Michael Vick Talks Rides and His New Social Car Website

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If you don’t know Michael Vick — the often outspoken quarterback of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles — then you don’t know his passion for all things four wheels. A passion that blossomed in his late teens, Mike was determined to become an NFL quarterback and be able to fill up his very own garage with some of the boldest rides around.

We recently caught up with the pro football personality for a quick Q&A on cars and his new site ShowMike.com, which features rides from NFL celebrities and readers alike. Read the full interview:

Q: When did you first get an interest cars?

A: I bought my first car in 1998. I was moving to college and spent $4,000 for an 89 Nissan Stanza. It was a rust-brown color. Not much to look at, but I loved that car. I put so many miles on it. I was homesick. So every weekend, I drove home from Blacksburg, Virginia to Newport News. It’s almost 300 miles each way. The Stanza gave me freedom and started my love for cars.

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What do you prefer — classic cars or modern cars?

I prefer modern European luxury sedans and SUV’s, but I can appreciate any kind of car. The car that I have my eyes on now is the Bentley Flying Spur. The four door sedan combines luxury and power.

What are you driving right now?

Here are the cars that I have now:

2013 Infiniti QX56 – 26″ KMC Wheels Window Tint Escort 9500ci Radar
2012 Cadillac Escalade EXT Matte Gray Edition – 26″ KMC Slides Matte Gray Wrap Black Out Lights Escort 9500ci Rosen DVD Headrest
2012 Jaguar XJ8 – 22″ Savini Wheels 9500ci Radar Rosen DVD Headrest Window Tint
2012 Lexus LX570 – 24″ Asanti Forged Wheels 9500Ci Radar Window Tint Rosen DVD Headrest
2012 Audi A8L – A8L 24″ Lexanis Window Tint 9500ci Radar Myron Davis DVD Headrest

I really like my Audi A8. It’s my favorite because it’s low profile. People don’t recognize me in it and I can feel anonymous. Sometimes, I like to drive a pickup truck. An employee in the McDonald’s drive thru was making fun of me about it. But you know, I love all kinds of cars.

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What kind of mods, wheels, etc. have you put on your rides?

See my mods listed above. 20” plus wheels used to be an aftermarket street mod, but now it’s mainstream. In fact, many manufacturers are rolling off of the line with them. It is a testament about how custom car fans can influence the marketplace.

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How did you get the idea for the site (showmike.com)?

My friend Charlie Reamon and I would spend time at a custom shop in New Jersey called CarEffex. The owner’s name is Mike Layton. We talked about the idea of ShowMike.com where people can upload photos of their cars. You can vote for your favorite and meet other car people.

We are both named Mike, so the name fit. Layton also brings his car expertise to the site. Charlie and I have met a lot of celebrity friends over the years. We’ve been asking them to join ShowMike.com, so car fans can check out their rides too.

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A lot of car sites only cater to a niche groups and they exclude some types of car enthusiasts. Some people like to customize cars, some like to restore old cars. Maybe you like high performance sports cars or luxury sedans? ShowMike.com doesn’t discriminate. It’s cool because it is your ride.

Right now, besides my cars, you can see the cars of:
DeAngelo Hall – Washington Redskins
Jason Babin – Jacksonville Jaguars
Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia Eagles
John Abraham – Arizona Cardinals
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – Denver Broncos (ride pictured)
Trent Cole – Philadelphia Eagles

There are several other NFL football players too. Soon, you will also see the cars of actors and musicians. I think some of these rides are really going to make a splash.

Thanks to Michael Vick for taking some time to talk to us!

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