Gumpert is Officially Dead

Gumpert Apollo S 3

It’s a sad day in the world of ultra-high-performance, ultra-exclusive German supercars. Gumpert– whom you may remember filed for Bankruptcy about a year ago– is officially dead in the water.

According to reports from, Gumpert has laid off the final 19 employees still with the company, as the investor originally interested in the project has backed out. This leaves Gumpert with no cash flow, and more importantly, no way of producing any vehicles now or in the future.

Gumpert Apollo S 2

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Founded in 2004, you may remember, by a former Audi manager Roland Gumpert, the brand rose to fame on a number of different outlets, and impressed many skeptics with some of the fastest Nurburgring lap times in recent history.

But now, Gumpert is officially bust. It should be interesting to see where Wiesmann (a fellow German automaker who we reported went bankrupt only a month ago) will head following this news.

Gumpert Apollo S

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