Bulleta Motors Promises RF22 is No “Vaporcar”

Bulleta RF22 3

Any time an upstart automaker attempts to make a break in the market with a promising new sportscar, there are bound to be skeptics. And following California-based Bulleta Motors‘ release of its RF22 sportscar concept, rumors began to fly.

Following a report from the folks over at Carscoops calling the RF22 “BS,” we got in touch with Bulleta Motors and decided to clear the air. Speaking with Co-Founder Ramtin Haghighi, he told us that the rumors are nothing more than that; rumors– and that the RF22 is the real deal.

Bulleta RF22 2

Haghighi highlighted that there was “no affiliation with Lotus USA,” and that business was conducted “directly with Lotus UK,” who sent each chassis direct from the Norfolk factory. He also dismissed rumors from Lotus USA PR Exec Kevin Smith, dubbing the Bulleta a “vaporcar,” assuming he would have no knowledge of the Bulleta deal with Lotus UK.

Currently, the Bulleta team is hard at work on its first prototype, which they hope to roll out sometime in the near future. Each vehicle, Ramtim promises (aside from the Lotus chassis) is, “completely built in California.”

Bulleta RF22

More details, including a full price list, are expected to be released before the end of the year. We’ll be waiting anxiously.

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