BMW Could Learn From this Gorgeous M9 Concept by Radion Design

Do you recall the BMW 8 Series? The wonderful, long-nosed BMW flagship coupe is still a rare and special sight to this day. Perhaps that was the inspiration behind Razvan Radion’s M9 Radion Concept. The swoopy bimmer concept conjures up thoughts of previous BMW forays into the supercar realm– specifically the M1.

PHOTOS: See More of the BMW M9 Radion Concept

Radion says that he tried to create a different design philosophy from BMW’s recent directions, while trying not to alter styling of, “essentially homogeneous exitsting cars on the market.” Hey, it has the twin kidney grille, and angular versions of the LED “halo” headlights: mission accomplished.


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For such an impressive concept, Radion is incredibly modest, referring to his design skills as “amateur.” He chides himself for not first using drawings before developing the concept. Razvan Radion should go a little easier on himself– the BMW M9 Concept is stunning.

Listen up BMW– even THINKING of building a car like this from Radion Design would be enough to let us know you care! If BMW is serious about coming back to F1, then there surely must be a high-revving V8 in the works that could be put to use under the hood of this supremely sumptuous sports coupe. C’mon BMW- you won’t do it….

Source: Radion Design

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