Toyota Trademarks Mirai Nameplate — Supra Successor in the Works?

Toyota Hybrid Badge

Toyota has been teasing the idea of a new Supra for more than a few years now. It wasn’t until late in 2013 that we heard anything from anyone out of Toyota regarding the possibility a reborn sportscar. Next week though — we might see the Supra successor we’ve all been longing for.

In a recent patent filing by Toyota, the “Mirai” nameplate is registered (as of Nov. 29, 2013). This follows directly with rumors that we’ve heard in the past regarding the new sportscars unveiling in Detroit. Unfortunately, there’s still no photos or details to get a hold of (Toyota Supra concept pictured).


The new sportscar though will likely be the product of joint development between BMW and Toyota. After the unveiling of the i8, it was on the checklist of Toyota engineers to get a sporty hybrid of their own into production — or at least out in the public eye. This might be said concept.

PHOTOS: See More of the 2015 Toyota Supra Concept

But will it truly be a successor to the long-loved Supra? We’ll stay wary. As with the FR-S (GT 86), the BMW-built sportscar is a joint project between Toyota and another automaker. As we’ve learned from the FR-S/BRZ project, Toyota isn’t one for throwing around iconic nameplates, especially when said vehicles are not built completely in house.

Toyota Supra Concept 2

At any rate, we’ll learn more about the Mirai when it (hopefully) takes to the stage in Detroit next week.

PHOTOS: See More of the 2015 Toyota Mirai Sports Concept

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