5 Rides that Will Help You Save the Ozone

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So far as holidays go, Preserve the Ozone Day doesn’t rank as high on most people’s list as say, Columbus Day or Flag Day. Observed every September 16th, the event celebrates the 1987 signing of the “Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.”

All the hoopla made us wonder what cars on today’s market are the most eco-friendly, in terms of CO2 emissions and other factors like MPGs. Below are the top five greenest rides on the market.

Toyota Prius C


With economy ratings of 53 city/46 highway, this is about as environmental as you can get without going full electric. And it can be yours for around $20,000.00.

Honda Fit EV


Why this all-electric vehicle gets lower ratings than the Prius C is a mystery to us, but that’s what our sources said. For around $38,000.00, or twice the cost of the Prius, you can go as far as 132 miles on a full charge.

Toyota Prius


The differences between this version and the Prius C are a larger engine and slightly lower MPGs. Despite these facts – or perhaps because of them – Consumer Reports rates it a better buy than the C. At around $25,000.00, it should be.

Tesla Model S

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The starchild of the whole green movement is probably none other than the Tesla Model S. The pure-electric sedan can reach a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge, but at $49,900 starting off, it is a tad pricier than the other selections.

Honda Civic Hybrid


At 44 MPG both city and highway, this $25,000.00 vehicle is practically a gas guzzler compared to the Prius. On the other hand, it gets higher ratings for ride quality, so the buyer’s cup is half full.

And Now for the Bad Guys
No look at green vehicles would be complete without a glimpse at the dark side. So here are two rides that rank near the bottom of the list in eco-friendliness. Whether you cry “shame!” or go out and buy both of them is up to you.

Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon


With its eight cylinders and 18 MPGs, it’s no wonder this bad boy sends environmentalists into convulsions every time one drives past the local food co-op.

Dodge Challenger SRT8


An eight cylinder, 23 MPG abomination that will either have you cursing in derision or drooling with acquisition lust, depending on how you view the world.

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