‘The Wolf of Wall Street:’ Cash, Babes and Beautiful Cars

Leonardo DiCaprio (shockingly) hasn’t delivered an Oscar winning performance yet throughout his long-tenured career. But this film might change all that. The Socrsese thriller that follows the path of young stock broker Jordan Belfort in his pursuit for millions — The Wolf of Wall Street.

And like any Wall Street millionare, Belfort is sure to show off all the glitz and glam associated it. Women, yachts — and of course, beautiful cars.

Lamborghini Countach


In the first trailer, wee see a drop-dead-gorgeous ivory Countach pull up to Belfort’s lavished mansion. Yeah, 22 and worth millions? I’d have a Countach too.

Jaguar E-Type


In the second trailer, this gorgeous Jaguar Series 1 E-Type is introduced via the wide-eyed wonderment of co-star Jonah Hill. We don’t blame him for getting hot and bothered, this thing is gorgeous.

Ferrari 512 TR


Later in the same trailer, we see DiCaprio’s character blasting down the road in an iconic Ferrari 512TR.

Jaguar XJS

Wolf Jaguar XLS

We also see some shots of DiCaprio behind the wheel of another classic Jag. This time, the V12-powered XJS variety.

You can watch both of trailers below and see all these rides in action:

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