Colorado Man Leads Police on Real-Life “Grand Theft Auto” Chase


Real-life “Grand Theft Auto.” There’s really no other way to describe the scene that occurred Wednesday in Colorado, when a wanted man took police on a high-speed chase. That’s not all– as the perp leapt from one car, stole another, and another, rammed several more and drove full-speed against traffic.

According to NY Daily News, Ryan Stone led authorities in Colorado on one heck of a ride. Stone had skipped out on a court date on March 4 for a “dangerous drug” charge. The following scene occurred when police tried to apprehend Stone:

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The stopping and swapping of cars looked like something right out of GTA. So did the attempts to bring drivers to a halt by ramming them. It did not always work, and Stone was eventually brought into custody after he met his match– a fence. Hey, the guy might not have a great vertical leap, but check out that lateral agility…

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Oh, then there was the police throwing the spike strip that accidentally took out the car of an innocent bystander. We don’t think GTA has a scoring system for police collateral damage. That’s just local law enforcement bonus points!

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