How A Lamborghini Became the Real Star of Britney Spears’ Latest Music Video

Britney Spears Lamborghini 2

Britney Spears is back on the rise. Her latest single “Work Bitch,” is making fans forget that whole shaved-head-breakdown a couple years back. But in the video for her new single, there was something that caught our attention even more than the bright lights and the half-clothed women: a very sexy Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. The supercar becomes a focal point through the music video.

The all-white Aventador sports a fetching set of black wheels, a fully retractable roof, and of course, a 700-hp V12. This unique bull is one of the very first roadsters to make its way stateside, so we wanted to take a look at just went into all this preparation.

Britney Spears Lamborghini

With a few close ties to Lamborghini, assistant creative director Jordan Shiraki admits, acquiring the Aventador was the easy part. Figuring out just how and when it would make an appearance was no walk in the park. To solve this, Shiraki turned to Karissa Hosek — a life long enthusiast, photog and weekend mechanic — to assist in all things Roadster related in the shoot. And it was the perfect match.

Day one at an undisclosed location, Shiraki and Hosek prepped the Lambo for its first big on-screen debut. “One of our main goals was to show the beauty, power, and grace of this amazing Lamborghini,” Shiraki says on his website, “while seamlessly incorporating it into the music video.”

Britney Spears Lamborghini 3

And that they did. Putting to use a high-speed Phantom camera and artificial sunlight, the crew was able to get all the desired angles and shadows in order to accentuate every crease of the supercar in coordination with Britney’s movements. In both the desert and the wall scene, the Aventador makes its star appearance alongside the princess of pop, racking up 4 minutes of music video fame.

Check out the the Aventador (and Britney) in the official “Work Bitch” music video below:

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