Reddit Raises $55K for Dogecoin-Sponsored NASCAR at Talladega [UPDATE]

Dogecoin Nascar

Doge just doesn’t seem to go away, does it? What started off as a simple meme, made popular by Reddit, has turned into an Internet sensation, and is now responsible for the infamous crypto currency Dogecoin. The same currency that sent the Jamaican bobsled team back to this year’s winter Olympics, in case you forget.

Now, Dogecoin users are at it again. This time, they’re taking to the NASCAR grid as main sponsor to racer Josh Wise. After finding himself sans sponsor, Wise took to the internet in hopes of raising enough funds. Turning to Dogecoin, Wise said that if $55,000 was raised, he would take on Talladega with a Dogecoin-sponsored no. 98 Ford Fusion.

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Dogecoin Nascar 2

Well Dogegone it, it worked! After less than a week, Dogecoin raised enough funds to sponsor the racer through some generous donations — especially one user, who donated $13,500…accidentally.

Now, Reddit is asking users to send in their best submissions for a Dogecoin-liveried racer (which you can see here). The winner will get to see their Doge-inspired car hit the track on May 4th at Talladega.

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Dogecoin Nascar 3


PHOTOS: See More of the 2013 Ford Fusion NASCAR Sprint Cup

[UPDATE May 4th, 11:00AM]

NASCAR Talladega Wise Auto Racing-2


Josh Wise and his Dogecoin Ford Fusion are officially ready to hit the track. We know who we’re rooting for today. Wow. Go Dogecoin.

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