cars of the 1960s and 1970s that came out of that country’s absolutely HUGE automotive industry. Native designs mated to existing chassis resulted in some of the coolest cars this side of Australia. Continue Reading »