Outpace the Apocalypse with this Motoped Survival Bike


If we’ve learned anything, it’s that Hollywood is always right. Always. Visionary titles like I Am Legend, 28 Days Later, and Dawn of the Dead illustrate that the zombie apocalypse is imminent – in fact, it’s probably already begun.

Sarcasm aside, being ready for whatever comes your way is a normal response of self-preservation, and what better a way to get mobile when fit hits the shan than on this kitted-out Survival Bike from Motoped.

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Like any good bug-out item, the Survival Bike is adaptable. The company sources power on its bikes from a range of interchangeable, teensy four-stroke engines, including 50cc Honda Mini Trail motors all the way up to 110cc and 140cc engines, which according to the website, can zip a rider around at up to 65mph.

Fuel consumption ranks in the ‘sipping’ range (estimated at 90-120mpg), and for longer journeys – presumably across desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland – an ancillary one-gallon gas tank clips on the rear of the frame. Engineered using mountain bike suspension, a purpose-built frame and swing-arm, it’s safe to say the Survival Bike will get you there.

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And when you do get there – depending on what types of perils befall you – the bike tacks on all the gear one could ever hope for. The Survival Bike comes equipped with a crossbow, shovel, tomahawk, saw, knife, carabineers and climbing rope, smartphone clip, a flashlight, two tickets to paradise, and a signed copy of Where the Wild Things Are. Okay, we made up the last two. The price? To be announced … but probably prohibitively expensive if you wait until after the apocalypse begins.

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