5 European Hatchbacks We Want in the States

Kia Pro_Cee'd GT 3

For decades, the U.S. has been filled with consumers that are uninterested in one of Europe’s most ubiquitous cars– the hatchback. But there are a lot of reasons to love the hatch, after all, it has all the amenities of a crossover but in a smaller, cuter package.

Personally, we love high-powered hot hatches, from the Ford Focus ST to the Volkswagen GTI. But compared to the few fun hatchbacks available un the U.S., there are a number of Euro-only hot hatches for which we would gladly push through a crowd of nuns to drive. Check these five out:

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo R-Line

If you ever watch the World Rally Championship — which again, few Americans do — you’d see one of the most badass rally cars around. I’m talking, of course, about the VW Polo. It’s not like the Golf we get here in the states, it’s smaller, snugglier and comes with a 1.4-liter engine.

And if they ever send the hotted-up Polo GTI to the states, we’d be all over it.

Citroen DS3 Racing

Citroen DS3 Racing

If you know us, you know that we have an unhealthy obsession with this hotted-up French hatch. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s got a gorgeous set of lines, a few quirky cues, and a GTI-rivaling 200 horses at the helm.

Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen Scirocco

If you didn’t know two of VW’s most desirable hatchbacks were overseas — you do now. Like the Polo, the Scirocco is a slightly smaller version of the Golf (although bigger than the Polo), but what makes it different is its drop-dead gorgeous set of lines.

While Volkswagen’s styling in the US might have come to a standstill, we still have the Scirocco to gaze at from overseas.

Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS

The newly-American Ford Focus ST is an absolute peach (as we know from experience). And no, we never once complained about that much power (250, to be exact) in its current front-wheel drive layout. But if Ford so decides, it could dish out a Focus with close to 350 horsepower and possibly all-wheel drive.

We wouldn’t mind.

Kia Pro_Cee’d GT

Kia Pro_Cee'd GT

Kia has been searching a long while for a way to make its lineup a bit more spirited. While the new GT4 Stinger may do the job, the Europe-only Pro_Cee’d GT could have done it a lot sooner.

It’s one of the prettiest Kias we’ve ever seen. Yes, it may be designed to the brim with all sorts of angles and edges, but it’s a design that’s actually drawn from a bit of character, not a wind tunnel. Either way, it has 204 horsepower, and we love it.

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