Fisker Could Live On Thanks to Chinese Investors

Fisker Karma

The story of Fisker┬áis a never-ending nightmare. First came fire trouble, then the ousting of company founder Henrik Fisker, all leading up to the automaker’s eventual bankruptcy and following lawsuits. You couldn’t have written a worse ending if you tried.

But there may be light at the end of the tunnel after all, courtesy of Chinese auto parts manufacturer Wanxiang. The company recently made a final bid at the failed automaker, to hopefully save it from complete demise and restart production.

Fisker Karma 2

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According to Reuters, the Chinese investors put forth $24.725 million as an initial bid for the failing automaker. You may remember, Wanxiang is the very same powerhouse that took control of A123 batteries last year, the company in charge of supplying batteries to Fisker’s hybrid Karma.

Rumor has it that if Wanxiang is successful in its purchase of Fisker, production on new vehicles could start as early as spring of this year. Production, it’s said, would also be moved from Fisker’s plant in Finland to a new production facility in Michigan.

Fisker Karma 3

Wanxiang projects that as soon as production is restarted, if at all, more than 1,000 Karmas will hit the streets in the U.S. and another 500 will make their way to Europe. This would also include a significant drop in the previous $100,000 price tag.

PHOTOS: See More of the 2012 Fisker Karma

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