George Clooney Unhappy With Tesla

George Clooney Tesla 3

When the Tesla Roadster hit the market back in 2008, the gung-ho young project looked to swoon over the up and coming green market. The world’s first production electric sportscar was a hit with celebrities and the wealthy alike, but it did garner some negative attention thanks to one Jeremy Clarkson. But now, Tesla might have another celeb unhappy with the product.

George Clooney — celebrity, actor, heartthrob — was one of the very first in line to own this latest and greatest new project back in 2008. He later auctioned off his Roadster, but had some choice words in a recent interview with Esquire regarding the Tesla (warning: NSFW language):

George Clooney Tesla

“I had a Tesla, I was one of the first cats with a Tesla. I think I was, like, number five on the list.” said Clooney, “But I’m telling you, I’ve been on the side of the road a while in that thing. And I said to them, ‘Look, guys, why am I always stuck on the side of the f@#king road? Make it work, one way or anther.’”

Of course, the Roadster hit the market as Tesla first began rolling out product, so it’s expected to have some mechanical issues initially. But this public outlash is only the cherry on top of this month and a half or so of bad news for Tesla.

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