Six Awesome RC Cars for Christmas 2013


It’s apparently “Cyber Monday,” meaning if you didn’t stand in line like a derelict for a $39 DVD player at Best Buy, now’s your chance to buy some cool gifts. We’ll have some great car-centric gift ideas throughout the month of December, but for now, you…er…we mean your KIDS are going to love these awesome RC cars on sale in 2013.



Remember reading the blurbs on the box of some of the electric cars of the 1980s? “Scale speeds up to 300 mph!” Yeah, that’s like six miles an hour on the planet Earth. The TRAXXAS X0-1 isn’t a copy of any other car. It’s a unique design that’s able to crack 100 miles per hour – in real world speed – right out of the box. No expensive motors to buy, nothing. It’s just a badass AWD supercar that you better be ready to handle. You can also download an app that features a dashboard featuring all kinds of on-board telematics. That is, if you can keep your eye on the blistering pace of the car you just bought.

Street Price: $654.99 – Ready to race

Pro: 100 mph? Holy crap!
Con: $655? Holy crap!

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Tamiya Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

Tamiya Land Cruiser

Nobody makes a vintage RC car look better than Tamiya, and the awesome new Toyota FJ40 is no exception. It’s got the looks down perfectly, the only exception being the not-so-perfect wheels with super-wide tires. Think of it as an FJ40 that an enthusiast has thrown some aftermarket wheels and tires at and you’ll be happy. It rides on Tamiya’s CC-01 chassis, which underpins a lot of cool vintage bodies – the early Ford Bronco is great, too.

Street Price: $285.99 – Not including controller or motor

Pro:  Fully independent, double wishbone front suspension
Con: Rear-drive only

TRAXXAS Rustler XL-5


The TRAXXAS Rustler XL-5 isn’t new, but it’s got to be one of the best-selling 1/10-scale RC vehicles on the planet. They’re styled like a sand-rail, with rear-drive and enough engine power to eventually boil the tread right off the tires. It’s also a blank canvas for a whole lot of modification.

Street Price:  $258.79 – Ready to race

Pro: Major upgrades include incredible suspension and drivetrain modifications.
Con: It’s the RC car you’re most likely to see everywhere.

Vaterra 1/14 RTR Kemora 4WD

VATERRA Rallycross

For Rallycross enthusiasts, this is the RC car you’ve always dreamed about. It’s a four-wheel drive lightning bolt with fully watertight electronics, allowing for four-wheel drifting just about anywhere. It comes fully-equipped, so it’s ready to run on Christmas morning, provided you charge the battery the night before.

Street Price: $149.99 – Ready to race

Pro: Cheap fun with a battery and controller included.
Con: Not much in the way of upgrades.

Atomik Metal Mulisha Brian Deegan 1:8 Ford Raptor 150

Atomik Raptor

Here’s a race-ready Ford Raptor from Atomik that an entry-level RC driver will love to see under the tree. At 1:18 scale, it’s pretty small, but it delivers off-road driving fun in a big way, giving novices the ability to learn to drive without spending huge bucks along the way.

Street Price: $249.99 – Ready to race

Pro: Full-time four-wheel drive with three all-steel differentials
Con: Not a good platform for upgrades

Exceed RC Mad Drift Racing Edition

Exceed RC

Featuring a high performance 540L 2150KV brushless motor the Exceed Mad Drift allows the tire-shredding torque and the high RPM for high-speed drifting. Exceed RC has several versions of the car, but the Racing Edition has all the parts in the limited edition as well as Big Bore threaded aluminum shock bodies, front and rear aluminum differential and control arm braces.

Street Price: $445.43 – Ready to race

Pro: Great looks, awesome power
Con: Requires battery and charger

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