BMW Already Considering i5?

BMW i3 2

We’ve seen the BMW i3, and we sure as heck have seen the i8. Both are shaping up to be competent alt-fuel vehicles, but there’s definitely a big gap in-between those two numbers. The i3 — a 170 horsepower city mover, and the i8 — a 360 horsepower bonafide hybrid supercar. Both are respectable in their own right, but lack a middle ground.

Of course, the only logical thing for BMW to do would be to distribute the “i” line with yet another number: 5. And recent rumors from What Car? have reported just that.

BMW i3

Arriving as either a sedan or a larger crossover, the i5 would be the third vehicle in BMW’s “i” lineup. Undoubtedly, it would put to use many similar technologies found on the i3 and i8 such as a hybrid powertrain, and a carbon fiber build. But whether it will come in the form of a plug-in, all-electric, or otherwise, has yet to be determined.

So far, this project hasn’t been given the green light for production. But we would expect another “i” car to be present in the BMW lineup sooner than later.

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