5 Iconic Cars That Got a Makeover in 2013

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It’s almost 2014, if you can believe. And near the end of every year we brace ourselves for the onslaught that is the Detroit Auto Show. But fear not — before we find ourselves graced with new photos from the Motor City, let’s take a trip back through the year and remember the five iconic cars that were redesigned in 2013, and how the remake was received.

SRT Viper

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The first new icon of 2013 made its appearance in January in Detroit. It’s visceral, it’s heart-pounding — and from personal experience — it’s pretty damn frightening on wet roads. We can’t get enough of it.

Chevrolet Corvette

chevrolet-corvette-stingray (5)

The Stingray is a handsome car, is it not? Reviving the iconic nameplate in 2013, Chevy’s all-new Corvette made a big impression on enthusiasts around the globe.

Ford Mustang

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Have you heard? There’s a new Mustang. The latest pony car has shed some weight, put on a new look, and even dropped some cylinders. But that doesn’t mean it’s a reborn Mustang II, oh no.

The V8 still puts out 420 horsepower, and the lowly 2.3-liter even gives us 305 ponies to work with. Not too shabby.



Rest in peace, BMW M3 coupe. In a strategy to even out its lineup, BMW has done away with the M3 coupe in place of the equally stunning M4. Of course, the M3 sedan is still sticking around, but that’s not without some major equipment changes.

Chevrolet Colorado


The Chevy Colorado isn’t a car, per se. But the venerable mid-size pickup did get a major makeover this year. It has a new face, new engines, and a whole new personality.

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