Lexus RC F is the Lexus Coupe We’ve Been Waiting For

Lexus RC F Coupe

According to people on the Internets, Lexus doesn’t stand a chance to compete with BMW in the performance-luxury segment. After all, it is just a premium Toyota, right? Wrong — In fact, Lexus is abundantly more than that, and its latest coupe should put BMW fan boys on notice.

The RC F — as it’s been so thoughtfully named — is the followup to the four door IS F. Now, we love the IS F. That snarling V8 and quick-shift transmission really made us fall in love with the luxury super sedan. But how does that translate into the new two-door?

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With the release of the RC coupe a few months ago, it was clear that Lexus was not messing around. The latest iteration of the IS (which we drove, and we loved), was chopped, stretched and transformed into a handsome luxury coupe.

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Now, Lexus has shoved a V8 under the hood, and made it the item of desire for enthusiasts everywhere.

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From the outside in, the RC F has been designed with a little bit of creativity. The lines are irregular, the fenders are flared to extremes, and the signature quad exhaust is still in place from the outgoing IS F. And let’s not forget about the eye-catching spindle grille.

In truth, it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the typically bland luxury coupes that we’ve grown so accustomed to.

Inside it’s a little less extreme and a lot more luxury. A high-tech system of gauges and what looks like a touchscreen interface in the center console prove that Lexus does equate to luxury. The seats (as mentioned) are full all-white leather bucket racing seats. Very nice, very sporty.

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Under the hood, it’s got an even hotter version of the IS F’s 5.0-liter V8. Lexus hasn’t given us official figures just yet, but rumor has it power should be somewhere in the 500+ horsepower range, paired to the same automatic transmission. We’ll learn more when the RC F takes the stage at next week’s Detroit Auto Show.

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