Lotus and Bulleta Motors in Ongoing Battle Over Validity of RF22 Sportscar

Bulleta RF22

We reported only yesterday how upstart Californian automaker Bulleta Motors responded to criticism from Lotus USA regarding its RF22 sportscar, when claims of a “vaporcar” were disputed. Now, this ongoing discourse has continue to unfold, beginning with Lotus Cars USA Marketing & Communications Executive Kevin Smith. Smith responded directly to BoldRide‘s previous report with an official rebuttal:

“Nobody from Bulleta has ever directly contacted anyone within Group Lotus or its divisions to inquire about acquiring Evora chassis for a car they intend to build,” said Smith in an email, “Bulleta don’t have access to the Evora chassis through Group Lotus and don’t have the right to use our trademarked names and the likeness of our products on their commercial web site or make unsubstantiated claims in an effort to lend any credibility to their enterprise through our marque’s exceptional heritage and history of engineering prowess.”


Following this statement, Bulleta Motors Co-Founder Ferris Rezvani said that the company is still in negotiations with Lotus UK in regards to the chassis, and offered up an official response on behalf of the company:

“Bulleta Motors Corp in currently in talks with chassis provider for the RF22. An announcement will be made once an agreement has been made. In the meantime we would be happy to offer an interview to answer any questions on the upcoming RF22.” Contact info., he says, can be found on the Bulleta website.

Bulleta RF22 3

Both reports seem to have a bit of merit behind them, but, we won’t know anything for sure until an official release is given. Until then, we’ll keep you updated as we get further information.

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