Ordering Pizzas and Predicting Green Lights: The Best from CES


As we prepare for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, another show is going on at the same time– a show that could one day rival the Detroit Auto Show in terms of significance in the automotive world. We are talking about the Consumer Electronics Show. And while it may seem like a long-shot, check out these announcements and in-car tech debut from CES, and you’ll see just how crucial this show is to the car industry.

Audi Sport Quattro Laserlight Concept


As we’ve previously covered, the Laserlight Concept is special for its twin turbo V8, but also for its new headlights. Laser diodes are used in place of LEDs, illuminating the road ahead for a half a kilometer. This new lighting tech has twice the range and three times the brightness of Audi’s previous LEDs.

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Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept

Ford has called upon SunPower for a solar panel to be fitted to the roof of its C-Max plug-in hybrid. According to Ford, a day of sitting in the sun is enough to give the C-Max Energi a full charge. That might be the case in Las Vegas, where the show was held, but good luck getting that charge in Detroit or the Northeast.

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Ford Dominos Pizza App

Ford Pizza App

In perhaps less environmentally and nutritionally friendly news, Ford and Dominos have teamed up for an app that lets the driver order a pizza from the car. You read correct. You save you favorite pizza order and with a push of a button, it sends and order to Dominos, which can be sent right to your house.

What’s next? Delivery to your car while sitting in traffic?

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Kia’s New User Interface


Kia has made a big deal about its UVO in car user interface. While it started out as a dated version of Ford’s SYNC, it has grown to become quite thoughtful and comprehensive. But a new system is on the way that will employ a head-up display providing a new level of information for the driver. It will also have a massive touch screen with 3D view, hand gesture recognition, and wireless charging. We’re sure safety regulators are ready to block half of the features mentioned here.

Mercedes-Benz Smartwatch

Mercedes SmartWatch

Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with tech firm Pebble to deliver the Digital DriveStyle app. It powers a smart watch that communicates with the driver’s iPhone and the vehicle’s navigation system to deliver quick voice controls and access to Siri. We’ve seen brands like Nissan employ watch-car connections, but not with the same comprehensive vehicle control as this new Mercedes system.

Audi Traffic Light Assistant 

Audi Traffic Light

This system live traffic data via a wi-fi connection to local data to determine when lights are going to turn green. This will help with navigation estimates and efficiency, as the driver will stop and start less. If you are at a stop light, the system can predict when the light is going to change green and if auto stop-start is engaged, it will restart the engine a few seconds before the light changes. If all cars had this feature, the ability to reduce traffic would be incredible.

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