Your Ride: 1968 Ford Fairlane 500

People have all kinds of hobbies; some like to garden, others try to cook like a Top Chef and then there are those, like Christian Sherman, who take on car restoration first hand. And Sherman’s 1968 Ford Fairlane is fantastic. He said it’s quite special to be able to take his fastback out and know that he built it. Sherman talks to BoldRide about how he got his Fairlane to look fast and mean, just standing still…

BoldRide: What drew you to buy your Fairlane? 

Sherman: At the time, I had just finished a 1963 Oldsmobile 98 and had another 1968 Ford Torino formal roof in the garage. I sold the ’63 Olds and was looking for another project. I found my Fairlane fastback on Craigslist and it was right up my alley. Since I just finished my ‘63 project, all the pieces were there and I had already made connections to acquire more parts if needed.

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What have you done to make it a bolder ride?

The original motor (289) was shot, so after succumbing to peer pressure I picked up a 460 bored .30 over, which came with a C6 tranny. Shoehorning the motor into the engine compartment was the first modification I made. I added a rear spoiler and a custom grille and removed the rear trim that went across the deck lid. I also did all the bodywork, including the paint job myself.

What dream accessory you’d love to get for your Fairlane and why? 

I would love to get a performance suspension, coilovers and a panhard bar – the works. Then I could take it to a road course and really let it all hang out…hello Limerock!

How do you feel when you drive it?

The feeling is indescribable; it’s like instantly shaving 20 years off my life and not having a care in the world.

Fill in the blank: My car means more to me than                        

All the tea in China.

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What’s an inside fact about the Fairlane that only an owner would know about? 

The spoiler was not an option on the 1968 model but became available as an option on the 1969 Mercury Spoiler.

Does it have a name?

The Grabber 500. The car is painted in Grabber Blue, a color that was actually reissued for the 2008 Mustang. Even though the car is a Fairlane 500, it all sort of just clicked with me.

Favorite place and dream place to drive it and why? 

I love driving the Grabber 500 on the open highway! There’s nothing quite like being pushed back in the seat when you jump on the throttle at 65, and there is plenty more to be had. I would die to drive my car at the Talladega Speedway and to reach high speeds hitting the high banks of the speedway. That way I would get to experience what every NASCAR driver felt back in the day.

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What’s your favorite memory of your car? 

I would have to say being invited to my first photo shoot.  It was like all the hard work finally paid off and I was able to share it with everyone.

Make: Ford
Model: Fairlane
Year: 1968
Price (base when new): $2,747
Estimated Price (now with restoration): $15-17,000
Engine: 7.5L V8
Horsepower: 425 hp
Torque: 380

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