Back to School Blues? Superbus Should Lighten Your Mood [w/video]


We know- another year of school, another year of boring bus rides. But imagining riding this thing to school everyday should change your tune. Meet theĀ Superbus. When the concept was unveiled back in 2011, it was an immediate hit in the automotive community. It’s long, it’s crazy, and it’s a preview of just what the future of public transport could look like.

Developed in part by the Delft University of Technology, the Dutch team says the Superbus is, “a new concept for sustainability.” Based on an electric drivetrain, and utilizing a lightweight build, the concept returns a very low energy consumption cost.


But it’s the design that really draws a crowd. A long, streamlined body on the outside gives way to a spacious and luxurious interior. The Superbus is designed to give each and every passenger a, “sensational travel experience.” All of this while moving at high, yet safe speeds.

Concerning safety- the Superbus is fitted with an array of high-tech radar equipment and fast responding electronic guidance systems. It’s all in an effort to keep that long, awkward shape out of the way of other motorists (or pedestrians). With all this tech, the team says that the Superbus “can fit seamlessly into the existing infrastructure.”


Last year, the Superbus passed all its road safety tests with flying colors, and was awarded its first Dutch license plate. So don’t be surprised if you see it on the road. You can check it out in action here:

PHOTOS: See more of the 2011 Superbus Concept

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