$52 Million Ferrari 250 GTO Now the Most Expensive Car in the World

Ferrari 250 GTO 2

It’s not to uncommon to hear about a million-dollar or even multi-million-dollar classic supercar crossing the auction block, heading home with some rich investment banker. In fact, in 2012 someone paid a whopping $35M for the car you see here — a Ferrari 250 GTO — owned and driven by famed racing driver Stirling Moss.

But $35M is chump change for one buyer. According to Bloomberg, this Ferrari 250 GTO racer fetched a mind-boggling $52M in a recent private transaction. The former owner, Paul Pappalardo of Greenwich, Connecticut, declined to confirm nor deny the price of the vehicle. “We don’t confirm these things,” he said, “I have no comment.”

Ferrari 250 GTO

This $52M price tag signifies a 49 percent increase over the previous price paid for a top-end collector’s item such as this. Sales of cars like this 250 GTO — one of only 39 ever produced — and other iconic Ferraris of the 50s and 60s, are providing a significant growth in classic car market and attracting new buyers.

According to experts, one could argue that the 250 GTO is the “Mona Lisa” of classic cars.

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