Your Ride: 1934 Auburn 850Y Phaeton Convertible

Greg Jones from Louisiana has always had an affection for classic American cars. Auburn Automobile — named after the city in which is was built (Auburn, Indiana) — was a classic brand that Greg and his father had fallen in love with. Initially owning an Auburn Speedster replica, Greg was interested in expanding his classic repertoire with yet another Auburn.

So, Greg hopped on a flight to California to visit one very rare, one of 12, Auburn 850Y Phaeton convertible. Now, it has a special place in his heart. Here’s the full story:

How did you acquire your ride?

My dad, mom, and I attended the 2013 Auburn Cord Duesenberg Annual Reunion this past Labor Day weekend because earlier this year I had purchased a 1936 Auburn Speedster replica. We fell in love with the original Auburn cars and dad & I began to look for a 1934 Auburn Phaeton – they are not easy to find.

We found one in Sacramento, CA, and after looking at photos we flew from our home in Louisiana to look at it – the owner had it on loan to the California Auto Museum in Sacramento. The Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club Technical Adviser for 1934-36 advised us that there were only 12 of these Auburn 850Y Phaeton convertibles left!

What drew you in when you bought it?

It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT when we laid eyes on the car – we absolutely loved the color combination on the car (Auburn used lots of bold color combinations like the orange wire rims), the sleek sloping body lines, the art deco body styling and lots of exterior chrome, the dual mount spare tires, the convertible top with 4 doors, the art deco designed chrome interior, and how smooth the straight 8-cylinder engine ran, and the Dual Ratio rear-end the Auburns had.

Auburn 2

Does it have a name?

The Auburn Lady.

What do you feel like when you drive it?

It is an INCREDIBLE feeling to drive the car – especially with the top down! The Auburn Lady looks so beautiful going down the road or just sitting still. It also a true driving experience – you really interact with and feel the car – no power steering, no power brakes, 3-speed manual transmission, you have to keep an eye on the temp & oil & amp gauges, changing the Dual Ratio rear end from Low to High while driving, and giving Hand Signals (Auburns did not have turn signals in ‘34). Dad and I both truly feel like we get to have a hands on experience with real history when we drive the Auburn Lady!

Auburn 3

What would you change about your car, if anything?

We would not change anything about this car! She is a rolling piece of American Art Deco history!

What have you done to make it a bolder ride? 

We have added a few period correct (1930’s) accessories – the front mounted Trippe Lights, polished stainless steel spare tire tread covers, and the Art Deco Nymph chrome mirrors on top of the spare tires.

Auburn 5

Dream accessory for it and why?

J & H Tonneau rear passenger windshield – this accessory was available in the 1930’s and bolts to the back of the front seat. It sits in a lowered out of sight position, but can be raised up to provide the Rear Seat passengers with their own windshield and wind protection – it has a chrome frame and is beautiful!

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