Evolve Xenon is a Real-Life TRON Light Cycle

LEAD-Light Cycle

Until 2010, you would be a bit of a sci-fi aficionado to be very familiar with the TRON light cycle. It was that year that Disney rolled out the sequel, TRON: Legacy, with an epic soundtrack from Daft Punk, and some very cool visuals. Among those was an updated version of the light cycle, and damn did it look cool.

Evolve motorcycles makes several lines of electric scooters, including a full-sized electric motorcycle. Their crowning achievement has to be the Xenon, a full-sized replica of the TRON light cycle, which can be yours for a paltry $55,000.

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02-Light Cycle



The Xenon features a pair of 32 inch hubless wheels, powered by a 54-horsepower electric motor. The Xenon reportedly has a 100-mph top speed and a 100-mile range. It can also be fully charged in 3 hours.

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Xenon Motorcycle

The Xenon predates the more recent claimed light cycle- the Lotus C-01. Many have claimed that the C-01 is the real-life light cycle, but as our own Craig Fitzgerald pointed out, that the Lotus superbike might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

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